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  1. Paint brushes

    Indeed. Earl Grey is much better.
  2. Paint brushes

    But can you cross your teas with it?
  3. Ahh, gotcha. Admittedly, I haven't read up on the entire thread so not sure if you had previously introduced him. :)
  4. Paint brushes

    I have several cheap hobby lobby brushes I use but the best one I've found was (I believe) W&N Masters Series synthetic. It holds up fairly well if you take care of it. My "cheap" brushes tend to take a beating because I also brush prime currently for a variety of reasons. That said, I have started to rotate in new kolinsky brushes as my originals are starting to lose some of their pointyness (probably because of me ;p). I am still holding onto the older ones though because they still do a good job of base coating and the like.
  5. Excellent story! You'll have to memorialize it next year with Dance of Death!
  6. Getting to Know You, April 2018

    It's Nine Forty Nine The day is already bad Its a cluster#@$%
  7. Happy Birthday Rahz !

    Happy happy birthday!
  8. 77399 Sigurd, Viking

    I agree with the Wolf on all points. The red hair triad is awesomesauce. So awesomesauce in fact that I often have to force myself to paint hair a different color because I always find myself reaching for that particular triad. As for practice, improvement, etc., just remember that the important thing is to have fun. As long as you are having fun then you are doing it right!
  9. Thanks! And yes, one of the goals of the move is to have a dedicated hobby space when I get there, as opposed to the dining room table that I use now. Fortunately I still have a little time before the house goes on the market, so I can finish a few projects first!
  10. Getting to Know You, April 2018

    In terms of the hobby of miniature painting . . . I'm not sure there's really anything that I regret purchasing at this point. Sure, I have unopened/unpainted minis, and sure, I have some paints that have barely seen any use so far, but nothing that makes me go "Man, why did I waste my money on that?" In terms of general hobbies though, there have certainly been plenty of purchases that were duds whether board or video games that just were not entertaining, or DVDs that I really didn't need to buy, etc.
  11. Stupendously spooky! Excellent work! Definitely makes me want to bust out my Obsidian Crypt, though that will have to wait until I successfully move. :p
  12. Getting to Know You, April 2018

    A wife who loves to game as much as I do! Seriously though, I'd expand the definition of hobby room to include the actual gaming area (in the event that wasn't already included) and add something along the lines of a Table of Ultimate Gaming. Sadly, I am not nearly handy enough to build one myself. :p
  13. 02830 Wolf Pack sculpted by Geoff Valley PIC HEAVY

    They are wonderful, and I agree that you did an amazing job on the first one with the different colors in its fur. I would be quite happy to see those on my table!
  14. Heh, no need on that count OneBoot. It was more me seeing how cool the metal medium is and how its very versatile. I probably should have written my post in purple as it was meant as "I'm going to be getting it, its just a matter of when and where". As for the P3 Metallics, I love them too, and actually use them more than the Reaper in part because the Reaper bottles tend to clog on the metallics for me but also because the P3's are so beautiful! The only P3 metallic I don't have is Deathless Metal, so if you do have that, I wouldn't mind seeing it, but in all honesty, I'll be picking that up at some point anyway. :)
  15. To me, I guess it just depends on how attached you were to the character. Its often easy for me to just make a new character, but that's primarily because I tend to usually be the GM and don't get a lot of chances to be a PC. The end result is that I ALWAYS have tons of character options dancing around in my head. Way more ideas than I will ever get the chance to play. I do think that death needs consequences (and it sounds like yours will here even if you bring back the old character). However, I don't feel that death needs to be permanent so long as there are consequences (without consequences then what's the point?) FWIW: In my current Pathfinder game that I am running, I have given the party a Ring of Reincarnation that does just what it sounds like. However, it only has one charge. To recharge it, a character has to burn a hit die of HP (roll for it), and of course, the dead PC will almost certainly come back looking different. Now, I also plan on giving them the ability to regain some of those lost hit points -- otherwise there will be significant issues down the road, but the idea is that they are in a fairly gritty game and adventuring in a very dangerous area. At the same time, I like the ability to keep a story line going and it helps if the PCs stick around a while. ;)
  16. Yeah there are places to buy it online, but that's when I get cheap and see the markup (either in the base price with "free" shipping included, or having to pay for shipping). It just annoys me to pay so much more for something. :p Usually what I'll end up doing is finding someone whose prices are actually good but for having to pay for shipping, and just buy a decent amount of stuff so that the shipping charge is dispersed throughout. Miniature Market is pretty good for that sort of thing.
  17. Some random bases

    I think they look great! You have to start somewhere right? More to the point, those are good bricks and wood right there, easily identifiable as such. As for your first guy, I think you have a good idea with the stone idea, you should be able to make that work really well.
  18. *Sigh* Looks like I'm going to have to look for Metal Medium somewhere. :P Sadly, Vallejo is not well stocked in my area. There's a very tiny selection at the local Hobby Lobby but not sure they have the metal medium, usually just the different varnishes and a few colors in the model colors line.
  19. Thrym's Tough Decision Day

    First off, congrats on the new company. Second off, it might be an all around Congrats from this guy as it certainly sounds as though you are going to be a lot happier now, even if your exit wasn't exactly planned or as planned. It would not be surprising if your old contact was able to surmise the nature of the work environment there. In any event, congratulations as I said on the big move. I'm sure there will be nervous moments but it sounds as though you will be much happier in the long run!
  20. Children of the Grave. By Glitterwolf.

    Nice job with the added flocking, dirt, leaves, etc. It really brings it to life . . . err . . . death . . . errr undeath?
  21. Vordakai Cyclops Lich 60082

    Wait, you don't just sit around all day waiting for somebody to ask a question? Seriously though, no worries about answering questions. I never expect answers, just hope for them. :) Same with critiques and the like. I ask a lot of questions mainly because I don't have any art background and frankly, was never a good artist to begin with. (even my stick figures are hard to recognize). Your point about remembering the light source is very well taken. Its one of those things that "I know" but as you said, it often gets forgotten as my eye wants me to bring out the details more. Also, I don't mean to come off as being really hard on myself, more just being realistic. I haven't put in the thousands of hours that many of the great artists here have, and frankly, with my work schedule, family activities, and myriad of other hobbies, I never will. As such, I know I'll always be a bit limited in that regard, but I still aim to improve. Seeing improvement is what I strive for, even if its minor. The good thing with this piece is that what I generally strive for is a tabletop quality (which I realize is subjective as some people's "tabletop" is my "holy crow! I need to enter this in a competition right meow!"). With Vordekai, right now I definitely feel as though I am headed in the tabletop quality direction, but I still always aim to do my best. I also aim to learn new techniques along the way which in turn, helps with doing my best, etc. Its clear to me that I still have room to learn with the layering aspect (mainly I think I don't cover enough of the mini with each successive layer and this gets me into trouble when I start getting into the whiter tones). And yes, I was very pleasantly surprised with how the moldy ocher looked as admittedly, I was largely going with the yellow color because of the color wheel (again a symptom of my lack of art and color theory background). Now I just have to carefully finish the base coating on it (as there are still a few areas that are bare but I was simply too tired last night to get them without also getting stuff that is already a different color). Hopefully I can then shade and highlight it real nice. That's my main goal for this week is to get the yellow done, then likely move onto the little details and then finish with the eye (in part because I'm hoping for a particular paint to come in, but if it doesn't I will improvise . . . FOR SCIENCE!). All of this is really just a roundabout way of saying how much I appreciate all the fine folk on these forums as I have learned a ton from so many people. I occasionally look back at my early figures and can see how far I've come, and a great example was in your glazing tutorial. Before, even though my glazes were translucent, they were still easily too thick. Now, if anything, they are too thin, but they are making everything a lot better!
  22. My next project, also for my current Pathfinder game. This one looks like a real fun model and am looking to improve my layering technique as there are some nice areas on him to practice that. As always, any suggestions along the way are most welcome. Here is in his primed glory. Hoping to get a decent amount of work on the skin done today, looking forward to doing some fun stuff with the eye as well, but waiting on some supplies (read paint) to come in first. Oh and I totally forgot about doing a WIP of the base, but there ya go. At least there will be some stuff likely added at the end. :) Thanks for looking!
  23. Dumble Doormouse (77288)

    Excellent work! I love the freehand details in particular!