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  1. Sirithiliel

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    sorry, i had seen it on Facebook and Ladystorm had specifically said facebook pictures by the artists didn't count. I didn't remember where i had seen it, just that i HAD seen it so here's the unofficial image from jason Wiebe's facebook page, which is the picture i had remembered seeing
  2. Sirithiliel

    Lost Kingdom Miniatures: Cuetzpal Empire

    i want to get something and support them, i just can't really decide what's worth the price yet. I have it set on 'remind'
  3. Sirithiliel

    Dungeons & Doggies Kickstarter (planned start date 18th July)

    hopefully. But there is no way i'm dropping $35 to get 2 dogs i want. Disappointing, but whatever lol, i'll check back in a year or so for retail
  4. Sirithiliel

    Dungeons & Doggies Kickstarter (planned start date 18th July)

    all or nothing option only =( $35 for the 2 dogs i want is a way too steep, so i'm out. I'll get the 2 dogs i want at retail, providing they aren't super expensive. I just dont' want the entire pack. I only liked 2 out of the whole bunch
  5. Sirithiliel

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    the 3D render of the terrapin has been shown, this is for things that haven't been shown outside of original concept art (providing the terrapin is the thing i'm thinking of at least)
  6. Sirithiliel

    Lost Kingdom Miniatures: Cuetzpal Empire

    i like that version better
  7. Sirithiliel

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Spirit Beast Female Minotaur Carnivorous Pudding I don't think we've seen: Gloom Stalker (Darkreach) Herbalist (Dreadmere) at least i don't recall seeing those shared before
  8. Sirithiliel

    Siri's Dragon Types

    as much fun as that'd be, i don't have the skill for it nor can i afford commission prices for sculptors, so not likely to see them sculpted. I can sculpt bases and basic things, but a dragon is beyond what i can do
  9. Sirithiliel

    Savage Avatars WIP

    I modified the elephant, sculpted him a new belly and feet because I thought a six pack and human feet looked silly on him. All the other Avatars have proper animal feet and normal animal bellies, so i wanted him to match.
  10. Sirithiliel

    Mantic Terrain Crate

    i painted up some of mine. Craft paint base coat and reaper paints on top, sealed afterwards
  11. Sirithiliel

    Lost Kingdom Miniatures: Cuetzpal Empire

    the prices are just too steep for me, otherwise i'd be happy to haha. I'm thinking about cancelling my pledge entirely. I like the armored dino thing, but ~$43 for it and its babies, for something that's just going to sit on the shelf and never see gameplay, is a bit much
  12. Sirithiliel

    Citadel dragon WIP

    That's Reaper's Temple Dragon (#77503 in their store)
  13. Sirithiliel

    Citadel dragon WIP

    for a smooth-texture dragon, i find a spine-to-belly gradient works fairly well. A dark green at the spine, and blend it down to a lighter green near the belly plates. The dragon i am working on below isn't entirely smooth, but his tail is. it's the same concept where i started with purple and worked my way into the orange for his feet and belly. you can also experiment with having his feet a lighter (or darker) shade than his body, and perhaps his face / snout too. It adds some interest to a dragon that might be lacking in details in the sculpt itself
  14. Sirithiliel

    Siri could use thoughts/prayers

    Not really sure waht to think right now. My mom called me today and told me she's got a guy friend she's 'building a friendship' with. Wanted to make sure I was okay with it, so sounds like it's more than a friendship. SHe's an adult, it's her life, and if she found someone that makes her happy after the two or three years of being unhappy dealing with my ill father, then who am i to tell her 'no! it's too early! you aren't t allowed to be happy yet'. But i s still feel like it's too early for this, he passed away in February, it's not like it's been that long i'm not going to tell her any of that, it's her life and her happiness and i don't want to tell her she's not allowed to move on and be happy yet, but i still don't really know what to think
  15. Sirithiliel

    Lost Kingdom Miniatures: Cuetzpal Empire

    the best way i have to help me decide if i want to spend money on a mini is to do a test color in my art program. But it's not helping me here, because while the sculpt is great, it's still just quite a lot of money for something that's just going to be display >.<