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  1. Lord Jester was a DYOM model and as such is extremely unlikely to be included in the Anniversary promotion.
  2. Must I belabor the point beyond death?
  3. A fine example of this is that Food Truck food, and my morning Coffees and Energy drinks were permitted by the staff. Wha tis not permissible is bringing a competing product - like making coffee for everyone. It's really a "don't compete with the on-site vendors" policy.
  4. Officially no outside food or drink is permitted but some things, such as donuts, personal beverages, and shareable cakes and the like are traditionally overlooked and not policed.
  5. I have been posting hints, silly.
  6. This morning, we were able to add 7 additional classes by John Bonnot and Justin McCoy, as well make corrections to a course by Rhonda Bender. No new courses will be aded for the next week, as I will be at Adepticon, but when we return we will begin work n the next round of artists.
  7. Don't even say that in jest.
  8. Ah, I can see you're no simple puppets.
  9. Noooooo! That's sucks @Morihalda. But more time off your feet means more time painting minis and making costumes, right?
  10. Get it? April Fool? No? Hello? Is this thing on?
  11. If you're not sure what your skill level is, post some of your work in Show Off, or link us to your work and we can help you identify what areas a class could help you advance. Or you could be like me, and be comfortable with your painting lvl, but have a few specific tricks you'd like to master (I really want to understand weathering - i really don't know how to add rust and rot effects well AT ALL).
  12. We were going to show you a teaser picture today, but decided that would be foolish.
  13. They are! I made a lot of progress on a great many figures which will eventually make an appearance here when finished. In fact, if everything I have started on gets finished, I'd be at 75% complete. At that point, I could really bring a different model to the table every game for several weeks.
  14. Well, I mean, It wouldn't be bones with Bryan if we didn't make some Abominations. But I want to make sure that people get value for their time, and conversions can be something that scares people at first.
  15. I would like to point out that this year's classes will start with a more structured beginning - covering specific conversion techniques, including head and weapon swaps, and common customizations such as adding wings. After we've collectively gone through each of these techniques, then the abominations will begin. But the very free-for-all formats of previous years is being changed up, and this is now geared much more towards beginners and those interested in learning to use the new medium of Bones and Bones Weapons kits.