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  1. Mori Learns Sculpting

    Happy to see you back at it Keep posting as i can learn from you as i watch
  2. generally folks create an entry here to let their partner know it has arrived. Some folks also create a specific entry for their painted minis in the show of thread.
  3. Its like Christmas... you want to shake and peak at the gifts but that spoils the surprise sometimes... what to do ....what to do!
  4. If you are doing a gift only exchange the deadline is dec 15. For painted mini and gift the deadline is jan 15. But if you are ready before then, feel free to summon Santa's sleigh and send your package on its merry journey!
  5. I am looking forwards to the great reveal of the spooky woods. It will be great to see another section of your world come to life in all of its beautiful and sinister atmosphere.
  6. Conversion for Odd PC- Bat-Man-Wolf

    Can I join your D&D group???
  7. Sculpting and casting

    They came out great. I was wondering if you would succeed with the spiral and you did!
  8. So are those shelf mushrooms going to have faces and personalities as well?
  9. lovely (if you can say that about the blight )
  10. perfect having you explain where things went off the rails is more informative than having it done perfect the first time! Keep going this is great and needs to be pinned for future forumites to read.
  11. Rivani iconic psychic

    well done! I can only admire that skin tone!
  12. The skelies have definitely sold the magically raised effect!
  13. ^^^^^^ The barbarian has spoken, ignore at your own risk....... in case you enrage him!
  14. I have not said much... but the second base...pick the second base!.....*** Watches to see what base gets picked ***