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  1. What furball said.
  2. BTW we have hit the mystical 1000 with this topic. The winner is Talae. Does this deserve a huzzah from the appropriate purple cat?
  3. Do acquisitions from the BoGw count? If so I should take a picture...
  4. I acquired a rather large mini lately. I'm pretty sure I won't be painting this one though.
  5. I'm helping my brother move. Guess who's the guy in the family with the truck? lol We know elves live a long time, but man that's just showing off
  6. funded

    I'm wanting to get a of my favorites. Punching was a TAD OP i think but it's a lot of fun.
  7. I went down to disney yesterday. I got Stroopwaffels.
  8. Coffee. Cause orange doesn't look good on me.
  9. Live

    I don't want to see that storm make it way here (mods are usually pretty good about keeping things in hand anyways.) You'll be far happier today not venturing to that corner of FB
  10. Speed-paint: only happens at reapercon - I am not a fast painter. Tablet-top: Just about anything I do Show Quality: Not currently existent in my skillset.
  11. Box should be moving on either Thursday or Friday.
  12. I have a pretty good memory it's mostly just a brief brain fart like "Which x did I mean to get at the store?" then it comes back a second later.
  13. Thirded.
  14. It's just a general question to see who of the forumites will be there. Last year the Melons clan was, as were a few others. Unrelated: I found out Alton Brown is gonna have a panel at con. The hype is real
  15. Motivation is difficult to come by, as my odds of making it to reapercon are extremely slim right now