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    Guess it's good that I missed Bones I ... neither do I have a non-Balrog nor do I have a Griffon.
  2. Some nice stuff here (interesting stretch goals and add-ons). Now if - I had more money - this was Euro-friendly or at least shipping was not $20 (I totally understand that there are costs shipping to Europe, but our customs officials calculate the fees we have to pay on the worth of the shipment - including shipping costs) I'd probably not make my will-roll (especially as Johnny as far as I know delivers fast). Even as things stand, if I find $50 somewhere, I'll be in ...
  3. Live

    A bit more than a year ago this would have been a no-brainer. But after the arrival of Bones III (and Black Plague and Conan and Sword & Sorcery and ....) and with the imminent arrival of Massive Darkness, it actually is an easy pass at the moment. I do no longer need miniatures at $1 per mini ... I want variety, diversity ... 10 times almost the same sculpt of a human warrior in armor with a sword and a shield just does not cut it for me any longer. I only hope Bones IV grabs me ... otherwise I should start worrying as I also did not spend more than a dollar on Green Horde (until now).

    Baba Yaga's Hut in core set? Other terrain pieces? A dragon (would not be my first choice) The not-Balrog? Siege equipment? A ship? ... the Lonely Mountain with removable top and a whole dwarven mine with city in it?

    Just wanted to say the same ... my enthusiasm for CMON's Song of Ice & Fire has a bit dampened ... hit me with the right Bones IV preview now and I'm sure I won't look much at Ice & Fire but save my money for August 1st.
  6. Live

    looks like the stretch goals are often alternative (exclusive) sculpts of the heroes ... which for me is not bad ...
  7. Live

    As said before: I don't care about the game (despite being a huge fan of the books). I am interested in miniatures. $150 and $30 for shipping ... $180. Over 100 miniatures, but as far as I can see not a lot of diversity (and a number of - to me - plain boring sculpts). Waiting for Massive Darkness (and Rising Sun and Green Horde)- CMON milking their business model as much as they can ... I think I'll sit this one out and drop my money on Bones IV.
  8. Live

    I'm eying the riders, the command characters and the big pot (first stretch goal).
  9. Live

    Bones IV is another good point ... looks like the campaigns will overlap, so I'll definitely wait for Bones IV to start before I commit to Fire/Ice.
  10. Live

    I'll wait and see. As much as I like the books, I'm not interested in the game and armored spear-/swordsmen I only need a handful. I'm also not a big fan of CMON at the moment for various reasons.
  11. Live

    I got miniatures from both the previous Kickstarters. Very nice minis, quite hefty / heavy - a bit bigger than you'd expect, but very characterful and great detail. Fulfillment was also extremely fast (not to mention that Darcy is simply a great guy).

    Bryan, you tease. Throw us a bone ...

    Yeah, Bones I had more (I think).

    But it was an extremely good offer, even better than Bones II and III ... more miniatures I think.

    As far as I know (was not on Kickstarter for Bones I), they had calculated the shipping costs too low.
  16. fulfilling

    You have mentioned it a couple of times now: According to you, Reaper charged airfreight prices and shipped by sea. You would like a refund of the shipping cost difference ... Living in Europe, I also had pretty high shipping costs, but nowhere was it said that it would be shipped by air, I always assumed it would come by ship. Where did Reaper say Australia would be air-freighted? (Did not pay attention to any updates about that as it does not concern me ... but as you bring it up so often, I'd like to know).

    I have high expectations ... after three Bones Kickstarters, it's clear that most Folks have the run-of-the-mill stuff (granted, you can always use a couple of adventure / bandit types) ... add to that the some folks (especially RoW backers) are a tiny bit dissatisfied with Reaper at the moment. In my pink and fluffy world, that means that Reaper will try to redeem itself and win back people by offering the best core set there ever was. (do not take that post 110% seriously)

    I have not counted, but I have most of Bones II not painted, all of Bones III not painted, almost all of Black Plague not painted, none of the Blood Rage minis painted, none of the Conan boardgame minis painted, none of my 100 shieldmaiden painted, none of the Rum & Bones II, none of the Sword & Sorcery, none of my Toughest Girls of the Galaxy II ... and several hundreds of other minis ... I keep them in different boxes in different places so my wife does not see all those unpainted miniatures in one place ... (so I probably forgot one or two boxes in my list above ;)).
  19. Pre-launch

    Miniatures look great but as they are - if I understood correctly - the "normal" Mierce miniatures, that's not surprising. The price tag seems a bit hefty, depending on the number of miniatures, so I will probably skip it (but still, I'll look at what they are offering).
  20. fulfilling

    So if we don't hear from Xherman on Monday, the shipment contained everything and he fell in and drowned in Bones?

    I found the Bones 3 core set far better than the Bones 2 ... People want/Need different things (I really liked the villagers and the weapon sets, for example). Core set Bones 3 by the way: Formorian, Fu Dog, Snake, wraith, two-headed dog, 1 donkey, 1 mastiff, 16 Lizard men, 8 crawlies, 4 Orcs, 4 Yetis, 1 Frostwolf, 3 Ogres, 6 Goblins, 6 Were-creatures, 3 Tengu, 2 Kitsune, 2 Oni (one female), 1 Troll, 4 Hobgoblin. ... 67 miniatures, some of them quite big. AND it had Dungeon Furniture (Torture chamber) Core set Bones 2: 2 giant rats, 5 animal companions, undead scarecrow, skeleton on throne, fisman, dragonman warrior, wolf, 8 crawlies, 14 Bugbears/Gnolls, 4 Mummies, 4 Ghasts, 5 Dungeon Monsters, 9 Skeletons, 5 Beastmen, 3 monsters in the "Savage Worlds" pack, Brass Bull, Chimera, 5 Demons, 2 Centaurs, 1 Fae, 1 Nymph, 6 Swamp thins, 4 Dragon hatchlings, 5 Under-the-sea creatures (shark man among them), burrowing horror and basilisk; over 100, there was "Dungeon Décor", but it was - in my eyes - not that great. While I see your point, I don't think even for your needs Bones 3 was bad.

    Don't have the other Bones one ... I got one from Sword & Sorcery (board game), which does not look too bad ... but if this one here is not too expensive, I'll take a very close look.
  23. funded and first two stretch goals reached
  24. The planet of Shin'ar boasts 10 expansive regions to explore, from dust- choked ruins to far off enclaves guarded by logic driven automatons. Manastorm: World of Shin’ar introduces players to the Manasphere, a bubble of radiation that surrounds the planet, given off by mana crystals found deep within the planet's interior. The Manasphere allows those who can tap into it's unlimited power to fuel fantastic feats of magic and wonder. Players will be able to create new magical items from mana crystals that allow the user to cast stored spells on themselves or others, as well as allowing spellcasters to renew spent spell slots. Players must be warned though, the overuse of mana crystals can result in Mana Poisoning, and eventual death and rising as a Mana Zombie. The planet suffers from events known as Lunar Quickenings. The Dri-jen Moon, the smallest of the planet's two moons, has an erratic orbit. When it moves close enough to the planet, the moon causes all mana crystal deposits within the planet to react wildly. Bursts of raw mana saturate the Manasphere and cause fluctuations in its behavior. During these times, portals to unknown planets and planes of existence spontaneously open all over the world, depositing countless people and creatures on Shin'ar. The vast majority of the peoples encountered on Shin'ar are not native to the planet. Many races have migrated to the world during Lunar Quickenings and found themselves stranded when the event ended. Portals to other dimensions and planets can only function during Lunar Quickenings. The Manasphere does not allow the opening of gates or portals outside of Lunar Quickenings, and it has a way to punish those who try to circumvent this. These events last for an indeterminate amount of time. Some have come and gone in the span of a few years, while some can last over a millennium. Lunar Quickenings allow GMs and Players to include all kinds of "homebrew" races and monsters. While Manastorm: World of Shin’ar will offer more than enough to begin to play wonderful and exciting adventures and campaigns, the Lunar Quickenings make it so anything and everything can be encountered on Shin'ar. Terran Empire Publishing will be hosting competitions to include new races and monsters from fans into future products. History has been disrupted multiple times by these Lunar Quickenings, often with the release of demonic entities and other fearsome creatures, some of which could not find their way back home before their portals of origin were closed. Here is where our story begins: the last Lunar Quickening raged on for 38 years, only recently ending and leaving the world to recover once more…. The planet of Shin'ar... The world of Shin'ar is broken into ten regions, and each region has a number of smaller sub-regions. Manastorm: World of Shin'ar will include in-depth write ups and maps that will bring these areas to life for your campaign. Sample Map About Us... Terran Empire Publishing is a small, family run publishing company dedicated to the Fantasy and Science Fiction genres. We have over forty years of Roleplaying experience in both table-top and digital mediums. Terran Empire Publishing has successfully run two Kickstarter campaigns, and the books from those can now be purchased via Amazon, and other online retailers! The World of Shin'ar has been a homebrew concept that has been growing for over ten years. This book is the first of many planned in the Shin'ar Shared Universe! What you get... Manastorm: World of Shin'ar is shaping up to be a massive tome! 16 New Playable Races complete with history, relations with other races, and information on their society and customs! 16 New Hybrid Classes unique to each new race introduced! 6 New Prestige Classes! 40+ New Deities with full write ups on their history, dogma, and avatar forms! New Feats and Skills letting Players create magical items from Mana Crystals! New Spells, including ones that protect from harmful mana and ones that create portals! New weapons and alchemical items unique to Shin'ar and the peoples who inhabit the planet! New magical items unique to the planet including Quasi-magical items and rules on how to make them! 12 New Monsters unique to Shin'ar, including the Unicypus and the powerful Atlanteans! 10 expansive regions to explore, each fully mapped and with descriptions on the societies and people who inhabit them! In-depth write up on the Manasphere, the atmospheric bubble of radiation that powers magic on the planet, including rules on manastorms and mana poisoning! Everything presented in a sleek, full color layout with mind blowing artwork from Terran Empire Publishing's own Evan Rodda, as well as other talented fantasy artists! I should not spend more money ... but I'm interested (read: I backed).

    Somebody else suddenly thinking of the world that rests on a giant turtle ...?