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  1. I completed the base/prime on the whole core #2. It fits conveniently in a Tupperware currently on sale at Michael's 5$/per. Not sure if I can fit ALL my KS stuff in one less spread out for drying, but I'm gonna try I also did a quick wet brush on the stones from previously painted stuff to catch the same weird mossy green quality for consistency. I like the combo, though some is that all over.
  2. lexomatic

    Sir Conlan

    That green blade really pops
  3. lexomatic

    77434 yeti chieftain ladystorm winter contest

    It's a tough field. I wish there were more entries, but... My alternate, if I had time to do all of the yeti was to take the yeti bowling. Take them bowling. Ornament bowling, that is.
  4. lexomatic

    77434: Yeti Chieftan by TripleH

    Forest bigfeets
  5. lexomatic

    Dungeon of the Mad Mage

    "That WAS Dorn,"says Vin, as he picks up his things and walks over to grab the rope."Last one down pays everyone else's fare back up." He jumps over the edge as soon as Durnan gives him the ok. "Vindiiiiiiiiice!" He shouts on the way down.
  6. lexomatic

    yeti chieftain- the full Frazetta help requested

    Done. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/84075-77434-yeti-chieftain-ladystorm-winter-contest
  7. lexomatic

    LadyStorm's Winter Contest: Yeti

    I don't think I can rephrase, but a different entry was a diorama, so I'm taking a chance. A question I do have, though, is whether we should be putting all photos in the entry thread, or if extras are fine in the show-off thread?
  8. lexomatic

    77434 yeti chieftain ladystorm winter contest

    Thanks everybody! Please say nice things to help persuade Ladystorm to let me win in my first contest. Or feel free to join in to increase my odds of getting new stuff to paint.
  9. "What the Dickens!" (Show-off thread with extra pics and blurb)
  10. What the Dickens! After a long trek through snow and ice, Cornelius was disappointed to learn that the library only had a book of Christmas Carols, and not A Christmas Carol, which he was hoping to finally read this year
  11. lexomatic

    yeti chieftain- the full Frazetta help requested

    I think this is the last teaser
  12. lexomatic

    Worm Corpse

    Who makes this?
  13. lexomatic

    Christmas Miss Givings

    One of the people in my regular gaming group for the past two years is running a Kickstarter for his new game. There's a few ways to check it out now, and print & play is cheap https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/914925546/christmas-miss-givings
  14. lexomatic

    yeti chieftain- the full Frazetta help requested

    Trying to narrow things down due to time constraints. Need to tie base into something (flooring) so mud or snow and ice are easy. Blood would be too sinister.