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  1. RIP Stephen Hawking

    Very sad =(
  2. Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    that's my strategy!
  3. Siri Sculpts an Orca

    thanks. I think he's coming along well for a first try at sculpting, but i know i need to make some improvements next time
  4. Basilisk

    very useful, thank you for the step by step
  5. Basilisk

    love it! i aspire to such sculpting detail
  6. Raptor Action Figure + Busts

    there's his Show Off thread
  7. 1/6th Scale Raptor Action Figure

    A Build-Your-Own raptor kit that I put together and painted WIP thread:
  8. Raptor Action Figure + Busts

    The raptor is pretty much done, going to seal him tomorrow and post his show off thread
  9. [SPLIT] CMoN orders

    haha companies just have it out for me lately. Except Reaper. Reaper is awesome
  10. [SPLIT] CMoN orders

    So my bank account registers a refund of the corrrect amount from CMON they just never bothered to email me about it or respond to my ticket saying it's been paid
  11. Siri could use thoughts/prayers

    got home safe at 2am, just woke up. Just glad to be home after that
  12. Siri could use thoughts/prayers

    On plane now. Had to check bags. This is a half hour extra time to get bags after. i want to saythis to them: Original flights: Apparently the plane had maintenance issues coming out of Colorado and instead is switching planes hey tried to fix it. One hour delay. Two hour delayed. Another 45 minutes delay. We miss our connecting flight to Tucson, and get new tickets. We go from boarding 6 to boarding 8. It is obvious you all care so much about making us miss our flight to put us at such a low boarding priority, 2 groups below what we had PAID for. It has now been three hours. They send a new plane instead of keep trying to fix the old one. We board and take off. Our new flight is two hours later, so we sit around Dallas. Boarding time comes....and you don’t have a 4th flight attendant. We are delayed a half hour. If you need 4 you should schedule 5, because you throw hundreds of peoples schedules into jeopardy with one no show We now board. Guess what? We have to check our bags because you put us as he second to last boarding group. That adds a half hour to our already overdue time to be back home. And do you want to know why this upsets me so much? Because my father was buried this weekend. I was carrying his urn of ashes with me through all of this. He was in my bag. I didn’t want to subject him to your rough handling of bags. I have seen how they are thrown onto the conveyer and heaved into then planes. And I had to subject his ashes to that. To being manhandled and thrown about in my luggage because you cared so little about the delays you caused us that after everything, we had to check or luggage because we were put so far back in the priority boarding. Thanks a lot. You made an already awful weekend into a nightmare one. Thank you American Airlines. Thank you so much
  13. Siri could use thoughts/prayers

    In Dallas for the last 3 hours. Plane was on track to be boarded but.... We cannot catch a break tonight. This flight is delayed because they are short a flight attendant and regulations say they must have 4. So who knows how long we are delayed now until they can find a replacement. It is going to be so late by the time we actually get home. IF we get home at all tonight
  14. Siri could use thoughts/prayers

    Our flight might be landing in 20 minutes so we can board
  15. Siri could use thoughts/prayers

    Delayed again. We thought about trying to rent a car and drive down to dallas to make our connecting flight but they said they could not guarantee us our seats on the flight if we do that, for some reason so now we are stuck here until our delayed flight comes in, then stuck in Dallas for four hours until our new flight at 10:30 pm, then a two hour, two and a half hour flight And then an hour drive home