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  1. Live

    Random thought: Ya know what I never expected to see in Bones? A Xorn. But now we have the first part of the (not-)Underdark expansion. Ya know what else I never expected to see in Bones? A Flumph. . . .
  2. Live

    It's likely due to Reaper's plans for the retail releases. Chances are that those three will be packed either in a single blister or possibly three separate SKUs. Ultimately, the KS is about building the Bones catalog.
  3. Live

    Just paint them appropriately [?] instant drow. I don't get it. It's a question of apparel. Drow tend to dress less flowery, more spidery. Dark Elves, as depicted in most F20 artwork, look, well, "evil." There are distinct visual queues when compared to most other elves. Most of Reaper's elf minis, usually intended for PCs, are depicted as heroic figures.
  4. Looks good! I agree that the color tones all come together nicely. (it also looks like you're threatening him with death by smelting if he steps out of line)
  5. Live

    I certainly wouldn't say no to some new Drow. Bobby Jackson's Dark Elves are fine but don't really suit my taste.
  6. Live

    If we do not get a cat dragon, you need to think of one factor (or at least Reaper does): sale-ability. We fans here are a limited and rather specialized group of their customers. We want all the minis. Most of their customers want minis that they can correlate to a creature in game. The Roc actually correlates to 3 to 4 creatures in various games. When everyone started requesting it, I'm sure it was a no-brainer for Ron to have it made. The Cat Dragon on the other-hand, well you might be able to sub it in for something; it really depends on the design. Experienced GMs like novel creatures that they can use, but the vast majority want things that are easily identifiable on sight. To add to TaleSpinner's comments: Another thing to keep in mind is that people have been asking for a Roc for at least a couple of years. There's been a persistent demand for it. The cat dragon, AFAIK, is just a meme that popped up shortly before the KS campaign launched. I would guess that Reaper was planning on producing a Roc when people first starting planning Bones IV. As for Dance of Death, you can probably expect it to become one of the final stretch goals in the last day or two of the campaign. It's a big, capstone kind of model, similar to the final stretch goals from previous campaigns.
  7. Live

    I wasn't going to say it, but yeah, that was my initial thought, too (well, "cave," not "kitchen," but same intent). I would super excited for a $10-15 add-on that was a set of Hill, Fire and Frost Giantess warriors. Not "queens." Warriors. Not looking regal, not posing or reclining, but instead engaged in dynamic combat just like their Y-chromosome counterparts. General purpose minis for use in gaming when players happen to encounter a female giant (I'm, like, pretty sure they exist in most F20 games). The current Giantesses are fine, but when my group rolls out the Chessex mat, at least, it's for combat, not court politics. It's not like I'm actually looking to fight for gender rights in my toys. I don't need to see a 1:1 ratio or anything, especially when fantasy tropes usually depicts males as doing most of the fighting. I would just like to see some more variety and more importantly, utility in the Bones giants' catalog. (also, new Stone Giants, please)
  8. Live

    Mine has yet to see any paint love if for no other reason that I've seen so many great color schemes for Narthrax and have been left in a state of perpetual indecision (I suppose the obvious answer to just buy several more).
  9. Live

    Dance of Death looks awesome! I'm not going to buy it since I really only paint to play with, but I know I'm in for a treat in a couple of years when some some of the forumites get their mitts on that set! I LOVE the Hill Giant Hunter! That one I definitely am going to get, even if I end up having to drop the other Hill Giants from my pledge. I can't help but notice though that we're now 0 for 5 as far as female Hill Giants are concerned. It would be nice to have at least one Giantess to slap around some uppity murder hobos. . . .
  10. Live

    One person's Zombie Dragon is another person's Dracolich. . . .
  11. Nice greens. That pic reminds me that there are some holes in my paint collection that I need to fill. What colors did you use?
  12. LIVE

    Is the intent with the Dreadmere Land Terrapin to make the pack, saddle and bridle removable for added versatility? (Love Izzy's concept art, as always )
  13. It's a wonderful paint job. Lovely, rich palette and excellent work on the scarf. I half-expect the mini to try to sell me a Kia.
  14. Live

    It's pretty much flavor in a bottle. Good stuff, the Brown Liner of cooking.
  15. I honestly can't say what I like best about these. The highlights? The Cockpits? The weathering? Everything looks great!