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  1. It's a gate, not a door. Of course it looks big. Admittedly the windows are too big, but they are for all the sets. What can you do?
  2. Pre-launch

    I'm definitely going light in this next one.
  3. Live

    I think I'll be looking at the Wizard's set, and maybe the campsite add-ons.
  4. I loved those Fisher-Price castles. The first one looks the best and easiest to repurpose.
  5. Yeah, I thought of that... it's gotten tossed somewhere, If I find it I'll try it... I'm just not sure if I have anything suitable for the water.
  6. I also like the bottom right the most. If you need to test stuff... just do the bottoms - it'll at least give you an idea if you have the right base shade. You can also test highlighting. And your mistakes won't be visible. You're probably going to be doing the stuff with the indents darker anyway, just keep it more localized to cracks and lines, and stuff, than on everything. Edits: I also think the key is how new do you want it to look. I have a vague memory of reading kids' history books and something about lime washes which would probably off-whiten stuff up (and also the colors of paints). I also your model images are more bone-y or off-whites with dark washes - but maybe soaked up quickly so it's only really darkening cracks/lines, and then drybrushing too.
  7. Please post work on this in http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/forum/26-conversions-presentation-and-terrain/ I'm curious if you're planning recent work, or if these will be ruins. If more recent you'll want some colors. I think also you want to tone down the brown. I think a bone with slightest hint of yellow is the sweet spot.
  8. I feel like Kuro shaded with brown in his tutorial vid for the vampire? (Yes... I looked it up). This is advanced, but I love his videos, and having ideas to experiment with is what makes this hobby fun. Don't worry about not getting results like this, Kuro is really good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qr-HfgoBg-M
  9. Live

    I'm maybe into this one.
  10. its just not flat enough EDIT: So there's never going to be enough room for a mini to stay up.. I also don't have any terrain boards, so it seems not worth the effort it would take.
  11. Cleaned out the back porch and found some fun stuff. Keeping the totem, and another smaller one, but not the canoe. It's the equivalent of 5-6 feet high. Though the minis sit at an okay height, they mostly fall over. So does the canoe, because the bottom... she ain't flat.
  12. Live

    I totally forgot about this
  13. I can haz s0lushunz. I have a rinsed-out one of these. And this bottle, once empty, will give me plenty of ice tower to work with when combined with the other one. Could be about 12-15 inches high by the time it's done. Mostly "ice" except for whatever flooring I put down. That will probably be foam core, painted a very light blue and color-printed paper carpets rested on top. If I put a balcony, that might include wood or stone work for support (it only needs a little structural work because, Magic). Whispering Tyrant for size.
  14. I'm not. I took a close look, and it won't be possible. Cutting parts out would leave too many gaps. I could address that by making it ice and stone but the round parts also don't fully connect. I don't have a use for futuristic generator terrain, so it gets recycled. I'm disappointed.

    Based on estimated shipping, Wave 4 might put me on the Friday of week 1. Somewhere between Thursday and Monday. I mean it should be only about 2 weeks, right? So distance matters, but... I dunno what my point was.