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  1. Rob Dean

    Small Space Gaming and Hobbying

    So, my son is in for a visit and was dredging through a box of old pictures looking for shots of the 1994 New Year's party where we all dressed as our favorite Magic cards, and I found this one along the way. It's a tiny English Civil War skirmish game played solo, and involving perhaps fifteen figures plus sheep. Something can always fit into a space big enough to eat dinner (although this one is on a moving box in lieu of a table, perhaps 16 by 24 inches or so).
  2. Rob Dean

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    That is an awesome map. You might want to take a look at Jared Blando's book How to Draw Fantasy Art and RPG Maps. If I can use the instructions to draw something not too terrible when I have no drawing ability at all, you might be able to as well...
  3. I’m going to be moving soon and have been considering the question of how much scenery is enough. Here’s my aquarium plant jungle collection on a 6x6 ground cloth for estimating purposes. It looks like I could make about 15 square feet (5x3) virtually impassible to miniatures. I’m thinking that a 5x6 game would be about the max I’m really prepping, so with hills, rocks and villages too, perhaps half that would be enough.
  4. Rob Dean

    Gencon: The Loomining

    So, before I touch them up and base them, here were my speed paint entries from Gencon, Reaper, Iron Wind, Reaper, and Reaper final from left to right.
  5. Rob Dean

    Portable Fantasy Reinforcements

    So I’m finally back home and on to basing these figures...
  6. Rob Dean

    Ral Partha Cold Drake - but green (pic heavy)

    Should be...it’s from the “Personalities and Things that go Bump in the Night” range, original catalog number in the low 70s (i.e., 01-07x), and he’s credited with everything up to the 140s or so.
  7. Rob Dean

    Portable Fantasy Reinforcements

    Base mockups:
  8. Rob Dean

    Portable Fantasy Reinforcements

    Possibly so. I made a slight mistake on them, by spraying them with a Rustoleum oiled bronze instead of the flat black I’d intended, and seeing what I’m doing has been harder. My metallic drybrshing is a bit off over this as well.
  9. Rob Dean

    Portable Fantasy Reinforcements

    These horsemen, by Strelets, are rather roughly sculpted. The overall base, once the third is done and basing added, should be adequate for battle, if a little impressionistic.
  10. I’m on the road; post-Gencon, my muse is informing me that I need more troops for the Portable Fantasy Campaign. I try not to ignore her lest all inspiration leave me, so here we are so far. Most of these figures are from Accurate, with a couple of other makers mixed in. I brought a bunch and don’t expect to run out; we’ll see how far I get.
  11. Rob Dean

    Gencon: The Loomining

    I did ok in speedpaints, but my son won the Reaper finals:
  12. Rob Dean

    Ral Partha Cold Drake - but green (pic heavy)

    I agree; that dragon looks great in green, and I have one I did that way as a “Generic”myself...
  13. Rob Dean

    A LOTR inspired orc army for Dragon Rapant

    That orange ends up looking like something in the tanned leather spectrum, so looks good to me...
  14. Rob Dean

    If you're going to Phil-a-delphia.....

    Aberdeen is in my neighborhood. Unfortunately for visitors, they closed out the Ordnance Museum a few years ago and the collection has been moved. So a visit to see the tanks would be a disappointment. If you do drive through Amish country, and don’t already know about them, be aware that they are a sect noted for their cautious adoption of technology. Automobiles are not on the approved list, so you share the road with horse-drawn vehicles.
  15. Rob Dean

    Travelling with minis

    Sorry I haven’t been on this week. I use one with the brand name Strap-a-handle, which I got from Amazon. I also wrap a lateral strap around it the other way, which is just a simple buckle/webbing thing from the auto department at Walmart. Here’s mine in the overhead on the way to Indy on Tuesday.