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  1. robinh

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    @Pezler the Polychromaticdo you ship that out east?
  2. The box has left the nest .... I repeat The box has left robin's nest on its way to @NecroMancer ... conditions are not favorable for a speedy departure with heavy winds, snow, followed by freezing rain and then rain But the box is hardy and is up to the challenge, so it has decided to depart and is looking forward to the warmer climes.
  3. yes I did and I will be having after it warms over my coffee this morning. Thanks for the extra treat it is very appreciated.
  4. The box has arrived... Not sure if the mailmen survived... but there was no blood trail in the snow so I am going to assume he escaped unscathed. I have made my selection and as soon as I have the next mailing address it will restart it's journey. Annndddd for those that are curious it went to the middle of Canada first and then had to travel another 1000 kilometers back east to get to me. (which is probably why the local mail person did not get attacked... the box was exhausted after doing an extra 2000 kilometers it did not need to do.)
  5. robinh

    "Coalie" The Coal Golem: SKU?

    you have outdone yourself with this creative use of a limp of coal!
  6. love the gang and I am happy to see a significant usage of orange as a theme color ... its the best!
  7. robinh

    2018 Secret Sophie

    and now for the promised pictures, What was in the box as a whole.... had to hold off eating the bars until after this picture... they won't last long! And now the star of the show Please keep fingers away from your monitor ... we are not responsible for lost digits! drum roll please! The Bones Gnoll Warrior 77388 The amount of detail on this Gnoll's face and figure is quite amazing. also there is ORANGE so what else can I say but PERFECT
  8. Update! It has reached land and the customs people have determined it is to dangerous to hold and released it into the wilds of Canada! (with my luck it entered Canada on the east coast and is now on its way to the west coast to be shipped back to the east coast, efficiency.. what can I say)
  9. robinh

    2018 Secret Sophie

    Mine has arrived in the mail yesterday. I will do pictures tomorrow, once I clean up my desk a bit so you can see what was sent.... really nice!
  10. robinh

    Reaper's Not Quite a Maiden Bust by Cyr

    I KNOW you can pull it off! *** gets comfortable on the couch with bacon wrapped jalapenos to watch the show ***
  11. robinh

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    @TheAuldGrumpDon't forget to provide the occasional back / neck or head rub. She will wake up refreshed and not know why!
  12. robinh

    Happy Birthday cerebro1974

    Happy Birthday! Out of curiosity where you the first baby of the new year in your jurisdiction?
  13. robinh

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Happy New Year to you all
  14. robinh

    Hackmaster/Ral Partha Hobgoblins-lots of pictures

    nice I would add some brownish red rust stains to the Armour to help sell the uncared for look.