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  1. Live

    WizKids unpainted minis line has a number of cool translucent effects on their heroes. I don't think bones plastic would work as well. The more flexible clear bones plastic isn't all that translucent, and the harder stuff from the weapons sprue, while it is more translucent, is also very hard and might not work as well for a rounded casting. (Just my speculation, I'm not a Bonesiologist)
  2. Live

    I had the same thought about the Hill Giant. It would have been so cool to have a hill giant HUNTRESS with her pet cat. And that seems like such an appropriate role for a giantess in keeping with Reaper's general division of labor. The female monsters are usually casters, but I can't imagine something as dumb as a hill giant wielding magic or even shamanism. So "taking care of large toothy cat" seems like the perfect job for a female hill giant. I'm happy getting more giants no matter what, but I do really hope we get some fighting giantesses somewhere in the KS.
  3. Live

    Or a polar bear! We don't have any polar bears in Bones. Or a young remorhaz, but that might not match as well with the dog and cat
  4. Live

    The Mother of Dragons has really outdone herself this time. Dance of Death is so fan-elfin-tastic. Literally breathtaking. When I die, they are going to have to bury me with all my Julie Guthrie dragons. Hopefully I will have managed to paint all of them by then.
  5. Live

    Oh man, I remember seeing that black dragon way back when. Such a bummer he was never released. Somebody remind me who the sculptor was?
  6. Live

    Just checked back in on the KS and OMGGGG, Reaper loves me so much!! They've given me MOAR kobolds, (FEMALE kobolds!!!), and a mind-blowingly awesome conclusion to Dreadmere. Every single mini in dreadmere part 3 is just amazing.
  7. Live

    Can we talk about how MAGICAL the paints we got in Bones 3 were? The new sepia, red, and green liners?? The new washes??? *swoon* Anne really outdid herself with that armor wash especially, it's amaaaazing.
  8. Live

    In the meantime, I highly recommend checking out the Mice and Mystics boardgame. It's a story-driven dungeon crawler featuring mouse heroes (and a shrew and lizard in the expansion) facing off against appropriately-sized enemies in a fantasy setting. You could definitely mod the rules a bit to be able to play with a young kiddo. Also, welcome to (posting in) the forums, from a fellow mostly-lurker! :)
  9. Live

    Bones 3 had the graveyard expansion which had the mausoleum as it's centerpiece. I'd love to see a third expansion that centers around Baba Yaga's Hut. Could have some dark fairytale Chronocope-type stuff in it, and some of the standard-fantasy feywilds stuff, some hag covens, etc. They could even add in some more "Eastern Legends" stuff along similar lines as the Oni etc in the last kickstarter.
  10. Live

    The dreadmere expansion was already AMAZING and keeps getting better! Also love the tree, the cave dwellers, and the bandits!
  11. Live

    Yes, that must have been who I saw. I didn't realize he was from Bones 2, But that makes sense now. Too bad he hasn't been fixed and re-released!
  12. Live

    Actually, I could swear that I recently saw a stock photo of a new bones cavalry unit that wasn't Sir Lorenth and wasn't from a kickstarter. Anybody have a link to that? I can't find it so now I feel kinda crazy.
  13. Live

    Surprisingly, Wizards of the Coast properties seem to be at the forefront of providing us with tough, dynamic lady-monster miniatures. The Magic the Gathering: Arena of the Planeswalkers boardgames have a nearly 50-50 gender split (a mix of male an female within almost every enemy type), and the Wizkids D&D line has also been decent at providing lady giants and other lady monsters that typically would only be male, in a style that matches the males more closely. I've been tracking down a lot of those minis to round out what Reaper hasn't given us (yet), but obviously I'd be over the moon to have them in the much better sculpt quality of Bones.
  14. Live

    ^^^^^THIS. Why is this, I wonder? Artistic preference? Sales data? I'd love the female monsters to be more active. Is there an equal/larger contingent of people out there who only buy female giants and other monsters if they are casually/coyly leaning against something?
  15. These guys are darling! I love pig-faced orcs bit haven't been willing to plop down the cash for the metal Otherworld minis. I also haven't painted my Trey Manor orcs because while I love the sculpts, I can't get excited about their potato heads. You have found the perfect solution to both those problems and I'm totally going to steal *ahem, I mean* be inspired by this idea!!