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  1. Skeletal Centaurs

    After a few days on eBay, I found a lot of two pre-assembled, primed but unpainted skeleton horses from a Tomb Kings cavalry set for $2.15 (plus shipping), and pounced. Those plus a couple of my many Bones skeletons should make a pair of nice skeletal centaurs. I'll keep an eye out for a good price on one of the old Acheron models for their boss. Thanks for the help, everyone.
  2. Skeletal Centaurs

    That's extremely helpful, thank you! Also it looks like the Rackham one was called Acheron, and there were three variants of it involving various poses with a spear and shield.
  3. Skeletal Centaurs

    Oh, I see. No problem! I'll chalk it up to seeing one of the more ... interesting ... bits of the Internet. With some further digging, I've discovered that Essex Miniatures in the UK has some skeletal horses. (They also have a staggering array of other horses, in case anyone needs a horse with no rider wearing medieval Arab barding!) Unfortunately, the sculpts are not great -- they look elongated, like someone stretched the horse out on a rack before defleshing it. Battlezone miniatures also has a skeletal horse. The sculpt's proportions look right, though the details are a tad chunky. Still, it'll probably do if I can't find anything better. What I'd really like is a few of the one at the bottom right of this picture: The anatomy is good, the detail is good, the pose is dynamic. I think this is a Khemri faction model from Games Workshop, and that it's been discontinued. At any rate, I haven't found a source for that one. (Picture shamelessly stolen from Narthrax defends her kill by @monoRAIL -- go check it out, it's an awesome paint job with a cool base!). I've found lots of other skeletal horses that have riders built in like the Death Wind Hussars from RAFM, or are attached to chariots like the ones from Foundry Miniatures, or are good but discontinued like the Valley of the Lost Winds figs from 1978, which had a good-looking undead horse. Found that one pictured in a wiki of lost minis (it's at the bottom of the "The Living Dead" section).
  4. Skeletal Centaurs

    @Glitterwolf I went looking for Evilbay and found ... a blog full of dark humor? I'm not sure where you're advising me to look. @Froggy the Great Yes, provided you have a skeletal horse to attach the skeletal human to -- which I don't. Hence the second part of my question.
  5. Skeletal Centaurs

    Anyone know of any figures of skeletal centaurs? So far I've checked Reaper, GW, Stonehaven, eBob Miniatures, Empress Miniatures, Forgotten and Glorious, Relic, Eagles of Empire, Tsuba, Oniria, Pontoonier, and Eastern Front Studios (which appears to be dead, their site has been taken over by malware). Failing that, how about a source for plain skeletal horses without tack or saddles or riders? I figure making some skeleton centaurs would be easy if I had some skeletal horses -- cut the head off the horse mini, cut a normal human skeleton in two at the waist, pin, glue, paint. Reaper has some skeletal horses, but they all have riders and saddles on them which would have to be removed and resculpted. It looks like GW made some plastic skeletal horses in their Khemri faction back in the Citadel days, but they've been discontinued, and I have no idea where I would get them these days. I also found a decent pewter skeleton horse at eBob Miniatures, but -- weirdly -- it's only available for licensure, not purchase. That is, if you happen to own a miniatures company you can pay them for a license to produce and market your own skeletal horses using their mold. I didn't find anyone who'd licensed the figure.
  6. Basing -- clumpy mud material

    I took a look at the Vallejo products, and I think their Thick Mud paste may be just what the doctor ordered. You know, if the doctor is into mud. Thanks, all!
  7. I'm working on this model at the moment: I'm looking ahead towards the base for the tree portion. I want the tree to be erupting from wet, chunky, sloppy mud. Something like this this stock photo, minus the two guys. Just mud. Any suggestions on materials for making that? Plaster? Red oxide paste? Something else?
  8. Grymkin: The Wicked Harvest

    Nothing major, but I worked a little more on the basket's shadows and highlights. They're certainly more visible, but boy, they don't blend well at all. I needed to thin the paint more. Bah.
  9. Wow. She seriously needs a parka. And some medical attention for those gaping wounds. Looks good!
  10. Grymkin: The Wicked Harvest

    Okay. Let's try this again, shall we? Stripped! Re-primed! Base coated in Stone Grey and Palomino Gold for the stone and leaves! Leaves lined with Ruddy Brown, and the whole thing laved in Formula P3 Brown Ink (which turned out much more red than I was expecting)! Dry brushing on the stones with Stone Grey followed by Misty Grey on the highest points: More Formula P3 Brown Ink in the center of the leaves, plus some Palomino Gold at their edges. Also, I used some thinned Walnut Brown to do some lining at the base of the bits of rubble sitting on top of the paving stones. An initial base coat of Formula P3 Wurm Green on the apples in the basket: Apples shaded with Wurm Green + Blue Liner, and highlighted with Wurm Green + Pale Saffron, both thinned pretty aggressively with water: And finally, the apples highlighted with Linen White then a layer of Formula P3 Yellow Ink. The stems were picked out in Walnut Brown. Oh, and I based the basket in Sandy Brown, washed it in a mixture of Sandy Brown and Brown Ink, then picked out the highlights in plain Sandy Brown again. I think they could be pushed a bit more. Much better! I think that'll probably do it for the lady's base, though I may go back and try to brighten up the highlights on the basket. The ink pooled in the center of the leaves turned out blotchier than I hoped, but it works okay from a distance.
  11. Freeport Lizard Man

    @Ratmaster2000 -- sadly, no, not EverQuest. This is Freeport, City of Pirates, an extremely detailed city designed for use in d20 based games. It started out in 3.5, and then they did a Kickstarter to port it to Pathfinder. This was a promo mini that got made as part of that, by Eastern Front Studios. @VolksFest -- the green vines were part of the base. It's from Micro Art Studios. Or I thought it was -- I went looking for it on their site and couldn't find it again. Hrm. Anyway, everything was built in from the start, which made it pretty challenging to attach anything else to it. Fortunately this guy's dainty feet fit neatly into the two open spots on the base.
  12. 03364: Isabeau Laroche, Female Paladin

    Love the plaid and the freehand on the shield! The highlights on the blue portions of the cloak came out a bit sharp -- they could do with a tad more blending, perhaps. Still, it looks good!
  13. 03762, Shaern Female Antipaladin

    I like the vibrancy of the green ichor splattered everywhere. Any particular paint/technique you used on that?
  14. 77279: Narthrax the White with hoard

    @Bane Of Humanity -- the coins are made of green stuff. I made little sausages of it and sliced off rounds after it was cured. Full details in the WIP thread linked in the first post. Thanks for all the positive feedback, everyone! It's ridiculously gratifying after all the work.
  15. Grymkin: The Wicked Harvest

    I took a good long look at the base this evening, and ... Nope! Into the dip with you! I'll have another go at that once the paint is off.