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  1. Awww we didn't get weapon sprues to play with in our class
  2. We'll be flying out this afternoon but won't be going back to the Con Was fun everyone. I ended up with two silvers and a bronze on my entries
  3. Trying to get gold with a big mini seems pretty impossible until you have many many years painting and are an amazing painter who can easily get gold with small minis three years now, the only people I see get gold for a big mini are the professional painters who get gold all the time anyways, so I think if I want to actually improve as a painter and get gold one day I need to give up on the Big minis and force myself to work on small humanoid minis that are infinitey less fun to do
  4. I am not really, though. It is a rather disheartening feeling to pour months of work on something, drop a hundred or so dollars to ship it, and find out it actually isn't that good
  5. He got Bronze. Fairly disappointed at it, don't really feel it was worth the money I have spent getting him here for a bronze oh well. Next year I will just bring small minis, since seems to be the only way to really succeed
  6. He got Silver
  7. He got Silver
  8. Dragon turtle on base
  9. Which means we won't bah >.< we even got 10 more tickets to put in
  10. Pictures from Michael proctor's desk and Jason wiebe's desk
  11. How to train your dragon is a comparison many have made at the Con! word of mouth about him has spread and I have people coming to out table to look at him i know Izzy, Julie Guthrie, Bob Ridolfi, Bobby Jackson, Gene Van horne, and Jason Wiebe all like him haha
  12. One of the booths had this awesome mishmash monster thing but it was far too expensive for me, but goodness it looked cool
  13. So uploading from my phone from the Con since I am actually working on this guy in the afternoons here he is after he was built in my first class on thursday he is the Frogemoth without tentacles and tiny wings attached instead Here he is being painted in True Blue and Imperial Purple
  14. Julie Guthrie has given me a balloon mouse
  15. Cat dragon by Juli Guthrie