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  1. My late manager was quite a wood worker. One of his joinery projects that he brought to work was a beautiful desktop Zen sand garden, about 18 inches square, made from cherry wood (and matching rake), and filled with rust red sand and black rocks. One look and I had inspiration. I brought from home my model of the Mars exploration rover Opportunity, and before he came in, I carefully set up a little diorama, as if it had rolled in and was taking a soil sample. I sat sat away from his desk, so I couldn't see his reaction. But the entire floor heard his laugh. He came over to my desk and asked, "Was that yours? That was good. That was real good!" The rover continued its mission for a week before rolling on. (... And maybe another longer post later today, too.)
  2. Just an hour ago, I and my kids finished our first session of Dungeon World. We generated our characters in minutes (Human Paladin, Halfling Fighter, Elf Wizard) and ran through a completely improvised session, as we picked up the rules. We fought a group of were-rats coming up through the catacombs to the assassinate the paladin in the chapel he ran. An evil plan was thwarted, were-rats were defeated, bonds were forged, and the wizard saw a brief glimpse of eternity. And all this was DM-ed by... my daughter. This whole thing ran much smoother than our last Pathfinder session. The boys were engaged nearly from the start, and there was no waiting for turns or downtime as we worked out the rules or re-explained the situation for each turn because people's attention faded. I don't know how it'll play out for a campaign, but for now, we've found our "version" of D&D. (We found we still very much have a use for minis, even for a narrative game without a ruler or grid -- the theatre of the mind stuff goes only so far in telling who is where, facing what.)
  3. Oh, that yard sale so ain't gonna happen. Maybe he can hold out for the estate sale... but don't bother leaving any slots on your calendar open. I might get rid of my LD collection when both of my laserdisc players die out, but I have a problem with my Pioneer home theater equipment going on forever and ever. I want to upgrade to a newer (and digital) amplifier, but my wife doesn't want to unless the old stuff breaks.
  4. What does it say about me that I already have three of the five laserdiscs you mentioned?
  5. Hey, are those outlines on the roof and back punch-outs, that you can use to make it look dilapidated? If so, neat option!
  6. I hesitate to ask, but did you check down the outhouse well? ... as the joke goes, the cowboy accidentally drops 2 quarters down the outhouse well. He immediately pulls out his wallet and tosses it in as well. As he climbs in, he's heard declaring: "There was no way I was going to go down there just for a measly fifty cents!"
  7. Of all the challenges posted, this might be the toughest so far. It's going to be raining all weekend long in our area. Spring cleaning is pretty much limited to the indoors for me.
  8. As a fan of classic and world animation, I thank you for the link! Note that the site has this notice: 2017/02/24 The English website of "Japanese Animated Film Classics" will be available in a month or two. Thank you for your patience.
  9. Not too coincidentally, my personal best both placed in Reaper contests. I hesitated on putting these here, because I don't like bragging, except for my kids. Did I never do a Show Off of the cloud giantess?
  10. Warmer weather, so I can start airbrushing again soon. Also cycling, for my health. This is my main forum, and the first I've ever posted regularly to since Usenet. I've kept a low presence on the Internet since college, to avoid certain person(s) from back then, but since discovered they had died. Nothing threatening to me, just really skeezy person(s). I created a Facebook account and a LinkedIn account, which I promptly ignored forever. I have accounts on a few video and streaming sites, but that's mostly to track the creative channels I watch. Everywhere else, I just lurk as a guest. Edit: Oops, actually second forum since college. I forgot my account on BoardGameGeek/RPGGeek, where I was spitefuldice for a while. That one's pretty inactive now. The Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund. It hits pretty close to home, as one of my sons got it at age 5 (now age 12).
  11. ...Okay, but is it actually effective? All I've ever heard of was skimmers on credit card readers and ATMs. Never heard of crooks scanning the card's magnetic strip or chip in your pocket.
  12. Wait, what? Please explain.
  13. 09270 Shadow Green is pretty dark. Edit: 09236 Green Shadow is what I meant. Part of 09779: Shading Colors. Double Edit: Apparently 09236 has been renamed Black Green, though its picture still shows "Green Shadow". Maybe it was done to reduce confusion between the colors?
  14. I think that one failed attempt at reaching for something on the outside of the arch's base will convince you to attach them on the sides of the desk. You'll bump it, one side will fall off, the other side will sweep across half the desk, and the top of the arch will come down on your head!
  15. Heh. I remember as a kid playing with electric light bulbs on my model railroad. I had a pea-sized bulb connected to a transformer and a rheostat. "Hmm," I thought. "It glows brighter at 15 volts than it does at 5 volts. I wonder how bright it will get, if I put the leads into the electric socket on the wall?" For a brief moment, that tiny light was the brightest thing in my universe. Then it exploded in a shower of sparks and molten glass right in my face! I'm glad I had my glasses on that day!