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  1. Live

    If by incarnation of inescapable death you mean a gargantuan roc, I would prefer a gargantuan roc!
  2. Live

    Yeah. Even though I need dramatically more sci-fi minis now than I did last year, I need to start trimming my pledge a bit and Chronoscope is the least enticing of everything here. It's a little sad. But it also means we're getting some great stuff elsewhere, too.
  3. Live

    Yeah, if I'm not joking around, they're both totally valid. It's not as if either one of them is closer than the other to the old pagan beliefs, or the strange amalgams they became once Christianity entered the scene.
  4. Live

    Hey, you Mandela effect yourself! ;) Real kobolds have scales! The big confusion was with the description of their doglike barks...
  5. Live

    It looks like the chieftain, in particular, will still make for a good lizard-kobold. And they're all wonderful sculpts. For me, I'm mostly disappointed that someone finally makes a six-breasted humanoid-animal hybrid thing and I don't really want it!
  6. Live

    Ha! That has me so incredibly conflicted. Fire Elemental and I talk about how really, a lot of the animal-like humanoid females should have six or more, and not the humanoid two. So it's awesome from that perspective. But on the other hand, I strongly prefer the lizard kobolds and that's going to be a pain to file off. Sigh! This is a really awesome unlock overall. The kobolds are awesome and the Dreadmere set is even more excellent. I'm a little confused why you'd name something a land terrapin. The word terrapin is used to describe turtles that live in fresh water, usually... it'd be a tortoise, otherwise. Izzat a regionalism, maybe?
  7. Live

    That's what the archmage levels represent in Pathfinder. She's mythic tier 10, following the archmage mythic path.
  8. Live

    We're in for two, one for each of us. Someday, we'll paint them. Someday.
  9. Live

    pizza the hut? What? That's one way to help us forget a bad day. Well done, Reaper. Well done.
  10. Live

    As companies release more products into the same small consumer markets, the volume of goods that they're able to sell tends to go down--at least as long as the old things are still out there, functioning. We've seen declines in totals across all of the Bones kickstarters... I think it is reasonable to expect Bones IV to end up somewhere below Bones III in the final total. Still, we've got a surprising number of backers for where we are in the longer campaign and we've only just now had the second expansion shown. There's potential for this to zoom right past III, maybe, and it looks like Reaper is going to do their damnedest to try to make that happen. Should be fun!
  11. Live

    Important question: Bryan, or Buglips?
  12. Live

    I would be all over that if you did. The miniatures world needs more extinct megafauna!
  13. Live

    Very cool work! Bones 3 has a gallows sculpt in it also.
  14. Live

    I wish people wouldn't get so angry about stuff. Nothing's going to fit your tastes and needs 100%. Why this leads to canceled pledges, I have no idea. People aren't thinking with their brains, I guess. (Not that all canceled pledges are dumb. But canceling a pledge because of a new free thing that got added to it?) If you can, though, maybe try to reframe your take on the negative reactions a little bit? They're really excited to see all the cool stuff you guys are making, and they love your work and have high expectations. And then they get really disappointed when the next goal ends up being something they can't or won't use.
  15. Live

    They're talking high temperatures over in the KS comments.