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  1. congrats I am glad to see you kept at it! Maybe ...... someday... we will be able to purchase these somewhere.
  2. wonderful as usual... I wish I had 1/2 your talent!
  3. search for images of Gold Leaf on ancient statues like or
  4. I would go with a gold flake look. Have the basic stone underneath with gold showing but having some sections rubbed off exposing the core structure. (the aged look)
  5. Broke down to peer pressure. Yay for peer pressure! Looks real nice actually. Well done!
  6. c and d look like bad hair days! a is the best
  7. you going to give him some faded colors (like the pink icing on the doughnut?)
  8. so far I think these are my favorites (don't let the others see this) of the mad creations you have brought to life!
  9. Now you just need to add some dust and your ready to roll!
  10. Good for her! I would say you shouldn't open it until after work! Too many distractions
  11. I like how you went the extra mile and put some tile into the ruins! It steps it up another notch.
  12. Kinda looks like wool thread cut up in pieces. but it is hard to tell from the pic.
  13. You didn't shave a cat to make the nest I hope!