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  1. I've always been immune to poison ivy and poison oak, I pull it up out of our blueberry bushes pretty much year round.
  2. This makes me really wish that I had been able to go to Carolina Rebellion last weekend, SoundGarden was the headliner on Friday. You never know when your last chance to see someone is, so see them all you can. May he Rest In Peace.
  3. Acquire a Bones learn to paint kit (or the case from one if you can) and use it as a travel paint kit, they even have two spots for the minis...
  4. Walmart, Target and CVS all carry the replacement pads for the IcyHot tens therapy device, in both the back and knee/shoulder sizes. They also come with a replacement battery in each 2 pack. And yes, they do work wonders for pain, even chronic pain.
  5. I worked in retail for over ten years, I have had to clean trails of excrement more times than I care to recount. I've even had to clean up after people that decided to finger paint the stalls/walls of the bathroom. I didn't realize on my 19th birthday that the second song off Iowa by Slipknot would be a preview of a good chunk of my career.
  6. All the time: 1. "Ready when you are, Pembry..." is one of my favorites 2. "Run Away" 3. "You're killing me, Smalls"
  7. So you're entering politics?
  8. Nope and nope, today is the first day that I've felt human in a week. Norovirus isn't something to be messed with folks.
  9. You can also click/tap on the dot/star before the thread title to get to the last content you read in that thread, once you get back into reading things regularly.
  10. Catan; I don't have the spare money to buy a copy and don't have anyone who would play it with me if I did. And alas, there is nowhere close by participating in ITTD tomorrow, and I have to work.
  11. Nope, we haven't personally met. Just the story behind the making of that film is hilarious, and the film is no slouch in that department either. As to my reply to the question of the day; no one around me seems to get introversion. No one understands how draining it is to deal with other people, even close family drains me after a while.
  12. No, no more rain. We already have enough flooding in my area from the past three and a half days of rain.
  13. Yeah, Monday smacked me over the head pretty hard when it showed up on Sunday Morning with a second round of stomach virus. I haven't slept but about five hours in two days and all my core muscles are cramping from "forcibly ejecting materials".
  14. Dune The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Different Seasons and, surprisingly Have a Nice Day, by Mick Foley (it is surprisingly well written and genuinely funny)
  15. Old World of Darkness (TM) or New World of Darkness (TM) (which if officially Chronicles of Darkness now, BTW)?