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  1. Awesome job on these little guys. Much better than what I did and I agree that the detail is excellent. Love the OSL which I was too afraid to try. :p
  2. That's what I assumed, but I always prefer to make sure. :)
  3. Ranger in Progress: Rolls: 17, 15, 13, 12, 9, 7 Str: 12 Dex: 17 Con: 13 Int: 9 Wis: 15 Cha: 7 @haldir you said we could use variant human traits, does that also mean we can take the feat that comes with it since feats are optional? I'm assuming so, but wanted to make sure before deciding on final stats (I'm definitely going human who can speak Dwarven).
  4. @haldir Will be using Player's Handbook as its the only book I have. :P Related question: I've never done a PbP game here. Is there a dice roller that displays on the forums that you want us to use, or are we good with the honor system? Have a game tonight and tomorrow so I might not get starting stuff set up before Sunday, but should be able to have it ready by then (might get lucky and find some time this afternoon as the work schedule is a bit different today).
  5. This. For me, I think in some ways the biggest problem 4ed had was that it was such a drastic departure from previous editions of D&D that it didn't really feel like D&D. That didn't mean it didn't feel like a fantasy rpg, it was just a completely different system. Which was odd in some respects because I remember around the time of the launch/announcement some of the WotC devs said things like "Well don't worry, 4ed really could have been called 3.75 because its so similar." This was then compounded by their initial official module offerings which were tailored to a fairly classical D&D style (i.e. a good ole fashioned dungeon crawl) but which didn't work real well within the confines of daily powers and such. I didn't really have a problem with the concept of encounter and daily powers etc., but it did cause angst for a lot of people (again, not entirely WotC's fault there). For example, I think it really exacerbated the concept of the 5 minute work day. If a party used a lot of their daily powers early on, they would then want to rest. This was somewhat different than a spellcaster that used a powerful spell early in the day but still had several spells available. I think it was the fear of "What if the next encounter is a hard one that requires the use of dailies and we don't have any left?" Of course this is all very metagamey on the part of the players, but its also a fairly natural reaction.
  6. Think I'll go with a Ranger (assuming I don't get screwed with stat rolls :p). @BlazingTornado I'll focus on ranged with my ranger, so a frontline Marshall should still work. We just have to hope we don't take damage now as we don't have a healer. :P
  7. I'm leaning toward a Ranger but will let y'all know tomorrow.
  8. Whaddya mean I can't use magic to cut down these holy trees? :P
  9. That shouldn't be a problem Haldir. I usually check the forums pretty regularly most days provided I'm not completely tied down with work, out of town, etc. Obviously if I am going to be out of town (or otherwise unavailable for a period of time) I'll also let everyone know ahead of time. No idea on what I want to play yet though, might wait and see what other people select first, but will start tossing some ideas around my head this evening.
  10. I'm game assuming you don't expect instant replies. Not that it would be a week or anything like that but obviously during the day I am not always constantly online, etc. but I do check fairly regularly.
  11. Mixing green with red can also give you a nice shade. Blue can also work with the right red though it gives it a different color to the shade (more of a purple obviously, but if your colors are dark enough it actually can create a nice transition). A straight up brown or green mixed with red is probably the easiest though.
  12. Oh I get that, and you are not entirely wrong (which is why I said that it was a good idea but poorly executed). What I found was that there was often a way to structure a challenge such that everyone could realistically help the cause with skills that they were at least competent at. The problems though were that a) a player who was more of a "power gamer" (and note, that is not necessarily a bad thing) often views any skill that they are not heavily invested in as a skill in which they are not competent (which isn't necessarily the case), and b) WotC often provided really poor examples of skill challenges such as negotiations where they suggest letting the fighter make a show of strength (Athletics). To me, something like a negotiation was rarely truly a skill challenge because realistically, you were not going to go much past Diplomacy in resolving that particular challenge. Sure, you might use History or Arcana to recall some obscure fact to help your case, but it basically came down to Diplomacy. To me, a good skill challenge was something that enabled the use of a wide variety of skills in order to accomplish, and frankly, I think it was something that a lot of GMs intrinsically used prior to 4ed, but it was just seen as a roleplay encounter. With 4ed though, a lot of parties once they grokked that it was a skill challenge, they treated it more like a combat (i.e. there are bad results if we fail) whereas prior to 4ed, they would just say "Hey, can I use XXX skill to try to do Y?" But with the skill challenge they wanted to know which skills could be used. Me, as a GM, would say, "Well, what do you want to use? Tell me how you are using it and if it makes sense I'll let you try." Instead a lot of GM's (in my experience) would start the challenge by saying "Ok, this is a skill challenge, you can use Diplomacy, Religion and Bluff." This was entirely the wrong way to go about it, but it often happened because of the way they were described in the books (i.e. that was the failure moreso than the actual system if you catch my drift). So an example just off the top of my head (i.e. not the best): Personally, I think these were the types of things (obviously not healing surges but you get the idea) that groups did often times before 4ed, it was just not formalized in an encounter setup. With 4ed though it was intrinsically tied to XP and had explicitly stated rewards and penalties for success/failures and a lot of groups never really got past that. Some of that is the fault of the books and how they were presented, but I think some of it was also the fault of the players (including the DMs). Its sort of like I never understood the argument that there was no roleplay in 4ed. There was plenty of opportunity for role play in 4ed, you just had to take it. The closest I ever got to an explanation was that "Well, the system doesn't do anything to encourage it." That may or may not be accurate depending on how you look at it (see my skill challenge example above) but regardless, the same was true for all prior editions of D&D so it wasn't like 4ed was suddenly worse in this aspect. I think it was merely because the concept of skill challenges became formalized that people thought it took away the ability to role play. /shrug As I said, the system had good stuff and bad stuff. Pretty much like every system I've played (and enjoyed).
  13. Those are amazing. I too like the idea of avoiding the tradition grey/white hair and the cloaks are just . . . I don't know, "spectacular" doesn't do them justice.
  14. I like my Series 7's a lot (though I know plenty of people prefer Raphael's or others). That said, one piece of advice I got (and which I agree with now that I have gotten a few more minis under my belt) is to not use your really good (read expensive) brushes for base coating (and certainly not for priming if you use brush on). The main reason being that you often end up wanting to reach/force/jab/etc. the brush into tight spaces which will of course ruin it quicker. You might also find you are using thicker paint for basecoating than shading/highlighting which if you are not careful can also wear your brush out quicker. In other words, much better to use that $3 or $4 brush you got at Hobby Lobby than the $15 brush. I've also known painters who will eventually convert their good brushes to their "cheap" brushes as they start to get wear and tear on them. In other words, even as a brush starts to break down, you can still find uses for them. And as I continue thinking about it . . . I also recall being told not to use the good brushes with metallic paints because the metal flakes in the paints can break the brushes down. I'm a bit paranoid about brush care (not as much as some perhaps but still a bit paranoid) due to being somewhat of a cheapskate, so I go so far as to even having a separate rinse cup for my metallic paints/brushes as the flakes of metal will rinse off the brushes into the cup, which can then be picked up by other brushes. This may be a bit over board, but it also goes to show that even as one brush starts to wear out, you can still find uses for it.
  15. Pshaw, living with the wife is overrated. :P
  16. May, 2005 was the last time. Next time will, hopefully, be sometime next year (and with luck) will only move once next year (we're going to be building a house hopefully so we may end up having to move to a rental for a few months since we don't want to carry two mortgages).
  17. I'm with the multi-colored wolf on this one. I think he looks pretty darn good. The scales in particular look really good. I'll confess that I have yet to do a dragon, but I do find the wings to be intimidating as they are much less intuitive to me in terms of how they should be painted. But you really did a great job on the scales!
  18. I'll third the Reaper LTPK's. Just for the materials they come with (paint, brushes, minis) alone they are a great deal. Add to that some fabulous instructions and they are pure gold for a beginner. I myself am very much a beginner but hanging out here, watching some YouTube vids (I'm partial to Ghool's Quick Tips, but there are tons out there), using the LTPK, etc. has already upped my game. That's not to say that I am on par with a lot of the artists here (hey, some of them have been painting for decades, they should be better than me :) ) but I do already feel as though I have improved. Don't be afraid to post your work and doing WIPs can be a great help. I've gotten lots of help from people here while working on a mini and have never gotten anything I considered negative. We're all very kind to each other in the asylum. As for your brushes splaying, you may be able to get them back into shape with a combination of brush soap and twisting your brush as you wipe paint off of it. It will still splay again, but you can frequently get it back to a point. Its not until you start to get individual hairs that refuse to go with the flow no matter what that you really have to start to worry. And even then, those brushes will have their uses (whether for dry brushing, applying brush on primer, etc.). Most important though: Welcome aboard and have fun! As long as you are having fun, you are doing it right!
  19. To be fair, you are not entirely wrong. The players were often not always ready to go right when their turn was called, or paying attention, etc. Some of it I think became a case of chicken or egg where they got used to having 15 minutes between turns, or one player would debate over two possible options, etc. I still think the sheer number of immediate actions available contributed to the problem though. I would also note that a lot has to do with the plethora of splat books. The more books that were available, the bigger the problem. That said, I don't think it's a terrible system. I had a lot of fun with it, but I do think it could have been improved. As for skill challenges, I think that was one of their better ideas but the implementation was difficult. The DM really had to structure it right and had to have a group that enjoyed the role play aspect. My group unfortunately went into power gamer mode whenever they sniffed a skill challenge. If a player thought they wouldn't be good at the challenge, they would try to sit it out so as not to "hurt the group ", etc. That isn't a fault of the system though, but rather the player/DM.
  20. Quite a while ago. As for the refund, no fun plans for it. Saved it mainly since we are in the midst of a number of repairs/improvements to the house to get it ready to sell next year. Not that we ever get much back though, we try to keep it pretty close to a break even point.
  21. Head and beak look great!
  22. I get what you are saying regarding the MMO feel of it. Keep in mind though that Cure Light Wounds is just one example of what the cleric can do. He also has two healing words per encounter. That is on top of each character also getting a second wind each encounter (which also improves defenses for some strange reason). As a whole, (and perhaps this is because I DM'd our 4th ed campaign) , I found that there was simply too much healing available. It can get really ridiculous by the time feats and items are added in and paragon and epic abilities are factored in too later on. You are absolutely right though that the combats take forever and it only gets worse as you go up in level. Ultimately this is what burned me out on 4th Ed. By the time our group hit 29th level (we were desperately trying to finish a full 30 level campaign) a single combat could easily take over two hours. You'd have sequences like this: Ranger: I use (insert power here) and roll . . . crap only 41 vs. AC, that's going to miss. DM: Yep, that's a miss. Ranger: Wait! I use Elven Accuracy and roll again! *rolls* crap 40. Avenger: Good grief. Fortunately, I have my psuedo mark on this guy, so go ahead and roll again. Ranger: *rolls* Ooh, how about a 43? DM: Nope, sorry, still a miss. Runepriest: Hey, did you remember that I gave you a plus one last round? Ranger: Ohh that's right! 44? DM: Miss Runepriest: Fine, I'll use (insert power) to give you another +2. DM: Aren't you dazed? You can't use immediate actions while dazed. Runepriest: Crap, forgot about that. Defender: Hold on! I got this ability that lowers a target's Reflex. GM: Ok, but this was targetting AC. Defender: Crap. GM: Alright, so since that was a miss, now the bad guy can, as an immediate reaction strike back. *rolls* Does a 47 hit your AC Ranger? Ranger: Crud, yeah just barely. Defender: Hey I got him marked! Did you remember the -3? GM: Yep. Defender: And you still rolled a 47? WTH? GM: In fairness, that's not nearly as high as the 54 you just rolled. Defender: Well yeah, but I invested a lot in being able to hit. Runepriest: Well doesn't matter, because I give him a +2 to AC with such and such ability. DM: You're still dazed. Runepriest. Oh yeah. Avenger: Well, I use this ability to lower his to hit! DM: You just used your immediate action to let him reroll. Avenger: Oh yeah. Defender: Ok, fine, I'll use this ability to try to make the guy hit me instead. *Rolls* Crud 44. Runepriest: Oh, I'll give you a +2 with such and such. Everyone Else: YOU'RE STILL DAZED! GM: Ok, that's a hit then, for *rolls* 27 hit points. Avenger: Who's turn is it again? GM: Uhhh, still the Ranger's turn. You have a move and a minor left. Ranger: Oh sweet, I move to here, Quarry that go over there and then I'll Action Point! [Cue another 15 minute sequence]. Honestly, all in all, it wasn't a horrible system in my opinion but it really didn't hold up well at high levels. In some ways it was better than the rocket tag you got in other editions, and as a GM it was really easy to design encounters, but the combats just got really, really tedious. At low levels I thought it actually held up well and I kind of even liked the "powers" idea as it ensured that everyone always had something to do. You weren't left with the wizard going "Well, I used up my three spells already, so I guess I'll shoot my sling at him." That said, I am really liking Pathfinder right now. I think its done a pretty good job of shoring up some of 3.5's weaknesses. To be fair though, I've really only been in one campaign as a player (up to about level 12 I think) and am only up to level 4 in my current game that I am running, so that may change eventually. Haven't really tried 5ed enough to really be able to say one way or another (only one session so far). It was fun though.
  23. Hmmm, another tough one. I would probably go with ice cream, served on a bed of warm apple pie. Note that this is not to be confused with my first pick which would simply be ice cream. :p A close third would be fresh key lime pie provided that its actually yellow and not green.
  24. Excellent work!
  25. Looking really good. The wings are coming along nicely and are a testament to your patience with them.