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  1. lexomatic

    Folklore the game miniatures

    Working on my contest entry so not too much new Just 2 guardsmen primed.
  2. Small crypts big enough for a mini to stand inside and maybe have room for an altar. Cheap enough that you can buy a few. Maybe with removable floor tile (leaving a hole, which works because many have been broken.) Something like
  3. lexomatic

    Folklore: The Affliction (pic heavy)

    Here's a few more finished, including one (gravedigger )entirely last night when I had insomnia. Also an overhead of the possessed to show the puddle that was carved into the base. I tried a pingo grass base for the vicious dog. Meh. I'm not satisfied with the job I did, but it's good enough for the table. Orinthe, as the Queen from Snow White.
  4. lexomatic

    yeti chieftain- the full Frazetta help requested

    Proper lighting-no further work since last pics.
  5. lexomatic

    Dungeon of the Mad Mage

    Vindice got you to ask around about a sign-up sheet
  6. lexomatic

    yeti chieftain- the full Frazetta help requested

    Liking this more, but think I need the mid back. Especially on that chest. I've done the bottom of that back foot
  7. lexomatic

    yeti chieftain- the full Frazetta help requested

    I've only done 1 wash, outlining the chest, and some of the shadows, but not super dark.
  8. lexomatic

    Dungeon of the Mad Mage

    Height means everythin ta some. I intend to show them's wrong. If you won't pay my ale, ya won't hear no po-ettry. Great verse about mighty heroes a' th' church of Kelmvor. Let me see yer hands, then, and I'll know if you need schoolin or not. "Same's for all a yas, " he says to anyone near by. "I won't throw my lot in with no soft-handed folk. At least if yer lookin ta go ta th' undermountain." No. No Poltroons here. Brother VIndice (rolling a 3 on his insight check...) "Say, barkeep. Is there a sign-up list?"
  9. I'm fairly advanced doing my chieftain, but I'd like to try and push things. I have yet to do much (if any) dry brushing of the fur. I'm using the following as a model, and started with the wrong tan (Griffin tan) and the lighter color is palomino gold. What improvements can I make on this?
  10. lexomatic

    Folklore the game miniatures

    I didnt expect to do most of another guy, but I did. The undertaker. I think he looks more like a crazed grave robber. Or just a miner/ prospector. He's actually done except for painting his base. Eyes and everything. Tried to do a wool jacket (intense brown, dusky skin)but couldn't get cross hatches to appear, so it's just highlighted with blue.
  11. lexomatic

    Folklore the game miniatures

    These guys are done except for tweaks. Mostly the crown.
  12. lexomatic

    LadyStorm's Winter Contest: Yeti

    Question. Is it still legal to make non-permanent alterations to a mini for the purposes of photographing the mini? Ie props?
  13. lexomatic

    Dungeon of the Mad Mage

    A short man with a bushy beard walks up (picture spoiler) anyone who's a regular knows he has a reputation for trouble. "Somebody over there overheard you calling me short. Who are you calling short? I'll kill more undead in that pit than you ever could. Who's buying a poor priest a drink to work up the courage to go onstage?"
  14. lexomatic

    Dungeon of the Mad Mage PbP

    If anyone has money left, I have 2 instances of revivify. It takes a 300 gp diamond. You can carry your own to increase chances of survival. Also, I have a few potions in case I'm down, people can save me so I can heal everyone.
  15. lexomatic

    Folklore the game miniatures

    Unexpected time because of long baby naps. Wrinkly doggo. Just need to find the moldy skin for the possessed lady