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  1. So, I finished the other two shadow boxes over the weekend and hung them all up. Here's the result, with a few (mostly unfinished) figures put up: I can put in about 8-10 human sized figures per shelf, and the weight of the Bones minis is negligible, so perhaps about 32-40 figures can be displayed on each of these, or 100-120 figures altogether... Here's what the shadow boxes look like in context: : Those black borders are perhaps a bit bold against the background wall. If I find they bother me too much, I may spray them a lighter color, or even white. Cleaning the rest of the room will help fight the cluttered look. Not pictured of course, was the shoebox on the floor that held these minis, and that I was finally able to pitch in the trash. This is much better looking! That's all the foam core projects I can think of for now. If I think of anything more, I'll be sure to post them. But for now, I'm going back to more traditional projects for WIP.
  2. Happy Birthday!
  3. That ability will only allow you to escape if William is standing outside the prison walls.
  4. Happy Birthday!
  5. Hey! I independently discovered that today, too! Here's a group photo of my first submission to the forum, and my second commission ever (the first was a resin Sailor Moon kit some 20 years earlier):
  6. I don't do marijuana, for the same reason I don't do cigarettes, or cigars. My father passed away from a smoking-related cancer last November, and my family history is filled with smoking-related illnesses and deaths. But, since this is supposed to be light-hearted ... Let's go ahead and make all those old Sid & Marty Kroft jokes and rumors come true, and name it H. R. Pufnstuf -- the H. R. is for "hand-rolled"!
  7. Yay! I was useful!
  8. Happy Birthday!
  9. We moved into our present place before the millennium, before the kids were born. I don't think we'll be moving out any time soon -- we're dug in like ticks.
  10. That portal is from the Skylanders series of video games. It's used for scanning the figures' data for playing. Plug it into a USB port and press down on the white center (?) to activate a color changing glow, if I remember correctly. Terrain is a cool idea for that!
  11. (slaps hand away) Don't touch it! It's the History Eraser button, you fool!
  12. Taxes are in, refund is coming from federal but not state, but unfortunately all that will be taken up by the roofers.
  13. I'm back with the second round of the shelves. After deciding the previous shelves were too large for the space planned, I went back to the drawing board and redesigned them to be shallower, with four 2-3/8" deep shelves, and a total box depth of 3", giving me about 1/2" for a wall bracket behind. After much mis-measuring, cursing and re-cutting, I assembled the following: Not bad looking, really. It accommodates human height characters with enough space to reach in and pick them up, and can fit up to 2" wide bases with no problem. More for my records than anyone else's interest, here's my final dimensions: Back: (12" - 0.375") x (12" - 0.375") = 11.625" x 11.625" (x1) Shelves: (12" - 0.375") x (2.375" + 0.375") = 11.625" x 2. 75" (x3) includes 0.375" trim & fold on front edge Top & Bottom: (12" - 0.375") x (3" + 0.375" + 0.375") = 11.625" x 3.75" (x2) includes 0.375" trim & fold on front & back edges Left & Right: (12" + 0.375" + 0.375") x (3" + 0.375" + 0.375") = 12.75" x 3.75" (x2) includes 0.375" trim & fold on front, back & side edges The wall bracket is the same one originally from the picture frame. I didn't want to have the weight of the frame and figures tear the shadowbox apart, so I quickly glued several Popsicle sticks into one solid block, screwed in the bracket, and glued the assembly inside the back at the top middle. This way, the weight is supported by both the back and top of the shadowbox, and distributed across a larger area: Now to do this just twice more, and I'll have all three shadow boxes ready to put on the wall.
  14. Ah, that stuff. The pebbly texture spray was not water-resistant, which is why you needed the clear coat over it after it dried. And it was really a 3-step process, because you needed a similar colored undercoat to make it look decent. I had some of that in blue and grey -- it was a quick way to refurbish old lamps and make wood plaques into large figure bases
  15. Oh, that is adorable, and lethal. Happy adventuring!