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  1. Alright. I'll be putting the Badges/Swag bags/meal tickets and a few extra goodies on sale in about 30 minutes. This is NOT CLASSES or GAMES. It is ONLY: day Passes $15 per day 4-day Premium Pass with Swag Bag (The "Premium Deal") $50 4 day VIP pass with Swag Bag, Meals, and VIP Package (the "VIP Deal") $175 Extra Copies of the SWAG Bag $40 Extra Copies of the VIP pack $125 Extra or a la carte Sophies, convention miniature, Faction Miniature, and paint ($ varies, but most are $10-$15 each) Extra or a la carte dinner tickets ($15-$25 each) There is not currently a way to get a 4-day pass except by purchasing a "deal" unless you have a qualifying instructor, volunteer, or GM badge. Most Instructors should have their badges, and most GMs should - Volunteers, I'm sorry but we're still working on your approvals. Please take note that an "Extra swag bag" or "Extra VIP Perk pack" DOES NOT include an extra admission - to get an admission you have to buy the "Premium deal" or "VIP Deal" OR a 1-day pass. The Extra bags are ONLY extra bags. Nor do they include extra Meal passes. Please ALSO take note that these extra bags/other goodies are FOR PICKUP BY SHOW ATTENDEES AND WILL NOT BE SHIPPED. If you are unable to attend the show and want one of the bags or other goodies offered, please wait until October when we add Swag bags and other items to the webstore as a special offering. THOSE items we will ship. And a THIRD thing to note - the items going on sale today are NOT limited in quantity. We will make what we need to make to satisfy demand, so no attendees will "miss out" on getting an admission ticket, extra bag, or goodies, simply because they were not near a computer today.
  2. Heya folks. We're starting to gear up for ReaperCon (It's only 7 months away!!) and we've gotten our first round of class submissions in from a handful of our artists. Every couple of weeks we'll add more artists and classes to the schedule, as more are submitted, but we wanted to start everyone thinking about their class schedule, so we're doing something we've never done before - we're releasing a preview of the schedule as a Work-in-Progress, with only about 50 of the over 140 classes we're going to able to offer filled out! In year's past, we've waited until 80% of the schedule was filled out before releasing it, but we're pretty excited and we failed our "be patient" saving throw. Expect these to be updated at least once a month (early April, and again in Early May) in preparation for classes (and admission) to go on sale in June! Enough babbling - here's what we've got to tease so far!
  3. I believe as a Space Pope I'm already the party Cleric. Or possibly I'm an NPC quest giver/patron.
  4. Nah. It's a pale grey-blue, because ghost White was too blue-white, not grey enough. It's essentially what you'd get if you tried to make Ghost White using the HD color Winter Blue as the starting point instead of a more traditional Blue.
  5. yeah. Which makes me laugh.
  6. What's not abundantly clear until the pictures and names are released is that this refers to two distinct resin figures. So one of figure A, one of figure B.
  7. Let me help. First, I suggest you try to straighten these via boiling. if that works, then please report back, so we know and can help others in the future. If that fails please e-mail me directly. let me know your shipping address, and remind me of this conversation (by linking to it would be grand). Also include your Bones 3 order number or login email. At that point I'd be happy to replace the part. I would normally suggest instead of myself, but I kind of want to see what happens myself.
  8. As far as I am aware moon moon will eventually be available at retail. And my Facebook friends will get to see me use the test sample bottle in the next week.
  9. We've out-clevered ourselves in the past. today is not that day. Although Anne is developing a new color just for me, and although she has given it a name, we both just call it Moon Moon. I worry that we will forget the real name. (Moon something. I kind of already forgot)
  10. Slate, Emerald, Elderberry, Red Steel, Frost Satin, and Gold Silk. I do not have digital swatches of these colors to preview yet (they're slated for next month as part of our friday product showcases) but Anne did color matching using actual bottles of Pro Paints that she has. ok, so you can buy 3 tickets on one account, and you can buy all of the classes for everybody under one account. You only need more than one account if you want everybody to log in and buy their own classes, and technically you are able to give them your login information so they can buy them on your account, but that's not a good practice for security reasons. If you plan on doing all of the buying, then there is no reason not to put them all under your login, and when you arrive, I can just hand all 3 of you your bags, tickets, and etc in one transaction.
  11. They're all limited revisions inspired by old Pro-Paints that are no longer available. The original pro-Paint series colors.
  12. Next time, don't make any posts that vanish.
  13. Sounds like you're coming down with something there. Perhaps you'd better go visit the Inquisition just to be sure.
  14. It made it to 1000. Other threads that survived longer did so because they crossed the threshold when no moderators were watching.
  15. It does not include any stalks with eyes, only the tentacles. We do have other kits which include tentacles tipped with eyes.
  16. Metadata is nowhere near as important to search engines as it was before Google reinvented the concept of web searches. I actually looked, and the site has no tags at all in the metadata. It does, however, have games in the menu and several pages that talk about games. any spider hunting for games sites could easily make that mistake. It's not hard to key in on a site's NAV and see the term games in there.
  17. We will announce the date and time classes will go on sale this Friday, June 30th. Please note that the announcement is happening June 30, the going on sale is not.
  18. There is not a plan right now to also have a Mouseling as part of the SWAG or VIP bags.
  19. I'd like to encourage you to start exploring the page on your Mobile NOW so you can be familiar with how the tables extend beyond the page edges. And I can promise that they will go on sale on a weekday, as it's the kind of thing I have to do manually, and for security reasons I have no remote access (I can remote in on my laptop, but I travel with that, and should it get stolen it would compromise a good many systems, so it has a very different access structure to my main computer). Not only that, it's likely to happen earlier in the day rather than later, mostly for debugging purposes. (my experience is ALWAYS that my live code needs a tweak or two even if i think It's ready)
  20. well, I mean, my code worked. I just hadn't properly flagged items that were written after the code was changed, where when i had made the code, i remembered to change the existing items. I'm calling it a victory Yes, they will do that. The classes table will behave funky on mobile, also. I strongly encourage users NOT to use phones to sign up for classes - the tables are written to have fixed pixel dimensions (this goes for the tables with the wallpaper, also) and the background also has a fixed dimension, and ON MOBILE the two are different. This is not a bug i am even remotely going to spend days rewriting the display code to make it play nice on a phone.
  21. Mostly I was honestly intending to post things closer to 10 am than 11:30, and expected to have the time to debug as part of my normal routines - and I had hoped I had tested everything thoroughly enough that no debugging was required. Turns out that I had changed how the database recorded that an item counted as an admission, so that the computer would see that you had a valid admission and therefore could be allowed to buy other things, and the new streamlined process worked. Except that i forgot to tune the individual ITEMS to have that flag activated....
  22. Honestly I'm not sure which models in the studio are B4 and Rcon17 or just regular upcoming releases anymore
  23. This one should be fixed now. And i suspect now that other pages may have the same flaw but it's a super easy fix so if anybody finds it, let me know (I know the individual pages for artists under the reapercon gallery pages used to be broken but I fixed them a while back)
  24. because it would be a boring 5 months if the only thing we had to talk about for the next 5 months was the one day that classes go on sale.