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  1. Happy Birthday Ghool !

    Happy happy birthday Ghool! Hope it was a great one!
  2. Getting to Know You, Feb 2018

    Some people have bad hair days, I've had a bad hair life. Blondish Brown hair that I part to the side and hope that everything stays down. :P
  3. Happy Birthday Chris Palmer !!!

    Happy happy birthday!
  4. first Reaper Dragon attempt

    Looking good!
  5. Gargs' Secret Christmas Project

    Drybrush of P3 Gun Corps Brown, Rucksack Tan and Jack Bone. As mentioned in the last post, this will be mostly covered, but I do like the look. Gives me some idea for future stone colors.
  6. So this is my Super Secret Christmas Project for Mrs. Gargs (don't worry, this isn't all she's getting). Holiday Mouslings wonderfully sculpted by Gene Van Horne. I'm going to be giving this a go as a stocking stuffer for Mrs. Gargs. Now, I have no hope in heck of matching the beautiful paint job seen here, in fact, I'll be thrilled with a high table top quality on this as I'm just still new at this and don't get near enough time to paint as much as I'd like to in order to improve. That said, I do think I can at least get a halfway decent job done on this (by my standards anyway). However, it won't be without its challenges. In fact, I've identified three major hurdles already: 1. The Super Secret. You see, my painting desk happens to be the dining room table and sits roughly 15 feet away from where Mrs. Gargs is usually sitting while I paint, and we very much have an open floor plan. So, keeping it a secret will be the first hurdle. I will at least have a decent amount of time on Saturday while she is at work in which to get a good start, but I am very much a slow painter, so in addition to trying to do the best I can, I will also likely be trying to get stuff done quickly. 2. Ummm, yeah, there's a snow man. He's white. I haven't ever gotten a handle on white (admittedly still new). No getting around though, gonna have to give white a go. (Yeah, sorry, not gonna do a yellow snow man ;P). 3. Basing. I'd love to do something a little fancier than the stock photo, but that's probably the best I can hope for. I may have to go searching for the main piece of base though as I don't think these guys are all going to fit on a 50 mm base, which is the largest I have at the moment. I'd gladly sculpt something (and will consider any and all suggestions) but the next thing I sculpt will pretty much be the first. That said though, for using snow on a base (I have some snow flock from Army Painter) do you normally put down a layer of green stuff for the ground, or just throw it on the plastic/wooden base directly? At any rate, I strongly encourage/appreciate/request/etc. any and all feedback along the way. Criticisms, critiques, suggestions, etc. Its all good. One of the things I hope to accomplish out of this is actually improving! And if I pick up some new skills along the way, even better! So don't hold back, I'm going to be trying a lot of new stuff along the way here, so I really do appreciate any comments and feedback! As always, thanks in advance!
  7. Gargs' Secret Christmas Project

    So after a bit of thought, and some time spent on another project, I think I have a bit of an idea for the base. So, here's the start: Here we have a base coat of P3 Rucksack Tan followed by a wash of P3 Umbral Umber. To be honest, I'm not too worried about how the cork portion looks in the end as I intend for it to be pretty much completely covered, but wanted to at least set a decent foundation. Plus, it gives me practice for future projects. I hope to get some more done tonight, but progress might be a bit slow in general for a bit given my current work schedule.
  8. 77129 Rat Swarm

    Beautifully hideous!
  9. Most of the Bones 3 graveyard decor

    These look excellent!
  10. Getting to Know You, Feb 2018

    First one took all the bacon, second one drank the last of the coffee. I'm pretty confident the jury will see things my way.
  11. Getting to Know You, Feb 2018

    To be honest, I'm in the same boat @TaleSpinner. The combination of excessive fog, yucky drizzle and prepping for two murder trials just has me down. :( So, thanks for today's question because these responses really help!
  12. I agree 1000%! I'm not per se worried about the actual result so long as I am enjoying the process since I understand I have limited skill at this point in my career. Better yet though, I can look back at some of my early minis and see some improvement!
  13. Well on average, that still probably puts you ahead of me in terms of how much time you have. As for the use of that time I do get, I am reallllllly slow, but I think that has a lot to do with me still considering myself a newbie and taking a long time to consider color schemes, checking videos online for ideas/how to's, debating how "big" to go, and in general, just never having really started out with the goal of doing a "quick paint". Or to put another way, I probably could get more models done, but considering my best models don't look super great, the quality of a quick job would be really lacking. Of course the real issue is also that I have a severe case of ADHD when it comes to what I want to do during my free times. :)
  14. Looking great! I'm so jealous of how much you get painted! :p
  15. Children of the Grave. By Glitterwolf.

    Well naturally there will be a number of candidates for the throne, all with what he, she, or it believes to be the most legitimate claim. So really, the only way to decide is to PAINT ALL THE THINGS and throw them into a battle royale where the last undead standing/slithering/flying gets to rule the roost. I mean, how cool would that be? Especially for those of us that just have to look at all the wonderfully painted undeads!
  16. 89001: red Pathfinder dragon

  17. No, they were supposed to do the hydra because that's coming up on my to-do list.
  18. Bones Gryphon - Finished.

    The flip side to that is its difficult for anyone to say you "got it wrong". :) Seriously though, this is beautiful work, keep it up!
  19. Getting to Know You, Feb 2018

    Not very? Most of my bills are electronic now, about the only ones I don't pay online are the ones where we are charged a "service fee" for paying online. I refuse to pay a fee for them to have the assurance that my check won't bounce and to save them a trip to the bank to deposit the check. :p That said, I still get a lot of books in print -- though not all anymore. I have a kindle and do use that and have been getting more and more of my rpg and other gaming books in digital format just because it is so much easier to just bring my tablet. At work though, we are not even remotely paperless, even though everything gets scanned to the server. There's an ongoing push to enforce a paperless environment in my industry in my state, but there's been a lot of push back from the "old guard" in that regard. Its only a matter of time before it gets there, but even then I imagine in my work there will always be a trend of printing things out, even if its delivered electronically.
  20. 77002: Orc Archers

    As the wolf said, welcome to the forums! Don't be shy and keep showing off your work! You'll find that its a really friendly and helpful bunch around here. Also, just a head's up, if something's written in purple, its meant as a joke. As for this orc, he looks great! Keep up the good work and don't be afraid to try new things and show off the results. Sometimes showing off what went wrong can be even more helpful as you can get advice, tips, etc. from the really knowledgeable peeps here!
  21. Children of the Grave. By Glitterwolf.

    Sounds cool! I did think of Orcus, was just thinking for my personal taste I preferred something more subtle as I think the enemy you don't notice can be far scarier than the obvious one. BUT its not my army. ;P Regardless, this sounds very cool and can't wait to see more!
  22. Children of the Grave. By Glitterwolf.

    Hard for me to say really without seeing the actual models under consideration. For me, something like this really depends on the model as that can sell the rest of it. That said, for my personal tastes, the demon part just doesn't seem to excite me as much. Nothing wrong with demons, just that I think something like a lich, vamp, or necromancer might be more interesting and would give the leader the advantage of not being so obvious as he or she goes around the world recruiting said army. With that said, an excellent entry to all of this might be Vordakai the cyclopean lich. Granted, not as subtle as perhaps a vampire or other necromancer/lich might be but hey, if yer a lich ye can probably change shape too! :) Question for you though: Is this army something that you have already largely collected or will you be continually adding to it? Just curious.