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  1. Happy Birthday!
  2. Wow, I also have two of those orange juice caps stored away for just this sort of project! It looks like they can hold a lot more than just the one large figure I was thinking of. Good work fitting all of that diorama on there.
  3. Happy Birthday!
  4. If only I could remember the recipe, after that flu! I do remember that the wash over the leather was walnut brown, though.
  5. Oops! Someone finally spotted my inspiration for the color scheme!
  6. Dunno... looks like some "meddling kids", if you ask me. Odds are that the BBEG turns out to be the owner of the abandoned amusement park! Good job!
  7. Also: What are you thinning the sealer with? It should just be water, for the ones you mentioned. If you washed it with soap and water before painting, did you make sure all the soap residue was removed? I've not adequately rinsed a few of mine, and the paint dissolved off them with the next paint or wash layer.
  8. The eclipse just finished here in Beaverton OR. We had 99% totality, and could have driven south to see the full eclipse, but the wife had to work. We went to the park with pinhole viewers made from shipping boxes, but we got offered solar glasses from a retired school teacher neighbor, so lucky break! And despite not seeing a total eclipse, we got to see something quite rare: shadow bands. Ripples of light rapidly moving across the sidewalks and pavement, as if we were at the bottom of a pool. Too bad that the camera didn't pick them up.
  9. Congratulations on reaching 1000 posts! Welcome to the level-up club! As for a title, consider: "...In the Corner Pocket" ... and here I was worried I might have started a trend. Revived it, at best, maybe!
  10. It's been about five months since this experiment was started, and I'm curious to know how it's going. In fact, I had almost completely forgotten about it until now. I just had a bad experience with using watered-down Liquitex airbrush medium as a wash medium on a Bones mini. One piece of a multi part figure had a wash finish using the Liquitex medium, and had issues with tackiness and the paint rubbing off. The other part was unwashed and had a bulletproof primer/paint finish. I was looking up any references to Liquitex mediums giving problems with Reaper Bones minis, and came across this thread again. So... What's the prognosis so far, Pingo?
  11. ...or quoting an old animated TV show: "We are defenders of the night!"
  12. Ah, blew that quote. The line's not in Forrest Gump, Donkey can't feel his toes in Shrek, and Reagan said, "Where's the rest of me?" in King's Row. Never fear, though -- the line's a trope.
  13. From Forrest Gump, maybe, or more likely Eddie Murphy as Donkey in Shrek. Didn't Ronald Reagan once have that line in a movie?
  14. A good choice of house. I haven't joined them yet, either!
  15. Thanks, and keep on painting and posting! You're awesome too!