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  1. Getting to Know You ... December Edition

    So, sorry for the delay on the answer, but THIS weekend has been our holiday baking effort. While we’re doing ten or so kinds of cookies, the family signature cookie (and my personal favorite) is the Empire Biscuit: They aren’t technically a specific Christmas cookie, but they go well with our red/green/white decoration theme. Here’s the in-process planning board:
  2. 12 Days of Reaper Begins December 6th!

    And Happy Catdragon Day to you all... I remembered to take a break from the great Christmas baking day to pull the trigger on my order...I think I’m just in for two this year, with the other one being the new Winter Elf. 02861: Abram Duskwalker $4.99 x109715: Medium Skin Tone $9.85 x101451: The Nativity: Wise Man #3 $6.49 x109770: Reaper Ink I $9.85 x109702: Fire Colors $9.85 x1Happy 25th Anniversary! Your order has received 1x Ametrine Earthlyte<br> Merry Christmas! Your order has received 1x Cat Dragon!<br>
  3. 12 Days of Reaper Begins December 6th!

    Aha! The much wanted cat-Dragon makes an appearance! Perhaps a little smaller than anticipated...
  4. A Productive Day of Tabletop Painting

    Thanks! I’ve got a bit to go, but not unattainably so, then.
  5. A Productive Day of Tabletop Painting

    If I could stick to one (or two...or five) projects, things wouldn’t be so out of hand. I now need to peek at Full Thrust and figure how many ships make a game. I’ve got enough SF people to do some sort of Rogue Stars game. Running either of those would provide some additional impetus to the painting. The 1/72 plastics are in a better situation; #1 son and I have had them on the table as recently as June (thought it was more recent than that, but not according to my logbook), and they are now planned for a May convention game.
  6. And I managed to stick with the theme today...
  7. I cleaned up my painting space this weekend, which made it much more inviting: So, with my significant other off on a business trip early this morning, there was little to keep me from queuing up the podcasts and painting as long as I could stand it. I finished a couple of vintage TSR Star Frontiers ships, for generic SF usage: In the vintage SF line, I also did a simple paint scheme on two Grenadier Traveller Imperial Marines, acquired fairly recently from eBay: I had these two Airfix Robin Hood figures started at Thanksgiving. According to the Plastic Soldier Review, these figures were originally released in 1964. While the mold has been in production fairly recently, I noted, from the color of the plastic, that these two are ones that have been in my possession since time immemorial (i.e., sometime around 1972-4), which is a long time to wait to be painted: These Caesar 1/72 elves are a command stand for my fantasy mass battles using Hordes of the Things rules: They’ve been waiting a while, too. My younger son made the gonfalon for me, topped by an earring we found in the parking lot at the ice rink. He retired from skating in 2012, and I’m glad the muses were finally with me today on this project. 10 figures, 8 from primer out...
  8. It’s an IKEA “Hemnes” secretary and hutch. I have no idea if it’s still for sale. But I agree, it’s nearly ideal for a painting station. It would even close if I unhooked the vise and cleaned the surface further....
  9. i discovered there was furniture and carpeting there...::P:
  10. Clean up the den in which my painting desk is located so that I can reach it and sit down easily. advance any of three projects: 1) 1/72 fantasy 2) Vintage SF for roleplay and skimish gaming 3) Vintage Minifigs Tolkien warbands
  11. November Hobby Goals!

    Since the month is nearly done and I just sprayed varnish on the last two figures that were near being done, it’s probably safe to sum up. I started the month without a plan, but I have finished with one, at least temporarily. Oddly enough, everything I did this month fits in. For the next cycle, I’m working on three things:vintage science fiction for roleplaying and skirmish gaming, vintage Minifigs Tolkien war bands for the Dragon Rampant rules, and 1/72 scale figures for a portable fantasy set in skirmish and mass battle, which is what I’m now expecting to haul to next year’s conventions. At Fall In at the beginning of the month, I got a boost on the Tolkien project by finding a cache of ~100 Minifigs ME figures, mostly man-orcs and elves, which will ensure that the hordes of Mordor are sufficient. I got back from that and worked on the vintage SF, but also finished off a couple of ME goblins that have been partially painted for a year. I took these pictures for my blog the other day, so I’ve cropped them as needed. Robots in gray and the goblins are from this month; the bug is from last month: For SF, I finished up a first trial ship, and one old Grenadier Traveller figure. The Grenadier Imperial Marine in the middle is from last month: Then came Inarah’s Thanksgiving paint binge challenge. As posted elsewhere, I finished three stands of 1/72 figures, some 1/72 skirmish figures, and the other four nagging goblins. During the weekend, I had a talk with my friend Ross, who I usually see at Huzzah in Portland Maine in May, and we decided that we already had enough stuff to stage a large 1/72 fantasy game, and we could therefore plan on that as our collaborative effort, which put that on the front burner, so to speak. I got back to work on Monday and had my painting kit, but no extra figures , available at lunch, and finished up a couple of 1/72 individuals for skirmish games (Red Box late medieval Irish, but they look very “fantasy” to me), which just got varnished this morning. I’ve taken in more of the 1/72 fantasy mass battle stuff, but I don’t expect to finish any today or tomorrow. (I only log them as finished with the final varnish coat after basing.) I added that all up and found, to my surprise, that it totalled exactly 30 pieces for the month, so I guess I have a retroactive “Minivember”goal...
  12. And I’m binged out...here’s the total, as based and varnished:
  13. Thanksgiving 2017 Painting Binge

    Finished the last three of these fantasy Vikings this morning, and shifted over to basing. It’s time to go out and do some PT, so everything done this weekend should be dry and ready for a spray varnish coat when I get home. Less than I dreamed;more than I would have done without the kick, so we’ll call it a victory...
  14. Inarah's Minivember

    What is that wolf figure?
  15. I’ve gotten another half dozen fantasy Vikings done, but I ended up going out in search of supplies for Christmas baking, and planning games for a convention in May with a friend, in addition to the painting...