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  1. Live

    Also more paint. Don't think I have a purpose for Baba Yaga, and she's rather situational being in the Mortar/Pestle, but one more mini to give away to someone or practice painting on never hurts
  2. thanks! i really am glad you like it so far. I've been strugglign with shading the red head, so far my shading color has been too light so i'm looking into something darker but still reddish. maybe the purple of the black head
  3. Live

    bulette, Otyugh and i think slaad already have counterparts in Bones, i think? (Not that more would be a bad thing!)
  4. Live

    i know many have been waiting for that hut, so while i'ts not one i'll get, i'm glad to see it
  5. Live

    I don't like him much, but that is because I want a little bit of dragon in my dragons lol he is just a giant dog. There is nothing dragon about him, to me. The Smaug from the cartoon Hobbit is a great example of how I want a animal dragon to look he is a cat. He is a dragon. He looks like a hybrid of both. Falkor is just a big dog, he always disappointed me growing up
  6. Live

    I think it was something about not having the rights anymore
  7. Live

    Love the bandits, love the 2nd part of the Expansion!
  8. Live

    Definitely need that expansion townsfolk? Boat? yes please
  9. Live

    100% agree i'm only ever going to have 1 Ma'al of my own, and I'd rather do my absolute best on it since it's the only one i'm going to have. Not saying those that do the challenge are doing somethign wrong, just that I myself cannot bring myself to speed paint a expensive figure i'm only ever going to have one of
  10. Live

    Skittles is indeed looking good, and Patches is getting some polishing this week
  11. Live

    no concern for me, but then i don't try and paint my guys in 7 days with tiny expensive brushes =P
  12. Live

    i want a Roc and sea serpent and pirate gnolls
  13. Live

    it wouldn't even load on my phone. This thread entirely. Had to switch to PC to check what was being said lol
  14. Live

    That should be interesting, to see what "Dark Fantasy" is