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  1. Funded

    I could write pages and pages ... I think I've played most CRPGs of the last 30 years and this is among the best of them. Can't remember when I had so much fun with story, quests, combat and characters (and even crafting ... making French Fries).
  2. live

    I could not stay away: This is the guy that started me on fantasy ... a 35+ years love affair. One of the first short stories I read and loved - he wrote it. My daughter loves Kitsune and my wife loves pandas. Hilarious ...
  3. Live

    Good thing is ... I'm a Fantasy only guy. Otherwise those two tanks would be must-haves. They look great. I can resist mammoths for Fantasy ... so please tell me you don't have war chariots ;)
  4. live

    I might be interested in the Kitsune on a panda ...
  5. Nice! Especially like the leathers and the green cloak.
  6. Live

    Only played the game once ... it's too complicated for the taste of my wife and Kids (but that's because it's almost a skirmish and not a pure boardgame?). The miniatures: Mixed bag. Some of them are not really good, most I'd say are CMON quality (which I consider paintable, but that's just me).
  7. Live

    I might back this ... especially if they offer a Panda T-shirt as an add-on (to pacify my wife).
  8. Live

    First reaction: Good Thing I'm not THAT much into dwarves, so I'll get +2 to my will roll Second thought: But ... I have a mine (scenery) coming ... a dwarven mine ... -4 to will roll.
  9. I've had this mini sitting in my "started painting it but have not finished"" box for years now ... can't finish it, too many Details. You managed a lot better than I do ... very nice.
  10. Live

    sigh ... I have a 3d Printer coming for Christmas ... so I have a negative will roll.
  11. completed

    I played it with my wife and Kids three times now, we're really enjoying it. More enemy variety and skills than Zombicide, which is a plus for me.
  12. prelaunch

    To be clear: I like both armor designs ;)
  13. prelaunch

    Really like the armor design.
  14. funded

    Will probably stick with the base pledge and sell a couple of survivors on ebay to recuperate ...
  15. I think it looks very nice. Good job with the yellow/orange cloak/coat. It looks a bit shiny (might be the photo), so I'd use some non-gloss / matte varnish on it.
  16. Great color choices and execution. Love the base, too.
  17. Everybody can post a picture of Stonehenge ... wait ... that's the painted circle? Awesome.
  18. Nice. Great skin tones and I really like the metals.
  19. Thank you.
  20. As I said before, I finally have a camera (well, it's actually my wife's new smart phone) that can take reasonable pictures of miniatures. Now I just have to learn how to take good pictures (and learn how to paint ...). Here is the Bones Mummy Captain. As always, I'm aiming for tabletop standard as playing with the miniatures is the first goal. I should probably start doing more/better highlights (any other CC welcome).
  21. Looks great. I especially like how you did the metal, the hair ... and the teeth!
  22. Good idea ... and rust on the swords ...
  23. Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, I have to put into more effort with highlights, definitely.
  24. Thanks everybody.