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  1. Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    Along the western coast of the island now known as Britain, about twenty miles inland from the spot where the city of Lancaster would one day stand, there lies a hill. It looms over the surrounding landscape; and one day in the distant past, an Anglo-Saxon interloper turned to one of the native Celts, and said "What's that place called?" And the Celt said "Pen." Which in his language, meant "hill". "Oh, that's a good name!" said the Anglo-Saxon. "But ... there's a hill there. Let's call it 'Pen Dale'." Which, of course, meant "hill hill". Years passed. Wars were fought. Witches were hung from grim gallows at the base of that very hill. And through the operation of time and universal human laziness of pronunciation, the name "Pen Dale" shifted and twisted and eroded away into just "Pendle". "You know," people started saying, "Pendle's a good name. But there's a hill there! Let's call it: Pendle Hill." Today, you can go and visit a rather well done historical exhibit documenting the 17th century witch trials that took place at Hill hill hill. And if the past is prelude, rest assured that some day your great great great great great great great grandchildren will be visiting that same place. Its name might be something like Pendhil Tal, or Penhil po dao, or Penil Pahāṛī, or even just Pennle Hill. But what you can count on is that it will be called "hill hill hill hill."
  2. Good to know. I'll just have to possess my soul in patience. Thanks!
  3. Any hope of a hint at what's coming in April? I sat on a $40 order in February because I looked at Baran and thought "meh!" Then March rolled around and it was goblins. I've already got forty-odd goblin figures; I think I'm good for goblins. Meanwhile I found another $40 of stuff I want to get, so now I'm sitting on an $80 order in the hopes that April's bonus figure will be something I want.
  4. Why Does SuperGlue Hate Me?

    Whoa, whoa whoa. I think it's pretty clear what the problem is: The OP is made of rubber.
  5. Shuffles feet uncomfortably. Err .. if I tried to break this awkward silence ... would that make it more ... awkward?
  6. Travelling with minis

    @Rob Dean -- I think I've got figured out what to do about the box and the magnetic bottom for it. Is there anything in particular you use for the steel on the base of your minis? Just washers and superglue? Something else?
  7. Travelling with minis

    Excellent pointers, thank you very much! My initial plan involved using one of those black plastic cases from the Reaper kickstarters -- you know, with the foam inserts that have a tendency to rub paint off minis if you don't also wrap them in tissue or similar, which I had meant to do. It sounds like that would likely have led to an unpleasant experience with TSA involving a long, slow painstaking unwrapping and rewrapping of figures, slowing down everyone in line behind me and potentially causing damage. So ... now all I need to do is look into magnetizing things and getting a clear case.
  8. I'm not sure if this belongs here or in the Off-Topic Rampancy section; if I've guessed wrong, please feel free to move the thread. I'm going to be GM'ing at NorWesCon and GenCon this year. I don't live anywhere near Seattle or Indianapolis, and will thus be flying with the minis I'll need. Are there any pitfalls or gotchas I should be aware of when flying with minis?
  9. Pathfinder Version 2

    On backgrounds: would I like some mechanical benefit from my background story? Yes! Do I want to tailor my background story around somebody else's idea of what makes sense for a particular type of character? No! I read the whole ideal/bond/flaw chapter in the 5e handbook, and promptly decided to ignore it. I suppose it might be helpful for someone who has difficulty inventing backstory. If PF2 goes the same route -- where you can't really build a character without accepting someone else's preconceived notions -- I will be getting out the homebrew pot. On simplifying the game: Certainly a noble goal. When playing Pathfinder -- and 3.5 before it -- it's super easy to get bogged down in arithmetic. Particularly if the party has both a bard (or other buffer) and a witch (or other debuffer). Pretty soon the players are up to their ears in bonuses: Let's see, that +3 enhancement, +2 morale, +1 insight, -2 fatigued but that variant channelling lets me ignore the fatigue so my final total for this round is ... wait I forgot the strength bonus of +4, so +10! No wait, BAB, BAB! It's 21. Crap, flanking, 23! Meanwhile the GM is trying to keep track of how gimped the opposition has become. So the big bad passed his Will save against the Evil Eye (saves), but he's automatically affected for one round anyway and the witch cackled, so that's -4 to saves for 2 rounds, got to remember that. Oh look, the other witch just evil-eyed his AC -- fail, that's -4 AC for 8 rounds, no wait, cackle so it's 9 rounds. Does that apply to all three ACs, normal, flat-footed, and touch? Yeah, it must, it's untyped. And the Bard just cast Crushing Despair .... and it's untyped, so, uh, -6 saves, -4 AC on all three types of AC, -2 on basically all d20 rolls. Oh and the fighter just tripped him so now he's prone. That's +4 AC vs ranged attacks, but -4 penalty versus melee. He started at 23/20 flat/13 touch, so after all is said and done, his AC is 15/12F/5T (melee), or 19/16F/9T (ranged). What? No, don't sunder his armor. Please, please just kill me so I can stop doing math! This is one of the things that 5e did very well: reducing the sheer volume of math. Most of those flat numerical bonuses and penalties went away, with a few exceptions -- Bless, I'm looking at you! But most of the time, either you have advantage (roll 2d20, take the higher), a straight d20 roll, or disadvantage (roll 2d20, take the lower). It helps a lot keeping things moving. I'm going to reserve judgement on PF 2.0 until I actually see what it looks like as a whole. But there is absolutely room to improve it.
  10. Blightfang

    Something about this paint job didn't feel quite right to me. It took several moments of staring at it to figure it out: In the fins along his spine, you've put the dark, cool greens closer to the body, and the blended towards bright yellows at the edge. That makes sense: the flesh would get thinner and allow more light to pass through it the closer you got to the edge. But then, on the wings, you've reversed it: bright yellows near the bone, darker colors towards the edges. It's a small thing, but my eye didn't want to resolve the figure properly. The two opposing gradations fight with one another to a certain degree. It's still a striking figure. And probably most people won't notice. Just something to think about for future!
  11. Disciple of the Flower Witch

    You know, with Kingdom Death miniatures, I often don't know whether to be aroused or creeped the heck out. This is one of those times.
  12. Xanthia

    The skin turned out lovely, and I like how the purple highlights in her hair match her loincloth -- it helps pull the figure together. The base also came out lovely. Did you have trouble with all those tiny bangles on her belt? Getting a clean coat of paint on those was a pain when I painted this figure.
  13. Verigana the Tormentor

    So many arms. O_O