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  1. wdmartin

    A blast from the past

    Oh, I see. I misunderstood the word "you" in your last post. We have not decided whether to add it to our board game collection or not yet. I suspect it probably won't be. We may or may not try to sell the games we choose not to keep; it depends on whether we think we can make more money selling them than it would cost us in staff time to put them up on eBay or similar. Lastly, moderators, I would like to note that I was not posting this in the hopes of finding a buyer! I know Reaper's forum rules don't allow for buying and selling. I just thought it was a hey-cool-lookee-there kind of thing.
  2. wdmartin

    A blast from the past

    I'm not sure I understand the question? We didn't buy it -- it was part of a donation. I just posted it here because I thought it was neat.
  3. wdmartin

    A blast from the past

    Look what showed up on my desk at work today! That appears to be a Dark Heaven starter set with a Reaper catalog from 2000. The box contained: Dark Heaven Apocalypse rulebook "Adventures in Errata" sheet Quick reference sheet Quick play sheet The 12th Journal of Johann Kruger 2d10 (wooden, one white, one orange) 4x dwarven warriors (sword and board, axe and board, crossbow, dual axe) 4x skeletons (2 variants on sword and board, halberd and board, bow) A blank game registration sheet on bright red paper Reaper catalog for the year 2000 Everything appears to be in pristine condition -- no wear or tear, no rips or scuffs. The figures are all fine, though I think one skeleton's arm has bent slightly. They were just rattling around loose inside the box. What a blast from the past. It showed up in a pile of boxes full of board games that got donated to the library I worked at -- not sure who collected it, but I've seen things in those boxes ranging from a Cosmic Encounter from 1978 -- I think it's a first edition -- up to some game from 2010 called Crows that I'd never heard of. It's been a fun few days sorting through them. Whoever it was had a real passion for board games involving trains. There've been five or six of those so far.
  4. wdmartin

    02967: Alastriel, Elf Sorceress

    Wow, that gem tho. I've tried a couple of times, but never managed to get a really luminous glow effect like that. Consider me green with envy.
  5. wdmartin

    ReaperCon 2018 Sophie

    Thanks! I've ordered my copy of her, along with some other things I had my eye on. Such a lovely sculpt.
  6. wdmartin

    ReaperCon 2018 Sophie

    So, have I missed the window to purchase this figure? I kept looking on the Reaper home page for it, but it never showed up there ...
  7. wdmartin

    A typo

    Fair enough.
  8. wdmartin

    A typo

    From the Reaper home page: Pledge magager? Methinks a finger slipped.
  9. wdmartin

    Some Ladies of Kingdom Death

    The glowing green skeletons are awesome. Great, subtle OSL.
  10. wdmartin

    02914: Blue Orchid

    Thanks! I am sorry to report that the mini has been damaged, less than 24 hours after finishing it. I managed to drop him -- along with almost fifty other minis -- in the aisle of plane as I was attempting to get out of my seat to debark. His arm came off. It can be glued back on again (once I acquire some glue). But it's still annoying.
  11. wdmartin

    Travelling with minis

    Disaster! As I was extracting myself from my plane seat in Indianapolis, I braced one end of two boxes of minis on the seat ... then let go of it to pick up an empty soda bottle I needed to dispose of. Alas. The boxes were not as well braced as I thought. Both of them toppled over and landed on their narrow ends, popping their lids off and sending 50+ minis spraying across the aisle of the plane. I gabbled out some kind of apology to the 20+ people still waiting to exit the plane behind me, and frantically scooped handfuls of them back in the boxes as fast as I could. There was a little boy there who said "Look, Mommy, toys!" I think I got all of them, but I'm not entirely sure. When I got out the gate I stood there at the agent's booth shaking like a leaf and weeping as I tried to restore some semblance of order to the boxes. Most of the minis came through okay. These are the ones that didn't: That's five that popped entirely off their bases. Two more where the pins bent but held. Two arms that detached - both figures where I hadn't pinned the limbs. And the scimitar snapped off the middle of the three Anubis Guardians. I didn't bring any super glue. I'll have to get some tomorrow. That cloaked figure on the end was brand new. I put the sealer on him 15 hours before he hit the plane floor and broke his arm off. @Rob Dean -- earlier in the thread you showed some pics of the straps with handle that you use on your boxes. I bitterly regret not getting one of those. Is there a particular type you might recommend? I might actually have one shipped to my hotel room so I can use it on the trip back.
  12. wdmartin

    02914: Blue Orchid

    Here we have a (very fast!) paint of 02914, Blue Orchid. I continue to struggle with highlighting black. This was a base of Solid Black, highlighted up to 1:1 Solid Black/Pthalo Blue (from Golden), and then highlighted further with pure Pthalo Blue. The highlighting was subtle (but visible!) before I sealed him. Now it's ... not. And I see a couple spots where there are some white bits -- not sure if those are dings, detritus, or what, but they're annoying and I have no time to fix them before flying to GenCon. The base is from Micro Arts Studio. That's Interference Blue over Pthalo Blue on the scarabs. The entire thing took five hours of painting, including both the base and the mini, which is about a quarter the time I usually spend on a figure. That also doesn't count prep time, which was another hour or so the previous day. Now I must fleeee to catch my plane!
  13. So I'll be running some games at GenCon set in Tal'Dorei, the Critical Role campaign setting. As part of that, I made a bunch of pregen characters: one for each character class from the 5e core rulebook. Behind the spoiler you'll find the backstory for the Cleric, who is a tiefling. (Spoilered because it contains some spoilers for Critical Role campaign 1). Time passed, and one of my GenCon players got in touch in advance because he wanted to make a custom PC. And I said, "Cool, go for it, and here's a link to the pregens I made so you can see what I did." After reviewing those, he not only decided to play the Cleric pregen, he also created this awesome character art for it: When I saw that, I knew I would have to paint a custom mini for this character. There was just no other option. As pictured, I think the character is male, but it's rather androgynous or gender-fluid. And I could not for the life of me find a mini that quite matched that aesthetic. Everything was either a super-macho guy, or an incredibly buxom woman (usually in ridiculous armor). So finally, I decided that I would just have to paint one of each. Here they are: The male had a bunch of jagged plates, and the female had some pretty impressive cleavage, but I needed a comparatively flat space on which to freehand the tree design. So In both cases, I used some greenstuff to smooth out the chestplates. The reference art had a very limited color palette -- almost monochromatic, though not quite. It was very challenging to get proper contrast on areas of adjacent very similar color. But it gave me an opportunity to practice lining, which is not something I've done much in past. I have mixed feelings about the outcome. The swords are totally uninteresting, and the halberd also leaves something to be desired. Its lower blade has poor detail. The bits of freehand generally came out well. I'm particularly pleased with the tree design on the male's shield. I didn't seriously attempt to duplicate it -- the trees are vaguely similar but not identical. Also, the female has a jug of wine or something on her belt, and I free-handed on a sort of net pattern holding it, which turned out nicely. The bases are from Micro Arts Studio. I don't think you can read it in the pics, but the sewer cap under the male has words on it. They read: "Foul Sewer" across the top, and "Lyonesse" across the bottom.
  14. wdmartin

    The Heads of Apep

    Thanks, all!