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  1. Not so odd; I've never tried it. Funnily, as I've gotten older, I've been curious to try it, but the possibility of random drug tests at work and the fact that failing one of those is grounds for immediate termination has really tamped down any real push to try it. That all being said, there are some wacky names for the wacky tabacky, and it's a fun creative writing exercise.
  2. 4/20: Nam Shub of Enki
  3. 4/19: My wife and I bought our house in October 2014. We actually moved in in November 2014. My next move will be sometime after the kids are out of daycare, we bought this house to start building equity, and want to move into a better space for the family once the daycare expense is removed from monthly expenses.
  4. 4/18: Taxes were filed back in early March, got the refund already. Part of the refund is going towards a down payment on a new car, as my current ride has decided to break enough that it's no longer sensible to repair it (I got 170K miles out of it - a pretty good run), the rest is going to the general funds for the household.
  5. 4/17: I don't have a #1 go to dessert preference, so it's a bit of a toss up. Some days I want cake, some days pie, some days cookies, some days ice cream, some days creme brulee; and the desire for one over the other can change moment to moment, so my #2 choice could be a second helping of my #1 choice or something else entirely. With desserts and the stipulations put in front of us about all being present, I will be capricious.
  6. Live

    One of us, one of us, one of us...
  7. Live

    the minis in this one are all very specifically themed to a feudal Japanese setting. Bones IV is likely to have a wider range of different minis. Rising Sun also comes with a game attached (neat add-on!); Bones IV is gonna be just minis. In conclusion: Why not both?
  8. 4/10: Least used - we've got an all in one baby food maker, that takes raw vegetables, slices them; boils them to oblivion and then purees them. It's still sealed in the box it came in (baby shower gift). It's a lovely idea, but realistically, we just never had the counter space to devote to it. Most used - probably knives. If that doesn't count as a gadget, then toaster oven.
  9. 4/7: gods, I love beer. I don't have a favorite, and am generally willing to try about anything once. I tend to shy away from the weaponized levels of hops; but beyond that, there's such a rich and diverse world of beer, it's awesome.
  10. 4/5: I really like German Chocolate Cake 4/6: There's a meat-pie place that works the Beer Advocate Extreme Beer Fest in Boston every year...so good whilst sampling the beers.
  11. I'd nearly reached unified chat for all of my various circles...we had a slack group for one of my circles of friends and it looked like it was gaining traction, then someone opened a Telegram channel for us that obliterated the slack group...nearly had it so all of my chat functions were in one app...bah. Well, two apps isn't too bad.
  12. 3/29: I used to get insomnia; I would try to read or surf the net for a bit... the best solution was working with a therapist to get a better mechanism for dealing with stress. Now I have kids and I'm so close to falling asleep basically all the time that when it gets quiet I sleep.
  13. 3/28: Yes; I like my house; we've got a little bit of land and it's fairly nice. There are things I'd like to do, certainly; but I feel that the house and property are fairly nice, so I'm content for the now.
  14. 3/27: We had this one guy who was all talk and not actually able to write any reasonable code; but he was really loud and bullyish, and somehow being loud and obnoxious was enough for him not to get fired. He'd come to code reviews and chew you out for 20 minutes while you were trying to get through the code and end up by saying something that you'd clearly already accounted for and he'd have found out if he hadn't spent 20 minutes making you feel 2 inches tall in front of the rest of the team. He was the recipient of an annoy-a-tron. Funnily enough, when he asked me, I had not heard the sound he was referencing. Also, I never made it a specific task 2 or 3 times a week to move it to a different part of his cube.