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  1. Maybe we should post a few squads for discussion purposes...
  2. You're quite right about the errata; my apologies. I just noted that it was a six page doucment when I downloaded it last night. I'm still going to give it a try, becuase it may look fiddlier than it is. I've played a fair amount of Song of Blades and Heroes, which I like quite well. Our foray into it was disrupted by our Frostgrave campaigning, not because of any significant issues with the rules. In thinking this through, I also realized that I have one similar game on my shelf, Fantastic Worlds by Rattrap (the guys who ran .45 Adventure games an cons but who have disappeared lately), which I also remember as being a little fiddly. It's probably worth a second look, since I have it...
  3. I picked up a copy of Osprey's Rogue Stars rules when they came out. I still haven't had a chance to play, but I'm not thrilled with the 6 pages of errata for a 64-page book, and the general level of lists of modifers. At least the Quick Reference Sheet is available online now, which it wasn't at publication last Christmas. Anyway, that leaves me with a growing collection of very generic SF figures and possibly no rules. I'm looking for any recommendations for a similar set of rules for small crews or squads that can absorb a wide range of generic figures. I don't care about popularity or continuing support, since I am expected to do this on my own, so I don't really care whether there is an attached miniatures range (as long as it isn't required...) Any suggestions?
  4. The original Ral Partha catalog numbers were 02-070, -072, -073, and one of -079...
  5. Well, yes...::D: Unfortunately for me, Charge is a pretty open game without much scope for treachery. The main disincentive is the set up time, with all of those individually based figures. We had about 400 between the two sides this weekend, I guess. How big a table can you deploy in your basement these days? For Frostgrave you're sometimes running 5x12?
  6. Norman and I fought our battle today. I did my best, but old age and experience was of no avail today. Perhaps I'll have better luck next time...
  7. OK, I'm in. Location: Maryland as well International: Could. Could join in the MD to world box send... Start a box: Yes, I've got that much available now.
  8. Thanks! In my house, we played miniature war games this morning, and I got taken out for dinner last night, so it would be hard to be better.
  9. My son came up for a visit including Father's Day. We got in several games of Hordes of the Things this morning using our 1/72 plastic armies. As soon as we get some brunch on the table, it'll be time to run a 40mm imagi-nations game, which has been set up in the family room since yesterday:
  10. For various reasons I got out a little late in the day, so at my FLGS there must have been quite a few people. They did have the 1 per person sign out, but all the Starfinder and Conan books had been taken; I could have had Numenera, but I ended up with a copy of Troll Lord's Borderhounds thing. I ended up buying a Goodman Games book called "How to Write Adventure Modules That Don't Suck", off the "new stuff" rack, about which I knew nothing in advance.
  11. Got an orc shaman and a unicorn done for my all-Iron Wind Metals Chaos Wars group...
  12. They cast and sold those figures; that's a connection of some sort to my mind, even if no personalities are involved.
  13. What there is/was, though, is an overlap between Reaper and Heritage, but somebody else would have to tell that story.
  14. Looks like the werebear is headed for a Frostgrave game?
  15. Right. I bought Prince August molds for tricorne guys when my son was a baby, figuring I'd have them ready when he was. It ended up taking about ten years. He's scheduled to be in for a visit tomorrow to play with them, in fact...and he's now 27. So, yes...early start...