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  1. Live

    To me, the second picture in this graphic really represents one of the most underrated aspects of this KS. The ability to build a tremendously wider variety of rooms just blows things wide open in terms of flexibility and representing far more types of dungeons.
  2. Live

    Backers who have a lot of KS 1 pieces may be interested to know they've released "classic style" magnetic walls to match the KS 1 tiles, along with traps add-on packs. The traps come in two varieties: floor traps and wall traps. They're pretty nicely priced. They said within the next day or two they'll have some kind of "cool stuff" pledge for KS 1 backers who want a lot of the neat new bits and bobs, but don't want the new arch/pillar tiles... I think this will be its own pledge level with stretch goals, but I am not sure; I could be wrong about it having stretch goals.
  3. Live

    Yeah, the LED and magnet stuff actually started because some community members on the forums were modding their own pieces to incorporate LEDs, and they were brought in on develop it for production. I would guess the dwarvenite is probably easier to mod than the material used for casting Hirst, but I'd be surprised if nobody's already done something similar with the Hirst blocks. I've been tempted to get into the Hirst stuff, but I haven't yet.
  4. Live

    It's the most compelling pieces that really bump the price. Compare the cost of the "Classic LED Walls" (4 LED walls with 4 LED torches) at $28/$33 to a "Classic Dungeon Remastered Core Set" (about 40 pieces) at $66/$96. So one can get a bunch of good stuff on a budget, but adding in the fancy stuff makes the cost rise quickly. The LED stuff is pretty straightforward. The wall or floor will have a (removable) battery wired to an LED slot, into which a variety of LED pieces can be inserted. I have a number of such pieces from KS3 and KS4 and they're pretty awesome. In KS3 they were all one piece, in KS4 they moved having the wall (or large object like a post) have a slot, and then you can swap out different styles of LED lights. Here you can see some of my LED pieces in my castle. (Those middle rows in the small towers which are darker color are my KS 1 circular pieces, which I painted before I got the dry brush paint; I have to go back and dry brush them so they match the color a bit better. )
  5. Live

    Yeah, they're pretty fantastic.
  6. Live

    Yeah, I'm super excited for Burrows, which should be coming out soon. Meanwhile, Stefan is DMing in the KS comments.
  7. Live

    Yes; if you mean in the bottom for attaching to trays. That's one major reason they redid them. Here is a link to some high res images.
  8. Live

    Well, whether or not you paint your kids with Pokorny paints, you should not let your dogs or cats chew on your kids. Unless it's part of some life lesson, or something, I guess. I'm not exactly up to date on modern parenting techniques. With the grid overlays, another feature is that they're planning (hoping) for them to work well with dry or wet erase markers, too.
  9. Live

    Pokorny paints are made with a secret formula so that they are cured by handling, dropping, and running over with trucks. The more you abuse them, the more perfect they become. Just don't let your dogs or cats chew on them.
  10. Live

    I've never primed mine. I DID was all my city stuff, but I haven't bothered to wash the castle stuff. It may (or may not) help that I always use the pokorny paints.
  11. Live

    Pokorny paints are amazing. And I'll say the same for the Pokorny dry brush. You can use cheap paints, but the Pokorny ones are already a great deal and they already come in the colors you want (typically). They last roughly forever (I.e. the bottles never run dry) and stick to the surface like glue... I've done all but my first game tiles set with them, and I haven't run a bottle empty yet. I found it a bit of a paint mixing and thinning the cheap paints. I also haven't found a decent dry brush at a craft store, and the Pokorny dry brush has held up through KS 2-4. (I just have erinthor mtns and some bits left to paint in ks4.) It is wearing out about now, so I'm thinking of getting a new one.
  12. Live

    Those marble daises look amazing. Definitely want those pre-painted.
  13. Live

    I think I'll buy a few prepainted, but mostly unpainted again. I want to try to get a lot of the fiddly stuff painted this time. I got this beautiful "runic" set for my castles, but that is going to be a time investment to get all painted.
  14. Live

    For me that would be "... as in my wife would no longer store me in the house. It would henceforth be stored the garage, along with all my DF tiles."