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  1. If it is Buglips' pet frog I am pretty sure it would count as a plague.
  2. To be fair there are probably more guns in Texas...(kidding, assume the preceding was in purple) As for the gremlin on the Wii, let him have his fun, a little waggle control never hurt anyone.
  3. My dad had just had open heart surgery to repair the congenital defect (hole in his heart) and replace the leaky valve that came along with it and coded, the nurse ripped his chest back open and manually massaged his heart for over an hour and a half till the hospital (Duke for anyone wondering) could reopen an OR to fix the issue they had missed. My dad was one of the first ten people in the world to have this specific surgery, and the doctors were still making it up as they went along. Now they tend to fix the issue in-utero with stem cells.
  4. I don't know, the male nurse that restarted my dad's heart got there by just ripping open the sutures. This was 52 years ago though, medical technology has surely changed.
  5. First big celebrity crush was Danica McKellar. Not really embarrassed by that, most people old enough to remember The Wonder Years would at least understand that one. I had had a thing for Christina Ricci's Wednesday Adams as well. As as far as guys I appreciated the looks of; there is always David Bowie, Patrick Stewart, and perhaps strangest of all in my list, John DeLancey (Q from Star Trek: TNG).
  6. Have them check the vacuum lines. Most cars nowadays use vacuum lines to control the routing of air in the vents (and the cruise control system) so if it is losing pressure it could be switching from AC to just ventilation because of that. My parents just had to have a line replaced on their van because of this, it would change from blowing out of the dash vents to blowing on the floor anytime the engine was revved to go up a hill or pass someone.
  7. This is what shotguns are great for, destroy the circuit and you don't have to worry, as long as the explosive isn't impact sensitive (most modern explosives are not, Tannerite being the major exception and it has to be mixed on site).
  8. You haven't found the "Top Secret Area" yet? It is a secret exit out of Donut Ghost House that leads north/up. Two mushrooms or Cape feathers, two fire flowers and a Yoshi egg/1-up on a single screen level. It is glorious, until you use it to get more than 256 lives and it crashes the game.
  9. I have spread the stroopwaffel addiction beyond the forum. The grocery chain that I work resets for has started carrying them in two packs of full sized ones and bags of mini ones that are a bit bigger than a half dollar. I bought a bag of the minis on Monday and gave them out to co-workers at break time. This morning one of them told me she was addicted and had already eaten two bags of them.
  10. I know I'm late to the party, but I'm catching up... they do make Bacon Jam, though you have to like onion too as that is one of the other main ingredients.
  11. It is also used to make pocket bibles, like the ones the the Gideon's give out to college students...
  12. The remastering is mostly to blame as it usually involves remixing the whole thing and most producers/mixers today have noticed that young people respond better to louder mixes where everything sounds like the instruments vomited into the recording deck. Everything gets lost in fuzz and there is no nuance to the music anymore. There have been studies of music done recently that used algorithms to analyze trends and they have conclusively shown that newer music is louder, and less distinct than older; so those of us who don't like most modern music are actually justified in saying "it all sounds the same, anyway"...
  13. So my family had maple sugar cured bacon for lunch yesterday and now, nearly 24 hours later, the whole house still smells like maple syrup. I'm not complaining, but it does make eating dill pickles rather interesting when the senses of taste and smell are so intertwined.
  14. Vanilla sugar is what you do after the homemade extract is all used up... gotta use the rest of the vanilla bean somehow.
  15. Cooking is art, only baking is chemistry...