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  1. lexomatic

    Hagglethorn Hollow

  2. lexomatic

    August miscellany

    I need to decide how much more I want to do on balto (hair highlights but not sure what else) and the pensive table. Otherwise it's just the goroloth left. Whoa, things go fast when you're only doing tabletop. Mirror-just some highlights Candlesticks-just a bit of flame to make them not look like used prophylactics The owl was just random stippling and the wrong brush for the eyes. Meh, il leave it.
  3. So I picked this up today and it's so much more than I expected. Nice touch with the organizer. I'll be able to store my wizards tower set in it too. I'm not working on these for a while, but I thought I'd post pictures etc of the whole thing as a before. 3x barracks, bar 2x library, tables & chairs, 1x blacksmith/stables, throne room, horse & cart
  4. lexomatic

    August miscellany

    1 task at a time. Mirror not as green in hand as it looks here. I'm going to dry brush mirror frame parts and maybe glaze mirror part to smooth it out. I based my mirror off this tutorial https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=433TfpTq0wM#
  5. lexomatic

    August miscellany

    Did a bit more Vampire skin and creamy ivory is good for candles.
  6. lexomatic

    August miscellany

    I can haz babbe nao so time is short. I did some stuff on the library book shelves. I still need to drybrush the corner unit. Not sure I want to do more. I tried to make the spines duplicate the most common casing colours for re-bound books/journals in college libraries - burgundy, navy, dark green, black, and brown. I still need to do the mirror-y bits of the mirror, and the paint the scrolls in the pile of books. Picking up the city set so I'll add to the library stuff... but not in this thread. I'm tempted to set up a library reading room diorama but with the shelves removable. I'm also calling the weird astronomical thing done...
  7. And replacement files are up for the stables
  8. lexomatic

    Tre Manor - Hordes of the Auld World

    From the beard's mouth:
  9. lexomatic

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    I'll share my version at some point. No longer on my phone. The tail is too tightly coiled to get full access with a brush, but it looks good. Some of the tail was missing scale detail. I've also painted a ton of the villager types, the beholder, and the displacer.
  10. lexomatic

    Tre Manor - Hordes of the Auld World

    I asked for size comps to reaper gobs an orcses.
  11. lexomatic

    MenhirGames: 28mm plastic set "Dark Age Outpost"

    Dead to me. But I also think those files are it.
  12. New update, the gist is: don't print the stable roofs until they've updated the file. They discovered mis-matched files.
  13. lexomatic

    MenhirGames: 28mm plastic set "Dark Age Outpost"

    I'm calling this one dead. New update yesterday. At best, it seems like the creator is so completely over his head that there was no way he would ever have succeeded. Bold is original post emphasis. Some people have posted that based on the numbers provided the creator should have some money left over for shipping, and that the numbers related to kickstarter fees are roughly 3 times as much as they should be. Still the minis (mostly which I traded in for credit) have not been mentioned in a long time. Did I miss an explanation?