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  1. looking good. my only suggestion would be some highlights of the wing ribs to reflect the highlights of the membrane.
  2. love the cloak!
  3. YAY! Happy Birthday ... May the day bring some awesome armies to craft and paint!
  4. I am hoping some of the Painting Gods (Wren.. Pingo.. Baiely.. Siri.. Ub3r... and others ) who read these forums take a look at your posting (I have not .... for reasons) and provide you proper guidance and motivation. I suspect from reading the comments you are just experiencing frustrations and possible a bit of anxiety which is normal and you just have to push through it... You can also PM a couple and ask for advice ... they always seem to help when asked. I know you have got this PS. I have seen your work in other posts and it is wonderful!
  5. My mini is ready to go and will start its journey on Monday (post office is closed on the weekend )
  6. HAPPY Birthday JAYSONATOR May your day be exciting and bring new things to interest you. I am always glad to see your enthusiastic and positive posts on the various threads throughout the forums. I am hoping you feel up to including some more of your own WIP threads soon. HAPPY Birthday JAYSONATOR
  7. What officer in his right mind would challenge anything the Warrant is doing! The army today....sigh!
  8. Nice! But where is the KOI?
  9. perfect!
  10. Looks even better in hand! I am glad you took pics as I was trying to figure out what background to use to show it off. The base is also well done as I originally thought a piece of real shale was used to create it but after very careful examination I discovered that is is faux shale, it is the paint job that is fooling me!
  11. YAY! A mysterious parcel arrived from Poland..... I have a new stone golem to add to my display shelf! You guys are gonna love it! I will be able to get pics of it up by Sunday once I get the camera setup and figure out how to take a good set of pics for it. It is very well done with multiple colors used on the stone and based on a nice piece of stone (shale I think). Thanks Nameless..
  12. I am confused.... I see nothing to not like in the pics including the highlights??
  13. Nice now it is starting to look like an ancient jungle altar coming to life!
  14. Add one more well wisher to the list! HAPPPPPPPPPYYYYYY BIRTHDAY!
  15. congrats I am glad to see you kept at it! Maybe ...... someday... we will be able to purchase these somewhere.