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  1. wdmartin

    Stonehaven: Large Fox

    Yup, I also liked the female halfling samurai a lot. Here's her show-off thread:
  2. wdmartin

    Stonehaven: Large Fox

    Thanks, all!
  3. wdmartin

    77322: Kassandra Of The Staff

    I would never have guessed that wasn't her original weapon. Good job.
  4. wdmartin

    Stonehaven: Large Fox

    This fellow has been sitting on my Shelf of Shame in a state of about 85% completion for a couple of months. So during tonight's Critical Role episode, I pulled him down and finished him. This figure was the reason I backed their last kickstarter. It just appealed to me. So I'm glad he's done. The fur went red, dry brush orange, dry brush brighter orange on the highest highlights, but I'm afraid I don't remember the exact colors at this remove. The white parts were Snow Shadow with Solid White on top, and the black parts Walnut Brown highlighted in a very dark blue. The eyes went Brown Liner, Solid White, a very thin mixture of 2:1 Fireball Orange and Sandy Brown, then added more Sandy Brown to bring it to 1:1 for a dot in the center, and a line of Walnut Brown for the pupil. The base is from Micro Arts Studio.
  5. wdmartin

    Grymkin: The Wicked Harvest

    And once again, multiple months go by for minimal progress! Not long after my previous post, I knocked the tree off my WIP shelf, and his arms popped out of their sockets despite the super-glue. That was pretty demoralizing, and I wandered off and worked on other stuff. But I have finally put him back together -- with pins and green stuff in addition to the superglue -- and gotten most of a base coat on him. The secondary branches may need a second coat. That lovely rich brown is 8:5 Jade Green/Clear Red.
  6. wdmartin

    Removing commercial paint

    I was afraid of that. See, I was kind of hoping to preserve some of the translucency ... :-/
  7. This is a Lunar Handmaiden. She was produced by Wizards of the Coast for some kind of minis game. I honestly don't know what one or how it was played. I picked her up off eBay in a lot of other prepainted plastics, and was taken with the sculpt. I've already removed the large, square base she came on. I'm toying with the idea of repainting her. Any tips on removing that spray-painted commercial paint job? It's sloppy as heck, particularly around her moon-shaped hair doodads. Is this a job for a Simple Green bath followed by a bunch of scrubbing with soap and a toothbrush? Or will it take more than that?
  8. wdmartin

    14390: Anubis Guards

    Yes, they're pretty low contrast. But that's because they're statues. Originally I was planning on painting them as solid stone, the same color all over; but the unrelieved sameness was just too visually boring, so I painted their collars and headdresses to add at least a little variety. Oh, and the English word for the clothing would probably be "kilt".
  9. wdmartin

    14390: Anubis Guards

    Thanks! And yes, the interference blue is hard to photograph well. Honestly, I think it shows up best in the pictures in the WIP thread, where I took one of each base before attaching the guardian.
  10. wdmartin

    Demonkin Fighter/Mage - Darksword

    Very nice. The various bits of cloth turned out especially well.
  11. wdmartin

    14390: Anubis Guards

    Here we have four copies of 14390: Anubis Guards, because I had an encounter that called for four Graven Guardians. The figures are basically identical to one another -- zenithal primed, base coated in Desert Sand and washed in sepia for the bulk of it, with some minor highlighting. The collars I picked out in Sky Blue, Rich Indigo, and Clear Red in a light blue/dark blue/light blue/red pattern. Sadly the number of collar spaces is 38, which is not evenly divisible by 4, and so it's not perfect; they all have a spot on the front that goes light blue/dark blue and then picks up from the beginning of the pattern. Yes, there are mold lines on their left arms. I didn't notice thus until after I'd base coated and washed, and was too lazy to go fix them. The swords were done in Formula P3 metallics. The headdresses in Solid Black with some Rich Indigo highlighting, and some Sunburst Yellow eyes which I slopped out thinly in the eye socket area for a bit of glow effect. The bases are from SciBor miniatures, and took twice as long as the figures themselves. Details on those are in the brief WIP thread. I'll just note that the scarabs were done by base coating in Walnut Brown, then covering the carapace areas with Pthalo Blue (from Golden), and finally in Interference Blue (from Liquitex), which gave them a lovely gleam. They're probably my favorite part of the whole project.
  12. wdmartin

    14390: Anubis Guards

    Well, I'm all done. Here are some pics of the bases before I attached the guardians, then I'm off to make the Show-Off thread. I did some drybrushing on the dirt, which was easier and less messy than I'd feared. I did opt to put some Pthalo Blue into the water-like areas, but ultimately decided not to do anything more than that with the glyphs. I did a bit of highlighting on the skulls, but left the rest of them more or less untouched after the wash went on. I'm very pleased with the scarabs. They gleam in the light. EDIT: and the show-off thread is up.
  13. wdmartin

    14390: Anubis Guards

    So I needed some minis for four Graven Guardians, and Reaper's Anubis Guards (14390) fit the bill perfectly. So I got four, and painted them all up on Saturday! Nothing fancy. I did zenithal priming -- first black, then zapped them with white from the direction I wanted the light to fall (up and to the right). It's the first time I've used the technique, and I think I may need to thin my paints further to really take advantage of it. Anyway, these guys were easy! I wanted them to be animated stone statues, and I wasn't aiming for awesome quality. I just need them to look decent on the table. So with a quick base coat of Desert Sand and a sepia wash they were 80% done. I didn't feel like leaving them entirely one color, though, and their swords are real and sharp. So I based their headdresses in Solid Black and highlighted with Rich Indigo, then edged the headdresses with Formula P3 Brass Balls. To add a little color, I picked out their collars in a typical Egyptian pattern of light blue/dark blue/light blue/red, in this case using Sky Blue, Rich Indigo, and Clear Red. Sadly the collars have only 38 segments, so the pattern doesn't repeat perfectly -- it's missing the final light blue/red segment, as you can see in the front of the one above. After some minimal highlighting and a some more Formula P3 metallics on the swords, they were all done! .... except for bases. That's why this is a WIP thread, not a Show Off. I seriously thought I would be able to finish these tonight, but these bases from SciBor miniatures have demanded more time than the guardians themselves! Just getting a clean base coat on them took aaaaages. That's their state in the pic above -- base coated and little else. The same limited color palette applied here, but I didn't want to use the exact same Desert Sand with sepia wash that I did on the guardians. Too little contrast between their feet and the base. So instead I base coated the upper surfaces of the bases in a 1:1 mixture of Desert Sand and Sandy Brown. Then I used pure Desert Sand on any broken surfaces, and around the edges, and pure Sandy Brown on the dirt. The skulls got base coated in Aged Bone, which is very similar in tone to Desert Sand straight out of the bottle but dries noticeably greyer. The scarabs I've based in Walnut Brown. Doing all that for four bases took hours and hours. Two full evenings work on the bases just to get them base coated. Just now, I finally got to the point of liberally slathering all of them with a sepia wash. And that helps a good bit, but they're still not done. To do: General highlighting Dry brush Blond Highlight onto the dirt? Plus clean up from any dry brushing. Decide whether to do any color inlays on the glyphs. Maybe blue ink in the zig zag water patterns? Finish the scarabs. The scarabs I at least have a plan for. Their legs and heads are going to stay pure Walnut Brown, but their carapaces are going to be shiny, shiny blue. I wanted to use LiquiTex Interference Blue on them, and thankfully my bottle was still usable despite note having touched it in a long time. But it had been a long time and I wasn't sure about what to use under it, so I did some experiments. Of these, I think I like the Interference Blue on Pthalo Blue best. It's shiiiiiny. I don't know quite what to do about the dirt. The obvious answer would be dry brushing it with a light color to make it look sandy, but dry brushing would invariably get sloppy bits all over adjacent areas. At the same time, I don't know how else to get that sandy look other than painstakingly dotting each little lump and nodule, which I am not down for. After that I still need to seal the bases, pin the guardians to them, and do some final touch-up on the guardians -- each of them suffered a small bit of damage on the bottom left side of their left foot when I cut them off their sprues.
  14. wdmartin

    Travelling with minis

    So, this isn't about travel, really. But having discovered the joy of magnetism, I maaaaaay have gone a little overboard. That's sixteen trays. All fully magnetized. The trays had kind of a weird shape at the front, and I was working with a 2'x10' roll of 6 mil magnetic sheeting with adhesive backing that I got from discountmagnets.com. So to get the shape right, I drilled holes in one of the drawers using my pin vise at the points indicated in this picture (plus two at the other end, off camera): And then I put it on top of a piece of cardboard, poked holes in the cardboard through the holes in the drawer using a paperclip, connected the dots with a ruler and a pencil, and voila, a template! After that, all that was left was to trace it onto the adhesive backing with a sharpie, painstakingly cut out sixteen shapes (which used basically the entire sheet minus a few scraps), and put it in the drawers. Oh yes, and glue washers to minis. Hundreds of them. And just because I am a glutton for punishment, I sanded the washers first to give them a nice rough toothy surface for the superglue to adhere to. My shoulder may never forgive me. In related news, for the first time I actually used up an entire bottle of superglue before it got too old to use! Go me!
  15. wdmartin

    Mrs. Silence

    The contrast between the vivid red hair and the purple clothing is what really pulls this one together. Nice job. Also, all those straps look uncomfortable. And annoying to paint.