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  1. Ron's got this "Dammit Knarthex, I didn't need a second Buglips in the vents!" look about him. Speaking of, well done Knarthex!
  2. Hee hee. I'm just teasing.
  3. We could acquire you a sharpie, some construction paper, and a glue stick... should work just as well, right?
  4. Programming project done. Cat-sitters have been set up. Time to... panic less?
  5. Are there any miniatures named Accusation? I feel like there needs to be. Doesn't look like Reaper has one yet.
  6. Haven't started packing yet, haven't painted anything in at least a month, and I won't be able to before we go because I have to finish up a class assignment tonight and the flight's tomorrow. Ack! Haven't gotten our rental car reserved and I have to check in for the flight too. And clean up a little bit for the people who are watching our cat. This whole "preparing for Reapercon" thing hasn't been going so great. Maybe next year...
  7. Live

    Eh, that's what I was going to do. I ended up going in for the $100 level after a friend of mine decided he wanted to split it with me. I guess I'm a sucker...
  8. Ack. :(
  9. Work's a mess here, too. Seems like a running theme this year. Last year I spent a bunch of time in the forums and stuff and this year I'm just now getting wrapped up with layoff-related things. If I'm lucky I'll have a mini to enter, but I don't want to bank on it. Not a lot of time left! @_@ I've got some classes lined up I'm looking forward to (more than I thought I'd take, to be honest) and so I won't have a ton of free time for gaming. I'll have to be more careful about that next year! I might be running something PFS-y on Saturday, though. Hrm. I wish we got more lead time on that. I guess we're finding out this week! Money-wise I usually spend too much. This year... we'll see, I suppose. The job situation tells me I should be cutting back. On the bright side, it also means I will have some more time for painting!
  10. That's... pretty crappy... Sorry. I would be kind of mad at that. Yeah. That's a pretty crappy situation. :( I've preordered some of the minis through Paizo. I... tend to trust Paizo more than Ninja Division at this point, so we'll see what Paizo plans to do about things. Maybe they'll actually come through?
  11. Huh. At Paizo shipping speed, this'll be cunningly timed to not arrive until after the Kickstarter is over. Hmmmmm. They also added a $400 "get one of everything" tier, for what that's worth.
  12. I like it a lot. And the last pair of orcas really seemed to balance out the composition.
  13. The situation leading to it is terrible, but the art is pretty awesome...
  14. That's terrible. Wishing you and him and your family the best. :(
  15. I don't dream much--or at least, I don't remember my dreams very frequently. I don't mind, since I tend to have horrific dreams. Someone usually dies in mine--sometimes me, sometimes family members. I remember one particularly awful dream quite well--for some reason my brother and sister and I were traveling with another fellow and we stayed in an old manse owned by a friend of his. The architecture didn't seem quite right; there were lots of unused rooms and rooms that had been boarded off for some reason or other. As we were preparing to go to bed, the basement door burst open and a pack of ghouls began hunting us. I dreamed of watching them rip everyone but myself into pieces. Ugh. My twisted imagination has given me a quite strange appreciation for Giger and Beksinsky. The funny thing for me is that I dream completely silently. I can read in dreams, and often do, but I seem unable to hear or understand spoken language.