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  1. Nice! As an aside, I guess I keyed in on reading "yellow", 'cause I read the second tag as "Disciple of Citron" at a glance...
  2. Fulfilling

    Please. The science fiction thing, the kids, or scenery, by preference....
  3. And the box arrived back here today!
  4. So, as an indication of what I'm thinking, here's my father's Christmas village, set up under the coffee table. All of his HO figures are on individual or pair bases. For the Reaper Christmas figures, I'm not expecting to add a railroad...
  5. Makes sense to me...
  6. Fulfilling

    My brother got his, in Indiana, and he's already cleaned and primed the house and has the first color layer on most of it. I'll see if I can prime the house this evening...
  7. On the other hand, at least Emma has some personality. The one I struggled with was Mansfield Park, where I recall Fanny, the protagonist, being so milky that I struggled to connect. Perhaps I should give it a try again and see if I have a different opinion...
  8. So, the box is on its way back to me. Time to set up the next circuit.
  9. Fulfilling

    My package arrived today as well, in the eastern US...
  10. I'm out and about with my travel paint kit again. This time, for some variety, I switched up projects and am working on some figures for my "modern" figure skirmish games. The two figures here are now awaiting base completion. First up is Erick, Paladin Initiate (03715). I got him as a prize last year at Gencon, for winning a speed painting round. I'm thinking that I'm going to end up with a little war band all out of speed paints, free figures, and prizes. I'm not entirely happy about the eyes, but they won't really show in a tabletop game environment. The second figure was a freebie from Shapeways from Gencon this year. I was favorably impressed with the surface finish they were able to achieve. I've called him "Mr. Spiky" while working on him. With the general look of the gear, I decided to interpret him as a half orc, and decided that the shield was formed out of some sort of dragon scale.
  11. When it becomes a real WIP, I will. Unfortunately, the key word was "imagining"...::P:
  12. For mine, I'm imagining that I'm going to pout them on separate bases so that I can move them around as new ones get added. I'm thinking a winter village scene, and I know somewhere in my card buildings pdf collection I have snow-covered ones...
  13. So, I still need to finish 6 Saxons to make a Dux Bellorum base, and I'm about to head out on a trip with two of them, plus a team of 6 miscellaneous modern fantasy figures. I think that I am building a war band out of my speed paint figures and the prizes associated with them...
  14. It might have been a low bar, but I didn't clear it. I did the three cavalry, and then did an unplanned excursion with a couple of 54mm medievals, and finished up the month by completing the basing on my 5 Gencon speed paint figures, plus one barbarian from the Box of Good Will. So it wasn't a total loss; just not quite what I had planned.
  15. Oh, I'm definitely a tabtletop painter. Since there is always a game in the planning phase, there are always '20' more miniatures that need to be painted. I have not yet been able to develop the patience to put many hours of work into a single figure with so much always backlogged. As as far as commissions go, I am painting for pleasure most of the time, and that would feel too much like work. I've done a few units for the Ral Partha Chaos Wars demo sets, and that can start to feel like work when inspiration runs low.