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  1. Pre-launch

    I'd have to watch it a couple of times, but first impressions: - there is a lot that looks half-finished - there are a number of items that look "cheap" / of no interest to me - did they start repeating the things in the second half of the video? Some things seem to be nice, but after Bones, Zealot's dungeon furniture, Dungeon Saga, Conan etc, etc, I'm not sure there will be enough in it for me to get excited (especially given how I feel about Mantic's treatment of the Dungeon Saga Kickstarter). But of course, it's Mantic, so there will be lots of stretch goals.
  2. Live

    now if you turn that spear around, shorten it a bit and the arm comes separate from the body, you'd have a javelin thrower. Legs extra, too, so that it could be a more dynamic pose (or were you focusing on the upper torso here to give as the basic idea?). I guess we need to know how many parts you are planning for one miniature: head extra, torso extra, one leg part or two leg parts? ... two arms extra with open hands so you can put different weapons into those hands? How can it be ensured that the arms fit the body in different positions? ...
  3. Fulfilling

    As far as I know, the company doing the casting for Raging Heroes is the same that does the casting for Impact (and Trollcast)?
  4. Live

    lots of good answers in the comment section ... will have to talk to my secretary of the treasury (my wife) about that ...
  5. Live

    I should not have looked more closely ... got a lot of questions, with the right answers, I might have to jump in for $50.
  6. Live

    They'd go well with the shield maiden ... but I'm not yet backing it ... not ... yet ...
  7. Live

    yeah, better give him a chainmail swimsuit ...
  8. Live

    That company is quite busy on Kickstarter, always nice miniatures with a certain character. The idea of getting one miniature in standing and "sleeping" / "dead" position is unique I think ... though I don't know if it's useful. On the other hand, a couple of sleeping halflings might go well with my hafling village ...
  9. Live

    It's live.

    Then I hope it does not change. Though a couple of weeks more or less is not the big issue. Thanks for answering!

    Any change if Inky lives in Germany?
  12. Live

    I doubt it will be much more expensive (though I've heard about $140 MSRP) and there are no "free" stretch goals nor Kickstarter exclusives. But ... after the first Kickstarter, there were not enough games left to satisfy the retail demand. That's what this Kickstarter is about: produce a second "edition" in numbers high enough to satisfy the demand (and also have enough left to go retail). I have no idea how available the game will be in retail. There was one retailer on BGG complaining about the second Kickstarter saying that the game now is no longer worthwhile for retailers (lots of people get it from Kickstarter at a price retailers cannot compete with).
  13. Fulfilling

    DHL delivered today without any advance notice, no tracking. Resin miniatures are great, fit together really nicely. Plastic maidens: choices concerning weapons are a bit limited, but they have nice detail and fit together well; necks seem to be a bit long, but that's what sharp knives are for. plastic orcs: really nice miniatures, though I found fitting the arms to the body without gaps is sometimes rather difficult.
  14. Live

    Hard to believe that's the same sculptor (mind you, I'm not doubting you, but there is a world of a difference between those orc girls and the sculpts for Rackham).
  15. Live

    I don't have any stake in the last Imbrian Art KS, but looking at it, it seems to me he started with only a very small number of sculpts on offer and added lots of stuff during the Kickstarter?