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  1. still working at this, progress has been a bit slow though
  2. about an hour and a half, and thanks!
  3. Hour or so Just a polar bear for the fun of it, don't play Frostgrave
  4. Sorry it's not a better picture, it's hard to get a good picture of it
  5. Speed paint of the plant dragon and it's two 'podlings'
  6. Werebear and the bear from Stoneskull expansion speed paint
  7. Pre-launch

    I would much prefer this, because the pewter dragons are so very stiff in pose and with the flat wings while the Bomes ones have much more dynamic and expressive poses (think deathsleet vs Narthrax)
  8. Super glue, no pinning haven't seen any issues with it so far, and that includes twisting and holding it at awkward angles to paint it
  9. No worries Will re-base coat it with the new colors in the next few days
  10. Oh no it's fine, i am stumped on what was bothering me as well so this is at least something to go on to try and fix whatever is bothering me about the body and i got mine out of the way so it won't be distracting me
  11. Yea that works i can give it a shot
  12. it needs more tweaks before reapercon, but those are nothing to really share or show at all since it's just tidying up the paint so here's the show off:
  13. One Ma'al done!
  14. "Once upon a time there was a evil wizard, who through various nefarious means captured 5 dragons and fused them into one through a devious, powerful spell. He called the resulting creature "Ma'aldrakar", however was unable to be controlled by him and broke loose not long after the joining. Each head retained its personality and individual mind, and this resulted in a creature constantly at war with itself. Once free in the lands, away from the mage who had done this to them, the true horror of the situation became apparent. Before long, two heads rose to dominance over the others…. Rezatharnithaza the gold and Nazarangamar the black. Their wills were much stronger than the others, and they wrestle constantly for control of the body. The other three heads bicker amongst themselves, with Sirathiamora the red being the most dominant of those three, bullying the other two but submissive to the gold and black. Bazarthian the white dragon stays out of fights, being rather neutral and calm, and often will actually defend the bullied copper dragon from Sirathimmora’s abuse. The movements of this creature are erratic and jerky, for the black wants to destroy the world he hates so much, while the gold battles to keep the shared body away from civilization. The only time the creature moves in a unified manner is when in self defense or hunting food. " --- The Dragons: Rezatharnithaza (Gold)– Living in an ancient, lush forest, she guards the surrounding towns and lends her aid to any heroes that require some wisdom and guidance. Her capture came through trickery, with hired mercenaries posing as people in need of aid and luring her to an ambush. Nazarangamar (Black)– Dwelling in the deep, thick swamps of the south, he is ruthless and often harasses the nearby settlements, devouring their livestock. He has a large appetite for cattle especially. Any knights that would venture into his dimly lit home to find him would find themselves watched, and eventually driven mad as he used his magical skills to cast illusions and diversions, wearing their sanity away and taking delight in watching them lose their minds, lost forever. His capture was a mighty feat, only possible with great magics expended to subdue him. Sirathiamora (Red) – In her mountainous home, she spends much of her time in a human disguise she carefully designed and established in the royal court of the nearby kingdom. She greatly enjoyed toying with human politics, egging on arguments and inciting fights among the court nobles. Her downfall came when she was discovered by the mage and lured into a trap while disguised, and captured. Bazarthian (White) – In the frigid frozen north, this quiet and rather neutral white dragon lives with his mate, keeping to himself and leaving the humans and races that live nearby alone. As long as his preferred food of arctic cod and squid were around, he did not much care what the smaller races did. His home, carved into the jutting peak of a sea-side glacier, was unreachable by them anyways. Much enjoying swimming in the frozen waters that would kill in moments one of lesser tolerance, he was a challenge for the mage to acquire. In the end, it was the carcass of one of the smaller whale species, laced with a drug. As soon as the dragon devoured the free meal, he was asleep and captured. Chronovaxian (Copper) – Preferring the hot desert, this cheerful dragon would often frolic in the cloudless sky, engaging in many chats with travelers and caravans that passed through his sandy home. His capture was the easiest of all, lured into a trap and taken by brute force. The joining had negatively affected him most of all, turning his joyful demeanor into one of despair. This isn't 100% ready for ReaperCon, but it's good enough to post online I think. It'll get more small tweaks before it's fully done
  15. I think it is Shub-Niggurath Spawn, Shub-Niggurath is the big one that was a stand alone add on