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  1. robinh


    nice, After I zoomed in I could see the orc better. Good job I am not sure if it is the picture, but it looks like the toga(?) could use a bit of shading to help define it better though.
  2. robinh

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Actually that is not true... We do have pennies as they were not taken out of circulation but all businesses now round up/down to the nearest nickle. They do not make any more pennies though.. but the old ones are still legal currency. Apparently I should read the whole thread before responding...
  3. robinh

    Happy Birthday, Wren!!

    HAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPYYYYYYYY Birthday! May your day bring sunshine and happiness to you and yours.
  4. I have received a surprise box in the mail recently. The box contained my Spring Exchange mini from @herzogbrian and it contained a very well painted monster that fits into one of the encounters in the "Tomb of Annihilation" adventure.(which I am currently running and he did not know about) This is the octyugh ... sorry... 02737: Dung Monster from Reaper painted up into an interesting blend of colors from purple to green to reddish-pink. I like the way he has used the purple as a background and shadow color for the main skin which has the green as the main color. He then carried that up into the tentacles as the primary color. the mouth and teeth stand out with the color choices he has made and I am sure painting all those teeth deep inside the mouth (not sure if you can see them in the pictures below) must have been very trying on his patience but showed great brush control! Love it! PICS! (cause this is what you really want to see) Another monster to scare the PC's and to add to my display case! YAY!
  5. robinh

    New Hobby Area advice/suggestions

    actually I was thinking of the small scissor jacks found in most cars these days. you can use it on a small stack of scrap lumber so that it is close to the 2x4 and then a couple of twists later the desk is off the floor
  6. robinh

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Use your favorite critic to find the touch up areas... Your friendly camera and computer. Once you load the picks on the computer ALL of the mistakes jump out at you! You can even grey scale it (with a photo editor like gimp -- freeware) which can show you the contrast levels... Instant CRITIC!
  7. robinh

    New Hobby Area advice/suggestions

    nah.. just use a jack to brace the table ,,, with a 2x4 across under the main supports... adjust the legs then lower till it touches the floor and remove jack!
  8. robinh

    Happy Birthday Robinh!

    Thank you the wishes are appreciated.. especially at my advanced years
  9. robinh

    Diorama Advice

    the advice you have received so far is good and not much I can add to it. As a viewer, I can state that the current configuration does not draw the eye to the freeman. He/she just does not appear at first glance and you have to go looking for him/her. I think focusing the worm more towards the freeman would help and possibly dropping the height a little bit to keep them all in the same viewing plane.
  10. robinh

    Happy Birthday Cyradis

    Happy Birthday May today be one of those days ... ( and I am surprised I am typing this ).... that you manage to turn over the rock you have been wanting to find!
  11. robinh

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    nothing new at my end either....... Lets see I am in my fourth month of being laid off-- and its is summer so laid back as well I started up the 2018 SUMMER EXCHANGE sign up thread ,,, so please sign up if you want to particpate http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/81632-2018-summer-exchange/ Other than that... not much painting just lots of yard work and suffering the heat on the couch in the afternoon. Its very SAD when Nova Scotia is hotter than Texas and Florida!
  12. robinh


    SIGN UP is still open