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  1. Most complicated build and stupidly ambitious. All told the base should be 15inx13in and it should be 10.5in or 11in high. Faux Tudor, similar in color to the top level. Wood is brown, walls are cream. Shingles are red. I'm thinking pre-reno Trollskull Manor.
  2. Ugh I need a break from this. Noticed mistakes that cant really be fixed on first floor.so hard to calculate measurements. Didnt try too hard to line these up Map and ruler for scale
  3. Put in 4 hours today.. did most of the gluing but a few parts are blocked by the pins so I'll do those tomorrow. About 5 minutes work. I'll post a pic sometime in the afternoon. I would recommend to anyone trying to do this A to consider 1.25 sizing- some stuff isn't really accessible for a mini. Or at least calculating foam width5 to measurements B going for a more complex build. My 2nd and 3rs floors are much nicer than the 1st. I would totally do it differently
  4. I didnt start until 8pm. I have most of a dry fit for the 3rd floor. A bunch of windows and doors left to cut and one complicated set of tabs(flat piece) Then glue. Not sure if I have the energy to stay up.
  5. lexomatic

    Working up some fantasy terrain

    What did you cut the foam with.
  6. If people want I can post pics of the first 2 levels stacked and semi lined up.
  7. This is missing the 3rd level. It's gonna be tall
  8. So I still need to glue the 1st floor turret, and 2 interior walls, but don't have enough pins to keep stuff in place. I MIGHT be able to do that tonight is some other stuff dries soon enough that I can pull and move some other pins, but I don't really intend to. Next task is cutting out my 3rd floor pieces. I'll do the detail cutting and glue those tomorrow. And Tuesday morning I'll do a mad base paint on the exterior. That'll give me 3 sets of walls. And tons of time to glue those to the bases/ do the roofs. Then I'll have to decide if I keep it (combo of too much work and too many mistakes).
  9. Some gluing revealed some mistakes... I literally shimmed 2 walls together :o and it's only some walls gluing and pinned. 1st and 2nd (partial) stacked but not glued.
  10. Rough dry fit for floor 2. need to cut down a few more walls and windows and doors. Then ready to glue. This has been more successful than 1st floor, but also easier because of inner rooms giving better structure.
  11. lexomatic

    Dwarven Forge KS6 Caverns Deep

    What's the name so I can check? Right now debating Cave Pools (a bunch of mid terrain trays and a bunch of pieces) and actual terrain trays set (for a 12x12) and maybe banks/stalagmites set. Those might be roughly similar cost options but give me different things. Locks so far: adventure pack 4 (some fun scatter and variety of small trays) natural bridge & stairway (big pieces). If I was going big, probably forest terrain trays and a few things to go with. To combine with Tablescapes and stuff I mentioned above, what's the one (moderately priced) piece/set you think I'm missing? Looking for suggestions, please.
  12. lexomatic

    Dwarven Forge KS6 Caverns Deep

    Weird. Natural bridge and stairway were my 2 must haves.
  13. Pins removed glue stayed. Still havent attached turret. Today was surprise baby sitting so I only had 1.5 hours to work. I got a lot cut. All the walls for the 2nd floor. If I can do the 3rd floor and glue all the walls and grids to the bases tomorrow, then I can conceivably paint walls with base color and glue them to the bases Monday.
  14. 1st floor kinda done.i haven't glued the tower bit or interior walls but everything else exterior is glued. As you can see things are a bit off line from the top, but it'll hold when I glue it to the base. I'll cut the 2nd floor differently. It's been over a year, so it took a bit to get the hang of working with foam. From the side it looks fine and it'll look better once painted. Mantic terrain for effect. Even though it ain't perfect this has been the most complicated build I've attempted and I'm pretty sure its gonna turn out fine, especially considering all the equipment fails and mistakes.