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  1. Dune The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Different Seasons and, surprisingly Have a Nice Day, by Mick Foley (it is surprisingly well written and genuinely funny)
  2. Old World of Darkness (TM) or New World of Darkness (TM) (which if officially Chronicles of Darkness now, BTW)?
  3. They don't get too much bigger than that, as that is a Pomeranian. Occasionally one will reach 20 pounds, but most are seven or less.
  4. But they can be bred into these...
  5. You haven't converted the new avatar yet, it isn't shown converting anything either. Is this an imposter Froggy?
  6. I was out of spoons when I woke up yesterday, and the threatening churn of the stomach virus that has been running through my family has so far prevented me from regaining any.
  7. And what that square thingy that is the save symbol actually is supposed to be...
  8. I have both blown a tire and had one throw its tread at 70 mph, in SUV's. The blown tire threw me into the slow lane of I-95 in front of a tractor trailer/big rig. Not sure how I managed to stear to the inside of the highway, but I did. I was driving myself to work and was fine, the vehicle had major damage to the rear driver's side, including the brake lines being ripped out and the gas tank being perforated. The thrown tread was on my current vehicle, on US highway 64, on the way home from work. Front driver's side tire had worn down to the point that I couldn't pass inspection so I had replaced it with the spare, not thinking that the spare was a Firestone tire that was probably original to the vehicle (a 2000 model Honda Passport). This tire was from the time that Firestone had issues with their truck/SUV tires delaminating, and it did exactly that. I managed to get the vehicle to the outside of the road and changed back to the bald tire to get home safely. I got a brand new set of tires about a week later, the only damage to the vehicle was a dent in the tiny panel under the driver's door and the mud flap and bumper being knocked slightly loose ( which was fixed by removing and reinstalling two bolts, one per).
  9. Being big cats does not take away the fact that they are cats, they need 328 hours of sleep per day (at least according to Kali)
  10. Should I call my cousin and tell her to be on the lookout for flying chunks of flaming expanding foam coming out of the city?
  11. Pretty sure you will end up with a very dense foam, a melted, warped bottle, and then a split melted, warped bottle with slightly less dense foam spilling out of the hole. That foam actually produces enough heat if mixed in large enough quantities to set itself on fire.
  12. I bought them all in the three weeks leading up to the original paperback release of the last one, and had them all read within a month of buying the first one. I even picked up Tales of Beedle the Bard and read it during that time.
  13. To quote Bender "What is it with you kids, every two days it's food, food, food?"
  14. You didn't tell her that the cake is a lie, did you?
  15. But what about people like me, I am what monsters have nightmares about?