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  1. sigmaone

    Dwarven Forge KS4

    Can I ask whether you found the 2nd hand pieces online or in person? And if online, where?
  2. sigmaone

    Pyrrha (Excelsy 54 mm by Ares Mythologic/Draconia)

    Amazing Job! Do you plan on ever doing Youtube videos again? I really appreciated the ones you did!
  3. sigmaone

    RCon 2016 Conversion - Ancient Wyvern

    Do you put brown liner right over the green stuff, or does it have to be primed first? Amazing job all around!
  4. sigmaone

    Bones 4 is Coming Soon!

    There is also one in Princes of the Apocalypse. That one is also huge.
  5. The effect really works though. Looks completely intentional.
  6. sigmaone

    Young Fire Dragon Wedding Cake Topper

    Thanks! The wedding was fun! There were lots of great minis. You know you're going to make a new friend when you can start a conversation with "you painted the Reaper Eye Beast, right?"
  7. sigmaone

    Dwarven Forge KS4

    The only issue I noticed with my KS4 order was that instead of getting 4 standard corner platforms and two transition platforms for the towers, I received 6 standard platforms. But I think I can just cut the extra bits off two of the standard ones to make them the same as transition; so I don't think I'll bother with a replacement. My arch walls are also a bit smaller than they should be, so I'm going to put a touch of green stuff on their edges so they fit into the CBS slots better. Another thing not worth really worrying about --- although apparently in some cases, this is a bigger issue. Some report that the CBS walls make the modular castle walls bow out, or the new arch walls just sliding right out of the original CBS pieces. Some kind of shrinkage problem at the factory... the factory really should be held responsible for that... they're supposed to be able to produce these to pretty tight specifications, and they seem to have failed on that. (Maybe DF should have caught it, but then maybe this issue didn't occur in the test pieces sent to them.) Hope you get your stuff soon, Talae! I imagine it's still a busy time for them... did you send an email and not hear back? If so, and it's been a few days, I might send an email to check... by all accounts, Suzy is very responsive.
  8. I use imgur and have been happy with it. When people were talking about Photobucket being evil, I thought they meant the utterly insane amount of adds/popups/etc... I didn't realize they were basically trying to ransom people as well. Some amazing sculptors and painters still use photobucket, and it's the point where I can't even look at what they're doing. I won't click a photobucket link anymore; it's not worth my time. For people who feel they haven't found a solution, I'm wondering what issues they have with imgur.
  9. sigmaone

    Weta Workshop uses Reaper paints!

    I hear they're making great strides in the area of genetically engineered acrylics. In other news, on the off-topic topic of word usage, in particular "organic" that is exactly how I described resin caverns set I just saw yesterday, because of how naturally moving and sprawling they were, in contrast to the standard "gridded" terrain we see, which tends to be rectangular and lego-like. One meaning or organic is "life-like" even when the "life" in life-like isn't describing actual life, but rather something realistic and natural-appearing -- quoting google "characterized by continuous or natural development". Words have technical meanings (which vary from field to field and sometimes within a field), casual meanings, and metaphorical meanings. Also dwarves and "cut from the living stone" yada yada... I wonder if there are rust monsters who only eat organic rust? #firstworldrustmonsterproblems
  10. sigmaone

    The Winter Adventurers

    Love the winter theme and practical clothes.
  11. sigmaone

    Bones 4 is Coming Soon!

    I'm really sorry to hear the CROM KS got canceled. Those minis were beautiful, and I'd have liked to see that game come to fruition. That said, I'm really excited to hear I might be able to get some of that beautiful terrain in BONES. Terrain pieces probably excite me more than they do other people, and that stuff looks great. I hope some of it shows up!
  12. Any love for a Bones MANTICORE ?
  13. sigmaone

    Lolth, Demon Queen of Spiders - Galeforce Nine - D&D

    I love this!
  14. sigmaone

    77199: Thund Bloodwrack, Barbarian

    Looks awesome! As for the ears, maybe some ruddy fleshy scar marks?
  15. sigmaone

    Founders of Gloomhaven

    I'm watching this, but I probably won't back. I have way too many unplayed board games right now, and I have Gloomhaven itself coming in September. I do love a good Euro, but I need to play the good Euros I have first. On top of that this has turned out to be the summer of Kickstarter DOOM! I really hope Cephalophair is able to take their games to retail, like Stonemaier did, so that I don't have to worry about "fear of missing out".