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  1. I'm really, really going to try to make it this year. Last year got canceled due to wife's cancer, but we're nearly over that hill... Which means I've gotta paint something other than that Tiger Tank I've got going on right now.....
  2. Okay! So I haven't ordered pigments yet as I'm trying to amass funds for the big pack from Secret Weapons. However, I can't leave well enough alone and I'm not a patient person, so I decided to see if I could use what I have to achieve what I'm trying to. Now, you must understand that: 1. I'm never fully sure what I have. 2. I'm not usually sure what I'm trying to achieve. At any rate, the Tiger got dirty. I referenced a photograph obtained through a highly technical Google search algorithm entitled: "Muddy Tiger I Tank" and found a muddy Tiger linked to a Getty Image pic. I'm not sure if I can link the file directly on the forum, but the full title is "Russia, Orel, A German Tank Tiger Going Through The Muddy Land On 1943, August 24Th" if you're curious. At any rate, I proceeded to use various mixtures of Reaper Walnut Brown, Scalecolor Inks, Vallejo Red Oxide Paste, and Golden Fiber Paste to make up mud and various washes. I also used Liquitex inks combined with all of the above mess to make several washes to take the "new" out of the gray color of the Tiger above. Below is what transpired: Side View Three-Quarter View Front View Rear View This pic helped as I was able to go back and cover the non-treated portions of the exhaust shields. Note that I intend to cover these with whatever pigment goes for "soot" whenever I order whichever pigments. Even so, it looks funny clean, doens't it? Top Down View So, that's where it stands right now. I'm fairly happy with it. I do think I'm fighting the red tint of the Red Oxide Paste as some of the "mud" looks like "poop." However, it's not as brown IRL as this model is pretty small. Again, it's an experiment before moving up to a larger scale. I basically wanted to look like it's taken the wrong route to Grandmother's house, Into The Woods and Back, over the river and under the bridge, etc. Also note that Hans and Franz still look just as ugly. I really need to do something to help those poor guys. From here, I still need pigments, and I think I'm going to try to find some foliage to throw up there. If they've been knocking down trees and fording rivers, they gonna have some weeds on their ride. At any rate, it at least looks like Hans and Franz have been earning their Reichsmarks now vs. the earlier, cleaner stage. Suggestions, questions and comments are always welcome! -K
  3. This looks like an awesome thread as I'm starting to get into armor. I'm literally falling asleep while typing this, so I'm going to have to check it out in detail later...
  4. Jasper! You're doing a tank too! I've been off the forum forever, but I'm working on a 1/72 Tiger for grins and giggles. I'm definitely going to keep an eye on what you're doing here...
  5. Hahaha, it's a Hasegawa MT8 kit. I'm not too sure about the diorama yet. It'll probably be fairly simple as I kind of just picked up this kit as it was really inexpensive and it's been years since I put a model together... Not counting the 2(!) Space Marines I did last year. I'll definitely have to check out the Panzer WIPS! It'll be a while until I post again as I need to order pigments and I'm looking at ordering a big set to spend more to save less... or something like that. LOL!
  6. This looks great Uber! Can't say I blame him... I love the smell of spent powder! The cotton is a bit white, but you could use some greyish-blue washes on some experimental cotton to get the shading just right. Either way, this is a beautiful job!
  7. Amazing work! Those capes are captivating!
  8. So pretty! All of those flowers! This really is a beautiful piece. It looks like you had much better luck with your resin than I did when I did my exchange with resin. It was a MESS! And yes, the new board has thrown me off as well! I haven't been on here in months, so I'm a little lost!
  9. Hello all! It's been forever since I've posted here or painted anything for that matter. Life has been extremely busy as of late, and I haven't had a lot of time to pursue my artistic interests... well, that and I tend to jump from hobby to hobby. At any rate, figured I'd drop this here as it's miniature, even if not a mini. I need to get back to minis, but I ended up with this 1/72 Tiger tank... So here's where we are. For some reason, I decided to start in 1/72. I'm not sure why. Maybe because it's tiny. Maybe because it's closer to "minis." Maybe I just ate some bad chicken and thought it'd be a great idea! However, I ended up with Hans and Frans.... They are really, really ugly and really, really tiny! I should probably put a mini Dwarf on the turret just to show that they are indeed in the Land of the Lost, and surely to meet their end at the charge of the Gutbuster Brigade or the like.... At any rate, it's a different change of pace from normal minis... although it's been about a year since I've painted any additional minis. My experience with Hans and Frans hasn't done anything to encourage extra exploration, but I think if I do more armor, (and it'll happen, I have a 1/35 Matilda in a box....), at least their figures will be closer to what I'm used to working with. They're just a lot smaller and with not as good casting as I'm used to with Reaper minis and others. In the meantime, it's nice to be getting back to painting. I need to come up with a diorama for these guys. I've got a few touch-ups to do here and there, but I'm pretty much done with the model at this scale. I need to order some pigments to weather this thing as that's where I was headed before I went on mini hiatus. Purchasing too many pigments I mean... It's going to take pigments to make the funky rubber treads this thing came with look anything like real tank treads. LOL! Comments, questions, and WHERE THE HECK HAVE YOU BEENS!?!!? are welcome! -K
  10. Sure thing! When is ReaperCon scheduled for 2017?
  11. Oh my goodness guys! I totally missed these posts this year! I'm so sorry! Thank y'all so much for the happy birthday wishes! I missed all of you at Reaper this year. I was planning to go with a few friends, but my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer this past Summer, so all of our resources have been going to travel back and forth between here and MD Anderson. We're doing fine though, and her chemo has been moved local, so we don't have to travel as much. Still it sucks that I couldn't make it as I was looking forward to it. You all are AWESOME! Keep us in your prayer. -K
  12. I think I have yet to crawl in a dungeon... Not that I'm opposed to it.
  13. Haldir, are you running any Pathfinder this year? I'd like to play some more and I'll probably(tm) take fewer classes this year to do so.
  14. Honorable horror? Hmmm......
  15. None major, or at least none that I haven't visited the store in already. We're 2hrs east of Houston so we head that way a lot. I just wasn't sure if there was a specific store in Galveston or not.