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  1. My rather enormous “I Want it All” box from The Fantasy Trip revival kickstarter arrived today...
  2. Oh my, it’s time to work on my storage, I guess. Now that we’re here at the reality two years later, it’s a little disconcerting to realize that present-me doesn’t have a firm idea of what 2017-me was thinking about with some purchases. It looks like my Ghost Archipelago set-up is due for a boost, though...
  3. That'll be good...After Bones 4 I could start a second box.
  4. Rob Dean

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Well, at least the weather here in the mid-Atlantic states is better today than it has been lately. I got on my bike for a little warm-up ride at lunch, though that was a trade-off with painting.
  5. Rob Dean

    Happy Pi day!

    I work in an office of mostly engineers, so it wasn’t out of character for our boss to show up at lunch with fast food apple pies for everyone. If I haven’t retired by next year, I should bring in a proper pie...
  6. EBay, Noble Knight Games, or the sale sections of the rpg.net forums...
  7. I expect that most of us are painting as a break from busy lives. I’m interested in knowing how much painting time people find, regular or binges, time of day, and if you’ve had any success in finding more... Personally, I tend to paint in blocks of several hours on weekend days when I can, which isn’t that often. I’ve long tracked painting completions (since ‘95 continuously now), but not how often or how long I spent painting. I started a habit tracker this month to see, inspired by my brother who set a goal of 30 minutes a day. So far it’s been an unimpressive 5 of 11 days. At home I do most of the painting between breakfast and lunch, which is often quiet time on the weekends because my SO is able to sleep in and I am not. My best found time technique is to have a second paint set at work, and paint at lunch if there isn’t a work crisis.
  8. It’s Ghost Archipelago day again already... battle reports to follow, no doubt.
  9. Rob Dean

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    If really in doubt, close your eyes and paint the first mini you touch. If you finish it, great, and if the Muse doesn’t touch you, perhaps she’ll clue you in on what you should have picked up...
  10. Rob Dean

    1/72 Plastic Medievals — Quiet Sunday

    Definitely some fantasy physics going on there...
  11. I had a fair amount of time to sit and paint yesterday, and I have been working recently on my portable fantasy game project. So, the muse decided to inspire me to do more. (I don’t like to argue with the muse, lest she depart unappreciated...) The two single figures are from an oldish Italeri Crusaders set. If the shields look rough, it’s probably because I needed to carve off the molded design to start. I need to increase my speed on horse painting, so I ended up finishing off the trio stand of Strelets knights, and was reminded how difficult Strelets is to work with. I will have to scrounge around and see what I have that would be easier; my campaign plan says I need a dozen stands of three, so I’ve got ten more to go.
  12. Looks like a nice clean copy. What printing? Are you playing/considering playing 1e?
  13. Rob Dean

    Raise your hand if it's snowing

    We got a couple of inches, enough to cause a weather delay at work. Since I didn’t really need to shovel anything I invested the found time in finishing up a couple of battle reports for my blog.
  14. My battle report is up on my blog. As the player, it was a better session than last month, but I was one turn too late to fight effectively for two treasures, so it was a slender month. At least I didn't lose any more specialists, though it was a near run thing with my pearl diver, who had a run-in with Chris's Warden. Edit: And a second battle report from last Saturday...
  15. I have two goals left over from last month: Standard bearer for my Ghost Archipelago crew (before the next game 9 March) Additional Burrows and Badgers figures New this month: a unit of horsemen (vintage Riders of Rohan) 1/72 fantasy (something something mass battle stand) Something historical (early Dark Ages Britons or Saxons most likely)