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  1. Cancelled

    Is it just me ... I found so much there that put me off (pre-painted miniatures, Price Point etc) and I guess lots of people thought the same ... could they not see this right from - even before - the start?
  2. Cancelled

    Wow ... so they reached every stretch goal of the first batch, added another batch (even containing miniatures) and now they are shutting it down not because the money was not enough but the number of backers was not enough?
  3. Live

    I actually really have no use for this and no interest in that type of game / that type of miniatures ... but man, it Looks awesome.
  4. Live

    Interesting (?) information from the comment section: The houses are more pieces, the roof alone has three pieces and you do not have to glue them onto the walls, so the roof is separate, which means you can get inside the house.
  5. Live

    Stealth update: They added a picture of the (already reached) statue stretch goal on the main page of the Kickstarter. 6000 is also close now ... I'm getting a tiny bit worried ... those stretch goals look like they are worth as much as the ruins (the pledge level you need to get those stretch goals) ... I hope they don't overpromise.
  6. Funded

    The size would make it difficult to use them for other games, but yes, they look great.
  7. Live

    Sorry to hear that. That's a bummer for sure ...
  8. Pre-launch

    They'd have to "port" it to Bones, too ... as far as I know, for the Conan KS it's in resin ...?
  9. Cancelled

    well ... later on through their webstore as far as I know, you can get that terrain without buying a core set.
  10. Live

    Good to be sure ... makes it great value.
  11. Live

    I thought everybody pledging at least for the ruins would get those ... but I asked in the comment section to be safe ...
  12. Live

    My thinking is that the Palace Ruins are easy to substitute (Bones Mausoleum ground floor and one of the Stretch Goals is a suitable ruined arch) ... but the watchtower is hard to get at that price ... on the other hand, shipping does not go up if you get both ...
  13. Live

    stretch goals That dwarf (sorry Beagle) is awesome ... and already reached.
  14. Live

    ? Beagle ... which campaign are you referring to? The first Chaos Warriors? I thought they had shipped quite some time ago - at least I got mine (together with the Goblins I backed) ...
  15. Cancelled

    Bones IV is coming ...