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  1. It's day (-1) of Gencon. With a day zero game to run tomorrow, it's off to Indianapolis today! I'll be in Reaper Speed paint rounds 4 and 5 on Saturday at 1400 and 1500. I wonder what the subject(s) will be...
  2. Pingo, the gargoyle thing in the first closeup picture is a later Ral Partha gremlin, from the 01-028 Gremlin Warband set. I know that LMW lists it as "Version 2", but that entry needs correcting. It's the last of the three versions. Any news on the status of my box? It seems overdue...
  3. Live

    Yes, they could have pushed the publicity and then done a short one; perhaps not as short as Oathsworn's one day one last Christmas, but no more than a week.
  4. My troops are all mustered and loaded to embark on the trip; my packing list will be checked again today.
  5. Live

    When I went looking for these, I was surprised to find how limited the shopping options actually were. I'd have gone for more hemispherical ones had I been able to find them. (Or, in short, I agree...)
  6. Live

    Yes. You can barely see in the background, but my wizard is the Bones guy with the spell effect over his head, and these are sized to fit over him...
  7. Live

    For energy shields, are you guys thinking something like this, but in Bones and possibly textured? This is an acrylic display dome I've been using...
  8. I switch between a Fate dice ring and a 2d6 ring...
  9. Live

    So I upped my pledge earlier today to cover the statues; besides the Hut, wonder what other scenery we might see...
  10. My main goal is to have fun at Gencon. I primed a dozen goblin wolf riders (Ral Partha) yesterday, then packed my travel boxes and realized that I had no space for them anyway, so I think I'm taking it easy this week. After Gencon, we'll see...
  11. Live

    We are probably approaching the slog, where reveals will be days apart. That's been the pattern for the last three, so no need to stress--they all turned out to have plenty of exciting stuff. Clearly, though, the more you already have, the harder it is to get excited.
  12. I've been amazed with what one can find with some patience, so my wish list is getting pretty short. I want some more early Minifigs orcs from their "Mythical Earth" range, enough to round my unit up to a dozen, and there's a pose like this, but with a shield, that I don't have an example of (pay no attention to the human on the right):
  13. Live

    To be honest, the only thing that would excite me about a really big dragon would be to have it designed so that other figures could stand/climb around on it...
  14. Live

    So, I am hoping that Bones 4 will be including some scenery items. I am also wondering whether the presumed technical difficulties with horses have been worked on/out. As a miniature wargamer primarily, it has been difficult to build armies/warbands without cavalry. The one horseman from Bones 2 is a bit flamboyant (and isn't he left handed as well?) for a multiple figure unit, and the centaur poses work better as individuals than as units.
  15. I am not at all sorry that I backed Bones 1, 2, and 3, but the fact of the matter is that playing with all that fantasy revived my interest in my vintage fantasy figures, so I'm not using that many Bones right now. I have a dollar in to get the updates, but I'll be looking for scenery this time around. The announced Chronoscope set looks somewhat interesting. My upper target is under $200; I'm definitely feeling pretty saturated at the moment.