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  1. Knight of the Dinner Table

    Fingernail stencils

    Thanks Cranky Dog. Found something similar ... which MIGHT work:
  2. Knight of the Dinner Table

    Fingernail stencils

    Do you think something like those fingernail stencils would work on miniatures, too? For shield designs, for example ... only problem I see at the moment is that those stencils are metal plates and thus a bit difficult to apply to miniatures? Edit: looks like I did not understand how those work (typical male, I guess) ... but it might still work ...?
  3. Knight of the Dinner Table

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Well, guess I have to be the one ... if you are referring to Reaper's decision to forego the base of the barge, I have to say I'm quite unhappy about that. Now I know that a basic caveat of Kickstarters is that the final product might be different from the one "advertised", so "modifications" are to be expected (as when the female fighters in Bones III ended up a bit too well-endowed). But two aspects don't sit well with me in this case ... - Reaper has a pretty good track record, so I did not expect them to make such big changes. I'm more wary of other companies and it's sad that in the future I'll have to be a bit more wary of Reaper, too - waiting till the last moment to log in my choices in the pledge manager for example (something that I cannot see being in Reaper's interest, especially if more and more people are doing it). - Even expecting a "modification" ... totally abandoning the base goes a bit beyond what I consider "modification" - but of course, we could argue semantics here. Fact is, the Barge was "advertised" with a base and I was looking forward to that base, to me it was part of the "offer" (after all, we're talking about a paid add-on here, not a free stretch goal). I can see why people say they don't care about the base or they don't need it (if you use it during a tabletop game, the barge might even be easier to handle without a base). But if you also look at the barge as a possible display model (with an undead pirate crew, for example), leaving out the base is a bummer. Without a base, the barge appears to be very low/flat on the water / surface. Reaper say they tried and I'll grant them that. But ... - should they not have had a better idea concerning the feasibility of that base before they offered it? Nope, I don't believe that it was a last minute addition, I believe it was planned before the Kickstarter. - I think it's a bit weak to simply tell backers "Sorry, didn't work, so you'll get no base at all" in an update around the original deadline of the pledge manager. And to appear totally greedy ... a little "compensation" would have been nice. I paid for a certain amount of plastic (the fact that that amount of plastic will be more expensive when it hits the shop is no argument for me here) and now I'm suddenly getting less plastic (and plastic here does not really cover it: it goes way beyond the value of the material, but I hope you understand what I want to express). And to appear less greedy (I hope): The size or price of that "compensation" would not matter at all to me - the gesture would have counted. Sorry to be the one who criticizes Reaper on their own forum and disturbs the good mood here ... but that's how I feel about that update at the moment.
  4. Knight of the Dinner Table

    Secret Weapon - Tablescapes Dungeons: Mines

    I'm getting a bit disappointed. I thought it was a very nice solution to send those parts (stairs?) that they did not have enough of to Europe and AUS so that those folks (me included) would not have to wait that long. Then the problem with the paints happened and since then we have no idea where we stand, how close we are to shipping.
  5. Knight of the Dinner Table

    Overturn Rising Sands

    as far as I remember: $1 does not get you into the pledge manager ...
  6. Knight of the Dinner Table

    Overturn Rising Sands

    Wow ... even if Kickstarter takes its cut ...
  7. Knight of the Dinner Table

    Overturn Rising Sands

    The problem is: - it will get funded (for whatever reasons, not enough people are pulling out and the funding level was low) - with such low funding, I do not think it is possible to produce the game (even if the creators wanted) It looks more like they (no matter their original intentions) are now out to get as much money from the backers as they can. From what I've read, even the low funding goal is a year's salary for three people in Pakistan.
  8. Knight of the Dinner Table

    Overturn Rising Sands

    well, the drama is definitely worth a buck.
  9. Knight of the Dinner Table

    Overturn Rising Sands

    Update from Foxtales: "Dear Backers: During the last few days the campaign took a drastic turn after some of our backers pointed out that the rule-book we had shared was plagiarized from Massive Darkness. Some harsh words have been said about our integrity and authenticity of this project and we would like to share our side of the story and then leave the matter in your hand. Most backers may have realized that not being native speakers, we showed certain language related issues in the game as well as the campaign. Typos, grammatical and syntax errors were constantly pointed out which we admit were made by us. The game when it was conceived by Humayun had detailed rules but they were written in textual form in the language Humayun is comfortable with. They were detailed, step by step and at points rather complex. We admit that when we had prepared the campaign, a coherent rulebook should have been prepared alongside the content of the campaign and we paid the price for that. When the campaign initiated we tried to create the content asked by our backers along the way since everything was ready but when the majority clamored for the rule-book we realized our folly. We had to deliver the backers a rule-book so that they could believe that game is not just a pretty diorama but playable. Humayun resorted to the free-lancer who had drafted the content of the campaign to turn our textual rulebook into something coherent. We knew that we were sharing a very small part of the rule-book so released it as an alpha version to pacify our eager backers and boy did it back fired. When analogies were drawn, we were shocked as well and freaked out. We apologize to all our dear backers who had such high hopes and interests vested in our project. However our inability to handle this disaster complicated this issue further. We also apologize for anything harsh that we may have said to our backers who were only looking out for this close knit community and just wanted what was best for all the backers. We apologize that we released the alpha-version without quality testing it and leaving a lot of our dedicated backers in dark without coming up with a formal statement from our own side. Our actions have painted us in a negative light and we understand the consequences of the course we followed in the wake of this scandal but we assure and promise our backers that THIS IS NOT THE RULEBOOK THEY WILL BE GETTING WITH THE GAME. WE WILL NOT BE USING THIS BOOK AT ALL. We apologize once again for this huge blunder on our part and own it. Last but not the least, we would want to thank a lot of backers who showed faith in us and encouraged us not to give up. Their faith in us has served as a beacon for us during these dark days and we can’t thank them enough. " My thoughts: Even if I believe that ... it means: - you were nowhere near as ready as you should have been (and as you told us) when the Kickstarter launched - you have no idea what Kickstarter is about - it is absolutely necessary to have at least a real alpha rulebook during the campaign. And you thought you would not need one? - you tried to fool your backers by presenting a rule book to them that is nowhere what the real rule book will be. So what is the worth of the presented rule book but to make the backers feel comfortable but based on false assumptions? - you dodged (again) a lot of questions - when people found out, you were condescending and aggressive in the comment section, trying to lie to us (again) by not calling it a copy&paste, but "uncanny similarity" (i.e. unfortunate coincidence) - you passed that worthless rule book on to a backer to edit it - you don't do that if it is not expected to be at least very close to the final version - even if I take everything in the best possible light, I see three people who are incredibly clumsy and naive, who make mistakes somebody asking for trust (and money) and is planning to produce a miniature game should simply not make in the number you made them - and for that reason alone, I cannot trust you to deliver the advertised product.
  10. Knight of the Dinner Table

    Overturn Rising Sands

    Kickstarter does not allow projects from Pakistan - maybe for a reason (reason being local laws that are a problem for Kickstarter or backers)? And: the fact that they had an "office" in Canada but were from Pakistan came up early and was not THAT big a red flag. But with everything else, it is a small one, especially as they seemingly have been contradicting themselves as to whether they are in Canada at the moment or not, whether they are working full-time jobs at the moment (that's why they cannot be so present in the comment section) or not (if they are staying in Canada, they probably can't work at the moment - but the times when they are present seem to hint at them being in Pakistan ...).
  11. Knight of the Dinner Table

    Overturn Rising Sands

    To be absolutely clear: The copying of the shipping, refund and boardgamegeek texts was pointed out right when the project started. They said they naively copied texts that had the "spirit" of what they wanted to say. Supporters shouted down every criticism in that vein. I think maybe we all should consider our behaviour against people who criticize a project dear to us --- maybe others DO have a point (sometimes).
  12. Knight of the Dinner Table

    Overturn Rising Sands

    I always thought that you might not be able to copyright rules in the way that you cannot copyright things like "you must draw cards" or "move 2 hexes" ... but that you can copyright the way those rules (especially whole paragraphs) are worded ... but then ... I don't know much about US laws. I also don't know if US law applies (because Kickstarter) or Canadian law (because official seat of the company) or international (Berne Convention I think).
  13. Knight of the Dinner Table

    Overturn Rising Sands

    As I posted the thread ... I think I should warn everybody: A backer compared the "WIP rule book" Foxtales uploaded to the Massive Darkness rule book. They copied a number of parts (almost) verbatim (though they included a couple of typos and grammar mistakes to camouflage it).
  14. Knight of the Dinner Table

    Lost Kingdom Miniatures: Cuetzpal Empire

    Some of those sculpts / renders are incredible. I won't buy them because I know I won't paint them (or because they are way beyond my ability to paint) ... but there are great miniatures in that Kickstarter.
  15. Knight of the Dinner Table

    Lost Kingdom Miniatures: Cuetzpal Empire

    That's the mini that made me pledge. Going to get that one, one of the archer characters and the big lizard eating the poor human's heart ...