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  1. Anyone have experience with mixed use of oils and acrylics on minis? I've got some larger mini's that I would love to do some base coating with oil paints and then come back to do detail work with regular acrylic afterwards. Anyone know if this is OK or if there are any special considerations you have to keep in mind for this? I understand that oil has an extended drying time (several days) which is fine... Does oil need a special primer to stick to mini's or are the regular brands fine? What about vice versa... if I've already got a (dried) acrylic base coat down is it OK to do some oil on top for some nice blend effects?
  2. JGF

    Bones 3 Crusaders

    Those casts turned out a lot nicer than i thought they would (nice paint job too!).... hmm might have to pick those up...
  3. JGF

    Reaper Bones 4: Information Thread

    At one point Reaper had posted a picture comparing the new hill giants to the old hill giants but it was quickly pulled (think it showed a forthcoming reward at the time).... Is it able to be (re)posted now?
  4. I held out well in the end. Locked in for Nargaulath, Fire/Hill Giant Houndsmen, Blacksting, and the big Treant. So far I am still holding strong on NOT ordering DoD but it looked even better on the after party video. I love it but I just have too many unpainted dragons so I really need to be strong. That fan favorite Xpac has stuff that I absolutely love (portal, slaad) but I'm going to have to wait for retail on those... hoping on seeing the slaad in metal tbh... Will wait to see some of the concept art realized as masters before I decide on them... (frost giants, devils,nyarlathotep)
  5. Oh the not-slaad and portal are really nice.... dont suppose you have a shot with Sir Forscale in there? Actually those hellhounds, and the lurker are great too...
  6. Lol I had jusssst locked in at $68 (Narg, Fire Giant houndsman, Hill Giant hunter, Blacksting) but the UberTreant looks great. He will be super fun to dress up with flock and stuff too...
  7. JGF

    Boar Demon

    GJ! I need to do this one... he was one of my favorites from Bones 2
  8. I've got so many large, winged reptiles that I'm trying to actively resist them now. But, ugh, this one and Dance of Death are going to be hard to not add....
  9. Silver and Black was the scheme I was thinking altho I'm not sure if I could pull it off... Also, I am definitely of the mind to try and mod in some wing tears where the one dragons forearm is clasping the other dragons wing...
  10. JGF

    Metal or Plastic miniatures

    I only buy metal for man sized or smaller mini's. I only buy plastic (bones) for the larger and LARGE monsters (which I basically only buy during Reaper kickstarters for the added savings).
  11. Lol got me! I had the fire giant houndsmaster earmarked but was actually a little bothered by the fact that that would mean I would have 4 fire giants vs 2 hill vs 2 frost (dont ask thats just the way my brain works...) But now that the hill giant hunter has been added there's no problems! Awesome sculpt on the giant... not so sure on the lion based on that view, cant tell if thats supposed to be a mane or not...
  12. I am leaning towards red or black vs silver... except I've never done a metallic dragon... Well, I've never done a dragon period truth be told...
  13. So Dance of Death is exactly the sort of thing I've been waiting to see since I'm not a gamer and just like cool looking mini's. My only complaint, and I fully admit its a horrible one, is that I wish the Dragons looked a little different: one looks like Nartharax and the other looks like one of ma'als heads. Julie is an amazing sculptor, particularly when it comes to her dragons, but her look/style is so consistent that they all kind of blend together a bit, especially in the scale arrangements/patterns. Still, that's almost certainly a must buy for me because thematically i friggin love it...
  14. JGF

    77279 Narthrax the White

    Does the vaseline trick really work? No adverse effects with the curing of the green stuff? Wings pull out easily?