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  1. I have not seen the Drow post his usual night time alert that he is there...I fear for the worst - such as he may have encountered sunlight and burst into flame.

    When Bones 2 was being fulfilled, there was a site that (more or less I think) listed the last city shipped to on a constantly updating basis/fulfillment tracker of sorts. Might we see something like that for this go 'round or no?
  3. Fulfilling

    I await my box. Impatiently, of course.
  4. Fighting this smurfing elf smurfer to actually use hangouts instead of taking me to the app store..
  5. Because that unicorn is SparkleLord, aka Sparkle Dancer aka Sir Hellacious of Hearts.
  6. Unicorn. Hands down.
  7. Mini popped off the greenstuff-d base...I am unhappy.
  8. Fulfilling

    Waiting on shipping notification myself
  9. Worth noting the inside of Warzone Matrix is only slightly more organized than a bomb going off.
  10. I'm just too sapped after today to do painting..maybe tomorrow.
  11. Oh hey that's my neck of the woods. There's a few around the area. Can you toss me a PM with more details on days and such? As for good/cool's more than I care to type on my phone right now
  12. Apparently not...though had I been any slower at finding my way around that flooded part of the road I woulda been right next to the tree when it was hit.
  13. Seems mother nature was trying to kill me on the way home today. Road to get home was flooded so I had to work with that...then got to watch a tree get blown to smithereens by lightning not 30 seconds after I passed it.
  14. Last move was at the start of this year. I hope I don't have to move for a while.
  15. Diid it a few weeks ago. barely got a maybe a monthly reaper order?