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  1. I'm building some playable terrain for extra life fundraising. Stay tuned.
  2. So here's the front and right side of the 1st floor. Still need to cut out the left side. I'm leaving extra for extra paper on the bevel. The rabbets have been messy due to dull blades. Got some new ones, but I miss my good tools at home (especially non slip ruler). I just dont have enough foam core to do a single piece for the left and back, so good thing I already have a piece for the back. You can see that the rounded room will stand.
  3. Turret roof ready for gluing. Now back to 1st and 2nd floor exterior walls
  4. lexomatic

    LadyStorm's Winter Contest: Yeti

    I have this mini. I might do this thing.
  5. Good thing there's one coming. I like the original, though, and painted mine like a pineapple.
  6. interrupted by hungry babe I did get this drawing g do e for pointy roof insert on tower
  7. I did a bunch more. Gables are glued and drying will be glued to the roof surface before bed.i did super rough paint for my faux Tudor.shingles will go on last but I'll have playable top floor for Tuesday ( aim to actually have all floors playable in rough unfinished walls only form).
  8. So I spent an hour and did the walls to the top floor. This will let me test all my other theories out for the rest of the house. Will be hard pressed for a playable model for Tuesday though. The walls are glued and pinned. In an hour or so I will glue the gables to the roof then I'll need to cut and glue some Bristol board for roof. Then glue on shingles - at the end, and so probably not tonight.
  9. Still unsure about this one. Found my Folklore minis and realized that would give me a few townsfolk types to throw into various scenarios.
  10. If this is the same as with the Children of the Fields, you can get access to their entire catalog in the pledge manager. They do have a few "not _" minis. Also, the KS was super smooth with good communication after and received my minis easily. Have ordered directly several times.
  11. Consulting with the "engineer."
  12. It's early but I'm just gonna do a sheet of shingles while it's easy, and I have a bunch of popsicle sticks handy.
  13. So I tried cutting a few things... and made my first mistake - luckily the pieces can be still be used with zero waste. I've never made an octagonal shape, and didnt realize the diagonals would have to be wider. All fixed. There's 2 kitchen walls 1st floor-3 inches and 2nd floor-2 inches. In this case the 2 inch walls will be interior walls, because there's nothing but roof above the kitchen. In the front right is the screw up, which will be the 3rd and 4th floor turret above and a few other pieces. On the left is the fixed version of 1st and 2nd floor octagonal room. Should be about 9+ inches.
  14. There's about a baker's dozen I'd be into, including locked stretch goals, but only about 8 otherwise.
  15. My cat got sick and time has evaporated. This may not get done (edit: on time). I have cut some exterior walls and have floors mapped out. Was planning on laying out on grid before in case I need to adjust the floors out.
  16. lexomatic

    Sandy Petersen's Cthulhu Mythos for 5e

    I need to think about which reaper minis I have cthulu, shub, dagon, mythos set, will have, nyarlathotep (or reasonable facsimile, eg, goremaw=dhol).and what to prioritize. No more cultists for me, though.
  17. lexomatic

    Sandy Petersen's Cthulhu Mythos for 5e

    Does anyone have minis for size comparisons?
  18. The main issue seems to be playable surface and how to address things like the turret's angles which mean a base won't fit between the upper and lower parts. And I can't find an official image to figure things out. I'm probably going to make the upper turret part square, for ease, and maybe put inserts to shape the interior in the lower part. That seems easier than calculating how much extra space I'll need to fit walls etc.
  19. lexomatic

    Crooked Dice - Cultists

    I have the old set, none from this. These look really good. Wish I'd gotten that leader (don't remember if I could get her individually) to go with my goat men or mast beasts.
  20. lexomatic

    Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten: Tabletop Cult Skirmishes

    Wow totally missed this one. Any mini size comparison pics available in this ks? Can someone post?
  21. lexomatic

    Sandy Petersen's Cthulhu Mythos for 5e

    Ugh. This might grab me.
  22. lexomatic

    Fantasy Facades by Bannerless Builds

    Its just not econimically feasible to do this in Canada apparently 15$ for 1 set of shelves including shipping? Double that if I want books for it? Just not good value.
  23. So I picked this up today and it's so much more than I expected. Nice touch with the organizer. I'll be able to store my wizards tower set in it too. I'm not working on these for a while, but I thought I'd post pictures etc of the whole thing as a before. 3x barracks, bar 2x library, tables & chairs, 1x blacksmith/stables, throne room, horse & cart
  24. lexomatic

    Mantic terrain crate town (pic heavy)

    Apparently some of this might be useful for Waterdeep Dragon Heist? I may paint sooner than later.