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  1. I see nothing to nitpick on that chest. It is lovely. I suspect (like all of us) you are just to hard on yourself. the results show you that you do great work even when you are not trying.
  2. add some flock tufts (not grass ones) into the trees to give more foliage if you need to fluff them out.
  3. The fox is my favorite as well!
  4. of course this does give you a reason to expand your paint supply
  5. nicely done! I like the overall coloring and the transitions.
  6. off to a good start. I like the stirges the best out of the three... but I am partial to non humanoid monsters! As you progress you might want to step up the highlights and step down the shadows... you will hear that a lot trust me. In minis we need to exaggerate the difference so our poor little eyes can pick it up and have our brains accept it.
  7. I like the light-sabers and the OSL on the twins is well done. The OSL on the first (blue) I think is to stark and abrupt . The blue is very strong but does not fade out as it transitions back to the white robe color, but just ends. The blue is also the same strength / opaqueness at the bottom near the light-saber as it is on the shoulder and hood farther away. Mind you I cannot do OSL half as good as this so take my feedback with a truckload of salt.
  8. The second and third volleys have been fired. All exchange partners should have tier messages now. If we have missed somebody please let us know. LET THE FUN BEGIN!
  9. lovely very inventive
  10. I have used them. Just thin them down is all I can recommend. Run some tests until you are sure what pressure and consistency to use.
  11. perfect!
  12. possibly go for a slime or alien green. This could represent the luminescence of the creature showing.
  13. That color combo is perfect! I am not sure how you got the courage to try so many different choices but they make the cockatrice look like a tropical (although scary) bird.
  14. Progress in my case is being made... No Reapercon for me * shakes fist at sky too* RRRRRREEEEEAAAAAAPPPPPPEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!! I have started on the wings trying to blend from Fire red on the arm bones --> Clotted red at the start of the membrane ---> Heather blue for the mid to outer ends of the wing membranes. Sadly my home reno is taking up a bit of my time.. gutted the kitchen and dining room to the outer walls and rebuilding (100 plus year old house) lots of fun! It is also only 9C 48F out there and cold when the walls have no insulation in them .... Sigh!