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  1. Wizards, by Ralph Bakshi

    Funny, I acquired this movie in a laserdisc collection lot, but haven’t got around to watching it yet. That’s odd, considering how much of an animation fan I am. Perhaps it’s because I felt I got burned way back when going to watch Bakshi’s The Lord of the Rings in the theatre, in its opening week. I’ll have to pull the disc out and give it a try.
  2. Twisted Films

    How could anyone forget "The Angry Red Planet" (1959), with its giant rat-spider, and its enormous amoeba, complete with spinning eyeball? The plot itself was beyond comprehension.
  3. Eternally Clogged Paint

    Really? I thought Reaper had discontinued the use of them. But on research, I stand corrected. It's the use of tiny pewter skulls as agitator beads that has been discontinued. The agitators are a different material now. So, remember to clean out those old, used-up bottles -- you might just find a bit for scenery detail!
  4. Eternally Clogged Paint

    Agreed on using a T-pin. T-Pins also have a larger diameter than a regular sewing pin, so they will enlarge the dropper hole and make the paint flow a little more freely. Older bottles of Reaper paint have agitator beads inside them. On at least a few occasions, I found they get up into the applicator tip and block the dropper tip, even after clearing it with a needle. Bang the paint bottle's base against your table or desk to knock the agitator free.
  5. Help! My brush on sealer destroyed my work!

    You still have to get the skin oil / potato chip oil / pizza grease off of them somehow, unless you never touched them. I'd recommend diluted liquid dish detergent, without any additives. I've also been experimenting with other de-greasers, including scrubbing it down with rubbing alcohol. Not much difference from dish detergent, so far.
  6. 01450: All Hallow’s Eve

    Ooh... I'm going to have to try that Camera+ app, myself!
  7. Help! My brush on sealer destroyed my work!

    Maybe. I once had the same problem with a mini, where I washed it with a liquid dish soap and didn't rinse it thoroughly enough. Later, after painting, I went to wash it once more before sealing (it had been touched and had finger oils on it). Much of the paint in the crevices, where the soap residue was, simply dissolved away, leaving only the high spots painted. My guess is that the soap prevented the paint from drying completely. So, now I make sure the mini is completely rinsed and free of soap residue. EDIT: I also dilute the liquid soap before I use it, so it rinses more easily. (...And, don't many hand soaps contain oils to prevent your skin from drying and cracking?)
  8. 01450: All Hallow’s Eve

    Push the highlights on the dress a little more. I imagine that it should be a satin material and shine a bit. I’m going to recommend yellowish-oranges as a detail color. Orange is a third Halloween color, and the bag on her hip clearly resembles a pumpkin. It would be natural to paint the tassels on that bag orange, and the tassel in front to match. Test it out in Photoshop and see if you like it. Was there something that goes across her back above the bag?
  9. Space Marines (Marine Teal 30K)

    Painting up figures in groups of 5-6 keeps the assembly-line pace up, but the tedium down!
  10. Boiling Bones for Seamless Assembly

    Not really. Try a stiff-bristled toothbrush to scrub them off. Sharp-pointed tweezers also help in getting stragglers.
  11. Getting to know each other, October edition

    I have a particular dislike for pun-based costumes, like a slip with a bust of Freud printed on it, or a pair of jeans with Smarties candies safety-pinned all over them. From a usability standpoint, the worst was actually a 7-foot monster costume, similar to the large monsters from the Muppet show, or from Where The Wild Things Are. When I saw it while out trick-or-treating with the kids, I was pretty impressed with it, until I saw the person wearing it slowly waddle forward on the sidewalk, feeling for the curb. There was no way they could turn the head, and the only way they could hold their treat bag was to hold their arm straight out, as the claws wouldn't close. As a prop for hiding in the bushes and spooking young kids, it would be great, but as a low-mobility, poor-visibility costume, it was terrible for trick-or-treating on a dark street.
  12. Getting to know each other, October edition

    ...But, realistically, can Netflix afford the film rights to Michael Crichton's State of Fear?
  13. Getting to know each other, October edition

    An anthology series based on Ghost Stories of an Antiquary, by M.R. James. Though maybe that's better if done as a BBC series, instead of Netflix.
  14. Making your own pigments

    Are they chalk or oil pastels? Generally when modellers use pastels for weathering effects, they use chalk. I'd think that oil pastels would not grind well. The other thing I know about pastels is that weathering pastel chalks largely disappear when sprayed with a sealing coat -- something about the reflective index of the particles being reduced or some such. I'd expect the same when they are suspended in a paint binder or clear paint.
  15. 77313: Hill Giant Krug

    No, no. You caught the theme just fine, and the green isn’t over saturated, at least not to my eyes. I’m just a bit sensitive to the subject, as I’ve had a friend before that had red-green colorblindness.