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  1. lexomatic

    Mantic : Terrain Crate 2 KS

    I'm not sure at this pointprobay mall set and hospital addons. Maybe a different set or an extra
  2. Oops. I forgot to include for my bones barge. But , still into following.
  3. Dry fit revealed a few pieces that were long, but a phone emergency meant dealing with that instead. Tomorrow maybe I will cut all the pieces, and cut out windows/doors so I can start really gluing stuff down.
  4. I was planning on making a removable mast/sail follow*follow*follow*
  5. lexomatic

    Dungeon of the Mad Mage

    Vin will ready a sacred flame cantrip if anything attacks (DC 14 Dex save)
  6. Apparently there aren't any bones elves wearing chainmail and wielding swords? Most of the metal ones are out of production Sandra Garrity sculpts too.
  7. Today I have to leave at 4pm to get to one biweekly game for 6pm, so all I did was cut out the remaining basement interior walls, and some bulkheads for the main floor. Now for the math to make sure I dont need more paper. Last night I got nothing done because night #3 turned out to be the worst so far for sleep training upset.
  8. I had to stop here. Stuff for the staff room
  9. Doors (internal and external walls)and windows (external walls)not done. I also need 3 dividing walls for one side of the basement. Walls are mitered, so when I'm done with coverings I'll do a final glue. But they're free-standing.the door to the stacks is a tight fit.
  10. So I have most of the basement internal stuff. Today is the day I cut stuff down to size, cut the internal walls and hopefully glue the wallpaper onto the walls and glue them together. If that happens I'll be able to show a pinned dry fit. Window acetate roughs.
  11. lexomatic

    Citrine paints Oathsworn Tiefling Paladin

    I really like this.
  12. Updated layout with staff room carpet. It will be cut down a bit to fit interior wall. Might have to have cupboard and counter over carpet.
  13. And minus the basement floor, heres a super rough layout (stuff is wrong, because I didn't have the board handy). Still need to do something for the staff room, but other stuff is just painted once interior walls are cut.
  14. So I did 2 rounds of taping, then free handed the rest. Yes, that's antique gold on the center squares. I just need to do a dirty brown wash over the tiles. So, not perfect, but reasonable.
  15. But effective. Frog tape doesn't stick, and lines are clean (except where I free handed, but that's fine).