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  1. Realistically, an hour seems to be about my limit. Which is to say, about as far as my daily commute.
  2. Rob Dean

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    I was thinking about starting a topic, but let me try it on for size here. I've been thinking about what it would be like to be just starting out in the hobby and wondering how people get into "this" (for whatever value of "this" they are in for), and how they are deciding what to pursue. I'm way too far from my origins to have coherent memories of what I was thinking...
  3. Rob Dean

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    I usually add free paint (samples and promotionals) to the kit at work. With a sampler order (2 bottles) and an extra tan/caucasian flesh sample to take in today, I am about to run out of space in the usual box, but I’m noticing that the free paint is nowenough of a spectrum to stand alone...one of the samples is even a dark metallic steel/silver.
  4. Rob Dean

    Favorite Holiday Traditions (Open Thread)

    Christmas is baking time at our house. This year, with the recent move and crazy stuff at work, things have been a little light, but we did do six styles of cookies this weekend, with the Empire Biscuits, Russian Tea Cakes, and faux-marzipan strawberries shown below. Next step is to get it all safely given away. For the past couple of years my older son and his girlfriend have pitched in, but their schedules were pretty crazy this year too, so it looks like ~2 gross of cookies is going be the limit this year. He did a few styles last weekend, when he had a window of opportunity.
  5. Rob Dean

    80's Kids

    Oh well, backed it anyway...
  6. So I had some enforced quiet time today and was painting while waiting on car maintenance. I got two things for Ghost Archipelago done (enough for gaming at least), but I need to base them and varnish them before they count.
  7. Rob Dean

    Travel Paint Kit

    And I learned a new trick today. I took the paint kit to sit and wait while getting car maintenance work done. I found that my Ottlite battery was discharged, and the table where I could set up was not near an outlet...but the power cord has a USB plug, so I was able to plug it in and run from my phone recharger for a couple of hours (leaving me at 60% on the external battery, so there was probably more time available).
  8. Rob Dean

    80's Kids

    Interesting! I know just what I would do with these, too, unlike some other equally shiny projects. I see it's the first created, though. Any track record for these people? I suppose I can risk ~50 dollars...
  9. I got a 7 December order with a sampler with a slightly different lineup. I got Finaela instead of Hajad: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/bones pirate/latest/77131
  10. I received my Christmas package from Reaper yesterday, and my Sampler had an ornament. (Last year I got coal in my stocking. ) Anyway, apart from two copies of the Fairy garland piece and the monthly Dungeon Dweller, the box also contained a sample paint color: Looks like something in the flesh range...I am now almost to the point where I can do miniatures entirely with promotional and sample paints. Sounds like a good challenge...
  11. These are the “premium plastic”. I had no particular issues with the first two I painted...think I just used a white spray primer on them:
  12. I ordered a package from Reaper on Friday, and received a notice that it's on its way, but what arrived first was a group of three figures from Hero Forge. I haven't decided on the rules, but these are ultimately destined for some sort of Bordertown-like urban fantasy game. I am doing this utterly backwards, building some evocative (to me at least) miniatures and then constructing a setting around them. I figure if I don't order them any faster than I paint them, I can probably manage this. My initial order of two have been painted, and I have another group of three ready when I finish these. I didn't notice until after I had pulled the trigger that all three of these were sporting animal companions. My son's comment yesterday, upon seeing them, was to ask if I'd been reading The Golden Compass recently and the gave everyone a daemon. (No, although it would explain it, had it been true...)
  13. Rob Dean

    Stonehaven: Elf Librarian (better photos!)

    Definitely one of my favorites from the Stonehaven elves!
  14. Well, the pleasant offer of an opportunity to buy them afterwards helps me considerably this year...I think I’ll put in one order tomorrow and pile on, then we’ll see. I’m ridiculously far behind on painting this year...
  15. I think I ended up with 3 or 4 as well... I’m hoping the rest of you get your shot at the cat dragon this year; the one I missed was the ornament automatons. What I’m really eager to find out, though, is how many new specials they have.