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  1. Bump! So, when does the judging on this happen? I don't see it listed in the rules post.
  2. Bint Gutterson

    In the end, the water was just not as complicated as I thought it would be. I mixed in some sepia ink and brushed it on, then later did a second layer without the sepia ink. Meanwhile, I've begun putting paint on Bint himself. This figure was designed to be an NPC for some Paizo adventure or other, though I'm not sure which one. I found some reference art for him, and kind of liked the tunic he's shown wearing there. But then I got a base coat of pale violet on him and decided I don't like it after all. He's poor. The cloth needs to be low quality and beaten up. It also needs to have sufficient contrast with the rest of the mini. The logical colors are off-white with stains, or some kind of brown. Buuuut ... I have been painting a ton of white recently, and I'm tired of it. And he's already got brown pants, boots, and armor. Not sure what to do. But I'm definitely not keeping that violet.
  3. Dain Deepaxe, Silver Anniversary Edition

    Thanks! The beard is my favorite part, too.
  4. Dragon's Don't Share - 77381 (Photo heavy!!)

  5. I got my brother a set of Reaper's core paints for Christmas -- he's just getting into painting. Since I ordered them in November, I wound up with FOUR of the silver anniversary Dain Deepaxe, and offered to help him break in his paints by painting this one up. This one came damaged -- missing half of one horn and with a crack down the center of the mini. You can see it on his right shoulder. I decided to paint this one because the damage made it more interesting: clearly, he's been in desperate combat against some dread beast whose terrible claws clove straight through his horn and cracked his armor before he finally laid it low. I've also decided not to ask for a replacement. Even after giving one to my brother, I've got two unpainted ones left. That'll be plenty, thanks. His left arm is also different from stock -- I messed up the pin placement and it just would not fit normally, so I had to use green stuff to give him a bit more bicep than he'd usually have on that side. Let that be a lesson, people: get your pins centered!
  6. Bint Gutterson

    A little progress now that I'm back from holiday travels -- not much though. Basically, I put some leaves in the gutter. I want to add some water in there, too. I've got Realistic Water, but I'm not sure the best way to block off the ends of the gutter so that it doesn't pour out. I tried building a dam with some blister pack, but it invariably left a gap which would have let the water goop slip off the end. Maybe a temporary dam of green stuff? But it might pull the paint off if I just let it dry on there. Hrm.
  7. Minis we would like to see

    Hats. I would like some sprues full of hats in various styles: beret boater top hat bonnet pointy cone (suitable for dunces, princesses, wizards and witches!) asian style thatched cone ascot capotain (i.e. pilgrim hat) coonskin deerstalker pith helmet turban sombrero phrygian (smurf-style cap) You can add a lot of personality to a mini -- and signal something about its culture -- just by putting a hat on it. Would they sell? I have no idea. But I'd buy at least one, probably more.
  8. A Christmas follow-up

    I have no complaints about Reaper's customer service, by any means! I've only had to interact with them a couple of times, but they've been uniformly prompt, professional, and courteous. And I can understand the policy, even if it's a tad stricter than I might adopt myself. In other news, my brother Rich and his friend Erin came over again yesterday, and we did more stuff! I opted to work on the damaged Dain Deepaxe, because I think the damage lends it character. I am not going to seek a replacement for it -- I've already got two more undamaged ones sitting in their blister packs, I don't really need another. I just hope the mini holds together when it comes time to drill a hole for the pin for his right arm. Here he is after a few hours work -- just eyes plus some base coats on assorted bits. I mixed 1:1 Phoenix Red and Dark Skin Highlight for the base coat on his beard. I miss having my own paints! The red hair triad makes things a lot simpler. My brother worked on an undamaged Dain Deepaxe. When I saw the red helmet, I told him he should do the beard in white and make him Santa Deepaxe. Meanwhile, Erin worked on some of Reaper's mushroom men: I gather this is only her fifth mini, but she also has an art degree, so she's starting from a much more advanced point than most. I mean, she was doing two-brush blending on the cap across from me, which is a technique I still haven't tried after four years of painting minis, so she'll do well!
  9. A Christmas follow-up

    Perhaps. I don't feel any great urgency about it -- I've got four of the same model, after all. If I'd remembered about the promotion I would have waited to place the order till December to get multiples of the dwarf alchemist, a model I like much better. Ah well. Out of curiousity, why don't they want pics of damaged minis when people need replacements?
  10. Minis we would like to see

    Male merfolk. Reaper has five different mermaid models, who have no males and are thus a critically endangered species.
  11. A Christmas follow-up

    I'm visiting family in Denver over the holidays, and my brother has recently begun painting minis. I've been at it for about four years now, so we sat down so I could show him a few things. Well, I lie. We didn't actually get any paint on minis. Mostly I showed him how to pin pewter minis. I got him a pin vise and a set of Reaper core colors for Christmas, and since I ordered those in November I got FOUR of the anniversary Dain Deepaxe. So we worked on assembling two of them. One turned out to be cracked. Part of his horn is missing and there's a big cleft down the middle of the mini. Never seen anything quite like it. The missing horn is fine -- adds character -- but I'm a bit worried that drilling a hole to mount his axe arm is going to split the mini in two. Unfortunately he forgot to bring his primer, so we couldn't proceed. Ah well. Perhaps we'll work on these more over the weekend.
  12. 50227 Dee Dee Astro Girl by Glitterwolf

    Looking good! Could you tell us a bit more about how you made the base?
  13. Bump! What's the procedure for donating prize materials for the non-Reaper category? The end of the year swiftly approacheth!