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  1. Fulfilling

    After my experience with their resin, I'd rather wait a year for the metal miniatures - they can't be much worse. Seems like they're trying to get as many people to switch from metal to resin as they can ...
  2. Fulfilling

    Missing the mounted knights, the chariot and all the metal heroines .... guess if I'm lucky, I'll see all that this year ... wouldn't be surprised if it's next year.
  3. Live

    Shipping is a tiny bit higher than I had hoped for ... must confer with my wife before adding the expansion ...
  4. Live

    CMON usually allows late backers, don't they?
  5. Live

    Not sure I can swing it at the moment, but the expansion got me very interested.
  6. Pre-launch

    The Orcs (Zombies) are laying siege to the survivors? Or the necromancer throw Orc zombies with the catapults to make them appear at random locations and spread the plague? No idea, but I don't have anything like that catapult (and having nothing like this means I have a reason to pledge ...).
  7. Pre-launch

    There goes any resistance ...
  8. Fulfilling

    Thank you. They look indeed better than the pictures I saw on the Internet.
  9. Preparation? I ordered a lot of basing materials (like texture rolling pins ... seems an interesting idea to me as you can not only make bases like with the Basius pads - which I got a number of, too - , but also whole roads or walls). I might go out and buy a storage box ... I have vague plans of building a "tavern in a shoe carton" for which I might use the Bones III townsfolk ... could also be a dungeon to show off the torture devices ... I have been telling my wife for a couple of months that I painted about 100 minis in the last year (might be closer to two years) to ward off statements like "you'll never paint all this" or "do you need that many new miniatures?" ... she knows what I have been backing since Bones III (Rum & Bones II, Massive Darkness, Rising Sun ... and and and ...).
  10. Fulfilling

    Can you say something about the miniatures? I didn't care much for the game, only was tempted by the miniatures. In the end, I did not get the game. In the pictures I've seen of the retail miniatures, they don't seem to be that good ... but it might be the pictures. Edit: the bosses look great, but the rank and file enemies (hollows) ... don't know, the archers look bad in the pictures.
  11. Fulfilling

    "Zones 1 and 2 are simply waiting to be loaded onto their respective ships" Is it my time to throw a temper tantrum now? I thought my stuff was already on a ship to Europe, not waiting. But you know what? I don't feel like throwing a temper tantrum about that. It will get here. It will be an awesome pool of 20 miniatures. I think Reaper is doing everything they can and they are only humans and have a right to a weekend, too. And there is no way I will forget that they managed to get Europe-friendly shipping for us (i.e. no customs fees). I really hope that after the headaches Bones III caused for them, the Reaper folks are up to Bones IV this year because I need my fix again. If I could, I'd show my appreciation for what Bryan, LadyStorm and the rest of the folks are doing by inviting them to a glass of fine Single Malt, but it's a bit far away form me (and as Beagle would say, as colonials they might not have a taste for the finer things coming from Great Britain ... Scotland to be more precise). More seriously: Some Kickstarters have a tip jar in their pledge managers to allow folks to show their appreciation. Granted, we would have to give the tip before we get the product, but I feel some companies can be trusted to deliver and I also think Reaper is one of them.
  12. Pre-launch

    NecroMancer ... it gets easier ... I backed Bones II and have not even painted half of them, so the wait for Bones III does not bother me. When Bones III arrives, I'll have more miniatures than I will probably be able to paint in the next 3 years, so waiting for Bones IV will also be no problem ;) CEO speech: It's an investment (i.e. you'll get a much greater value out of it because you get the miniatures at a reduced price). You don't invest money that you cannot spare and you don't pull out of a good investment because you have to wait a couple of months longer for it to come to fruition (no, I don't work in economics ... which might explain a couple of things).
  13. Fulfilling

    Thank you ladystorm, have a nice weekend (as somebody who takes most of his work home over the weekends - and not by choice - , I fully understand when people do not and will not work on the weekends). I guess everyone would have liked an update ... there is none, so we don't know anything (which makes some of us jump to conclusions). What I know and what conclusions I'm jumping to ... - Reaper has never disappointed me as a company. I might not have liked one thing or the other, but I could see the reasons for certain decisions and I could understand. - I'm pretty sure that again I will be able to see the reasons and understand as soon as there is an update because I'm also pretty sure Reaper will explain what happened. - And this I definitely know: They are not staying silent out of spite ... there are reasons.
  14. Fulfilling

    Beagle backed Bones III? Ok, that explains everything ... ;)
  15. Live

    as far as I know, the creator has accepted that this will not fund and is already working at a relaunch - better prepared this time.