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  1. Siri could use thoughts/prayers

    My niece’s first thanksgiving
  2. So i've been having a very difficult few months, that has reduced my interaction on the forums even further than I've already been reduced... Namely, I've been dealing with health issues from reoccurring colds, to a un-diagnosed lump on my left hip I'm still trying to get identified and treated. My step-father is the biggest issue that I could really use some thoughts and prayers on. He had surgery months ago, and since then has been dealing with chronic pain. It hurts him to swallow, to drink/eat, to talk, to do anything. He's lost 70 pounds since January and barely eats anything, and he spends most of his day curled in his chair in pain, hardly moving or talking and it kills me to see him like this and knowing I can do nothing. He has a second opinion doctor that he won't be able to see until May, and I hate to think of what a month more of this is going to do to him in the meantime. On top of that, we're looking to move houses and so that added stress isn't helping me at all, namely due to there being so little available right now. And storm season is starting up, so tornadoes are going to be at threat for the next few months as well. I dunno, it helps to just vent things here a bit. But if you've been wondering where I've been, this is what I've been doing. Hardly done any drawing or painting. I need to finish my Spring exchange, then i'll probably stop participating in exchanges for a while until things look better for me.
  3. Temple Dragon WIP

    Based off my dragon character Andromar The character color scheme goes from black, to purple, to red, to gold
  4. Siri could use thoughts/prayers

    My step dad and Mom made the drive from Oklahoma to El Paso, Texas. It is where he grew up and where his family lives. He hasn’t been home in ages, especially not for Thanksgiving we’ve driven over from Arizona and my sisters and his first grand baby have come as well, so it is a nice big get together for thanksgiving but bitter sweet though because my step dad looks terrible and is having a hard time. There is a general consensus that this is probably his last Thanksgiving. The tumor in his cheek has grown so large that it is quite noticeable compared to the other side of his face and he hole in his jaw has grown larger, though he tries to keep it bandaged he loves his grand baby though. She turned 4 months old today and my mom told me she thinks she is all that is keeping him going
  5. Dwarven Speedpaints

    hmm 4 or 5 hours in one night, i think, a lot of that was on the dwarf king himself though
  6. Dwarven Speedpaints

    Been trying to improve my speed paint quality will get tags on once I can get the site to load
  7. Bones Furniture Speedpaints

    Just getting these out of the way
  8. Dwarven Speedpaints

    it's basically where you do a simple paint job, just base coating and maybe some lining. The paint jobs are quick, and not very detailed, and just get them colored. Typically spend a short time on each one and then move on to the next
  9. Bones Furniture Speedpaints

    so the lighter wood is 09284 Lonestar Leather the brighter wood is an extremely faded bottle, that i am deciphering as 09110 oiled leather
  10. Bones Furniture Speedpaints

    The light brown is Lonestar leather, I will check tomorrow what the brighter brown was
  11. So I was asked to do a step by step tutorial on how I did the rust on my Wyrmgear [located here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/56248-77177-rusty-wyrmgear/ ] so this morning I did just that with three of my Secret Weapon bases from my Bag O' Crap. I hope you find it useful! Here's the three I chose, washed and ready to be painted. Six paints are used [pictured] and two brush sizes [pictured] So first I cover them in brown liner and let that dry Next, I dab at it with my Ancient Bronze. Throughout this whole tutorial, I dab with my brushes. It's a bit rough on the brushes, I recommend using slightly ratty ones you don't mind getting a bit worse. I dab using the side of the bristles, not the ends, but it still is a bit rough on the brush. You don't want to entirely cover the base, but do a decent amount of area in bronze. you'll cover most of it up later, but it gives you a brighter surface to put rust on than the brown liner. I did varying degrees of bronze on the three bases Now you'll add your base rust on the bases, using an orange. I used Lava Orange. Again, i dabbed with my brush. I find it gives a more organic and sporadic feel than brushing the paint on. You'll want to leave the underlying colors visible in areas. This is all about layering the colors to make a glorious mess of colors now you add some dark areas to your rust. I found Bloodstain Red to be great for this! You'll again want to leave areas of orange peeking through. Don't be afraid to use a paper towel and wipe at areas of your base as you go, to get a gritty or smeared look. I did this heavily on the smallest [middle] base below Now I go back over some areas with the Lava Orange to bring out a bit of brighter spots that got covered up too much by the red Now we're going to use a metallic silver, in my case Shadowed Steel, to give a hint of underlying, un-rusted metal beneath that rust. You'll put this over the areas that you left the rust off of, where the dark brown liner is still visible. Don't be afraid if you end up doing too much silver, you can go back over it easily to rust it up. Even though you're actually putting this ON TOP of the rust colors, when you dab with your brush the contrast of shiny to not shiny will make it look underneath, like so: Now we use the small brush that I haven't touched yet for this tutorial. Yellow will add some realistic color to the orangey red rust, but you don't want too much. My yellow doesn't like to put out paint so i have to take the cap off and dip my brush in the cap, so I usually end up with a thick yellow. I deal with this by wiping it gently with a paper towel after dabbing small amounts onto the bases This is a touch up step, where you apply small amounts of orange and red. I did this because I felt that the effect I wanted wasn't completely there, and i needed some more rust over the silver. At this point, I'm rather unhappy with the manhole cover, because it's complicated, textured surface is making it difficult to get the effect I want We pull back out the Ancient Bronze now, to add some shiny rust effect to the duller rust. You can note the difference especially on the manhole cover We use the brown liner again! We're nearing completion. I use the brown liner to imitate dirt, shadows, and to get detail to pop. I put it into the detailed areas of my Wyrmgear's base, the cracks in the metal for example, and wipe away the excess to leave only the dark gap filled We go back to the yellow, because I felt that i had gone too dark again. I went a bit heavy with the yellow on the man hole cover, especially the letters, in an attempt to bring the color up a bit. We're done now, save for some small steps I used Pure Black to go around the edges to cover the paint strokes and to give it a neat look. This actually helped the manhole cover immensely, I think Final sealant coat! I love how sealing them brings the colors out. We're done! I hope everyone finds this tutorial useful for doing heavily rusted bases/miniatures! You can easily adapt this to do less-rusted stuff by increasing the amount of visible metal underneath =) Look up pictures of rust, it's very useful. Rust is so colorful, there is so much variation in it, and my frustration with my Wyrmgear that resulted in me painting him rusty was a boon in disguise because I hadn't realized just how much fun rust was to paint and how beautiful it can be
  12. Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    from Jason wiebe's facebook page
  13. Don’t Drink and Dungeon-Crawl diorama

    thanks! i'm going to do some more work on him soon
  14. Don’t remember where I got the drunk halfling bard, but I know I got the snake off the melt table at 2016 reaperCon figured they went well together when i had randomly found them intertwined in my box of pewter smallest diorama ever eh? Figured why have a giant base when it didn’t Need one to get the story across
  15. Don’t Drink and Dungeon-Crawl diorama

    I think his new eye I made him worked out well (why on earth did they put his eye level with his nose? Eyes do not go on cheekbones) anyways, basecoated now
  16. T'Raukzul

    So since this is going to be one of the first things I paint, thought i'd go ahead and get a WIP thread up for it this will be receiving the same color scheme, though improved, of my previous lava Narthrax. that one is here if you want to see the sort of thing he'll look like:
  17. T'Raukzul

    Progress on turning him into a more water themed dragon
  18. Stonehaven's Giants

    i got my two tiny familiars i had pledged for
  19. ReaperCon 2017 pictures

    useful, though would've still been hard to do when shoving them all in one bag to fit in the suitcase xD i guess i could've ripped off the tops of the blisters, but that still wouldn't have helped me figure out later which one goes with which name
  20. ReaperCon 2017 pictures

    is there a place to see what RCOn 2017 minis there were, and what their SKUs are? I had to take all mine out of the blisters to fit them in the suitcase, but now i don't know what is what, and when i paint htem i won't know what SKUs to put with them
  21. Kyphrixis WIP

    Using him to try and learn how to do glazing
  22. T'Raukzul

    partly i decided his scales are just not suitable for my lava dragon idea, it needs much more scale detail like what's on Narthrax rather than big blocky scales like this guy has and also i decided it'd look nicer as a blue-green water themeed dragon
  23. T'Raukzul

    soaking him in simple green, i'm restarting him and dropping the lava theme
  24. So uploading from my phone from the Con since I am actually working on this guy in the afternoons here he is after he was built in my first class on thursday he is the Frogemoth without tentacles and tiny wings attached instead Here he is being painted in True Blue and Imperial Purple