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  1. Disciple of Sakura


    Any chance the mini will eventually be reissued in Bonesium? (I'm guessing "no.")
  2. Disciple of Sakura


    Oh, what a handsome miniature. Shame I already placed my only budgeted order for the season on Monday.
  3. Disciple of Sakura

    Will We See the Boneyard Again?

    So, yesterday a thread appeared reminding me that it's been 3 years since the Boneyard was discontinued. While the thread seems to have been removed, I am hoping it's due to tone and not something else, so I figured I'd try to ask again: What's up with the Boneyard? It was an immensely useful feature that gave Reaper's loyal customers the ability to acquire bits and pieces of miniatures that they might otherwise not buy because the didn't need the entire thing, and it allowed us to see the parts that make up our favorite miniatures so that we could get an idea of what might go in to assembling them if we did purchase the whole thing. It was of immense use to those of us who like to modify miniatures, and for those who might find a certain part something we'd need multiples of. Will we be seeing a new Boneyard? With the coming of this new website, will this be a feature? Have the Powers that Be decided simply that it's too much of a hassle? Are those of us who can't make it to Reapercon condemned to forever be without a way of readily purchasing pieces of Reaper's miniatures? Inquiring minds want to know.
  4. Disciple of Sakura

    Froghemoth gone from reaper lineup?

    I'm just wondering why they renamed it, TGH.
  5. Disciple of Sakura

    Dwarves, Elves and Demons

    I keep seeing these really cool STL kickstarters coming out, and feel so very left out without a 3-D printer. :(
  6. Disciple of Sakura

    12 Days of Reaper...Get ready for the madness?

    I prefer humanoids to the more Christmas-centric miniatures, because I'm looking for things that I can make use of (it makes it easier to justify). I think this year I'm going to wind up with a Christmas dragon for the first time, though. I have all the humanoid figures except the new Christmas Witch, and I need to get an order so I can paint something up for a Christmas gift, so I'll need to order earlier. The dragon with the stocking could probably work alright as a familiar or something, so I think I'll be getting that one this year. Now I've just gotta wait until the 10th...
  7. Thanks very much. I just missed it in my quick-read. I was a little distracted, I'm afraid.
  8. Can I submit multiple entries for a category? I have painted several very large miniatures this year... Also, what's the process for submitting entries. I apparently am missing it...
  9. Disciple of Sakura

    12 Days of Reaper...Get ready for the madness?

    The tinker gnome is a really cool.
  10. Disciple of Sakura

    12 Days of Reaper...Get ready for the madness?

    Of the minis on offer, the only one I don't have that would actually have in-game utility to me is probably the Christmas Witch, but I'd have to paint one of the minis I order before my in-laws arrive the Saturday before Christmas, which is a little concerning.
  11. Disciple of Sakura

    Christmas special edition minis

    It was all at once for the past 3 years, which is as far back as I've been participating, so hopefully that'll continue. I'm hoping that the specials I want are front loaded, because I need some minis to arrive and be painted before Christmas for a present, and I have no idea how many orders I'll be able to do this year. Probably no more than 2, as with prior years.
  12. Disciple of Sakura

    Christmas special edition minis

    I've been holding on to $49 in store credit just for the 12 Days of Reaper event. Really hoping to hear about what will be available when ASAP.
  13. Disciple of Sakura

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    At least those guys are in different poses, with different weapons and armor.
  14. Disciple of Sakura

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Fair enough. My mistake. They are super similar, though. Almost the exact same weapons, belt buckles, haircuts, and outfits. They are startlingly similar. I'm a little surprised that they decided to make such similar figures so close together.
  15. Disciple of Sakura

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    I've been working with my Bones 3 backlog and just discovered that there's a mini from Bones 3 in the Bones 4 Core Set. Figure #5, the barbarian with sword and axe, was also a miniature in Bones 3's Core Set. Not something I'd expect from the "non-horde" miniatures, to say the least.