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  1. Congrats on your level up!
  2. Every time i try to open link from phone it tries to go to the google store...smurfing updates. -grabs low tech 'persuader'- this is gonna get messy.
  3. Congrats on the level up!
  4. Acquired: Kingdom Death Order (send help): Female Visionary pinup visionary monk bard also acquired: very sore legs after leg day
  5. My workshop in the basement could use a LOT of work.
  6. Funded

    I'm not proud of how much I spent....
  7. I have to bake something for work tomorrow first.
  8. My 'best minis' are already in reapercon gallery (imo)
  9. For personal reasons: Alzheimer's Association
  10. Live

    I really love so many of the sculpts...I dunno if I can say no to this with the expansion..
  11. Fulfilling

    I completely forget what I ordered. IT'S LIKE CHRISTMAS!
  12. Got my last order ever from Renaissance Miniatures (They posted they were retiring the laser from minis terrain business)
  13. I got distracted last night (Who's surprised? Ok now put your hand down.) But will try to avoid such tonight.
  14. I should be there in about 15min