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  1. Those would be 01545: pumpkin headed bugbear and 01549" headless mousling Both from Repear but the mousling was a limited release.
  2. 2 then 1 is my vote
  3. eyes need a slit pupil I think
  4. looking appropriately battled scarred and weary (plus slightly cranky)
  5. maybe a bit of highlight at the top of the armour on the back (up at the neck area). Looks good to me otherwise.
  6. very clear and crisp photo which shows off the great job you did on this little guy. (you may find that a little honey may work better than annoying him, if you want him to become your professional studio photographer. )
  7. I like! The dry brush brought out the wrinkles and veining in the membrane and gives it that layered look.
  8. nicely done Jay... I see you have made improvements in the basing as well as the painting which I am really happy to see. Your new bases help to level up the display of your minis which they deserve.
  9. looking good to me!! If you don't like the texture of dry brushing one suggestion i can give is to run a damp brush over the section you just hit. This has a tendency to smooth out the texture of the dry brush but still leave the paint there.
  10. and blending...don't forget the smooth blending!
  11. interesting... *** dusts off a seat on the couch and settles in for the show ***
  12. You did good on that eye!
  13. Congratulations an amazing job for months of painting and you did it in 7 days!
  14. keep focused on the finish line as you will cross it sooner than you think. As for updates... don't sacrifice all of the good work you have done to meet the challenge ... finish first then update us... we can handle the suspense... or at least I think we can.