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  1. Live

    I don't have a problem with these sculpts, I just like them less than Hasslefree ones. Also generally, there's more of a diversity of body shape with Hasslefree, that doesn't show up in a lot of companies. I expect that less in pinups, tbh, but it's also nice when it's there. I also prefer the bombshell minis to these, but that's just personal preference. I think the video is absolutely sexist, and I think it's totally reasonable to expect some people to be so turned off to not buy that.because of how they react, or how people they care about would react. I think the video is more objectionable than, say, those orc sculpts, because it's less obvious how it's offensive. Anyway, I'm not saying "don't buy this, " but I am saying "I wouldn't buy this, because this." If it turns out that's wrong, because of bad execution./research/ whatever, then I might reconsider for sculpts I really like, but those aren't these. People should get criticism for their mistakes, but mistakes can do lots of damage. People have to make up their own minds about how to balance what they like but also have problems with. I also don't think someone is a bad/worse person because they like these sculpts and want the minis, though it does seem like that is how my (and some other) comments have been taken. I think good intentions and careless execution still deserves calling out. Bad execution (ie research) in one aspect of a business (say marketing, or knowing your potential audience) should call into question whether there's bad research elsewhere (budgeting, staffing, time, etc.) but also for its own sake. I mean, look at comics? Anyway, I'm probably not going to post again to not derail it for people who want to more closely discuss the kickstarter. I think the point has been made that some people really have problems with the video.
  2. Live

    My experience is that a lot of people don't read, don't hear uncommon words/names pronounced, and are generally unaware of many things outside their experience. That leads a lot of people in professions that require certain skills - like voice acting- to not pronounce things well. It's weird, because it seems like it should be something that people are trained for. It's one reason I prefer British audiobook readers over American ones. The video doesn't really suggest intentional parody to me, more like different values and lack of awareness, and possibly related to cultural differences. Definitely not intentionally offensive. Maybe the creators are getting grief elsewhere and can learn from it. I mean that one orc kickstarter was rightly ridiculed for top-heavy proportions in the sculpts. I don't understand why criticism here is causing upset. That said nobody, including me, explained what was so objectionable about the video. So... I'm not going to re-watch the video to explain it clearly at this point. I don't have an issue with pinups, though I much prefer Hasslefree to these. I see this as the same situation when a friend tells a racist/ sexist/other ist joke. I don't just laugh along and say nothing. It's easy enough to tell good jokes/ make and sell good minis without all that other stuff. I know some people find that a pain because it requires more effort, but hey, lots of good things require effort.
  3. Live

    I totally understand offense at that video. I don't really understand not seeing it. I would definitely not want to have any of my work affiliated with even unaware advertisements.After all that, I think it's up to an individual to decide whether they like the minis enough to overlook distasteful (to put it politely) marketing. These aren't really to my taste pinup wise, but that video is an easy hard pass.
  4. I've seen a mini wreck, but I don't remember what it was. Maybe Antenocitis Workshop? I just looked at their site, and they have 4 new crashed vehicles: lamppost wrap, fender bender, bricked merc, flipped car. They will be more $$ but maybe less work?
  5. Live

  6. live

    Can you clarify which heroes are one piece and which are multi part casts? It'll help me determine what to add for. I really dislike pinning small pieces.
  7. Talespinner animals. Those alreadyin metal but not in bones, and maybe new stuff?
  8. Pre-launch

    Where's the last one at in terms of production/delivery? If I remember correctly there were concerns about a previous sci-fi endeavor?
  9. Cancelled

    They did say on facebook that the terrain would be available after fulfillment directly from them. I'll check that out, but I don't expect it to be financially viable to ship to Canada.
  10. Was thinking the same thing.
  11. That combo looks a lot like the Vallejo Sombre Grey, which has a bit of a blue tint.
  12. Pre-launch

    I totally bought bones 1 while bones 2 happened.
  13. I too think the base is excellent, and a wonderful idea.
  14. Fulfilling

    You'd probably have to declare it too, right?
  15. He's really Hulk-ed out. Good stand-in. This is one time I appreciate a ridiculously huge upper body.