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  1. 77586: Avatar of Rage

    I like hippos too they make it onto the top 5: 1. Orca 2. Crocodillians 3. Octopus 4. Elephants 5. Hippos Though I have a separate list for extinct that would be: 1. Saurophaganax 2. Tyrannosaurus rex 3. Triceratops / ceratopsians 4. Stegosaurus 5. Ceratosaurus
  2. 77586: Avatar of Rage

    My WIP on this awesome hippo guy
  3. Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    i believe they mean high rollers
  4. Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    i made a image trying to match them in size by making their Sir Forscales the same size. The attached below is what i came up with
  5. that sucks, sorry to hear =( I've checked both my orders on their website tracker and both still say 'Processing' so i don't think that happened to me they really need to get better organized about this...
  6. luckily i use commission / contract money to fund my hobby purchases, so the husband doens't mind too much. especially not when the minis benefit him too
  7. i dont' think i'd be so worried if there weren't so many people reporting refunds from their order...meaning i could very well not get the things i most wanted from the sale, and quite possibly because they shipped other people out of order. I had a few thingsi really wanted, and then filler things. If i end up with JUST filler things, and none of the minis i actually wanted, i'll be rather ticked
  8. agreed. Do them in order of date placed, not smaller ones first and then bigger ones....
  9. Siri could use thoughts/prayers

    i don't know what can be done other than praying for his comfort. There's nothing the hospice can do for him, so it's just letting things take its course right now
  10. i have not, i'll send one asking about both my orders Edit: There i sent an email. this concerns me, hearing about you all getting refunds for items that were sold out. WHy are they doing orders later than mine, and potentially taking an item i had bought, and giving it to someone who had ordered later than i did and thus making me not be able to get it? That is really annoying. I really want that giant eagle i ordered, if it ends up refunded because they did the shipping out of order and someone that ordered after i did gets it instead, i'll be pretty disappointed in my entire order if i'm being honest. That eagle was the whole reason i got excited for the sale in the first place
  11. Siri could use thoughts/prayers

    Step father is not doing well. A golfball sized mass has appeared in his neck today. It wasn't there this morning but was there when my mom got home from school, she says. It is right over his stoma and if it causes any sort of discharge it is going to risk making him choke His cheek is also turning red as the tumor there grows.
  12. Got my last Reaper order for the holidays in 77542 Marthrangul 77586 - avatar of rage 80075 - camel x2 89037 - Quinn, aiconic investigator and 01611 - Ametrine Earthlyte and 01620 cat dragon
  13. same. 29th of novemeber order, no shipping notice. I realy had hoped we'd get one this week
  14. Mother of Dragons

    That dragon bust is tempting at least, could be fun to paint
  15. Dragons bust WIP

    Not anymore. It was a VIP swag back item from ReaperCon 2017, and they had a few on sale there as well, but that was just the limited stock extras and i believe once they were out, they were out.