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  1. Anotherday or two, just got back from a business trip and wiped yeah. Travel doesn't mix well with challenge posts.
  2. Oh. Right. Box did get sent out earlier this week.
  3. Congrats on your level up!
  4. I sorted through my Massive Darkness pledge...does that count?
  5. Bones is great for cheap/mass/experimental painting. I don't sink a whole lot into it. Metal is good for tabletop (satisfying 'thud') and display pieces. I wouldn't use resin for anything but display due to fragility.
  6. Merry Level up day!
  7. May also be inbox full? or Maybe i'm just the lucky smurf getting an obscure, non-repeatable error
  8. I tried to get the address for @Evilhalfling and got a "cannot receive messages" error...
  9. Maybe a few odds and ends from Chronoscope. The aliens aren't very useful to me, but the 'futuristic traffic cones' have use in shadowrun and such.
  10. Sept/Oct is postponed a few days while brain from dragoncon recovers. Goodnight. /thud
  11. Across two months to get the promo figures.
  12. If you wanna try to meet up for some food just text me, I think you got my number still from last dragon. If not hit me up on facebook? Is MrMelons going to be there too?
  13. Functionally immortal until I finish my last unpainted mini
  14. Because I horribly failed to send the box, I'll be trying to cram a few extra goodies in there, maybe a couple from con