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  1. This will be a slow fix
  2. Made a mistake on the hall floor, though it's totally salvageable. Decided to use a cheap brush because it was large and square. It was also destroyed. I cleaned up the mess as best I could, but now I'll need to go over the edges with a lighter color, just to tidy things up. Just more time. Curse my impatience.
  3. Rough basement floors (placed). Hall will be larger tiles rest will be grey concrete (but need wall measurements handy before I cover all that stuff up). The burgundy carpet in the lecture room is 9in x 7 5/8in . So a very large room at 1in=5ft. Hall is 4in x8 in and bathrooms are 2in x 4in
  4. Here are the bathroom tiles. I'll be doing larger ones for the hall. This is the men's and women's ac. I'll cut it in half for top 2x4 pieces and glue onto foamboard First I scored the pattern. Then did a wash of a brown to make the lines visible and dull the gloss white. Then I colored each square in black. I might do a few broken tiles and another wash. Eww carpet in the bathroom
  5. Considering indent have a printer and people locally are quoting me 1000$ for files I already own, I'm not funding 3d print stuff until it gets cheaper or I buy a printer (unlikely at this point)
  6. So, baby had a slightly longer napbhan expected. I did measurements for the trimming I need to do on the floor pieces. I also trimmed the ends off of about 50 popsicle sticks and then scanned and printed them. It looks a bit rough now, but I think with ink and medium will look cool. If game is cancelled, I will finish cutting my exterior wall pieces and start measuring the interior ones (3 major pieces and a couple of small walls to devise rooms. I'm working on Bristol board "tiles" which I will draw out then paint and glue on as a single sheet. I might score them a bit for some texture. Then when everything is gathered I'll do interior/exterior floor by floor.
  7. I need to trim 1 cm off the floors due to forgetting to include the width of the foamboard in measurements. No big deal. All six 12" sides are cut and two of the 18" ones. These outside walls just need windows to be cut and can then be painted / have wallpaper glued. Lineup pic to show exterior wall height
  8. Back to work... I need to get at least one floor finished by the end of the month (hopefully all of them) so I can get my photoshoot done for Women in Horror month. Probably basement, due to my plan to use popsicle sticks as flooring on the main floor probably taking a LONG time. So far, Basement will be 3 in, and main floor will be two 3in sections, with 2 rows of windows (maybe, if I have enough acetate). So, that means 3x12 6 times and 3x18 6 times and 2x3 4 times (bulkheads and/or fireplace extension/ chimneys) I have the floors mapped out. I'm currently measuring the walls so I can cut them. Once those are cut, I can cut out the windows for exterior walls, and doors for interior walls (just the basement). Then it's all my gluing paper and painting. Pics when I have something to show for my work. Starting sleep training this Friday, so everything may get shot to hell. EDIT: Now doing 3" minus the width of a piece of foam, instead of plus the width of foam. It just makes it easier if I can actually fit everything in the pieces I have instead of having weird scraps etc. left over.
  9. There's also the online GURPS sheet. https://vonexplaino.com/code/gurps/ but it will be missing some stuff.
  10. lexomatic

    Women in Horror 2019 : Gemma Files (Hasslefree)

    Yeah. The carpet is high, but it's staying there... with glue. I'd probably use felt if I were at home. I just laugh every time I see it. Anyway, the mini is tiny, this will just make her more even with other minis.
  11. I think Kane, and Dilvish I need to have pre-discussions with? And Chaoswolf who's finally available is in the beginning stages of this. Sorry for having real life intrude and slow this down a bit.
  12. lexomatic

    Women in Horror 2019 : Gemma Files (Hasslefree)

    I definitely feel like I know how to do it better next time. I'm happy with the results even though I didn't really succeed in what I was trying to do. Man, it sucks noticing a mold line on the side of the leg at this stage. Seriously not visible in person. I'm leaving it for that reason. Show off will have to wait until I have the library done and I can do my little photo-montage. I have... 18 days. That's doable. Maybe.
  13. lexomatic

    Women in Horror 2019 : Gemma Files (Hasslefree)

    Nothing says dearhrock like beige industrial carpeting.