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  1. Fulfilling

    Well, obviously! Now that's what I couldn't find on the site. Awesome--thanks! (Oooh, I'll actually have 160mm bases now.)
  2. As long as that's the weekend printed on the magnet, if we get magnets this year, you know you're safe... (Kidding! Kidding!)
  3. Fulfilling

    Sureposted for next Wednesday, a week from today. Hey, that works--we'll even be home for it! I wonder what I'm getting. It's been so long, I don't remember what the "new round bases" option even was. Ha!
  4. Funded

    The battlefield set was the best for me, too, although I went for a dungeon set and the combo-of-smaller-sets option. I've also been slowly accumulating (so far unpainted) sci-fi stuff for Starfinder, so the sci-fi scenery got added too.
  5. :(
  6. "And everyone wondered why Bryan got a temporary tattoo of a legal document on the back of his neck... right up until Buglips accidentally signed it, anyway. "Now the Reaper factory has a full-time goblin mascot. When asked why he's here, Bryan's only response is, 'Kickstarter fulfillment and bad decisions.' The goblin himself just grumbles and says not a word, although some customers blame him when bottles of paint go missing from their orders--especially from Reapercon swag bags."
  7. Fingers crossed for you guys!
  8. Someone will have to paint a fancy nighttime base with it and we can have a "moon moon moon."
  9. Exactly correct for search. Although for "website block lists" used by companies to block web pages from the business network, you usually see some of that and a bunch of hand-managed entries... Sounds to me like you should sign up for a sculpting class and sculpt your own!
  10. This is completely true regardless of whether you're on phone, laptop, or desktop. It used to be that, with only a few minutes before everything sold out, you needed to make your decisions fast. Now, there are so many classes that it simply helps to have thought about it in advance! (And you'll have a bit of a chance to get the classes that still do fill up fast--there were a few, last year.) There's usually a combination of automated text analysis and human mediation that creates those things. I think the Reapercon site is almost entirely sans metadata, in any event.
  11. It's basically just a data issue at that point, right? :)
  12. We use ours all the time! Reaper finds really good bags.
  13. Shout out to Bryan for fixing a few nagging things on the back end! And for responding to PMs and forum posts during his lunch. I don't know if you're just that dedicated, or if repeated kickstarter fulfillments have broken your sense of what normal is. Either way, we appreciate it!
  14. That's the state that Pennsylvania is also in (ow!) with the governor having only recently signed a law to bring PA into compliance in... 2019 or so. Even if the "extended" states aren't in compliance, it shouldn't affect travel to Reapercon in 2017 (or to anywhere else before 2018). DHS doesn't start RealID enforcement for commercial air travel until January 22nd, 2018. https://www.dhs.gov/real-id-public-faqs https://www.dhs.gov/news/2016/12/12/tsa-notify-travelers-upcoming-2018-real-id-airport-enforcement Not that a passport is a bad thing to have. I need to get mine, too.
  15. Hah. Regardless of who's handling the hotels, I can easily see that happening. And now we have BaseBoss fulfillment to serve as the icing on the cake. Thanks for the info! And thank you, Bryan--exactly what I was looking for. Much appreciated, both of you!