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  1. LIVE

    Just vivid colors
  2. Live

    as long as you all let me go see my movie tomorrow, I don't care. But tomorrow night 7c to ~9c, I am GOING to see Rifftrax Live! The Five Doctors and if I have to miss it to update, I swear by my pretty floral bonnet... wait, wrong fandom.
  3. Live

    Yeah, you'd think that, but I'm awake at 2 am anyway We had a limited license with Wayne Reynolds, that specifically permitted us to produce them in metal, for a limited time, with profits to go to charity (although I am forgetting the specifics at the moment). That license does not extend to Bones, and has expired anyway.
  4. Live

    hey guys, I need somebody to email me those cool signature badges for Bones 4, and remind me who made them
  5. Live

    If it is well received, we will do more than 1
  6. LIVE

    Not at all. Each expansions numbers are keyed to be separate for ease of location - when you tell me a number starting with 3, I know that's Chronoscope. Dreadmere will start with 4's, even though Chronoscope does not have 100 units. As we near the end of the project (and this near the end of adding new models and upsetting my orderly numbering sequence) the other images will get numbers of their unique sequences added. We are working a free Dreadmere PDF, but it is not yet complete.
  7. LIVE

    We're going to be doing a Livestream event simultaneously here on Kickstarter and on Facebook! Broadcasting from the Reaper Factory Saturday, August 19, starting at 12 pm Central Time (GMT -5), Reaper's Art Director, Ron Hawkins, and Public Relations Bryan Stiltz will be showcasing models from unlocked rewards, revealed rewards, and showcasing some new things, too! They will be available to answer your questions, and show you in real time the models you're getting! You can participate in this interactive Livestream right here on Kickstarter at this link - And new backers can participate on Facebook Live at This stream will be available for viewing after the stream ends, and will be added to our project page, so even if you miss it, you can still watch! We hope to see you there! ~Reaper
  8. Live

    you show up, and it's a deal
  9. New Classes were added! 3 by Chris Lewis and one by first-time instructor Lauren Cowles, known better here as @OneBoot!
  10. Live

    And yes, it's absolutely all marketing. Facebook is our #1 source of referrals - higher even than our own website (which is #2). The best return for our time then, is to help make sure that even more FB users get to see our project - especially because of how often we hear people say they missed them because they didn't know they were happening. So me getting you to share it to your friends lets potentially hundreds of people see it, and if you have 10 friends on the project that also share it, it is more likely that you will see it (Facebook doesn't show you *everyhting* that all of your friends post. there's an increased chance that you'll see it the more often it has been seen by others, the more of your friends share it, and the more the category of the "sharable" aligns with interests you have shared or liked before), and the more likely that you will back us.
  11. Live

    not being voted on. There's 6 total Small World Heroes, and we're releasing the images of each one at a time. if each image reaches a target number of shares (this's facebook speak for "I repost what you posted, so others will see it" - kind of like this forum's habit of QFT) then we add it into *every* core set. and we post the images in an update, so everyone knows what's coming. It's not really a vote, and all 6 will be revealed and added individually, no model is going tone potentially "cut" because a different model got in.
  12. Live

    Why would you miss anything? The items are being added to the Core Set, not "to the core sets of people on Facebook"
  13. Live

    Yeah, we really had no basis of experience to know what bar to set. The next Hero - Arnise, will have a higher target. And absolutely this is a shameless way to reward you (plural) for telling thousands of people.
  14. Live

    I forgive you. Let us move forward, as friends.
  15. Live

    You're new, and so you haven't heard me tell of my experiences over and over until you're bored of them. But Greyfax is a veteran user, and ha earned my wrath, first by trolling me deliberately, and then by bragging about it. It's pretty much exactly what I said. Buglips was just being silly at a time when I was away. I might have been eating, sleeping, I don't know for sure. But For a period, the backers were amusing themselves. Buglips made a comment along similar lines, I don't recall exactly what, but he essentially promised that I had confirmed a specific model. By the time I came on to refute this, many people had seen the "confirmation" and left, missing my refutation. So the next goal comes up, and it's not what Buglips said it was, and I had to spend DAYS explaining to very angry people that claimed they had increased their pledge specifically to get the Buglips promise, and this was fraud, and I was a cheat and crook and a liar and more. So, given that backstory, please understand why I do not take lightly to pretending that I promised something I did not. I try to be clear when I am not being necessarily evasive. Also, welcome to the boards. Don't let me scare you away.