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  1. They just released a very Necromunda-asque 3-10 model per side skirmish game called Shadow War: Armageddon. I've managed to get in 2 games so far, and got thoroughly trounced by the Necrons* and then beating the Genestealer Cult. *although in the post-battle "roll to see if your casualties survived after all" phase, I came out far better than the winner, gaining 2 free advancements for the trouble (I explained them as surgical enhancements made by the Apothecary/Chirurgeon) in addition to my normal 1 free advancement for playing. My Mechanic forces now have hatred: Necron and are better at stealth
  2. A quick check for editions has Wikipedia say this: 1Rogue Trader (1987) 2Second Edition (1993) 6years 3Third Edition (1998) 5 years 4Fourth Edition (2004) 6 years 5Fifth Edition (2008) 4 years 6Sixth Edition (2012) 4 years 7Seventh Edition (2014) 2 years So 8th Edition 2017 will be 3 years since the previous edition. A lot of people said that 7th Edition was basically "6th Edition, revised" (or 6.5e) with the primary differences being to fix mechanics that failed to work when applied across the larger game but worked fine in very specific circumstances (standardizing flyers, mostly?). All of my codexes and books(except 2, I have 2 books from mid 7e for Tyranids) are 5th Edition or third (third having been before I was employed by Reaper!), having been able to use co-workers books for what I needed, and skate by. I'll probably get my own copy of 8th, and let this edition be the one where my co-workers crib from my books, like the halcyon days of 5. Overall I'd say 4 years for a new edition, with the frequency at which new models and new rules come out is not unreasonable. Every few years the new armies and new models need to be reconciled with the larger rulebook, and that's ok by me. Although it's usually the case that the Edition is only minor tweaks and the overall game has remained the same - sometimes shooting is king, others melee, but mostly, if you played one, you understand the others. 8th seems to be a departure from many time-honored rules, like WS being a flat Target Number now, instead of comparing WS vs WS. (which i support this change. I can't memorize my own army's stat line, using printed sheets, let alone memorize yours too, so literally every die roll I'm asking, "what's your WS? ok, now what's your toughness? and the chart says..." and I think I waste more time reading the book than playing the game. SW:A uses a similar mechanic, but not entirely the same as what they've previewed, and it plays much faster, where I can roll to hit without asking, and then only need to ask about Str Vs Tough to wound.)
  3. your link points to my comment 3 posts above.
  4. For my part I'm sorry it wasn't clearer that it was $2 per person who plays, not $2 per game you run.
  5. So much truth in this. People often wonder why we're so friendly about allowing discussion of "our competitors" on our forums, showcasing their minis, and allowing their minis in our painting contests. Ultimately, this is why. Because as one rises, so rise we all. The tide carries all boats, great and small. And while some boats may sink and not bring down the fleet, the fleet is strongest when the boats in the lead are hale and strong.
  6. Gaming is going to work a little differently this year. We're wanting to reward our hard-working GMs who spend their time entertaining our guests. As such, this year, GMs can qualify for free badges, and they can also qualify for compensation in the form of online store Gift Certificates. Certainly a GM is not obligated to require you to pre-register, or register on site, for a game. But if you pre-register (or register at the Reg-desk on site) for $1, you get a ticket. And if you turn in that ticket when you sit down to play, then the GM can turn that ticket back in to the reg desk at the end of the show, and we will pay them $2 for every ticket they turn in. A GM would be well within their rights to send you to the registration desk to buy a ticket in the minutes before the game begins, if they want you to join in. And if a Game is sold out, we can sell you a ticket anyway, with the GMs permission. It would be rather kind of you to reward your GM by giving them a ticket, (and thus, by registering at some time before you sit down). Full details on the policies can be found here: Reaperbucks are for the auction, but you can also use the bucks to buy raffle tickets.
  7. I'd be wary of spraying salts anywhere you were trying to grow grass, flowers, vegetables etc. While a certain amount of trace minerals is healthy, over saturating the ground with salt will not be beneficial to the plants in the long term.
  8. Live

    I don't particularly care for ducks as a whole, but I do like that comic
  9. Gathering place for all topics related to Semi-monthly updates, discussion of fulfillment, clarifications, etc. Important links will be appended to this post. NOTE REGARDING PLEDGE MANAGER: Our Pledge manager will not reflect your Paid Pledge for 14-21 days (minimum - it has taken longer in the past!). so until then you may continue to add and subtract items. We will make an announcement when this changes, via the Kickstarter Update System. For more information, see Kickstarter Update #50. Link to Official List of models included in Bones 3.
  10. What part do you need help with? There's not very many parts, and there box has several images to help you see where the parts go. The tentacles can be put in any sockets you like, they look like they are keyed but really each on will fit anywhere, and nobody will complain if yours has them in a different order than the box.
  11. Ultimately, I'll keep on playing everything I can get my hands on that looks to me like it will be helpful to understand, and I'll most likely continue to be abysmally bad at miniatures strategy games. My track record is so bad that I have only twice ever beat an adult (I've beaten my kids as teenagers), and one of those I am fully aware that my opponent was using poor tactics to teach me the rules for those situations. Rather like when you win the demo game at convention... And in the meantime, I am finding ways to get more models for cheaper, and if GW or anybody else wants to help make that easier for me, I'm ok with that. Anybody rage burning their armies over this (there's a video on youtube of a guy that hated AOS so much he literally set fire to his army!) should seriously just chill. Business is cyclical, if you don't like 8th just keep playing 1,2,3,4,5,6 or 7th, and wait for 9th.
  12. For my part, I have been witness this past few years of GW introducing more Box Sets with old models, repackaged in different quantities, but through the new packaging, cheaper per unit than they were before. for a variety of reasons, it can be hard to lower the cost on an exiting SKU, but it can be easy to repackage the items in a new SKU and lower that cost - and they have done this many times. The recent (December? January?) releases of 1 unit of troops and one transport (for Tyranids it was the Tervigon instead) which was a $30 box of infantry, plus a $55 "transport" in one box for $58. this is but one example of what they refer to as the "new GW"™, and it is a direction as a consumer I have enjoyed witnessing.
  13. ReaperCon 2017 will be Thursday October 19th - Sunday October 22nd, 2017. ​It will be held at the Premier Event center, in Lewisville, TX. (this is the same venue as ReaperCon 2016 was held) At this time, room blocks have not yet been reserved at area hotels with special rates. Stay tuned for that announcement.
  14. Hey folks! ReaperCon 2017 is a Scant 192 days away, and there's a lot of improvements I want to make to the website. One of these is an FAQ section, with an emphasis on things first-timers should know, but also questions about what's new for this year, or other things veterans might want to know. Here's the rules of this thread - First, serious questions only, no shenanigans. "How many Lowe's could Rob Lowe rob if Rob Lowe could rob Lowe's?" is great, but it belongs on Tumblr. Second, questions only. Answers are my/other moderators/official personnel's job. Third, and I mean it, questions only. No chatter or debate. I honestly want a thread full of nothing but the things you don't know but wish you did, or the things you wish you had been told prior to your first ReaperCon, or the helpful things you were told. Stop prefixing your questions with numbers, bullets, etc. The compilation of the data is more time consuming when they have to be edited off the cut and paste. I'll evaluate each question and compile a nice, friendly, easy to find and use FAQ on . Thank you all for your support.
  15. The new mini is obviously Billy the White, stabby dagger-lovin' cousin of Gandalf the White.
  16. Live link: A little something We've been helping some friends out with, and I'm very proud to be a part of:
  17. The HGI have become increasingly difficult to work with since we no longer rent their ballrooms space, and have refused additional rooms for our event, at the special rate. We will be unable to secure further rooms there, and are working with new hotels to see fi we can get a good rate with anyone else. Rooms can still be obtained at the HGI, but not at the lower rates.

    We have all of the product we need to begin fulfillment except for the container which is in customs at the moment. However, because this is inevitably the next question people ask, NO we are NOT setting up our warehouse and dedicating staff to pull the small handful of orders which only ask for paint, or only DVDs, or only paint+ DVDs. We will begin shipping all orders for rewards when all rewards are available. We did not advertise that paint-only orders would go first, and we will not be upsetting the apple cart by changing our plans this close to the end.
  19. When I finish everything and can go home, I will.

    April 21 Status Update, Plan
  21. I wasn't funning anybody. I've been working on the floor to make preparations, and only had time just now.

    Our present Bones release schedule remains flexible, because we're not entirely sure what week fulfillment will end and thus we can free resources needed to package tens of thousands of models for the new release, as well as ship those self-same models to distributors. The plan at present is more a "this group of SKUs should release sometime in Q2", "this group should release in Q3" etc. Once fulfillment is complete, a more comprehensive action plan can be organized that determines precisely which SKUs will be released which month, and dates and production targets will be assigned. I am not at liberty to give more specific details at this time.
  23. Fulfilling Launches Oct 24! I'm very excited, and if you aren't a Commie Mutant Traitor, you will be too! I do have a lot of questions, card based what and frantic action what? Still, since I Paranoia BLOG for goodness sakes, I will be checking this out, and will probably get it regardless of whether I ditch my old books for the new ones. EDIT: Live Now.

    Backer order is not relevant at all. As a Wave One backer, the only two things that matter are What Wave they were in at the instant the Campaign ended What time they locked in their first order in the pledge manager. As A Corollary, a backer who missed the kickstarter campaign and joined afterwards by placing an order via the pledge manager, they would be placed in Wave 10.

    At this time it is my understanding that US and international orders will ship side by side. We have not been given reason to believe that we will need to separate these out as we have with our previous carriers. If that changes, we will make an announcement.