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    Getting To Know You July

    Without the subsidiary detail, before I head out the door one pocket has my wallet, a cargo pocket has my cell phone, another pocket has a handkerchief, Swiss Army Knife and keys, and a shirt pocket has a notebook and a combined 0.5mm pencil and four color pen. My briefcase or book bag varies but usually includes a water bottle, emergency snacks, spare writing implements and notebooks, a book in case I have to wait somewhere, and an mini All Rolled Up with a basic dice assortment. In case a game suddenly breaks out, of course...
  2. My Kickstarter package of the new edition of Greg Stafford’s Prince Valiant rpg and scenario book came yesterday. This has been much delayed due to the untimely death of Stewart Wieck, the organizer, but his associates, to their credit, kept us informed and got it completed.
  3. With my Kickstarter reprint/3rd edition of Triplanetary (originally GDW, 1973) having arrived, I’ve been reading the solar system-based rocket tech Heinlein juveniles Between Planets, Space Cadet, and The Rolling Stones for the nth time. I’m also chipping away at Guy Halsall’s Warfare and Society in the Barbarian West, 450-900. It is as dry and academic as it sounds, but it is background reading for a wargaming project for late Roman and post- Roman Britain.
  4. Rob Dean

    Mantic Terrain Crate

    Has anyone had specific problems? I hit a test piece (broken fence section) with the Rustoleum Americana (Bonds to Plastic!) primer I usually use, and it's dried properly and isn't sticky five hours later. I wonder how long I have to let it sit before I conclude that it's safe enough.
  5. Rob Dean

    Mantic Terrain Crate

    I got the battlefield crate and the Dark Lord's tower extra set; the only thing that was seriously bent was the cart. I haven't tried boiling it yet, but I have hope...
  6. I had to take the car in for some service today, so I threw my travel paint kit in my bag and grabbed a few Burrows and Badgers figures. My brother recently decided that we should play Burrows and Badgers, and has a war band painted up. I don't know if I'll have mine done by Gencon or not, but at least I now have a figure of my own. Of the figures which I picked for my first batch, one's a landsknecht and two are in tartans, so I decided I'd better start with somebody simpler. When I checked the Oathsworn site for a hint on the weasel fur markings, I was amused to discover that I had decided on a very similar color scheme. I am considering this to be a speed painting practice item; it only took me about 45 minutes to do. As usual, I attracted quite a few curious passers-by.
  7. Rob Dean

    Small Space Gaming and Hobbying

    A little compressed space project: a magnetic whiteboard face attached to the top of one of my travel boxes. The magnetic walls are an OOP Dark Platypus Bendy Dungeon Wall set.
  8. Rob Dean

    Small Space Gaming and Hobbying

    Thanks. Their previous Kickstarter was for double-sided mats with different designs on each side, which could have been even more space efficient.
  9. Rob Dean

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Relatively soon. I'll be finding room for Leonardo, since Renaissance (and NQSYW) is a "permanent" project, but there will be a lot of trimming to be done before the flea market at Barrage. Somewhat farther, I'm afraid; heading out to Newark, Delaware, but it's still basically orbiting the same star. Getting down for a GA game isn't going to be an issue. Thanks! Unfortunately, the best I can do on that is to suggest that you only allow one thing on the table at a time. Upon moving, I'm probably going to be back to temporary hobby space, so that's what I'll be doing. When you say project, but the way, are we talking about "a figure", "a terrain piece", or "two matching armies in a new period and a new scale"?
  10. Rob Dean

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    It has been quite the weekend. I don't relish change for the most part, but it looks like there is plenty coming. My partner agreed to marry me a few weeks ago , and we have been looking at houses for the next stage of life. Now, I'm on the high end of ages for the Reaper Forum, so this is a second marriage in both cases, and the next stage is retirement. I have concluded that I should tell work that I will be planning to retire early next year, which means that I feel a moral obligation to get things ready for someone else to take over, which is going to add more stress. We put in an offer on a house about half an hour from where we now live, and further from work, which is one of the factors going into the retirement decision. More to follow...but I think I'm going to go bicycle for a while to think.
  11. Rob Dean

    Mantic Terrain Crate

    I received my shipping notice on Friday as well, with an arrival estimate of tomorrow. I’m looking forward to this; all of your early reviews seem pretty positive.
  12. Rob Dean

    Paint kit on airplane? Advice?

    What is the allowance for liquids in Europe? I’d pack the shampoo and toothpaste before I’d pack the paint. I’ve always carried my travel paint in my carry-on and kept it small. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/72131-travel-paint-kit/
  13. Rob Dean

    Small Space Gaming and Hobbying

    I can’t link them, but I really like the fleece mats from Cigar Box Battles. I think I’m up to five. They don’t seem to crease, and they fold up fairly compactly.
  14. Rob Dean

    Small Space Gaming and Hobbying

    And this is on my mind because it looks like I and my partner will be moving soon, and I’m going to have to make the actual hobby space clean, presentable and dual-use, though it looks like there should be enough room for storage. It does seem like a good time to thin things out somewhat, though...
  15. Rob Dean

    July Goals!

    Well, after a few bad weeks, my main goal for the month is to paint something (or anything)! I did finish the last figure for a stand of Renaissance troops this morning, and a scruffy ancient Minifig science fiction figure yesterday, so it won’t be a zero month. (Provided I have time to do their simple base treatments today...)
  16. As I posted the other day, I have been inspired to put in some work on my 40mm Renaissance project, for the first time in six years or so. After doing the visual inventory, I concluded that what I most immediately needed was more pikemen. So, digging through my bags of raw castings, I pulled out a dozen pikemen base figures and a few other near term wishes. I haven't done the metal work on these figures in a while, so I warmed up with a second need, putting together three figures to form a command stand for lighter infantry, and then went on to do four of the easier pike conversions. The basic body is a halberdier, but it's very difficult to get the halter to cast properly, and, since I don't need it anyway, I realized a few years ago that I could insert a heavy wire into the mold in the hollow intended to become the halberd shaft, and pull it out (usually ) once the casting was cool. That basically gives you two ring hands into which to insert a brass wire pike. I have a small stash of 1/16" brass "curling wire" in 12" lengths, so it made sense to use 4" pikes and get three from a wire. I had a brief opportunity to work on two of the pikemen at lunch one day this week, and more or less finished one: I used a deliberately toy-like style when I painted the bulk of the figures twenty years ago, and I am not sure that I can match it. Nevertheless, I am going with a similar look this time, with some deliberately heavy black-lining. As one can see from the inventory picture, in actual play the figures end up giving an impressionistic effect, so there's not a lot of point in worrying too much about any single figure.
  17. Rob Dean

    40mm Renaissance Reinforcements

    And then there were three...
  18. Rob Dean

    40mm Renaissance Reinforcements

    After a hiatus of several weeks during which I haven’t picked up a brush, I decided to relax last night and knock out a “nice toy” paint job on another one of the Renaissance reinforcements. That’s two down and one to go on the command stand, and only a little more than a month. This should have been a job of a few hours, but some weeks anything is better than nothing...
  19. Rob Dean

    Getting to Know You, June 2018

    I have no clue what my first board or card game would have been... In hobby games, I started with Avalon Hill’s Battle of the Bulge. In miniatures, my first rulebook was Introduction to Battle Gaming by Terence Wise. In roleplaying games, it was the little brown books Dungeons & Dragons, because there wasn’t really anything else yet...
  20. Rob Dean

    Ral Partha Dragon Lady by Tom Meier

    “Dungeon Lady” ... hence the ragged dress.
  21. Rob Dean

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Dance instruction is always a good choice.
  22. Rob Dean

    40mm Renaissance Reinforcements

    I have been having a couple of rough and hectic weeks at work, so I hadn't picked up a brush in a couple of weeks. I finally got an hour or so earlier this week to get back to the next group of these Renaissance guys. These three will be a command stand for my swordsmen in our home-rules game. I started with the officer, who is supposed to be wearing a buff coat (leather) in yellow-brown. It's still a little more yellow than I like, probably due to the fact that I was painting with my travel kit and mixing things from just a few colors. My historical fashion sense suggests that he's really sculpted to be from around 1580, give or take, so I put stripes on the pants to pass him up a bit among the earlier (1520-ish) landsknechts. (Did I mention this is a "toy" project, so we make do with what we can get...?) Cuffs and collar will eventually be layered up in white, so that there is more of a contrast with the coat, and the sash will eventually be red.
  23. Rob Dean

    Chronoscope Minis we'd like to see, #4

    Most of our Ghost Archipelago figures are Reaper; it would be nice to have some Bronze Age historicals of similar size to use as the game's Dricheans, or to run some sort of small Trojan War (say) skirmish game with...
  24. Rob Dean

    RPG-ing 1980's Style

    So, I'm an OD&D era player, having started in 1976. I converted that game to AD&D1e, and was in hiatus during the whole 2e period. My older son was of an age to play when 3.0 came out, so I bought back in, but I don't really view 3 as all that compatible with the early versions. (He plays 3.5 to this day, in a weekly game...) But D&D is far from the only RPG to experience a total rules change between editions...Traveller has been through that a couple of times, too, as an example that I follow. I've always figured that it was some business school paradigm at work.
  25. Unfortunately it now seems to be out of production; that's a Dark Platypus "Eyedra".