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  1. Live

    This is what you get for 79 New Zealand Dollar (that's about $58) ... I wanted to stay at a lower pledge level for four miniatures, but ... I couldn't. There are at least 8 sculpts in there that I really want to have (yeah, I love ducks) ...
  2. Love the armor.
  3. Very nice. Love the blue.
  4. Live

  5. Pre-launch

    That is exactly the part that does not sit well with me ... that attitude rubs me a bit the wrong way.
  6. Live

    Hm ... get that Zombie dragon for $10 and sell of the dragon included in the Green Horde pledge for ... $20 maybe?
  7. Pre-launch

    I asked why there were no alpha rules and not real gameplay video from day one ... got this answer: "the simple reason is this; I'm getting married in September and it was a choice between launching now or waiting until October / November. I didn't quite have enough time to get the draft rules done before launching. Whether I made the wrong choice is moot - there's no point moaning about it, let's just get on and fund the game. I still believe that can be done and if it doesn't work - so what? We'll just launch again. I'm not worried! The rules will be available shortly and so will the box contents. I'm just incredibly busy all the time and some things just can't be done in the time I have available." Not sure I like the underlying attitude.
  8. fulfilling

    For a moment ... when I saw that picture of the Beagle in the snow ... I thought "Oh, Beagle on the way to the post office getting his Bone(s)" ... Winter is coming. Seriously ... I feel with you. Being among the very last because of something gone wrong during shipping sucks.
  9. Pre-launch

    As you might remember, I stayed away from their usual miniature Kickstarters because of exactly that reason: many undelivered Kickstarters (and high price, yeah, my second Name is scrooge). But as they are not producing the miniatures in-house but in China, I think it is a bit different (of course, I might see it differently if I had backed other Mierce projects and still not received some miniatures ... but I've never backed them before).
  10. Pre-launch

    Yeah, this will only be worth it (for me!) if some stretch goals get added. I also got the impression they maybe expected higher funding during the first hours ... as they added those stretch goals very quickly (didn't have any at the beginning). I find it a bit strange ... no stretch goal at the beginning (I can understand that, the message is: Let's get funded first), but then after some hours they add four goals, one will be reached with funding and three more shortly after that ($5000 gaps between). On the other hand, they started when A song of Ice and Fire was in it's final hours, Reaper Bones 4 is running ... tough competition (well, Bones is no competition if you're looking for a (board) game, but if you're in it for the minis it's different).
  11. Pre-launch

    At funding and for the first couple of stretch goals (pretty low ones), they want to add some miniatures and alternative sculpts ... at 165k you'd get:
  12. I like the skin and the fur, the metal ... the facial expressions ... guess there is nothing I don't like. Great paint-job.
  13. Excellent choices of color, great skin tones and highlights.
  14. Bones 3

    Welcome. As others have said: I really like the vibrant colors and the base is awesome. Unfortunately didn't get that expansion (because of money), but that was one of the minis I really wanted (so I'll get it retail, I guess).
  15. Live

    ROFL ... GanDUCK the wizard .... Finished sculpt: I really like the detail like the ring on his finger. Though ... how do you wear a ring with webbed hands?