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  1. Chris Palmer, do you have a picture of your pirate tavern handy?
  2. Like Chris, I generally use magnets in the box and steel on the figures. I've shifted most of my storage and transport over to the Really Useful boxes line. Here's one of two boxes of fantasy army stuff I took on a road trip to Michigan at Christmas in 2015: When I have several I generally strap them together with a handle: That's from the same trip. The top box has a collection of scenery and a 3x3 ground cloth for pick up games. The magnet system is enough to protect against road transport and bumps. It won't survive checked baggage handling, being dropped, or being turned upside down. So, your solution needs to be matched to your transport conditions...
  3. There's always a travel paint kit...
  4. Funded

    Yes...I finally backed for one box this morning. I like the looks of the Battlefield crate...
  5. Fourth building with all its add-on bits at the left...
  6. I've had the small one for a year and a half, I guess, and have used it for practice quite a few times until I was fairly fast...I'm using 110 lb cardstock, and guess that failure will be from fatigue at a crease. I guess I should try bending a piece back and forth for a while to see. Here are the dormers for the 4th building.
  7. Here's the fourth building in progress. I still need one more chimney and four dormers for it. The additions, by the way, don't flatten, so the town isn't quite going to fit into an envelope. It should fit into a fairly flat box, though, and all of the three-d add on bits (chimneys, dormers, extensions) are optional. The dormer atachment slots, for example, don't stand out in this picture.
  8. I need to to take a village with me to Huzzah in Maine in two weeks, to use in a 40mm Renaissance game. My collaborator and I have used somewhat underscale buildings for 40mm battle games before, so I thought this would be a good excuse to get some Fold-flat buildings from Fat Dragon done. The building on the left is a basic 4x4 square, which I built a year or so back. The three stir one on the right is new today. Some of my 40s are here to give me an idea whether this looks right. Here's a view of the bigger one, each story extending a bit more... Once I had warmed up, doing another 4x4 small building, with a slightly different layer choice in the printing, only took about 45 minutes. I've three more already printed out today, so I'm hoping to get this finished this weekend. 6 should be enough for this game...
  9. So just off of 273 somewhere? I'm also part of the same group as Chris, and I'm not far from there either. If you could be free on alternate Friday nights, there's a club meeting in Aberdeen, Maryland, probably within a 40 minute drive from you.
  10. Time to start planning your ultracompact, ultraportable gaming set up, suitable for your next's an interesting challenge.
  11. I'm still working on the 1/72 Vikings, but I was also stripping the paint on some more old Minifigs elves and Rohirrim. My near term goal is to get the Viking war bands (36 figures, of which I've got 11) finished, and start into the mid-range project, which is two Dragon Rampant bands built entirely out of Minifigs 1973 Mythical Earth figures. I have one convention and probably one business trip this month, both of which can limit painting (although I do take paint on the business trip). Mythical Earth range, for the curious:
  12. So I posted that after I'd already done my 18 very old school elves and six wargs. In the rest of the month, I actually painted a fantasy campaign map, and about ten 1/72 scale plastic Vikings, which are still waiting for me to accumulate enough of them to mix them onto war-games bases... I'll call it a mixed success, because I also at least got out dancing twice, took an extra i.e. dance lesson, and got on my bicycle for the first time in months, all of which were good things that didn't involve paint.
  13. I'll jump in on the "nice orc" bandwagon! It also looks like you carefully edged or blacklined the colors on the orc. Was this a technique described in the kit? (I've been thinking about buying one for my significant other...)
  14. In our campaign, there are always plenty of Bone Darts and Elemental Blasts flying about. Guess that's what their impacts look like.
  15. I bought in with Alpha...I sold most things in '95 or so and cleared my debts, since I expected the bubble to pop any time. I sold my last two or three Moxes a year or so later to purchase the molds for these 16th century figures: Since then, I've kept one solid Alpha deck for fun (no power 9--debts cleared...), and my sons, now 23 and 26 (who play regularly) assist me in maintaining one Commander deck, also just for fun.