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  1. Finished 18 more models for the Hive Fleet today. Just basic Hormagaunts and it's not a great pic but it's progress! Total painted: 157. New acquisitions since the last update: +2 models, so I'm painting faster than I'm acquiring!
  2. As a manufacturer, let me say that an overall reduction in price for goods already available is highly unlikely - it will anger literally every retailer who has stock, because they will lose money, having paid for it at the higher price and now forced to either overcharge to make their expected margin, or sell for less than intended at time of purchase. The most likely outcome is a continuation of the current policy - where they either bundle 2 or more existing items and charge significantly less than the combined total (as my example above), or where they release new sculpts of existing figures in packs with twice as many of the same model, for the same price as the old package containing half that many, and of the old sculpt.
  3. I will be happy to work with applicants on their times if necessary.
  4. That program was discontinued over 5 years ago, and there are no plans to revive it.
  5. So first of all, if you're walking in to the site, why are you not buying a badge? And second of all, no. If you want a bag and are not interested in attending the show, bags will be available for sale at reapermini's main website at the proper time. People on-site need to have a badge to shop or play. That's what the badges are for - they're a way of saying "i have a right to participate in the activities of this event"
  6. Reaper Miniatures does not warranty our products against gross misuse, and does not recommend or encourage the use of non-paint product as a paint or additive, including but not limited to wood stain, floor wax, and household chemicals and dyes. Any product permanently damaged, or any personal injury resulting from the use or misuse of products not marketed as intended for use with Reaper Bones miniatures is not covered by our 100% product satisfaction guarantee, and we bear no responsibility. We strongly encourage you to use products that are known to be safe, in a responsible fashion, and with all necessary precaution and, if necessary, supervision.
  7. Set up and Tear Down are not nominally part of the gig. We generally assume paid employees for that, for insurance reasons. There's helping at the Store, which primarily involves restock (and thus, heavy lifting and bending). There's the registration Desk, which usually involves selling people classes and giving out reaper bucks and general Q&A (light to no physical labor) There's concessions, which is mostly sitting down and selling food and drinks, and may involve restocking, (but less physical labor than the store) and there's maintenance/cleanup. Probably not recommended for those unable to lift/carry.
  8. Ron has had Izzy frantically drawing, and the sculptors sculpting in preparation, so you'll have a good idea what we're putting in the bags. I'm expecting to be able to put badges/bags/meals for sale in May, with Classes and Games going up for sale in June, but some of that is dependent upon Kickstarter fulfillment finishing sooner rather than later. If fulfillment goes into late May, then early June for badges/bags/meals, and late June for classes. I promise we will give as much notice as possible, and everyone responsible is focusing as much attention as we can on this.
  9. Some of you may have noticed that we've got multiple programs that give away free badges this year. GMs, instructors, volunteers, and vendors may be eligible, depending on the particulars, for a free admission, but that free admission doesn't include a SWAG bag, meals, the VIP perk packs, or anything. It's a piece of plastic on a string. We've recognized that some of these people may want SWAG bags and/or the other miscellaneous items. To help these people out, we will be offering the ability to buy JUST the swag bag, including JUST the VIP bag without having to also get another (unwanted) badge. These "Extra" bags will have everything the paying customer would get with their "free" swag bag, but just no spare badges. So you can buy either or both bags, and not waste the admission, and not get cheated by not getting something they got. Basically, there's 4 items. Badge+Swag bag Swag bag without badge Badge+Swag bag+VIP Pack VIP Pack without badge The meals will also be offered a la carte, as before, so free badge holders or guests with paid badges that do not include the meals for free can get those. And in case it wasn't clear, this means a guest could buy as many SWAG bags and VIP Packs as they like, and pick them up at the show, and not have to get more Badges than they need to enter. When Registration goes on sale, these "just this bag" and "just this meal" options will go on sale, too. Nobody will have to choose between being a part of the show as an instructor, GM, or volunteer, or vendor, and having cool stuff! We're also exploring the option to include a subset of the SWAG bag items - imagine being able to get your badges, extra SWAG bags, and even more extra Sophies or paints, and have it all waiting for you at the registration desk when you sign in! Oh - we aren't shipping ANY of these items. You MUST have a badge (free or paid) to get them. If you're not planning on attending and just want Sophie or the SWAG bag, you'll have to wait until October when we sell extras on the store and ship those.
  10. We're looking for a few good Metalheads and Boneheads (ha! ha! We're so funny!). We have lots of odd jobs that need doing at ReaperCon, and we're looking for helpers. If you're interested in signing up to help us out during ReaperCon, you can find out more, and sign up here: We fully understand that many of you want to see what classes you get into before you volunteer, but we figured we might as well get you started thinking about it.
  11. yeah, but he doesn't properly revere the Omnissiah. Just because he's more machine than man doesn't make him devout or worthy.
  12. My Mechanicum forces are far superior to any of the simple Astra Militarum. We're blessed by the Omnissiah.
  13. They just released a very Necromunda-asque 3-10 model per side skirmish game called Shadow War: Armageddon. I've managed to get in 2 games so far, and got thoroughly trounced by the Necrons* and then beating the Genestealer Cult. *although in the post-battle "roll to see if your casualties survived after all" phase, I came out far better than the winner, gaining 2 free advancements for the trouble (I explained them as surgical enhancements made by the Apothecary/Chirurgeon) in addition to my normal 1 free advancement for playing. My Mechanic forces now have hatred: Necron and are better at stealth
  14. A quick check for editions has Wikipedia say this: 1Rogue Trader (1987) 2Second Edition (1993) 6years 3Third Edition (1998) 5 years 4Fourth Edition (2004) 6 years 5Fifth Edition (2008) 4 years 6Sixth Edition (2012) 4 years 7Seventh Edition (2014) 2 years So 8th Edition 2017 will be 3 years since the previous edition. A lot of people said that 7th Edition was basically "6th Edition, revised" (or 6.5e) with the primary differences being to fix mechanics that failed to work when applied across the larger game but worked fine in very specific circumstances (standardizing flyers, mostly?). All of my codexes and books(except 2, I have 2 books from mid 7e for Tyranids) are 5th Edition or third (third having been before I was employed by Reaper!), having been able to use co-workers books for what I needed, and skate by. I'll probably get my own copy of 8th, and let this edition be the one where my co-workers crib from my books, like the halcyon days of 5. Overall I'd say 4 years for a new edition, with the frequency at which new models and new rules come out is not unreasonable. Every few years the new armies and new models need to be reconciled with the larger rulebook, and that's ok by me. Although it's usually the case that the Edition is only minor tweaks and the overall game has remained the same - sometimes shooting is king, others melee, but mostly, if you played one, you understand the others. 8th seems to be a departure from many time-honored rules, like WS being a flat Target Number now, instead of comparing WS vs WS. (which i support this change. I can't memorize my own army's stat line, using printed sheets, let alone memorize yours too, so literally every die roll I'm asking, "what's your WS? ok, now what's your toughness? and the chart says..." and I think I waste more time reading the book than playing the game. SW:A uses a similar mechanic, but not entirely the same as what they've previewed, and it plays much faster, where I can roll to hit without asking, and then only need to ask about Str Vs Tough to wound.)