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  1. robinh

    Space marine project

    Most breathtaking.. your attention to detail is so amazing. I only have one question.. Are the boxes meant to stay inside the base as support or are they temporary?
  2. robinh


    Folks September 14th is fast approaching... I hope you are all prepared to send me some WIP updates soon ... (with the exceptions of the fast painters that are already completed of course ) ... time is ticking!
  3. robinh

    Happy Birthday fanguad!

    Happy Birthday
  4. robinh

    Ratpunzel - 77286 - Summer echange

    they are soooo cute ! and this vignette carries the story perfectly!
  5. robinh

    Reapercon BoGW?

    Ship it as I know others are interested in these items as well as minis.
  6. robinh


    Now that is neat! @Pochi you have outdone yourself! @Guildenstern you are so lucky.. might want to lock that up before the teen acquires it!
  7. robinh

    Reapercon BoGW?

    as I am one of those I am obviously willing to ship international as well.
  8. robinh


    PICS! We need PICS
  9. robinh

    Reapercon BoGW?

    Again I would love to jump in on this if it is going international
  10. looks good but I would add a couple more vines to the main temple ruin area. Make them a bit greener as well so they look fresh/alive.
  11. robinh

    Happy Birthday, Glitterwolf!!

    Happy litter arrival day! I hope you and your litter mates are having a great party day! 54 is still young enough to at least party until 8 or 9 PM
  12. robinh

    Ahoy, Canada!!

    For Hannukah there is a Sobeys in Toronto (Clarke and Hilda) that serves the local Jewish community as well as some international clients. They even have a separate butcher area at the other end of the store which is monitored by the local Rabbi's to maintain strict Kosher regulations for safe handling of food products. You might want to call them if you cannot find a local supplier. (just web search the name Sobeys clarke and hilda)
  13. robinh

    Ahoy, Canada!!

    Sobeys purchased the whole Safeway chain in Canada. Which is mostly in Onatrio and West of Ontario to the pacific coast.
  14. robinh

    Ahoy, Canada!!

    If Sobeys has it Safeway will as well.... They are owned by the same parent company (Sobeys) for whom I sued to work as their National Manager of Stores Systems Application Support. In addition those of us out EAST (Atlantic coast) have milk in cartons not bags as well. Ontario and Quebec are central Canada not Eastern Canada!
  15. robinh

    Ahoy, Canada!!

    Fibbers.... nah unless you are a fisherman from either coast then I would say the truth might be stretched a slight bit!