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  1. Funded

    I have 2 large wall-mount acrylic nail polish racks that I love. I think we're not supposed to post direct links but I can take a pic of mine if you're interested. To keep this on topic re B4: I too am interested in the paint set (B). I got samples of what are obviously the precursors to that muted pink and green, and I really like them. And I love the idea of another wood triad. I think I can pass on set A, since as far as I can tell they are already-existing SKUs, and not HD paints, just regular MSP. I don't mind having extra HD paint but I go through the standard MSPs much more slowly.
  2. Funded

    So glad they added the 20mm! I love those for hordes of goblins and kobolds and was worried I might run out by the time b4 fulfills. Yaasss. NPCs. Monsters. Female monsters. Old/ugly female NPCs and monsters like hags. This bones 4 campaign was definitely great for all of the above, but I will always be happy to see more. Deep ones got bonesified B3. They're in the mythos expansion. I eagerly await their retail release since I didn't get that expansion and I really love those sculpts!
  3. Funded

    Dark Sword frogs are also made of quite substantial/rigid pewter with feet that would need to be cut off of their broccoli base and legs that would need to be bent to get them into a riding position. It's quite a lot of work to get their feet off of the integral base (I've tried this, ended up just sculpting new feet).
  4. Funded

    SO MANY RAPTORS!! I'm surprised they went with that many unique sculpts on a fairly large model, but that's awesome! STONE GIANTS, FINALLY!!! **LADY** STONE GIANT CHAMPION!!!! She is so bad-elf and has all the same features of her male counterparts (bald head, lean and muscular, similar attire), LOVE IT, OMG!!!
  5. Funded

    Yay blacksting! I still can't see images, so it's a good thing he's been previewed already.
  6. Funded

    So happy to see the giant sloth and the other Julie Guthrie snake finally make it over to Bones! What an awesome expansion this is!!
  7. Funded

    Siri, yep, that's similar to what I'm in for. My list has tracked pretty closely to yours this whole campaign. Remember back when we weren't even sure if we were going to get the core?? *sobs* *blows nose into tattered remains of wallet*
  8. Funded

    I was not really feeling any of the other demons, but daaaaamn Izzy really hit it out of the park designing a male and female pair that are BOTH equally fierce and BOTH equally shmexy. Must haz. I think they might even look better without their wings, painted up in woodland tones as some sort of giant fey creatures. (Might have to cover up some of the eleventy billion skulls they're wearing though)
  9. Funded

    Ooh thanks for reposting the scale reference! Agreed, these ladies are just perfect. [Off-topic pet peeve rant that is hopefully no more inappropriate than the prior discussion of snakeperson...uh...torso venom sacs]: Looking at the concept art, that giantess might very well have D-cups as she is drawn. They're just not hanging out there waiting to be frozen off/shot with arrows, which is awesome. Also, a properly fitted D or DD cup is not nearly as large as popular lore thinks it is. The highly exaggerated busty ladies in comics/miniatures/etc would be waaaaay higher up the alphabet (like, G through M) because cup size is calculated based on the difference between bust circumference and ribcage circumference (and those ladies have tiny ribcages).
  10. Funded

    Love the giantess warriors!!! I can't imagine such awesome minis selling any less well than the male giants, so hopefully we will see more such ladies either in this KS or in the future, to cover the other giant races. I love the caribou on her back, but agree that the caribou should probably be about the same size as the winter wolf (large base size), so I fear that it may get scrapped.
  11. Funded

    Check the funding graphs of all the previous bones kickstarters. All kickstarter camaigns have a huge surge in the last 48 hours, as KS sends a reminder email to people who have starred the project, and people who pledged for a lower amount and ignored most of the updates (this demographic constitues the majority of backers) finally check back in and finalize their pledges higher. Edit: 'd!
  12. Funded

    There's also a more simply dressed pirate mousling in the (metal) mousling boxed set. He's got an eye patch, peg leg, bandanna and cutlass. Edit: he's also sold in this trio:
  13. Funded

    Huh, your mal drakar didn't come in a retail box? I ordered 2 maldrakars and 1 khanjira from the B3 KS and they're all in retail packaging (no doubt plotting their revenge for not even having been unpacked or assembled yet).
  14. Funded

    ...with a very creepy facelift. As in, some of her face has been lifted right off.
  15. Funded

    Yeah, not gonna lie, it is getting a bit crazy now that I have so many hundreds of minis painted up. But hey, I'm already spending hours of my time buying, glueing, prepping, and painting tiny plastic toys. What's a little extra crazy, in the grand scheme of things?