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  1. Ub3r ...always the barbarian wanting everything to weep blood.... Mind you that does sound neat!
  2. Virtue is my vote... it implies numerous things including death taking over territory once owned by virtue
  3. really nice paint job... even when blown up to a full size zoomed in screen image!
  4. Waiting for the first entry.. this might help guide me as well,
  5. Great! And the lighting effect is OSL or Object Source Lighting. (You just knew someone would pop in and name it) I love how you manage to have the courage to bring the highlights so high... I always chicken out!
  6. I am in as well... need to send a PM with the answers shortly
  7. Oh! another group of victims adventurers for the twisted world to corrupt invite in! (more guard bots as well)
  8. He fits in just perfectly... although he does look like he is encouraging someone to smite him.
  9. Can I like again... maybe multiple times
  10. interesting slugs and sluggers!
  11. nicely done. she has a very nice face with lots of character. The weathering also looks great.
  12. I sit corrected... this is indeed one of the Spawn or Dark young of Shub-Niggurath
  13. Love the eyes on the dragons especially the gold in the first pic!
  14. Not sure why you are disappointed?? That turned out very nice and you have brought it alive.