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  1. And so it begins... floorplans and foamcore. I couldnt find the post where I originally shared the link to floorplans, but a quick Google search turned up a version with BASEMENT! Now it all makes sense. I'll be doing a variation of the horizontal (top) layout with added stacks in the basement (and smaller lecture room). This will be the setting for my Gemma Files diorama. I will be doing fancy paper "wallpaper" on the inside. Stained popsicle sticks wood floors on the main, and concrete on the basement (tile bathrooms) with carpet in the staff and lecture rooms. I intend for it to be playable, with separate floors (and roof). I'm debating FANCY openable windows. Brownstone, with tar roof and stone trim. I went with the built in size constraints of the folding presentation board on purpose.
  2. I cut out the basement windows. This is inside brickwork, and I'm only putting frame on the outside, but close enough to get the idea. I Will be painting mullions on. I saw a Swedish railroad YouTube video, and decided to use some stuff from that. When the windows are cut out, things will move fast. I also got an idea to make the roof removable without too much added work. I hope.
  3. libraries here give you a few hours at a time, so, maybe minis, but terrain or larger things like dragons are out of the question.
  4. I tried to get quotes for a different project and the low was 350 and the high was 1000$ There was a licensed seller for 100$ (+ shipping). I really pays to buy your own and learn to use it or avoid. You're paying for the time using the machine not the printing materials and when your competition is business and movies...
  5. And 3 basement windows which hopefully won't look too weird with my upper windows
  6. Testing window options with some off-cuts. And I have a plan for the basement windows
  7. lexomatic

    Dunkeldorf---28mm Fantasy Towsfolk

    Me either.
  8. lexomatic

    Dunkeldorf---28mm Fantasy Towsfolk

    I thought these had character but quite pricey
  9. So if it takes a few days to send out UK/AUS etc. There's a chance with the Canuck orders that I'll get stuff within 5 weeks when I go on vacation, and my in-laws may or may not be as well :/
  10. lexomatic

    Terrain Essentials

    I am not sure how much help the book will be from all the video over watched and mucking around I've done but I'm tempted to have it around as a reference.
  11. This morning I glued the base of my "glass" wall. I'll paint it after, then decide if I want to attach it permanently to the floor of the build. Not much point in posting pics of stuff you've all seen before, but this time with pins. I also tried taking more faked photos to show what stuff would look like,but I wasn't quite able to do that.
  12. Too pricey, and I'm not feeling their vision.
  13. Teaser view of the front door (from the inside, reflected in acetate).
  14. I have no idea what that is. Technically once stuff is glued I won't need to pin it and can reuse it with other things but... it is part of the plans.
  15. Found the acetate, doing mocks if my entry glass wall. I could square it off with zero issues. Currently it's not square. Contemplating wood (brown ) or metal (black)base for the foam and maybe metal (black) matchstick posts. Brick wall for something behind. This will give me something to pin to the floor.
  16. I need to find acetate pieces to figure out what I'm doing with windows. I'm not cutting out a bunch of holes only to find out what I want to do is impossible. that means probably nothing else until that's figured out. Then some quick cutting and gluing to finish up then I finish the basement.
  17. Probably it for main floor today. Side pieces have wallpaper glued
  18. Bulkheads done separately for upper level due to complications and hassles with adding it after. Cut the pieces the wrong size so had to cut them while glued. Just realized these pieces are too short and I painted them wrong. Whoops. At least I can still use them.
  19. L1 short side in and out still need to do wall paper
  20. This is already funded. I like these, Some remind me of Jan Svankmajer characters. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/191582083/tabletop-fantasy-miniatures-by-ana-polanscak/description
  21. So in order to glue the brick pattern on the 1st floor exterior, I have to cut the window holes. I don't have to, but it'll be easier to line it all up, which I would like to do at the front. I decided to do a quick interior for the lower part of my main floor (this is the painted part, below where the matchstick rail will go if I still feel like doing all that work. Does anyone know if craft balsa pieces come that thin but longer? Would save me MUCH time.) so I can get the windows in place. I did some painting on the interior of lvl2, and some painting on the exterior of lvl1 (red/brown bits to cover gaps in brick). Eventually when everything is glued, I'll wrap a piece around the corner, just for a neater/stronger (like 1%?) corner. Then bits of fake stone (bristol board painted), then I'll modgepodge it all for durability and matteness. Most of lvl2/3 is just wallpaper, with no internal walls, so that part should be fast. I would post pics, but my phone isn't connecting for some reason. Not even finding the site.
  22. I have built a few Dave Graffam models just by printing and gluing onto regular 5mm foamcore. I can't imagine working with stuff that thick. Looks good.