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  1. hearth stone miniatures?

    so slowly! I'm still here. Life is complicated right now and things take longer than I ever thought. I'm still running it though.
  2. Bow Strings

    I use my wife's hair. She has the most beautiful thick strong black hair.
  3. Department of Acquisitions

    I really regret missing the KS. I just wasn't aware of it at the time. I don't know how much play my set will get but I know between the minis and the game I'll manage to justify the extra cost.
  4. Department of Acquisitions

    I had decided against even the preorder. I was just going to buy the individual sets to get the stuff I like and then he left that offer up for longer and longer. Then I got a new job......... Now I'm getting a KD box game...... lol
  5. George R. R. Martin is a Good, Good Man

    I despise The Game of Thrones but GRRM seems like a good sort. He supports many of my friends in miniature painting as well as many artists I admire. I hope that he puts some thought into his financial legacy to continue the good that he does in life.
  6. Non-Miniature related hobbies?

    Oddly, I just had that conversation with my fiancee about an hour ago. Violin is on my short list of instruments I'd like to pick up. I learn fairly quickly, so I doubt my scratchy bowing period would be too long (relatively speaking, of course!) and I've been playing stringed instruments most of my life, so fretting the fingerboard should be quick to learn. Mostly the learning curve would be playing position, both holding the instrument and getting the fingering correct in that weird position. My dislike of bars is the main reason I don't play in a band or at open mics. Irish Sessions are pretty much always held at bars but usually in the afternoon so the people that show up are there to listen. Free beer and good music are a potent combination.
  7. Non-Miniature related hobbies?

    I hang out in bars and play ancient dance music with other degenerates.
  8. I've been to places like that... I've never been to a gaming location that smelled of incense. nerd sweat but not incense.
  9. Stonehaven Halfling Adventurers

    stonehaven is one of those that always gets something from me. love halflings.
  10. A week in Virginia

    If you are basing yourself out of Richmond, and don't mind driving a bit you could always set up a day to drive down to Raleigh, NC and meet up with several forum members. let us know when/if you are coming and we can meet at Game Theory (or somewhere else if Don'tFear has better suggestions). Yeah this would be fantastic. I live 10 minutes from there. it is a little bit of a haul though.
  11. A week in Virginia

    People have covered the battlefields, most are pretty disappointing because they have not been maintained the way they should. Gettysburg is the best battlefield by far but as you say it is a long drive. If yiou want scenary, the Shenendoa Valley is nearish and gorgeous. It was the bread basket of the confederacy and strategically critical. You can follow the campaigns that raged up and down that valley and the New Market Battlefield is actually pretty nice, though right by the side of a highway. I would plug the museum of the confederacy as well. They have fantastic exhibits, really cool museum. I see you are planning to go, you'll love it. Though I suspect you'll be disappointed about the state of the southern women if you are hunting bonnets and bows.
  12. Department of Acquisitions

    Got the thief and the white knight!
  13. Not interested in this. Does anyone else prefer the old cards to the new?
  14. 54mm challenge discussion

    Nuts planet is awesome. They have some of the crispest most beautiful casts too. such great quality.