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  1. Rob Dean

    Ral Partha Dragon Lady by Tom Meier

    “Dungeon Lady” ... hence the ragged dress.
  2. Rob Dean

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Dance instruction is always a good choice.
  3. Rob Dean

    40mm Renaissance Reinforcements

    I have been having a couple of rough and hectic weeks at work, so I hadn't picked up a brush in a couple of weeks. I finally got an hour or so earlier this week to get back to the next group of these Renaissance guys. These three will be a command stand for my swordsmen in our home-rules game. I started with the officer, who is supposed to be wearing a buff coat (leather) in yellow-brown. It's still a little more yellow than I like, probably due to the fact that I was painting with my travel kit and mixing things from just a few colors. My historical fashion sense suggests that he's really sculpted to be from around 1580, give or take, so I put stripes on the pants to pass him up a bit among the earlier (1520-ish) landsknechts. (Did I mention this is a "toy" project, so we make do with what we can get...?) Cuffs and collar will eventually be layered up in white, so that there is more of a contrast with the coat, and the sash will eventually be red.
  4. Rob Dean

    Chronoscope Minis we'd like to see, #4

    Most of our Ghost Archipelago figures are Reaper; it would be nice to have some Bronze Age historicals of similar size to use as the game's Dricheans, or to run some sort of small Trojan War (say) skirmish game with...
  5. Rob Dean

    RPG-ing 1980's Style

    So, I'm an OD&D era player, having started in 1976. I converted that game to AD&D1e, and was in hiatus during the whole 2e period. My older son was of an age to play when 3.0 came out, so I bought back in, but I don't really view 3 as all that compatible with the early versions. (He plays 3.5 to this day, in a weekly game...) But D&D is far from the only RPG to experience a total rules change between editions...Traveller has been through that a couple of times, too, as an example that I follow. I've always figured that it was some business school paradigm at work.
  6. Unfortunately it now seems to be out of production; that's a Dark Platypus "Eyedra".
  7. Rob Dean

    Podcast recommendations?

    Except that Season 2 is a Monster of the Week game...
  8. I've used a set for a long time, though I only have the +1, +2 and +4. I don't see any particular reason, though, why you wouldn't be able to use a 58 to 46 filter converter ring to use the large set on either size lens. I still have a whole collection of rings, although I am now down to a smaller set of lens sizes, and was gradually standardizing on the largest filter. The closeup lenses, as I recall, though, were a bit pricey in 67mm, which I think was the biggest I had, so I did that work with the 49mm lenses, that being the size I first purchased. (For a 4x5 camera...) Something like that? I got mine from Micromark ("Clip on Magnifier Set", catalog number 86416), and they came in a set of 2, with a +2 and a +4 diopter. They are attached here to my reading glasses, and form part of my travel paint kit for when an Optivisor is too much to carry. Practically, I only use the +4s, because for miniatures painting if I need to see, I really need to see.
  9. I got a package of 8 16th century figure molds from Berliner Zinnfiguren this week. On the plus side, they look like nice molds, but on the minus side, they were advertised as 40mm figures, and they are solidly 54s and will therefore not mix with my existing 16th century stuff.
  10. That's good to hear. My brother picked up a copy and has been after me to be painting a war band before Gencon.
  11. Rob Dean

    40mm Renaissance Reinforcements

    I finished up the pike stand yesterday, so now it's on to the command stand...
  12. Rob Dean

    40mm Renaissance Reinforcements

    Ok, since I have other things to do today, I am procrastinating productively, and have the pikes ready for basing.
  13. I used to be like that, but I don't have easy access to used book stores anymore, so I just do things the easy way when I want to read something...
  14. The odds are that you can repair with the E6000 if the hot glue doesn't hold.
  15. Rob Dean

    June Hobby GOALS!!!!!!

    Well, May was a very slow painting month for me. I have four figures still stuck in basing, a unit of a dozen vintage orcs about half finished, and I was suddenly inspired to work on something else entirely (40mm Renaissance). Given the likelihood of increased work stress this month, and a sudden piece of work for my mostly-moribund second job in freelance proofreading, I will either be too busy to paint much, OR desperate to do anything to take my mind off the other problems. So, I think my goal is to not worry about painting, and just accept whatever the Muse sends me...