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  1. If it's a party/cookout, pretty much guaranteed that we are hosting, which is why it doesn't happen very often. :( Game night/day is a bit more varied though.
  2. Khel raises a pint to Garon, "Thank ye kindly. How long have they been missing, and how long to this citadel?"
  3. Warmahordes is pretty much the only one I play (though I do have the occasional game of X Wing). I may end up getting into Infinity since I have a friend that really wants to play but tryingt o resist the damage to my bank account. :p
  4. Honestly, I'm new enough that I don't really have a favorite "part" of painting yet. However, I will say, that my favorite aspect is probably seeing it all come together (to the extent that I can get it to all come together). This is especially the case where I can see certain parts of a model coming out really nice (for me).
  5. Annnnnd, the defendant plead guilty, so I won't actually be in trial. :P
  6. This primarily happens at the grocery store, and it happens with waaaayyyy too much frequency. :) We're getting better about checking to see what we still have, but it still happens. Ironically, it doesn't happen too often elsewhere, but that's likely because we are pretty stingy with ourselves when it comes to "entertainment" expenses.
  7. I actually think you did a pretty good job here. Malekus is pretty infamous for some of his issues (i.e. mold lines, gaps, etc.) and the fact that the gaps are not noticeable here is a pretty good sign (you obviously took care of some of them. Your whites are pretty good too (I hate painting white!) so you should be proud of that too. As a final note, while I too am still a beginner, I have found that certain models just run into that "nothing's going right" mode. Personally, I don't think that its because we're beginners, I know even long time painters who run into it occasionally. Try to focus on the parts you like and then just move on to the next model. All in all though, I think you did a great job. I love the book, and the freehand on the menofix is really good (I've tried and tried to freehand menofixes and just can't do them justice). Now take him out and burn some heretics!
  8. Just a head's up, I'm likely going to be in trial next week and as such may not be real quick to respond. I will try to at least check each evening.
  9. Khel takes a cautious sip, grimaces slightly. "Aye, this does taste more like 'Okay Mead', but it'll do." He then takes out a bite of food from his pack and listens carefully as he eats the ration.
  10. I usually have a couple going at once unless I really need to get something done for some reason. For me, a big part of it is that if I have a couple of projects going at the same time, if I am not "feeling it" on a certain project one night, then there's still something else to work on.
  11. Seafood.
  12. "Just a pint of yet favorite ale lass if ye please." Kheldarin answers with a bit of a smile.
  13. Particularly for WMH, I think you first need to decide what kind of base you want. Do you want cracked earth? Desert sand? Mountain? Forest?, etc. Typically you'll want your faction all based the same so they look cohesive. Additionally, if you are also going to be playing, keep in mind that all measurements are base to base, so you want to avoid overhang if at all possible. For me, I've been doing cracked earth for my Protectorate, using green stuff and some army painter wasteland tuffs. Pretty easy to do and relatively cheap.
  14. Quick question regarding Bones and Greenstuff. I have a couple of Bones minis I'm going to be painting up here shortly that desperately need some gap filling done on them. I know that Bones minis generally do not need to be primed (other than maybe a thin layer of liner) but how does the GS used to fill gaps interact? Do I still need to hit it with some primer? On a related question, have any of you used the liquid green stuff? I'm assuming that it is also potentially pretty hard on brushes, much like brush on primer, but was curious as to what your experiences were. Some of the areas I want to fill are actually fairly small gaps, so the liquid GS seems like it would be a good match.
  15. So with my ongoing RPG game heading into a new chapter, one that has a rather extensive focus on trolls, it was only right that I start painting up some of everyone's favorite regenerating, pyrophobes. So starting out with (from left to right) Lardgulp 2Headed Troll 02657 by S. Garrity, Bones Marsh Troll 77152 by J Wiebe, and the Bones Cave Troll 77004 by B. Siens. As you can see, the cave troll has already received a layer of blue liner to prepare for the rest of the paint job and has had his broccoli cut off to prepare for a rebasing (which will be a first ever attempt for me for this particular style of base. I do have another cave troll that might get added to this thread if time permits. I also have some Hordes trollbloods that will be used in the campaign as well, but will create a separate thread for them since they are a completely different company. Hoping to make some good progress on the cave troll at least today, though it is absolutely gorgeous outside, so will have to see. :)
  16. So most of last night was spent priming the three trolls from the Hordes Two Player Battle Box, but I did get a chance to get a little bit of work on this guy done. Added some shades and highlights to the skin. Honestly, the back looks better to me than the front, so will have to see if I want to touch up the skin a bit more or not. I'm thinking I may work on his assorted warts and boils first though as once those are painted up it should also help with the contrast on the skin. Sadly, going out of town tonight so may be a few days before I get a chance to work on him some more, but will see. As always, C&C are most welcome, I'm always on the look out for new ideas, processes, etc. and am sufficiently new at this that even the obvious may not be so obvious to me. :P Thanks for looking!
  17. Mine are all autopsy related. Having to view/sort through autopsy photos is never fun, especially when severed limbs of 13 year olds are involved, but the worst was actually attending the autopsy of an 8 month old girl. It takes a special kind of person to perform autopsies for a living. Glad I only had to watch.
  18. First job was working for a small, family run office supply store. It was a good experience overall. Probably the biggest thing I learned from it was that appearances really do matter. I always made it a habit to dress relatively well (button down shirt with a tie) while many of the full time employees were barely above casual in their dress. I was 16 at the time and a part timer, knew a lot less about what was going on in the store than a lot of the full timers, etc. Yet, almost invariably if someone came in with a question, they'd go to me first unless they were a regular who already knew the full time staff. Most just assumed I was a manager or something (despite being obviously young) because I was wearing a tie.
  19. So, because I have a bit of Hobby ADD as I like to call it, and because I really wasn't in a painting mood yesterday but was in a hobby mood (go figure) I decided to start on my Hordes Two Player Battle Box. I decided in addition to getting started on this, and documenting my misadventures as a newbie hobbiest/hobbier? I would also conduct a bit of a product review along with it. I figure that this box is intended, at least in part, for new players, and as such, may also include those new to the hobby. So I'll document start to finish (fair warning, it will be a long time before I get it fully complete) while also providing commentary on the quality, etc. So, for starters, this is a compliment to the Warmachine game (could also be called the second side of the same coin). The two games are fully compatible. The box itself comes with a starting army for the Trollblood and Skorne factions (hence Two Player). From a pricing standpoint, the value of the box in terms of content is somewhat dependent on whether you are just looking to paint the models, or if you are also looking to get into playing the game. The box retails for about $90 but you can likely find it cheaper if you look around a bit (I myself got it for about 33% off). As for the contents, you'll get 28 minis (if my math/memory serves) divided evenly between the two factions. Additionally, you get various tokens and other bits you can use for playing the game but which are not related to the actual painting side of things. Fair warning though, those 28 models include 10 models in each faction that are part of the same unit and thus, will be fairly similar. If you were to buy the models separately though (or rather as they can currently be purchased outside the two player box) you'd pay about $150 retail, so from that standpoint, its a great deal. Even better is if you have a friend that is looking to get into it as well and you can split the box with them. I'm a masochist though and actually bought the box for the sake of having some of each faction and for the experience/joy/pain of assembling and painting them. Anyway, removing the non-model related items from the box leaves you with this: Huh, how bad could that be right? Well, I decided to start with the three troll warbeasts which are contained together in one of the plastic bags shown, and when opened, leave you with this: I seem to remember counting 24 pieces for the three beasts though I only see 22 here. Its possible there's a couple small pieces hiding, or that I just miscounted (no worries though, I know I'm not missing any pieces). As I prepped these for assembly, I ran into my first complaint. The mold lines on these pieces are quite plentiful, rather noticeable, and often times poorly placed (like right down the center of the face). Fortunately I am not a perfectionist and am willing to say "good enough" but the plastic mold lines do come up easily enough with a hobby knife provided you can get the knife in there. I got what I could, but didn't go nuts on it. We'll see how bad it looks when they get primed. As for assembly, these are actually pretty easy to assemble so far. The torso pieces can fit into any of the leg pieces and although the three beasts all carry a different armament, its easy to match the arms up with the torsos because of the shape of the pegs. The downside to this is that there isn't a lot of room for mixing and matching the pieces between the three. You could probably work the shield onto any of the three if you really wanted, and there's a pauldron that you could likely do the same with, but that's about it. That said though, assembly was pretty easy which is good for a product targeting new players. So here are the three beasts mostly assembled. The remaining pieces will be added later as I paint so as to allow better access to all parts of the models. From left to right are the Troll Bouncer, Troll Impaler, and Troll Axer who I shall call Dalton, Vlad, and Lizzie respectively. Dalton is currently a bit forward leaning and needs his shield in order to stand still for the picture. Or maybe he's just drunk, not sure. Anyway, next step will be priming and then they will probably sit for a few days while I a) work on some other models, b) let the primer cure (I use brush on) and c) go out of town. As always feel free to add in any questions and C&C (though not much to C&C yet I realize). :P
  20. Heh, glad someone caught the reference. :) As for the model quality, they are still quite beautiful and very detailed. I just noticed some more prevalent lines in their plastics than I've seen elsewhere. That said, the standard thought among a lot of players is that the quality of PPs plastics is slowly improving. Still a lot of other models to work up yet though before I can give a true verdict.
  21. Exactly, how else will you know if you've cut too far?
  22. You should be able to just carefully bend it back into shape without boiling, etc. Just take it slow. Most of the metal minis will terrify you a bit the first time you do it because you can "feel" a popping sensation as they bend, but if its just bent a bit and you take it slow, you should be ok.
  23. Awesome job as always! Does this mean there's a video of Durst forthcoming too?
  24. I do not think those words mean what they think they mean.
  25. Technically the last RPG was Iron Kingdoms, though I do have a current Iron Kingdoms game and a current Pathfinder game that I am running (I'm a player in the IK). Last video game was Destiny. Last board game would be Witch of Salem. In each of the above instances I thoroughly enjoyed them. Witch of Salem is probably my least favorite of the above but it gets the added bonus of my wife plays, so there's that. :)