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  1. 9/26: Stephen King's "The Dark Tower" series.
  2. 9/25: I'm currently in a Pathfinder game (I have a lawful shiny paladin), and a Numenara game (we just started, but I'm a Clever Nano who Rides the Lightning; still trying to get a handle on what that means). Video games, I haven't been playing many, mostly electronic versions of board games (Splendor, Ticket to Ride, and Lords of Waterdeep). Board games, my favorite strategy is to try certain paths and run them to the ground; then figure out what of those paths I like, and combine them, borrowing the fun parts from them as I go. It tends to be a decent, not great strategy to do well, if not win in games.
  3. 9/15: My kids and wife have never been to concerts of musicians I've been to, so if I choose any that would save me or my wife (kids haven't been to any concerts at all), the survivor would not have the rest of the family, which would suck...so I'm going to say Hendrix, who died before my wife or I were born, so there's no way we could be having to live through the stone age without each other and the family.
  4. Songs get stuck in my head pretty readily, of late, I've had a rotation of most of Ghost B.C.'s musical library in my head, notably: "From the Pinnacle to the Pit", "Satan Prayer", "Square Hammer", and "Con Clavi Con Dio".
  5. 9/13: drunken disorderly conduct
  6. 9/11: No, It's a pretty full month for us, I'm not likely to get any hobby time this month.
  7. Yesterday was my wife's and my 5th wedding anniversary. My Mom came over to watch the kids and we were able to go out and see the Red Sox game at Fenway. Really fun evening. I really can't believe it's been 5 years already, seems like only yesterday. She's such a wonderful woman, and I'm really lucky to be her husband.
  8. 9/8: I tend to play whatever the party is lacking. I'm pretty open.
  9. 9/7: I love metal minis for PCs, and I'd love to have metal minis for the baddies as well, but cost and weight are prohibitive, and plastics give us the ability to go larger without breaking the bank or back.
  10. 9/5, I kinda wish I'd gotten two Ma'als and there are a couple pieces of the Mythos expansion that I might go back and acquire.
  11. 9/1: I can't think of anything specific, but this most often seems to happen to me when I mishear someone and try to follow through with what I heard.
  12. 8/30: I don't have Kaladrax...gonna go with that; and then some other options to fill up the rest of the $100.
  13. 8/29: I am 35, birthday's in November.
  14. Funded

    I want the new expansion...oh god, I want it; but I think I'm at my limit for the KS; hopefully I can scrape together more money before next July to add it to my order.
  15. Face Hugs All Around! Happy Burst Day!