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  1. Northmen - A line of 32mm pewter Norse miniatures

    True. $6 per mini without any discount if you take 10 or 20 or 30 ... and shipping from the US (which means customs fees). A bit too expensive for me, especially as there are only about three miniatures per set I really like.
  2. Black Rose Wars

    Yeah, but buying those 200 miniatures (or more) produced by GW today is as expensive as buying 2000 other miniatures on Kickstarter ...
  3. 32mm Fantasy miniatures

    or a single miniature for $15 (early bird $12)
  4. Adrian Smith's HATE

    No, that only means you can pledge a dollar, get access to the PM and then have to buy a core set there ... (at least as far as i understood that). It is still in the FAQ that you must buy a core set before you can get add-ons.
  5. Adrian Smith's HATE

    But it's a huge Satyr / Beastman ... second best choice ;)
  6. 32mm Fantasy miniatures

    Nearing the end.
  7. Adrian Smith's HATE

    I hope for a princess :)
  8. Adrian Smith's HATE

    The current stretch goal clan is - at least to me - interesting:
  9. Adrian Smith's HATE

    I have no experience, but this being completely KS exclusive, I could imagine the prices on ebay being quite high.
  10. Adrian Smith's HATE

    Oh dear ... they might finally get me to pledge for an add-on ...
  11. Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Slackers indeed ... I logged in my pledge ... and added and added and ... when does the Pledge manager finally close? Let it be soon ;)
  12. Adrian Smith's HATE

    actually, you have to take a full core pledge before you can get add-ons ... and that has been the case for some other CMON Kickstarters, too ... I think I wanted add-ons for the Game of Thrones games but could not get them without a core pledge.
  13. Heroines in Sensible Shoes 3

    those slightly blackened miniatures in one of the last updates were beautiful ... maybe I should not paint mine, but just do the same.
  14. Adrian Smith's HATE

    Unfortunately, the tribe this prince is from is a paid add-on ...
  15. CMON Rising Sun

    Got my copy today (no tracking email before). Totally impressed with the detail on the miniatures, definitely a huge step up from Zombicide. If this is the new level of quality from CMON, Reaper (Bones) will have to up their game (which they already did a bit, but I'd say "up a bit more" would not hurt).
  16. Adrian Smith's HATE

    I can understand reservations concerning the game ... I have them myself; from the to me not convincing game-play to the "ohhh, we're so Rated 18, we cook, eat, torture people" (which puts me a bit off - yeah, I was young in a time when murders were only shown after 8pm on TV). But I can't help it ... I like a couple of those miniatures ... will be close to the end before I really make a decision. I could also use the huts and the trees.
  17. Kings of War: Vanguard

    I agree that most of the miniatures in Dungeon Saga were fine (except for the damage the NOT packaging did). I was disappointed with the skeletons (the ones with the scythe) - to thin / flimsy, for example.
  18. Kings of War: Vanguard

    I think it does ... that does not look bad ... but it's not enough to make me get the dwarves. I like the renders/concept art for the new Basileans (but "fool me once" ...), the Abyssals and the Northern Alliance ... so I might even be tempted to take the $150 pledge ... but most of those miniatures only exist in the form of concept art and renders. Not sure how far I trust Mantic with that, as the original Basileans were a disappointment and Dungeon Saga was one, too (some miniatures were nice, others ok, some bad ... but the game itself was not what they had promised and what I was hoping for).
  19. Kings of War: Vanguard

    Hm ... I had put $1 in to get access to the pledge manager. Not sure what I want ... Have they ever shown pictures of the dwarves and not just the concept art? The original Basileans were more than "bad" ... have we seen more than renders of what the new ones will be like?
  20. 32mm Fantasy miniatures

    some (add-on, not free) stretch goals unlocked, they are offering a bundle at a reduced price:
  21. Adrian Smith's HATE

    and miniature-wise, there'll be lots of plastic in the end ... wish there was a bit more variety (by which I don't mean different sculpts, but to me, many miniatures look similar).
  22. Adrian Smith's HATE

    new update with beta rulebook ... a bit underwhelmed (but I'm more interested in the minis anyway).
  23. Mantic Terrain Crate

    And then it begs the question if people are willing to pay $30 for such a set (without Kickstarter bonus) .... or if the only chance to sell it is with a discount. Looking at the sets, I might pay $30 for one or two of them, but for most of them my answer would be "no".
  24. Zombicide: Green Horde

    also no track info here, but there is still some time before I need to start worrying ...
  25. Gloomhaven (Second Printing)

    If you missed the first Gloomhaven Kickstarter (and retail sold out quickly) here is your chance. I backed that game the first time around and could not be happier with the results. Warning ... that box is heavy ...