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  1. Knight of the Dinner Table


    Hm, now it gets interesting for me. They said in the comment section: " Most of the pads have been upgraded " Short-sighted as I am, I cannot see any upgrades on the pads I own, so I asked for more details in the comment section ...
  2. Knight of the Dinner Table


    I use Fimo Air with really good results, especially if you're using it to create stonework (it cracks a little when it dries). I think I have those rolling pins Glitterwolf mentions, too. But to me, those pins are good for a flat surface. Those pads can do rather big elevations (like the columns, tree trunks or rocks).
  3. Knight of the Dinner Table


    To add to what I said about the forest pad above ... I have four of the big ones: Plaguelands: The side with the wharf and the coffin coming out of the swamp is awesome, I got lots of good results, even the rope on the wood was no problem. I have not used the other side much as I lack inspiration what to do with it. Victoriana: I like the different stone street versions on the one side, but the other side with the mine / railroad tracks, the beach and the sand is even better. Very versatile. Sanctuary: The carpets come out great! I hardly use the other side with the sundial and columns as they take a lot of space on a base. Dungeons: Door/trapdoor works great, the other side with the treasure is a bit difficult to work with for me ... I never get sharp gold coins out of it.
  4. Knight of the Dinner Table


    Nope, they are not way bigger. They are as big and as double sided as the ones I have from the first Basius Kickstarter. I'm not talking about the smaller, one-sided ones they did last. I have the small forest one and find it extremely difficult to get satisfactory results. It's the only pad I wish I had not bought as I can't get convincing bases out of it (but it's probably just me).
  5. Knight of the Dinner Table


    No totally new ones as far as I can see. I have those already that I'm interested in (very satisfied with them). I also think (!) they are a bit more expensive now than they were last time, but might be wrong or simply inflation.
  6. Knight of the Dinner Table

    Warbands of Wrath and Ruin

    Strong, brave, probably a little more than slightly insane the barbarian is the first tool in the arsenal of any self respecting megalomaniacal sorcerer hell bent to take over the world. Or in the warband of any ambitious Warlord seeking fame and fortune gold and glory! Like walking piles of muscle held together by leather and chains and random plates of battered metal the barbarian flings himself into the fray frothing at the mouth and shouting unintelligible obscenities. God knows they tend to die a lot so you'll need a lot of them.....so here we are! Red Box Games makers of awesomely designed, exquisitely sculpted and expertly cast fine fantasy 28mm scale miniatures is very proud to present!! WARBANDS OF WRATH AND RUIN With your generous support we hope to fund the production of a series of new high quality, finely detailed and beautifully sculpted, expertly produced DURABLE and SUPPLE RESIN cast " 28 mm " scale barbarian miniatures which are the initial warband starter set for an all new small scale skirmish game set in a brutal, fallen fantasy world ruled by capricious Living Gods and beset by the ravages of their eternal war for survival and supremacy. The rules for the game are not quite ready for print yet but it is the goal of this campaign to fund this initial set of figures which will help us to also afford to finish the rules and get the production process for the rules and game components started. In the game Players take on the role of a powerful characters of super human or preternatural nature called " Chosen " in command of a small band of followers of various role and ability. These warbands , referred to in game as the " Following " expand in number and diversity as the Warlord grows in Power, Repute, Fortune and Favor of the Gods beginning in number between 6 and 9 followers, but growing to include as many as 24 followers at the Apex of the Chosen's Stature. These followers may be lowly slaves, cultists, warriors, champions, and even monsters. But the core of any Chosen's following are the foot warriors. FOOT WARRIORS The foot warriors are the most basic type of warrior follower. They are sparely equipped and basically trained and able. They are non specific to the character of their Chosen and can be of many different races or creature types but the first set of Foot Warriors we want to fund are the Human foot warriors. Rippling muscle and ready to slay in the name of any The foot warriors are the most basic type of warrior follower. They are sparely equipped and basically trained and able. They are non specific to the character of their Chosen and can be of many different races or creature types but the first set of Foot Warriors we want to fund are the Human foot warriors. Rippling muscle and ready to slay in the name of any These figures are semi modular for VERY expansive customization options and are cast in a very high quality DURABLE RESIN that is VERY similar in feel and nature to HIPS but with the detail fidelity of Resin. We are VERY excited about this. The items included in the pack are; 10 Human Warrior head / helm options 8 right hand weapon options ( 2 clubs, 2 swords, 1 spear, 2 axes, 1 javelin ) 4 heavy / long weapon options ( 1 spear, 1 club, 1 sword, 1 axe ) 5 weapon and shield warrior bodies 1 weapon and javelin warrior body 2 heavy weapon warrior bodies 2 long weapon warrior bodies All this in one set for $55.00!! High quality, finely detailed resin minis for $5.50 Each! PRIESTESS The Priestess a companion follower who serves as an intermediary between the Chosen and one of the Patron Gods of the world. Each Priestess is different and their uses can vary wildly based on the particular choices made during the creation of the character for use in the game but rest assured in this game a Chosen without some sort of spiritual aid is a Chosen set upon an arduous path. The Priestess is an automatic addition to any " Foot Warriors " pledge and is available in two different forms; Unclad ( pictured above ) and half clad ( not yet pictured ). Her Unclad form is kickstarter exclusive and will not be available outside of the kickstarter. Backers will be able to select which form of figure they want to receive as part of their rewards in the pledge manager phase of the fulfillment. Backers can add additional copies of the Priestess to their existing pledge for an additional $8 per copy desired. Backers can also pledge for the Priestess figure ONLY if they so choose for $8 per copy desired. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1103158358/warbands-of-wrath-and-ruin/description
  7. Knight of the Dinner Table

    DUSK : Arena of Shadows

    Minis are rather big, but I'm also not sure where that price point comes from.
  8. Knight of the Dinner Table

    Z One Design - Black Hallows Townsfolk

    They look good. I'd appreciate the chance to buy single miniatures (at a slightly higher price even) as I have a number of townsfolk miniatures (I have three innkeepers, don't need another one, as well as two or three blacksmiths), but could use certain others.
  9. Knight of the Dinner Table

    Zealot Miniatures Litchmyre Dungeon

    I only got the adventurers and the minotaur "prison" from their last KS, but I got a lot of the furniture / terrain from their first project. Awesome stuff!
  10. Knight of the Dinner Table

    Scenic Resin Bases for 28mm tabletop wargame miniatures

    if you make a pledge, it adds the shipping cost - so no "shipping is added after campaign ends". From UK to Germany very reasonable (3 Pounds), no idea about the States, though.
  11. Knight of the Dinner Table

    Maidens of the dragon, 28mm quality pewter miniatures

    I got mine today. I was one of the lucky ones to get my hands on the resin miniatures. The bad thing first: one of the four had a lot of flash - a lot of (the others had a little, but nothing to complain about). But it cleaned up nicely. Now the positive thing: this must be why so many people think resin is the best material for such miniatures: loads of detail, very sharp (will be easy to pick out with a brush, dry-brushing dream come true;) ). Looks like the resin is quite durable, too. And the sculpts are very nice, too.
  12. Knight of the Dinner Table

    Limbo: Eternal War - June 2018

    They should be careful with too many add-ons. I know a couple of people who - if they cannot afford EVERYTHING, they drop their whole pledge. Call themselves completionists. Limbo have said they are looking for an all-in bundle ...
  13. Knight of the Dinner Table

    Limbo: Eternal War - June 2018

    I think (at the moment) that what is on offer now is enough to justify spending the money. But ...the campaign is not being handled very professionally. It's no longer enough to start a Kickstarter, you have to be present, you should have rules and a good/professional gameplay video almost from day one ... as well as maybe a "review" by a youtuber. They also "cave in" very quickly concerning backer demands, reversing decisions, altering goals etc. While this can be seen as "listening to the community" it can also be a sign of "we need all the money we can get" or "we are easily swayed by popular demand - no matter if it's good for the project or not". I'll keep a close eye (and my pledge for the moment). At least they showed a close-up of a production quality miniature - which was extremely nice.
  14. Knight of the Dinner Table

    Secret Weapon - Tablescapes Dungeons: Mines

    With all the mistakes and bad luck ... people are already painting / have already finished painting their mines while EU is still waiting even for new information when delivery might start ...
  15. Knight of the Dinner Table

    Dungeons of Doom V: Law Vs Chaos + Star Hat Miniatures

    Great guy, great minis (a bit bigger size-wise than usual). I backed all of is Kickstarters, never had a reason to complain, always very, very satisfied. He goes out of his way to accommodate backers. Delivery was always (almost) on time.