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  1. So I'll be running some games at GenCon set in Tal'Dorei, the Critical Role campaign setting. As part of that, I made a bunch of pregen characters: one for each character class from the 5e core rulebook. Behind the spoiler you'll find the backstory for the Cleric, who is a tiefling. (Spoilered because it contains some spoilers for Critical Role campaign 1). Time passed, and one of my GenCon players got in touch in advance because he wanted to make a custom PC. And I said, "Cool, go for it, and here's a link to the pregens I made so you can see what I did." After reviewing those, he not only decided to play the Cleric pregen, he also created this awesome character art for it: When I saw that, I knew I would have to paint a custom mini for this character. There was just no other option. As pictured, I think the character is male, but it's rather androgynous or gender-fluid. And I could not for the life of me find a mini that quite matched that aesthetic. Everything was either a super-macho guy, or an incredibly buxom woman (usually in ridiculous armor). So finally, I decided that I would just have to paint one of each. Here they are: The male had a bunch of jagged plates, and the female had some pretty impressive cleavage, but I needed a comparatively flat space on which to freehand the tree design. So In both cases, I used some greenstuff to smooth out the chestplates. The reference art had a very limited color palette -- almost monochromatic, though not quite. It was very challenging to get proper contrast on areas of adjacent very similar color. But it gave me an opportunity to practice lining, which is not something I've done much in past. I have mixed feelings about the outcome. The swords are totally uninteresting, and the halberd also leaves something to be desired. Its lower blade has poor detail. The bits of freehand generally came out well. I'm particularly pleased with the tree design on the male's shield. I didn't seriously attempt to duplicate it -- the trees are vaguely similar but not identical. Also, the female has a jug of wine or something on her belt, and I free-handed on a sort of net pattern holding it, which turned out nicely. The bases are from Micro Arts Studio. I don't think you can read it in the pics, but the sewer cap under the male has words on it. They read: "Foul Sewer" across the top, and "Lyonesse" across the bottom.
  2. wdmartin

    The Heads of Apep

    Thanks, all!
  3. wdmartin

    The Heads of Apep

    I'm running a scenario that calls for the PCs to fight manifestations of Apep, the ancient Egyptian betrayer god. In Golarion, he's a giant serpent god; I've envisioned him as a truly titanic hydra who has countless heads and can shove them through holes in reality so that he can be on all sides of the PCs at once. They never get to see his main body; only his heads. But there are twelve of them. I searched long and hard, but could not find any pre-made minis that were just a dragon head. So finally I got two copies of 02203: Hydra of Lerna, which have six heads each, and performed some surgery. I did have a WIP thread, but failed to update it past the initial stages. Here they are done. First a group shot: And then a couple of slightly closer pics of my three favorites. I tried highlighting the black with Mossy Green with a bit of black added. I'm not sure it worked. It's still pretty undifferentiated. But I needed them to be done, and so they are.
  4. wdmartin

    Stonehaven Treeman

    Those leaves are gorgeous. Did you paint each one individually? It sure looks like it.
  5. wdmartin

    Strumpet, Minotaur, elementals, kitty oh my! PIC HEAVY!

    Nice touch with the air elemental sucking up dirt and grass off the base.
  6. wdmartin

    Swamp Dragon

    Here it is rotated and cropped.
  7. wdmartin

    77180: Shaerileth, Spider Demoness

    How strategically that arm is positioned!
  8. wdmartin

    HeroForge Dragonborn Archer

    I was pleased at how the bow repair came out, too. Thanks, all!
  9. wdmartin

    HeroForge Dragonborn Archer

    I have a scenario that calls for a green dragonborn archer, and I could not for the life of me find a half-dragon, lizardman, or dragonborn with a bow. I didn't even find any that struck me as especially suitable for conversion. So I popped off to HeroForge and designed this guy. This is the second mini I've acquired from them -- I don't do it very often, because they're super pricey, rather fragile, and the material tends not to hold detail as well as one might hope. But sometimes, the advantage of being able to get more or less exactly what you want outweighs all of that. The browns look a little hard to distinguish in these photos; the contrast is slightly better in hand. His pants are Sandy Brown, and the rest of his leather gear is Oiled Leather, all with a wash of sepia ink. His skin and scales were done with the Olive triad, with a bit of glazing with Formula P3 Yellow Ink in a few places. His bow is Blond Hair with the same sepia wash. The base is from Scibor miniatures. I rather like it, but unfortunately the mounting is ever-so-slightly off kilter. From some angles he looks like he's about to topple forward off the rock. This fellow showed up damaged. The upper finial of his bow snapped off at some point in shipping; I couldn't find it in the box. So I fixed it with greenstuff. Here are som pics of that stage. As you can see, he's wearing a chain shirt. There was indeed some texture in the surface of the torso to indicate that, but it did not survive priming in sufficient depth for dry-brushing. So I painted a bunch of little half-circles manually to suggest chain mail. All in all, a fairly quick paint job -- I didn't care to lavish a ton of time on him. One thing I did rather like was the minimal quantity of accessories. One belt pouch and a dagger strike me as about right. I don't really need my adventurers festooned with every piece of gear under the sun. Much though I like Wayne Reynolds' art, minis that follow the same aesthetic make me tired.
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    60190: Skreed Gorewillow, modified

    Thanks, all!
  11. wdmartin

    Bint Gutterson

    And the show-off thread is up.
  12. wdmartin

    60190: Skreed Gorewillow, modified

    Here we have a heavily modified 60190, Skreed Gorewillow. I painted him up as my PC in a Curse of the Crimson Throne campaign, an urban ranger named Bint Gutterson. He's a hard-bitten half-orc from the worst part of town who works as a ratcatcher. He's just five feet tall, the shortest possible height for a half-orc, and horribly self-conscious about it. Thus, he always wears a battered leather top-hat he found in a dust-bin behind a moderately wealthy house he got hired to clear the rates from. I painted up the molotov cocktail the original was designed with as a smoke bomb, for clearing rats out from under floorboards. The shovel came from 02963: Adventuring Accessories II. The hat I sculpted from greenstuff, and you can see several stages of it in the WIP thread. It took ages; he's been sitting on my shelf in a state of about 70% completion for almost six months until I finally made the push to finish him up this weekend. The base is from Micro Arts Studio, their cobble stone line. The leaves are birch leaf seedpods. I made an attempt at textured cloth on his ... kilt, I guess? Not really sure what to call the garment he's wearing. The purple shadows were a bit less successful, but they'll do.
  13. wdmartin

    77193: Hyrekia, Dragonthrall Mage

    The vest did come out well. Thanks, all!
  14. wdmartin

    Faces are hard

    Showoff thread is up.
  15. wdmartin

    77193: Hyrekia, Dragonthrall Mage

    Here we have 77193, Hyrekia Dragonthrall There's a sort of WIP thread which began as a wail for help with her face. Although I like the pose a good deal, the Bonesium just did not hold the detail on this model well. At all. Her face in particular is pretty close to being a fully featureless mask. Thankfully, I got some excellent advice from other forum folk, which helped a great deal. Especial thanks to Pingo, whose advice was particularly useful. It took maybe five or six hours of work and three false starts to get the face done, but it turned out well. For all the time I sank into this mini -- 25 ish hours, I think? -- I'm not as happy with it as I hoped. In fact there are a couple of things I might go back and touch up -- I see a couple of highlights on her skirt which are not adequately blended, and her hair is basically an undifferentiated mass of black. The base is from Micro Arts Studio, and is unquestionably my favorite part of the piece after the face.