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  1. The Winter Adventurers

    The High Wizard of Midlam has received disturbing reports that a small group of 'adventurers' have headed north, to the forbidden and foreboding Lost Mountains. These distant mountains have long been a source of dread and legend to the people of Midlam. Once home to the great dwarven people, now thought abandoned, the Lost Mountains have been under the grip of a magical winter for endless years. It is feared, that should anyone travel there, they may bring some terrible evil upon Midlam. The High Wizard has sent a small but dedicated group to pursue this 'Winter Party' and force them to return. He has hand-selected a group of his greatest wizards, while the Baron of Midlam has assigned some of his most trusted scouts and warriors to guide and guard them on their search. Midlam Miniatures are pleased to present a collection of nine 28mm scale figures, for all of your winter and snow-based Fantasy games. There is a male and female warrior/scout, female dwarf, male and female halfling, male wizard and apprentice, and female wizard and apprentice, all in winter clothing. I think this time they got me ... never backed one of theirs before because ... I really don't know why I didn't. I always liked a couple of the miniatures ... but this time, I like a lot.
  2. Gunfighter's Ball Wild West Miniatures Game

    Who are the others? I have a feeling I at least know the one to the utmost left, too.
  3. Ducks Lost in the Dungeons of Doom IV: Quack Keep

    This Kickstarter campaign is a collaboration between legendary game designer Jennell Jaquays and sculptor Darcy Perry, following the appearance of ducks in the previous Star Hat Miniatures Kickstarter: Delvers Lost in the Dungeons of Doom III. This is also an opportunity for YOU to contribute! With the Legendary Hero pledge, YOU can collaborate with us to bring new characters to the Quack Keep module and gaming table. The Module This Kickstarter will provide funds for Quack Keep - inspired by classic game adventure modules of the past but written to be more approachable for a new generation of role-players and workable with a wide range of game rules thanks to the 5th Wall Generic Rank System. It even comes with a fold-out GM screen as a cover! The title is a nod to Quag Keep, the first novel based on a roleplaying game, published by Andre Norton in 1978 - around the same time that Jennell Jaquays began producing Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and Runequest modules for Judges Guild. The Caverns of Thracia and Dark Tower are both best-selling examples of her early work, both still in print after almost 40 years. The later inspired Legendary Duck Tower and other Tales, which included a ducky-pastiche of her original Dark Tower cover. It was due to this and her work for Chaosium that Jennell Jaquays "was pretty much labeled as that designer and artist who did the ducks." Eldritch SwanSong. Father Quack. Froduck. Glen Fidduck. The Grey Moulter. Join us for an adventure with Ducks Lost in the Dungeons of Doom IV: Quack Keep! Legendary Duck! YOU be the HERO! Stretch Goals There is a Stretch Goal unleashed for every 1k funding goal reached and each one is a game changer: a new Duck will appear! Either a new Duck Hero or Legendary Duck will be made available for you to choose as part of your pledge. 1k Stretch Goal Unleashed: Oduck! 2k Stretch Goal Unleashed: The Quack Knight! Glen Fidduck is almost a must-have for me ;)
  4. Gunfighter's Ball Wild West Miniatures Game

    second from left ... James Arness - Gunsmoke. Right next to the Duke ... The Rifleman Chuck Connors? Kickstarter exlusive is Clint Eastwood ... that would already be four reasons to back that ... oh dear ... oh dear.
  5. Gloomhaven (Second Printing)

    If you missed the first Gloomhaven Kickstarter (and retail sold out quickly) here is your chance. I backed that game the first time around and could not be happier with the results. Warning ... that box is heavy ...
  6. RPG Tools - RPG/Wargame 3D printable items

    Loads of stuff ... Fantasy and a bit Sci Fi. For better pictures: http://www.kevinrau.com/rpgtoolsks2/ViewAllProductPics.asp
  7. Kings of War: Vanguard

    Hm ... those $25 look tempting for somebody who just wants miniatures. I might take the Northern Alliance warband in full for $45 as I really like the looks of the resin(?) models, too. The whole Abyssal warband with the existing minis is a bit too much for me, but the booster looks nice. That's $70. If they allowed me to replace the Basileans/Nightstalkers in the Vanguard pledge with the Northern Alliance, I would do that ...
  8. Kings of War: Vanguard

    Unruly, see it's exactly that confusion, that lack of clear information, the fact that I have to wade through all the comments to find information about material, old or new sculpts, multi-pose or not that keeps me away from that. With Dungeon Saga, I thought I was well informed of what we'd be getting and Mantic changed a lot of things (from "real" books to digital, for example, from "hefty tome" to "think booklet") ... now we're getting a lot of unclear, foggy information, hidden among hundreds of comments ... so what can I expect? Those renders of the scarecrows should have happened much earlier (and they even managed to put up pictures that are not to scale to each other). And there should be better renders/sketches of a lot of other miniatures, too. If they are using their existing miniatures for lots of Abyssals, why not use pictures of them instead of those "cartoon" pictures? From the artwork, I might get very excited about the Northern Alliance ... but I need a lot more information.
  9. Kings of War: Vanguard

    Hm ... I'm not feeling it. The Giant is too big and expensive for me. I would have been interested in the Vanguard pledge, but: - I'm only in for the minis, don't care about the game. At the moment, 25 Abyssals and 27 Basileans (not interested in the nightstalkers, despite those scarecrows). But ... some of those miniatures are ho-hum for me. I was bitterly disappointed with the original Basilean Men-at-arms and those renders/sketches do not show the new ones in a good light. The panthers don't do anything for me. For a lot of other miniatures, you have no idea what they will really look like. The abyssals might be the saving grace, but what are they going to really look like? Some come from Mantic's existing line, other obviously not. Those small colorful drawings are probably no real indication, only placeholders ... I feel that a lot of things are not as clear as they should be (remember how Mantic did not state from the beginning that those miniatures would come on a sprue and you could pose them differently?). What other things do we not have as clear a picture of as we should? - no size comparison pictures ... some of Mantic's KoW miniatures are way too small for my taste. Pictures of the add-on warbands were promised for today but did not appear. - I'm only interested in some of those terrain pieces. - I'm probably a dwarf, I hold grudges. I'm still not happy about the way Mantic handled Dungeon Saga and I found the original offering for the Vanguard Kickstarter insulting, not enough value by far. They were very badly prepared. Now, after 200% funding, the value is a bit more than what it should have been from the start (in my opinion). I'm not sure it will go much higher as I believe this is a disappointment also for Mantic and they expected much more (and I did, too). So I'll probably save my money (which is not a bad thing considering I just spent $90 on my second "let's see how many Bones I can get away with" binge (Bones pledge manager).
  10. Heroines in Sensible Shoes 3

    If I wasn't already in, that would be another reason:
  11. Atlantis Mythology kickstarter 11/20

    I got the Reaper Bones sphinx which looks like a friendly monster ... the one here ... I'm starting to think about an adventure concerning a "Jekyll and Hyde" Sphinx ... should I go and see a psychiatrist?
  12. Heroines in Sensible Shoes 3

    Happens to me all the time. Guess somehow I took "weak-willed vs. miniature Kickstarters" as a starting-trait ...
  13. Happy Birthday Knight of the Dinner Table !!!

    Thanks again. Very nice of you all (and especially Glitterwolf). Now off to the party (not mine ... it was my wife's 50th birthday yesterday ... yeah, hers is November 9, mine is November 10 ;) ).
  14. Time of Legends: Joan of Arc

    If those minis were 28mm, I'd probably have a hard time spending less than $400. But I'm a 28/32mm only guy and so I made my will roll (difficult as it was). I'm pledging fro Oathsworn and I finished the first part of my Bones IV order ... I might pledge for Mantic's Vanguard (maybe) and that should be enough for now (tries to convince himself).
  15. Heroines in Sensible Shoes 3

    Best knight on a dog I've ever seen. Edit: or best dog under a knight I've ever seen ...
  16. Happy Birthday Knight of the Dinner Table !!!

    Thank you all!
  17. Heroines in Sensible Shoes 3

    Both ;) ... That miniature is a great argument to start using Kitsune in 5e ...
  18. Heroines in Sensible Shoes 3

    You are right. My wife also often says I'm thinking about small details more than it is good for me (or her) ;)
  19. Heroines in Sensible Shoes 3

    Hm ... I took a ruler to my computer screen. The miniature is 9cm (from the toe to the tip of the ear) on my screen (yeah, it will be about 28-30mm in real life, but just for size ideas it was easier to measure simply how big it is on my screen). Now ... knowing my screen, I will not dismiss the chance that it (or my perception / measuring skill) is a bit warped, but still ... The sword is about 7.5cm ... that would mean if you put it upright next to her, the pommel would be around her nose. You say that 2handed swords are 5 to 6 feet, which means 1.5 to 1.8 meters (roughly). A long sword ranges from 3.3 feet (about 1 meter) to 4.5 feet (about 1.4 meters). If a Kitsune is smaller than a human, I'd say her weapons ought to be smaller, too. But based on the numbers above I'd say a sword going up to my nose is much more in the 2hander size category than in the long sword size category (granted, a 6 feet sword would be bigger than I am, but a 5 foot sword would be about my chin, and to reach my nose, it would have to be about 5.3 feet ... very roughly, don't try to sculpt my facial proportions based on that). This is also due to the fact that the hilt of the Kitsune's sword seems pretty long to me, more for gripping the sword with two hands than with one. Numbers aside, it still looks to be a very hefty weapon for such a graceful feline creature (and Lidless Eye's post above shows I'm not the only one thinking so). But be as it may (and I know I'm being very critical and nit-picky here because this for me is almost the purrfect Kitsune ... some things might sound harsher than they are intended to ... English is not my native language and I've got a cold, which always destroys any diplomacy skills I might have ... maybe perception, too ...) .... that miniature is still awesome.
  20. Heroines in Sensible Shoes 3

    I said the same in the comment section that it looks like a 2hander to me ... but the rest of the miniature is just plain and simply AWESOME.
  21. Heroines in Sensible Shoes 3

    That was the plan ;) I can also see myself getting two of them and doing a weapon swap (cut off staff, insert dagger - half hidden behind her back ... and ... assassin/rogue).
  22. Heroines in Sensible Shoes 3

    Really love those two.
  23. Bruegelburg – A day at the fair

    Their last Kickstarter (Dwarves) was full of great, characterful sculpts and delivered very much on time. This here seems a worthy successor (look, Beagle, no Dwarves): Balalaika Maiden: The Gardariki Trade Caravans always include entertainers, poets and the like as well as the more pecuniary-inclined. When the day’s work is done, they string up a tune to entertain at the banquet table. Set 01 – Market Women: Although the actual Fair focuses on the trade of commodities and precious goods from near and far, supplies for daily life in the bustling town is provided by the peasants and small craftsmen from the city’s bailiwick. In many cases, it is the women who man the stalls and wander the market square proffering their goods. Set 02 – No time to chat!: As the market opens, there is always a jostle for the best spots. No time for a friendly chat then, although once the hunting grounds have been staked out, call and chatter fills the various market areas. Set 03 – Georg von Würstenberg, Master of the Butchers’ Guild: Formerly a mere butcher, Georg von Würstenberg made his way to the top of the prestigious Butchers’ Guild, his paunch equalling his influence and power. Some say that, along the way, various rivals ended up in his product, but not to his face! Wherever he goes, he is announced by his herald, Peter Pfefferbeis. Set 04 – Guardsmen of the Butchers’ Guild: The Guilds of Bruegelburg always vie for the prime spot in the City Council, and many are not above using nefarious means to advance their own position. Hence, prominent Guild members are escorted by armed guards, who also make up militias policing various areas of the town where the Town Guards cannot or will not go. Set 05 – Patricians: The richest and most powerful merchants of Bruegelburg are commonly called “Patricians”, and it is they who head the various factions in the City Council. As the Fair opens, they can be seen ambulating across the Grand Hall, sampling wares and making deals. Set 06 – Country Nobles: The City of Bruegelburg is surrounded by various small villages and fiefs, some loyal to regional potentates, some allied with the city. The heads of these fiefs invariably visit the city for the great Fair to see and be seen. Set 07 – Paupers of Bruegelburg: At the bottom of the social ladder, a teeming mass of paupers and beggars, pickpockets and thugs makes a living in the meaner parts of town. As the market opens, they venture forth to profit from charity and carelessness, respectively. Set 08 – A Word in Jest: Entertainment is a key aspect of the Market Day, and Jesters from near and far are happy to provide. Just don’t forget to guard your purse as you watch their antics on the stage! Set 09 – A jesting Tjost: An increasingly popular pageant in recent years is the “Jesters’ Tjost”, a parody of the grand tournaments that hail back to the great days of knights long past, with the entertainers striving for the most amusing way to “unhorse” each other and poke fun at their betters. Set 10 – Days of Childhood: Market Day is a welcome diversion from the often dull and dreary life of kids in Bruegelburg, and gaggles of children can be seen everywhere.
  24. Kings of War: Vanguard

    I would have thought Mantic knew by now (and has already done so) how to start and run a Kickstarter. I almost feel a bit insulted by that offer.
  25. Kings of War: Vanguard

    I will have to wait and see how the warbands fill out once stretch goals are reached. Can I - for example - pledge only for one warband (no rule book, no terrain but WITH the resin miniatures) for $45? Or do I need one of the basic pledges. If so, I hope they add the resins as add-ons. This Kickstarter seems badly planned / prepared ... something I would not have expected from Mantic on that scale.