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  1. Fulfilling

    I got mine a couple of days ago - awesome miniatures. Detailed and full of character.
  2. Live

    I forgot to add: I don't even play Starfinder.
  3. Live

    Nice minis, but the problems with their other Kickstarters and the question what kind of "resin" it will be made me pull even my one dollar.
  4. Live

    under 48 hours to go ... over 120k ... loads of stretch goals (a couple of additional PDF adventures unlocked, lots of artwork ...). Jumped in because it looks like a great book with lots of adventures and ideas.
  5. Live

    If those were 28mm or heroic scale, I'd be all over this. But as they are smaller (don't know by how much), I'm not that interested.
  6. Live

    I don't play Sci-Fi RPGs. I am not really confident in Ninja Division ... and still I'm tempted. Those miniatures look great.
  7. Funded

    Perfect day today ;) ... Weekend and three more nice minis ...
  8. funded

    New Hero, but probably unreachable.
  9. Cancelled

  10. Cancelled

  11. Live

    My line of thought was that Ninja Division might be faster with Paizo breathing down their necks than if only backers were waiting for their games.
  12. Live

    on the other Hand, if Paizo wants the miniatures quickly on the market, backers might get their stuff almost on time?
  13. Cancelled

    Hm ... so weapon and hand are one part? Makes it easy to rotate the hand / weapon, which is nice. Makes it impossible to switch bow for sword/spear ... as I'll be following your Kickstarter I guess I can wait ;)
  14. Delayed

    Yeah, but if there is not much choice in Argentina, why do the molds there - especially at a factory that has no experience with such things? I agree, they have to stick to the factory now / had to stick with it once mold-making had started ... but choosing it in the first place was - in my eyes - a huge mistake and not a necessary one.
  15. Cancelled

    Are the weapons and arms one piece or do we put the spears for example into open hands? If so, I have enough swords lying around here somewhere (small ones, mind you).