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    I live in Tecumseh, Michigan (USA) on a small diary goat farm that I help manage with my wife and children. I am a Senior System Engineer by day and a amateur miniature painter by night.

    My interest are:
    Painting Minis, time with family, Christian learning, competitive shooting and weight lifting.
  1. JohnnyRockets

    Drybrushing vs Highlighting

    Hi Doug, Okay, that makes sense now, highlighting is an effect and drybrushing is one way to go about achieving it. Got it, thanks a lot! JR
  2. JohnnyRockets

    Drybrushing vs Highlighting

    Hi all, Epic newbie here! First post. :) I am reading up a bit on miniatures and painting some of my own, but a question arose. What is the difference(s) between drybrushing and highlighting would you say? I understand drybrushing and have had limited success with it, but highlighting seems a bit vague to me. Thanks to all! JR
  3. JohnnyRockets

    "How Did You Come Across Reaper Miniatures" Stories

    Hi I'm new to the forum and new to painting miniatures in general. I found Reaper Minis on Ebay and bought them and really liked them. Being a fan of plastic/resin figures already, I naturally gravitated towards these great figs. I have mainly painted 15mm figs up to this point but am now graduating up to 28mm figs. I have been painting figs for about 2 years and I have never played an actual RPG/game with minis to this date. I am just been painting away! Nice to meet you all. JR