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  1. robinh

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    We in Nova Scotia are generally referred to as BLUENOSER's after the famous schooner out of Lunenburg which won all of it's fishing races and now graces the Canadian dime. New Brunswicker's are Herring chokers and I believe PEI are just Islander's
  2. robinh

    Happy Birthday, Jasonator!

    Happy Birthday Jay! Gratulerer med dagen May you have many Enjoyable surprises on this wonderful day and go to bed exhausted after spending much time celebrating the start of a new year!
  3. Is that a set of eyes peeking out from under the cap of the backup mushroom on the left?
  4. Exchange is now in the mail!
  5. GF box has now departed Canada on its way to the USA!
  6. robinh

    Jasonator's Elf Guards

    Glad to see you back at it! I do like how these imperial guards (which they must be to have all that golden armour and the hallowed Orange tunics) are shaping up.
  7. I have made my final choices. I also invited a fellow forumite ( @Jasper_the_2nd ) to have a look and I have also included his choices. Both of us have added to the box as well and I had to replace the box so it is again very very full! I just need to add some color onto the group paint and it is off to the post office and @AutumnHare. Now the fun part Pictures! Jasper's selections first (not shown is the "Alice in Wonder Land and the White Rabbit" which I gave to him after the picture was taken... because Rabbit!) And now my selections The complete adventuring party from OOTS a Reaper Con mummy mouse from 2016, the dragon wrapping a present, some halflings, a tiefling with a dragon spell effect, some miscellaneous bits, a weapon sprue, a bag o'gold, some munchkin add on cards, and the Shield Maiden bust! Which I took because I could not fit it into the box without damaging it. Yeah that's the reason... really it is ... i swear... OK i wanted it and the other bust, but only one was able to make it back into the box). OH and don't forget the hobby knife!. A very good haul and still lots and lots of stuff in the box for those next in line. Thanks all!
  8. I am on the fence as I am not sure I have the skill to do either bust justice... but then again they are so neat!
  9. The two new guys on the left seem to have some nightcaps on... must have been roused out of bed with all that signing you have been hearing lately!
  10. GF box has arrived from Glitterwolf!
  11. @Generic Fighter BOGW has arrived and is also very full! I will be looking through it multiple times during the day (being laid off has it's advantages especially on a damp Monday) and trying to narrow down my choices. I have already been through it quickly and the choices are just soooo hard to make Once the choices are made I will post it up and send it on its way.. in a new box mind you, as this one has been through the blender they call the mail system a few times.
  12. robinh

    Dark Young (and the restless)

    I suspect that was not the intended use but I will say a very inventive one nerveless!
  13. sooooo true! I am not sure where he finds the energy but he definitely is enthusiastic ... just like the energizer bunny!
  14. robinh

    Happy Birthday Tiniest Rhombus !

    happy birthday I hope you login occasionally to see the well wishes from the forum members. Enjoy your special day