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  1. Bears Head Miniatures Gallery Series Kickstarter

    Yeah, I also got Leonardo ;)
  2. Bears Head Miniatures Gallery Series Kickstarter

    They do indeed. I'm very happy with what I got.
  3. New Viking/Anglo Saxon Kickstarter!- By Renaissance Miniatures

    I agree with Smokestack ... unpainted looks a lot better to me. Seeing the painted pictures, I had no interest ... but now ... hm ...
  4. MenhirGames: 28mm plastic set "Dark Age Outpost"

    Not officially dead (yet).
  5. Dragon Lords: Grenadier miniatures

    Thanks for bringing that questions to my attention. Didn't know about those aspects, would probably have backed otherwise. Would also like answers to those questions ... maybe I should pledge a dollar and ask?
  6. Zombicide: Green Horde

    Zombies walk very slowly ...
  7. Northmen - A line of 32mm pewter Norse miniatures

    True. $6 per mini without any discount if you take 10 or 20 or 30 ... and shipping from the US (which means customs fees). A bit too expensive for me, especially as there are only about three miniatures per set I really like.
  8. Black Rose Wars

    Yeah, but buying those 200 miniatures (or more) produced by GW today is as expensive as buying 2000 other miniatures on Kickstarter ...
  9. Adrian Smith's HATE

    No, that only means you can pledge a dollar, get access to the PM and then have to buy a core set there ... (at least as far as i understood that). It is still in the FAQ that you must buy a core set before you can get add-ons.
  10. Adrian Smith's HATE

    But it's a huge Satyr / Beastman ... second best choice ;)
  11. 32mm Fantasy miniatures

    Nearing the end.
  12. Adrian Smith's HATE

    I hope for a princess :)
  13. Adrian Smith's HATE

    The current stretch goal clan is - at least to me - interesting:
  14. Adrian Smith's HATE

    I have no experience, but this being completely KS exclusive, I could imagine the prices on ebay being quite high.
  15. Adrian Smith's HATE

    Oh dear ... they might finally get me to pledge for an add-on ...