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  1. Disciple of Sakura

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Possibly bones 3 Sophie, but she's a really soft mini. I'd have to go back through the previews and my actual minis to see, but I'm not remembering as many renders in Bones 3, though I do remember being disappointed with several of them, like Sophie and the Valkyrie from the Pretty Deadly set.
  2. Disciple of Sakura

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Full disclosure is that I've been disappointed in some way, shape, or firm with most of the renders generated since the campaign ended. I'm hoping it's just how the digital looks and in person they look better, but I'm not as thrilled with Reaper's digital renders as their sculpted greens.
  3. Disciple of Sakura

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    In Bones I and II, there were no power ups at all. Bones III had all the power ups added in the first update after the KS closed. This one waited a bit, but still only had one new mini added. Considering they previewed some items that they never put in, like the dumpster, it's a little problematic.
  4. Disciple of Sakura

    Dwarven Forge KS6 Return to the Caverns

    Part of me really loves the idea of getting 3d dungeon tiles, but I made my will save for Secret Weapon's tiles, and I'll probably manage here, too.
  5. Disciple of Sakura

    Shipwreck Golem

    This is amazing work. The plant treatments are amazing. Were they part of the miniature? I hadn't thought of using this for terrain or dioramas. Excellent idea.
  6. Disciple of Sakura

    Two from Hero Forge

    What Material option did you use?
  7. Disciple of Sakura

    Two from Hero Forge

    Those look very good. Sorry no one's commented yet. I've played around with Hero Forge, but I've never been willing to pay the prices based on concerns about the actual quality. What if the material choices was used for these figures, and how smooth were the figures?
  8. Really nice miniature. I also painted this figure up as a vampire, though with a different colour palette. She works well for more refined vampires that aren't all tarted up.
  9. Disciple of Sakura

    77637: Obsidian Crypt

    Thanks very much.
  10. Disciple of Sakura

    77637: Obsidian Crypt

    I'll have to take that under advisement. I'd have thought that using something like that as a backdrop for minis photos might be a little distracting, but I may have to give it a shot.
  11. Disciple of Sakura

    77503: Temple Dragon

    That is a gorgeous green. Really well executed Dragon there.
  12. Disciple of Sakura

    CMON Rising Sun

    I've received my 2 game orders and the mat. The mat came in about 2 or 3 weeks after the games boxes were delivered.
  13. Disciple of Sakura

    77637: Obsidian Crypt

    Thanks for the high praise.
  14. Disciple of Sakura

    CMON Rising Sun

    Something that strikes me as odd about the monsters in the game is that the Oni of Skulls is one of only 2 monsters on a 2.5" base instead of a 1 or 2" base. The other is the KS exclusive Daikaiju. It strikes me that it'd have made more sense to scale the Oni of Skulls down just a tad and put him on a 2" base as well. The view game wouldn't have needed to ship with the largest clan rings, and the Daikaiju would be just a little bit more impressive on a base larger than everything else. I wonder what went on with that business decision.
  15. Disciple of Sakura

    77637: Obsidian Crypt

    It's Krylon I00601 Marbelizing Spray. It's basically a spray paint can that sprays out a webbing of paint instead of a unified cone. I've found it in gold in stores, but had to order the black online. There's also a white, but that was also only available online and was much more expensive, especially since I wasn't sure how it'd turn out when I ordered it.