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  1. It wasn't nearly as difficult as I thought that it might be, and took me about six or eight hours at a time when I was constrained to be in a hotel waiting on events. I'd usually paint miniatures, but wanted to get this done since I have a use for it. The next one will be for a different collection of miniatures, be about 16" by 24" ( roughly doubled dimensions, four times the surface) and painted with more subdued colors. I have an intro to watercolors book to read while penciling and inking.
  2. Yes, a few weeks ago, and even that was enough that my federal refund has already been deposited into my account. As for the second part, I guess it depends on what you would consider fun. I dropped the whole amount in my "hobby" sub account, so I can do whatever I want with it. But, realistically right now, time is much shorter than money, so there isn't much that I could buy that I'd get more use out of than what I already have. So it's waiting for a rainy hobby day...
  3. I bought a humidity meter from Lowe's (a home improvement store for the non-Usonans) so that I can see when I'm in danger before I get started...
  4. Well, let's see; first is some kind of cheescake, so I guess that makes chocolate chip cookies second...
  5. Fulfilling

    So what's the next project up?
  6. Since it's for a solo campaign, I'm sure of it.
  7. I am working on an idea for a fantasy miniatures campaign, and needed some sort of area movement map which would match the proposed forces. I have Jared Blando's book How to Draw Fantasy Art and RPG Maps, which formed the basis of my method. Since I'm not much of an artist, I kept it to the simple end of what he shows. In a perfect world, I would probably have penciled the whole thing and then inked it, but I'm not a patient guy. . So I worked it in stages. Here's the completed piece, ready to laminate for game use. Working with watercolors (a cheap set) was interesting; the techniques are different enough from what I'm used to in acrylics that I ended up with some unfixable oopses, but it will do for what I need, which is to use for game background...
  8. It looks like my main goal this month is going to be to work on 1/72 scale plastic Viking-style barbarians, for a "campaign in a box" initiative. My brother is after me to paint some Ral Partha stuff for Gencon, and the club Frostgrave game is always just around the corner, but I think it's going to be 1/72...
  9. The robe color is nice; very bold. Did you choose to camoflauge the faces in the smoke?
  10. After much delay, I finally applied the clear coat to these figures yesterday... as you can see, I ended up splitting the difference on the elves; the king and bodyguards got a distinctive round stand, and everyone else went on half-bases (30x60 instead of the usual 60x60). I've acquired another lot of 18 more (to my surprise), so it looks like I'll end up with two units of twelve, one of six, the command stand, and three reserved as individuals when I'm done with them; I haven't started stripping the paint yet, so that's still some way off.
  11. Glad you're raising her right. Being the parent of two adults has been interesting; I've been happy with the way we have come to interact as peers. My younger son, though, is off at grad school 500 miles away, so we don't get the opportunity this year to be our self contained gaming club. Like this day last spring, where we all got together ar the student union at the younger's school for a couple of sessions of a Hordes of the Things campaign.)
  12. At 27 he's not so young any more. He's also not too young in the hobby, having been raised with it. I've lost track, but I think his first convention GM gig was when he was about 12...Here he is running a late Bronze Age Egyptian/Hittite chariot scuffle (with home rules) at Historicon in 2014: He seems to have had fun, in any case. I got a picture from him on Wednesday of his first treasure marker, so he's working on the game. (In between 1/72 scale plastic figures for a fictitious countries 19th century project...)
  13. Fulfilling

    My mystic circle and freebies arrived in the eastern US today! Huzzah!
  14. So I see that the upgrade allows pictures to be posted in forums that didn't allow that before? Here in its correct location is a link to a brief report on Daturday's Frostgrave game with a couple of pictures. If this attaches properly, it should be apprentice Rosemary moving off field after a successful raid, protected by an elemental shield.
  15. fingers seem to be faster than my brain today...