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  1. Tarman

    CAV: SO Friday Feature [12/5/2014]

    Now I got a reply that all the multi-legged Adon mechs have been retired. I will try to do them in the card program. I did try to do an ogre as per the game one and could not reproduce the same unit. So I am figuring that all standard / Reaper units will not be able to be made from the card program to keep them unchanged.
  2. Tarman

    CAV: SO Sneak Peek

    Can't wait to see that update.
  3. My mini list based on the wrong values I think: CAV Adon Army Unit Affiliations Unit / Type amount Points * Amt = Total Affiliation Manufacturer Mantis - CAV/Attack (5) 424*5= 2120 2120 Adon Borsig-Spline Scorpion - CAV/Attack (2) 341*2= 682 682 Open Market Borsig-Spline Ogre - CAV/Attack (2) 668*2= 1336 1336 Adon Borsig-Spline Assassin - Walker (1) 299 299 Open Market Gundar House Bishop - CAV/FS (1) 233 233 Open Market RMI Challanger - CAV/Attack (1) 301 301 Open Market RMI Kahn - CAV/Recon (3) 169*3= 507 507 Open Market Koda Works Sabertooth- CAV/Attack (1)192 192 Open Market KDM Sovereign III - CAV/FS (1) 215 215 Open Market Hughs Marietta Specter - CAV/FS (1) 305 305 Open Market Mark IV Spider - CAV/FS (4) 309*4= 1236 1236 Open Market Borsig-Spline Sultan - CAV/FS (1) 347 347 Open Market RMI Vanquisher - CAV/Attack (1) 228 228 Open Market Koda Works Wyvern - CAV/Attack (2) 221*2= 442 442 Open Market Borsig-Spline Recluse - CAV/Recon (2) 326*2=652 652 Adon Borsig-Spline Chancellor - CAV/Attack (1) 482 482 Adon RMI Dictator 70 - CAV/Attack (1) 434 434 Rach Koda Works Mastadon - CAV/FS (2) 626*2= 1252 1252 Ritterlich KDM . Tiger - CAV/Attack (1) 305 305 Ritterlich KDM Duelist - CAV/Attack (1) 357 357 Templar Hughs Marietta Chieftain -Vehicle/Attack (8) 156*8= 1248 1248 Open Market RMI Hornet - Vehicle/Fire Sup (6) 156*6= 936 936 Adon Borsig-Spline Centipede - Vehicle/Tran (2) 156*2= 312 312 Open Market Borsig-Spline Whisper - Vehicle/Fire Sup Open Market All Despot - Vehicle/Attack (2) 338*2= 676 676 Open Market Koda Works Malefactor - Vehicle/Attack (2) 209*2= 418 418 Rach Koda Works Vindicator - Gunship/Tran (1) 109 109 Malverins Gundar House Badger - Gunship/Tran (2) 192*2= 384 384 Open Market Koda Works Fenri - Gunship/Transport (1) 121 121 Open Market KDM Ghast - Gunship/Attack (1) 105 105 Open Market Gundar House Longbow - Gunship/Recon (3) 74*3= 223 223 Open Market Hughs Marietta Tsuiseki - Gunship/Attack (6) 226*6= 1356 1356 Open Market Mitso-Ta Heavy Mortar Team (2) 105*4= 420 420 Open Market All Total Units Total Points 18,233 11,327 Adon CAV 34 11,925 838 Malvernis Vehicle 19 3,590 1,870 Ritterlich Gunship 14 2,298 2,647 Rach Infantry 4 420 795 Templar 1,356 Terran
  4. Hey there was mention of updated cards. Where can I get those since my Recluse also states TC3???????
  5. Tarman

    List of playtesters for CAV:SO

    Wow. I am so behind on these forums its truely not funny. I have played CAV since the first version shortly before there was talk of going to a second version. I have tried to pick up minis as i could. Now that I have a few good people in my group that like to play all kinds of games and not just RPGs. I finally introduced CAV2 to everyone about Mid 2013, I was so focused there that I really did not know that these lines of the forums really existed with discussion about CAV SO, The few times that I had posted on the forums about CAV 2 either Chrome or Sargent Crunch were able to get me the info. Needless to say I have a ruleset for the new CAV and will be play testing the rules hopefully this month. Thanks,
  6. Tarman

    CAV: SO Friday Feature [12/19/2014]

    Why is it when I try to use the card program to make my ogre the same as the cards we have that I cannot get nearly as much on it as is on the card. It has discouraged me from using it to try to build each of the other Adon mechs. I am a Mantis Pilot more than anything else. I use others but I own (5) of the miniature and I am still in the painting process of my units since I got back into this game with new people in Tallahassee, FL. I have started reading the new rules and hopefully one Saturday this month I will be able to sit down with a friend or two and play test them.
  7. Tarman

    CAV: SO Friday Feature [12/5/2014]

    I of course would love to see all the adon units and please explain to me why I heard/read that the scorpion was being removed from the game?
  8. Tarman

    Finding Players (Meetup Thread)

    I'm in Tallahassee, FL. I have my regular gaming crew and a friend or two in the Tampa area that I know are interested. One of which taught and got me interested in CAV 1. The other is a long time friend. Anyone else in the area that are interested get a hold of me: tarman70 at gmail dot com
  9. Tarman

    CAV: SO Friday Feature [11/7/2014]

    I have two items I would like to inquire about: 1.) the link in the pdf for markers doesn't work 2.) I live in Tallahassee, FL and would like to join the COG group since I am the only one in the area that has hosted CAV games that I know. We have been playing CAV 2 rules and since now that I have d/l SO rules we will be switch to that. I mostly have an Adon fighting force with a smattering of other affiliation units. I can be reached at the following email address: tarman70 at gmail dot com Thanks
  10. Tarman

    HELP - CAV Faction Lists/Colors

    My Adon force looks like my avatar with a few color tweaks for differentiating units on the table. I can post some pics after I get home tonight and tomorrow since I will be making a bunch of terrain for this weekends CAV 2 game.
  11. Tarman

    Speculation: CAV Bones Kickstarter

    I like the idea of a KS. I just really want up to date rule set. I played CAV 1 and I am getting back into CAV 2 with the free PDF. I recently bought a few minis to go with my mostly Adon Unit. I have seen that not all the original minis like the ripper and wisper are in the new ruleset. Also is the Strike Operations the newer set of rules to follow? Thanks, Tarman