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  1. it's so pretty! Painted by Michael Proctor
  2. Now now it's not a race =P it looks good! i wish i had chosen Khryprixis for my dragon, stormwing's scales are annoying me
  3. Very pretty! I should get started on mine again
  4. i don't have a whip yet...
  5. Oooo fun dune dragon! i like working with deserty colors!
  6. only if it's lurking just around a river bend
  7. glad he got there safely =P
  8. Funded

    i'd be willing to try on my spare Thunderfoot
  9. Speed paints on the Crusaders, Skeletons, and Bandits
  10. The 3 star challenge is your 3 rolled colors (however you want to use them, including washes) and white/ black =)
  11. everyone is allowed to use black and white for shading and highlight shades =) not just if you roll them
  12. awwww their so cute!
  13. i didn't say wasn't a food, just not as appealing as something like vulture drumsticks =P
  14. Hmmmm soemthing gritty, unorthodox, and not a good food choice...only one thing comes to mind... A giant spider (think cat sized )
  15. For eyes and teeth you can use your highlight color like white too ^^
  16. very cool!
  17. good rolls! Good luck!
  18. For our new event/quest here: I have chosen Stormwing and will be doing the 3 star challenge (Only my 3 rolled colors + Black / White for Shading/Highlighting) And my rolls: 16: Cloudy Grey (main color) 10: Imperial Purple (secondary Color) 2: Clotted Red (misc color)
  19. He is cool but how far his arm was lifted up bothered me. from many angles he looked armless. so I improvised with a solution that made me happier. but other than that he is a nice dragon for sure
  20. I had these 3 just laying aroudn and decided to go ahead and finish them Two are base coated, one is greenstuffed. Kyhprhixis: Going to be a white dragon, basecoated in blue and white Ebonwrath: Going to be a black dragon, basecoated in black Diabolus: Going to be a green dragon, i filled gaps and hacked off an arm and rotated it, becuase i disliked how its arm was positioned
  21. you're not the one being whipped, not sure what you'er worried about =P I, on the other hand...