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  1. Funded

    I'm just saying there's a large number of people who confuse "I didn't get my way" with "you have terrible customer service". If they listen, respond intelligently, and cite the appropriate policies and possible actions, that's good service, even if it's not your preferred resolution. but I digress.
  2. I have my coffee and am connected to the internet at the PEC now. All is good.
  3. My ways aren't inscrutable. They're perfectly Scrutable.
  4. We do sell bases. Beyond that, if the model we sold you has a bad base, we offer a warranty replacement program. Please contact [email protected], and include the model number of the model that was defective (or the model whose base was defective), as well as a shipping address for us to send the replacement, and, if possible, your original order number (if you ordered from us)
  5. If us releasing new metal models every month is a chore for you, MudHead, feel free to take your business elsewhere. I refuse to apologize that we make models you don't always approve of.
  6. Funded

    It is an undervalued subset of the Kaiju powers. Godzilla gets all the attention with his radioactive breath beam, Yongary with his fire breath, and Camera with his flaming shell spin. Even Barugon with his head knife and throwing star generation has a more media-friendly power. But alas, the powers of the Bryanzilla include Free Hugs on request, teasing, and snarking at customers who think "the customer is always right" was written into the US Constitution and that company policies don't apply to them. None of which make for excellent major motion pictures.
  7. The VIP includes a pass to the M&G so yes, that qualifies. It would be silly of us to offer the pass and then exclude VIPs from attending.
  8. I'll be officially opening the Reg Desk to provide M&G Tickets at 5pm 4PM, but I will probably run a few people through early just to be 100% sure the system works as it did when I was testing (Hint: It NEVER does). People arriving today WHO HAVE MEET & GREET PASSES may pick up all of their pre-reg product today (SWAG BAGS, extra paints, badges, meal passes, pre-qualified ribbons, etc.) People arriving today without Meet & Greet passes, I will be happy to provide your stuff too, but ONLY after the line for the M&G-qualifying people is gone. No offense, but we don't want to make them wait for something they paid for behind people who aren't doing the activity.
  9. Funded

    Cat Dragon - We have heard the cries of the multitudes, and are not without compassion for your plight Mr Bones - I am not expecting a surprise appearance. Ham - I am expecting this model as part of that pack
  10. So much of the old rules were based on what Gary and his friends thought was true, or thought should be true, or just thought made plate an unattractive option because otherwise there were no in-game reasons NOT to wear plate.
  11. A sensible adventurer buys a bag of Holding or portable hole as fast as possible and carries only what he needs and that bag.
  12. yeah, the idea that a warrior in plate, trained in combat in plate, could only move 30 feet in 10 minutes is *absurd*
  13. I had understood a Round as 6 seconds, and a Turn as 1 minute...
  14. With the usual thinners you normally use, our paints work just fine in an airbrush. MisterJustin of Secret Weapon and James Wappel of Wappelious use our products in airbrushes on many of their video tutorials, and Ken from Badger Airbrush loves our paint (and we love him!)
  15. I *do* have some space wolves on bikes. But I'm considering paring down my Space Wolves force and splitting some of those models into a different chapter. We'll see. I think of crazy ideas all the time and do only a small fraction of them.