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  1. that's an hour's worth of work? That'd take me a week! Great work
  2. 7/18: I like a well-crafted story to explain what I'm doing; otherwise it's just a random number generator with a fancy skin over the top of it.
  3. 7/14: I'd hazard to guess we'll see man-portable/usable railguns and sonic rifles in the near future. 7/15: Not yet, but I've pre-ordered Paizo's Starfinder basic books, so I'll probably start getting into sci fi minis and models thereafter. 7/16...I'm not going to have any time this weekend.
  4. 7/13: honestly, I've used a scythe for clearing brush and I've gotta say, it's tremendously motivating.
  5. July 6: I certainly could manually figure out all the formatting markup, as I am a software engineer; however, I don't typically waste brain space remembering bbcode markup, as it's not a primary function of my job...leave prettying it up to the UI folks...
  6. 6/30: A housecat. 6/31: I would feel rage, being one of nature's most perfect killers but being picked up and cooed at for being a cute little fluffball...my rage would only be assuaged by tuna, obviously.
  7. I'm through with meetings for today, just need to ride the wave until lunch and then I'm out for a nice, long weekend.
  8. My calendar is full of meetings today...tomorrow's a light day and I'm leaving early, then not gonna be back until middle of next week due to the 4th of July holiday...just trying to get through today and half of tomorrow.
  9. well, if they don't end up pulling off sweet jumps, they'll catch you a delicious bass when they land in the ocean.
  10. that's amazing!
  11. 6/28: my commute is in the North of the Boston Metro area; every single day has a near miss or two with idiots cutting me off.
  12. 6/27: I've bought OxyClean from a B&M store, it seems to work well. I've been given some things that are labeled "As Seen On TV", but not much is coming to mind either as being very good or very bad...
  13. Oooh, I am liking this very much, didn't think of this model as a blue; but damn, that's a great color choice!
  14. is this thing on?