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  1. I don't know how many of you live in areas where Lidl is currently building stores, but they plan to have stores in all 48 contiguous states within a few years. That said there are two that have opened within ten miles of my house in the past two weeks, and they have imported Dutch stroopwaffels in a 10 pack for $2 for anyone lucky enough to be near one.
  2. The problem with that "solution" is that I do not actually have the room for the storage containers, and do actually need some more tools than what I currently have.
  3. I am currently worried about my budget and storage space; Harbour Freight just announce that they are opening a store in Rocky Mount. I could alway go to the one in Raleigh when I am up that way for work, but it being more than a quarter of the way around the city from any of the stores my team works in has so far kept me away (though it is just down US 1 from the store we service in Wake Forest...).
  4. I found out this past Wednesday that the grocery store chain my team works in/for will not allow us to do any resets during the week of July 4, so I have an involuntary week of vacation. If I had the money for brushes I might would try one of the goblin challenges, though I only have Kahnjira, DDS 2, and Ma'al to attempt. I may try to paint Kahnjira up that week anyway, just without the brush size restriction. Anyone interested in seeing if I can get a half decent paint job using a single package of Testors flat and round brushes, I do have most of one of those I can afford to kill off (8 flats, 6 rounds).
  5. As far as the boy clothes go, keep anything that fits well, looks decently feminine and actually has pockets, you'll thank people for this advice later. Ask Pingo, Red, and OneBoot; women's clothes don't seem to include pockets most of the time.
  6. Glad this work week is finally over (I work for a reset team that only works four days a week), it has certainly been a LONG week. We haven't left on time at all this week, two of my frozen vegetable sets were completely fubar when I started them, and I was late arriving to work on Tuesday because I had to help my dad bury one of our dogs. She was her normal happy self self three weeks ago when we had her groomed and got her yearly checkup, the blood work for her senior panel turned up that she was in the middle stages of kidney failure (appeared to be early in stage 3 of 4, but the vet thought they could get her numbers down to stage 2 levels without further damage). We did our best to follow the directions we were given and for the first four days Mysty cooperated, then she stopped eating the kidney diet food and slowly stopped taking her medicines. We called the vet on Monday to see if they could see her for a final visit, but they didn't have an opening that day. She passed in her sleep around 4 am on Tuesday morning. I know it will hit me hard in the morning since I have been throwing myself into work all week to keep from dwelling on the loss. Mysty would have turned 13 in early August. Edit: just realized that I have inadvertently told a lie, the second picture is actually my sister's dog Chloe, though Mysty looked a lot like that when she was shaved, the ears are a definite tell that it is a different dog, but it was too hard to tell through the tears.
  7. FTFY, after all there is only one. (The Animatrix doesn't count as a movie as it is a series of short films). Though the making of features on the theoretical continuation movies is pretty good.
  8. I have a couple of the SBC's this thing runs off of, and they are still available at the quoted price point from the video. Great little credit card sized computer, especially if you know Debian Linux.
  9. For buildings I would go with the "fold flat" lines from Fat Dragon Games, they are papercraft that actually fold flat as advertised. It looks like the box that Rob Dean labeled as B in your picture is a "show offs" from Sterilite which should accommodate file folders for the various buildings and other terrain pieces.
  10. We have black bears all around here in North Carolina, they aren't usually a problem though. My Step brother did have one steal his bird feeder and the bracket it was hung off the side of his house on in Charlottesville, VA a month or three ago, he still hasn't found it.
  11. And as the year in Monaco draws towards a close he can see if CERN is hiring... though that would mean staying in Europe, and having access to Swiss Chocolate, and Belgian Waffels, and Stroopwaffels, and...
  12. I got my 11 lbs of bones yesterday, just a core set, paints, Stormwing, and Ma'al Drakar because I was broke when the KS ended. I also got a lizard man with no arms, but I will keep him to paint up with something else having just eaten his arms, possibly a yeti, or maybe one of my dragons.
  13. A Cat-5 o'nine tails?
  14. I can has shipping notice? i can!!!
  15. We had one a couple of years ago, you can look up Rocky Mount Seven Bridges Road murders for more info. They caught someone and tied him to two of the murders, but could not conclusively tie him to the other 6 confirmed victims (it is postulated that he may have killed as many as 20 women who had been selling their "services" for drugs).