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    Bones Arthrand Nightblade

    Thanks for the praise! My brother finally got to play with him last night, and he was noticeably thrilled (he has a disability, so that was big). He *loves* comic books, so I aimed for a superhero feel with the high-contrast, vibrant colours. It's actually kind of funny how different this mini's art style looks from the rest of the group's figures I've painted with more blended colour schemes. I plan to make the group's leader have a combo blend/contrast style to make the party look more cohesive as a whole. FWIW, the roof is made from planks of 5mm cork all pinned together, with one big pin running from the archer's left foot, through the walls, all the way down under the base itself. The crossed lumber beams in front are chunks I broke off an empty box of Cubans. (Yay for Canada!) If I were to do it over again, I would have used a file with a much sharper edge to make the roof tiles. For a first attempt, though, I'm satisfied. :) -blarg
  2. You've inspired me to start making some generic insert bases for our games.
  3. blargney

    Metal Praying Paladin

    This is one of my older completed figures. He was the first one where I started crafting bases to accentuate the pose of the mini. When he was on his broccoli base, he looked more like he was doing a somersault than praying, so I tilted the ground underneath him.
  4. blargney

    Bones Deladrin

    The vine is a Scenemaster Botanicals Virginia Creeper. I glued the vine in place, curled and oriented the leaves with tweezers, then glazed the leaf tops green while the stem and the backs of the leaves were glazed orange.
  5. blargney

    77076: Lysette the Pageant Girl

    Wow, what a great piece of art!
  6. blargney

    Bones Deladrin

    Thank you! The scenery is made from 5mm cork board. I used two planks for the wall and one for the cobblestones. I glued and pinned them all together, broke off the edges with some pliers to get the jagged effect, then used a file to make the individual rocks. It doesn't really show up in the picture, but I put a puddle between her feet because it looks like she is stepping over something on the ground.
  7. blargney

    Bones Deladrin

    Another mini for a player in the game I DM.
  8. blargney

    Bones Arthrand Nightblade

    My brother's character in the game I'm DMing. He's an elf cleric with the Travel domain who spends a lot of time flying. I built the corner of a Viking-inspired rooftop to evoke height.
  9. blargney

    Metal Kale Nolan with Bones treasure chest

    The crowbar belongs to Violet, the party's bard (played by my wife). He's totally in love with her and she has no clue, but she happily loans him her crowbar when he asks nicely. The crudely-painted, stylized 'V' on the front face of the shield looks crude because it was an after-market modification by my character. The chest jumping-off thing is just for fun (and not at ALL because my Kickstarter package arrived the same week as the mini). Balor, my ranger, is somewhat modeled after Captain America, so I wanted to evoke that dynamic movement of The Cap. I also rotated his red, white, and blue colour palette into burgundy, turquoise, and amber, with a little indigo for the fourth colour.
  10. blargney

    Metal Kale Nolan with Bones treasure chest

    Thanks for the kind words! I'm still fairly new to painting - this guy is for my own PC, and he was about the ninth or tenth figure I've finished so far. The trickiest part was getting him to not fall over. With a metal figure up top and just plastic and cork on the bottom, he was quite top-heavy. I ended up filling the base with Liquid Gravity, then stuffing a quarter under it all. He's rather stable now. I've been looking through the other awesome threads in this forum, and it occurs to me that a decent background would be a civlised thing to do in my future pictures. -blarg
  11. blargney

    Giant Anglerfish

    *jawdrop* Those are stunning.
  12. This is my first post here, btw. Hi! :) -blarg