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  1. Ah, once again, the nonsensical all makes sense when the money trail is uncovered.
  2. Pre-launch

    That's... a different level of disturbing.
  3. This is why I like the BH-209 plasgun. It's a ranged weapon that doubles as a bulkhead torch.
  4. Khanjira(s) are finally puttied and gap filled, and plans were made to at least prime and paint the comission model today. Sadly, I chose to spray prime using the airbrush, and about 1/3 way through the task, it began to clog and stop spraying. Three cleanings, two disassembles and scrub-cleaning, and at two mixes of primer later, a tiny bit of lint poked out past the needle tip. One more disassembly revealed it was the tip of a large bit of lint -- where was that hiding? I got the airbrush working again, with better airflow than before, but it's now bedtime, so half an evening gone to cleaning airbrushes instead of painting. Sigh.
  5. Phhfftt! I spend too much of my time watching other people paint miniatures I'm pretty sure I'm never going to paint. Mostly WH40K.
  6. Lots of people watch other people play sports on T.V. that they have no intention of playing themselves. That's no different than watching people play video games. I just watched my son play and win a local Super Smash Brothers tournament at our library, beating out about 18 others in about four rounds of elimination, playing the Pac-Man character. On the final round, he won by doing something I thought wasn't even possible: The opponent was flying under the stage to avoid him. He purposefully leapt off the stage, met the other player there (with no chance of getting back up), then smashing and ricocheting the opponent off the bottom of the stage and out of bounds before he fell out himself. Afterwards, I asked him about what he had done, and he said: '"Oh, that's just a stage spike!" We watch such things to see people do them so well, they elevate it to an art form.
  7. People have a natural need to know what to think about a movie, personality or subject from their peers, over deciding for themselves what to think. It's about being part of a community, and finding acceptance within that community by reflecting and reinforcing the group's thoughts. I do not judge, because I realize how strong the need for social acceptance can be. What's interesting here is the rejection of "old media" movie critics in favor of social networks.
  8. 22nd: Oh yes! 23rd: The new series centers around the mirror-universe Tholians, who are a gregarious species starting an exploration and first contact program and runs straight into the Terran Empire. Fortunately, they are aided by the Romulans, whose well-renowned ambassadorship and negotiating skills help them in contacting and forming alliances with other species to stand up against the barbaric humans.
  9. (Edit: Whoops... This is what I get for returning to this list while the chaos field that suurounds my kids is in full effect. I thought that read July 23rd!) Phasers. Ranged weapons for the win. One shot from a phaser will disable the control panel for the bulkhead door, which will take several minutes to cut through with a lightsaber, by which time I am far away. Though, my real preference is for the BH-209 plasgun. It's not as heavy as the BH-250, but still makes an impressive ommminous hummm when armed.
  10. Awesome sauce. Waiting to see more! I was also considering how to amp up the malevolence of the shipwreck revenant. Caution, though. Sophie's mom is NSFW and, per rules of this forum, will need external photo linking or modesty modding.
  11. You're certainly improving with painting!
  12. I like how you're picking a group of figures each day, then painting them all similar colors. It saves time on going back and forth to the paint rack -- you already have every color you need on your palette!
  13. Latest acquisition from a Japanese mail order hobby shop sale. I've been picking up Vallejo Game Color paints at roughly half price, which is cheaper than what I can get at most places stateside, even after shipping gets factored in. This time my wife threw a Bandai Figure-Rise bust that was on sale, as a bit of a surprise. Huh. An anime figure bust, done up as gunpla. I'd skip using the included stickers and paint the details instead, but it's interesting that the face and eyes are each done in 3-color injection molding! I'll have to get to this after I finish my commission painting.
  14. I have not seen mentioned... Stand Still, Stay Silent Miamaska Blindsprings Wilde Life Daughter of the Lilies Unsounded ... among quite a few others I follow. They're all fantasy/science fiction webcomics in graphic novel format, on a variety of subjects, that I've found likeable enough to keep up on. Also, not on hiatus, and updating fairly regularly. Edit: ...and if you're not following Stand Still, Stay Silent, I urge you to start now!
  15. Listen to "Episode 243: I Do Not Wish to Be a Moth Hat" of the very excellent podcast "Ken and Robin Talk about Stuff", where Ken coyly drops hints about what might be in store for the next edition of Vampire the Masquerade.