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  1. Knight of the Dinner Table


    They are quite generous with their stretch goals. There are always two items ... one that fits the Cathedral and one that fits the Temple. If you back for only one set, you still get both stretch goals (which is nice as the first one - a statue - is useful for almost any setting).
  2. Knight of the Dinner Table

    Happy Birthday Knight of the Dinner Table

    Thank you folks!
  3. Knight of the Dinner Table

    Tomb Guardians miniatures - 11/6

    I really like the medusa and the four-armed skeleton. But I will not back this as I still have no clear idea how that "gift certificate" system works. If it works like "pledge $50 and get minis for $60" (for example) why have such strange pledge levels that seemingly give you a certain pack of miniatures at all? And I always thought that KS WOULD INDEED provide addresses (maybe something changed) as not every KS I backed had a pledge manager.
  4. Knight of the Dinner Table

    Punga Miniatures- Canitaurs and Felitaurs

    As far as I understood, you have to glue the minis together (one part being torso/head/front legs - the other one being the second part of the torso and the hind legs). Some of the miniatures are sculpted in a way that allows you to simply NOT glue the hind legs on and voilá - two legged mini.
  5. Knight of the Dinner Table

    Tomb Guardians miniatures - 11/6

    That's ... an unusual pledge system to put it mildly.
  6. Knight of the Dinner Table

    Punga Miniatures- Canitaurs and Felitaurs

    Well, they answered in the comment section: Shipping includes all duties and taxes. I hope that 's really true as I had the unpleasant experience once of having to pay those taxes despite being assured that they had been already covered. And you simply don't refuse such a shipment then ... (well, I don't).
  7. Knight of the Dinner Table

    Punga Miniatures- Canitaurs and Felitaurs

    I'm interested ... but: They claim EU-friendly shipping (Which I usually understand as "There won't be any (additional) import taxes of duties for you") but they are shipping from the Russian Federation ... As I have seen something similar once or twice lately, does "EU-friendly shipping" not mean what I thought it meant or has it changed its meaning, is that a new "trend"?
  8. Knight of the Dinner Table

    Sword & Sorcery - Ancient Chronicles

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ares-games/sword-and-sorcery-ancient-chronicles/description I backed the predecessor and I feel it was a mixed bag. They are very quick to mention "retail price" to show what an awesome deal KS is, but I find their "retail price" very optimistic, I'd never pay that for what is on offer in a shop. The fact that I could buy the game in shops before backers got theirs (and I'm not talking about one or two weeks) also did not sit well with me, especially as the real shop prices were very close to KS prices (including free shipping). I found the game / rules decent and the miniatures again a mixed bag. Some (especially the heroes) were quite nice, but the enemies often had such thin plastic parts (weapons for example) that no amount of hot water tricks could get and keep them straight and sometimes very blurry detail. To me the minis were definitely not as good as CMON Blood Rage or Rising Sun, for example (which admittedly are some of the best board game minis I've seen) The idea of casting enemies in different color to show their difficulty level might not be bad, but painting over dark violet / red / green / blue (of course using primer) is something I dislike. I also do not like that you only have one pledge level here ($120 - which is more than shown above in the picture) and it contains things that you already have as a previous backer ... meaning you pay for them again. That being said, a number of interesting looking minis, especially enemies ... and probably lots of more to come.
  9. Knight of the Dinner Table

    Diehard Miniatures: Law and Disorder!

    Last 48 hours.
  10. Knight of the Dinner Table

    Dungeon Universalis

    Hm ... The miniatures look very nice and you can get them without getting the game. 11 Resin miniatures for 49 Euros looks like a good deal. I guess I'll get my wife to authorize the purchase of the minis (with the chance of later on sneaking the game in) ;)
  11. Knight of the Dinner Table

    Greenskin Wars - The Iron Orcs and Bulbus Peppernose!

    As I have previously said (once or twice): I have backed some of his Kickstarters and delivery was mostly on time and the miniatures were awesome. Wish he would branch out a bit ... I do not need more Orcs and Goblins (nor Dwarves) ... but that Goblin Warband sure is tempting.
  12. Knight of the Dinner Table

    Borderhaime Chronicles

    Cancelled. Re-Launch planned on November 10th.
  13. Knight of the Dinner Table

    Tomb Guardians miniatures - 11/6

    Not really looking for more dwarves, but that four-armed skeleton and the naga are very nice.
  14. Knight of the Dinner Table


    Yeah, they are doing what other companies do, too ... putting out loads of projects without finishing the others first, probably financing the old ones with the new ones. They are also producing the miniatures for Wild Assents ... wonder how long they will take to do that with all the backlog they have. But yes, that looks tempting ... and the price-point ...
  15. Knight of the Dinner Table

    The Heresy Miniatures Dragon - Production Wave II

    It's live and funded: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/heresyminiatures/the-heresy-miniatures-dragon-production-wave-ii/description