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  1. I'm going to skip the being annoyed that I am apparently the only responsible adult at my workplace and go straight to: Yay, vacation a day early! I just have to find a place to stay Thursday night. Any recommendations for cheap hotels close(ish) to the con?
  2. Oh, would you like some colored pencils, stickers and such? I have been hoarding supplies for a coloring rpg that I have not gotten to play yet and may have just a bit too much (I either need less coloring supplies or a bigger bag).
  3. Same here. Base is nearing done, but so many figures left! (OK, like 3, but that's a lot!)
  4. @Doug Sundseth They are little alien looking fruits that are very fruity and sweet. So sweet that I can only eat about 2 at a time. They are closely related to lychees and taste similar.
  5. Game got cancelled so I have no one to share my rambutans with.
  6. Ahh. I see. That was my mistake; I was thinking about the bones model, not the metal. They should look about the same once assembled, though it is entirely possible that they have different pieces since reaper folks decide how metal sculpts get pieced and, from what I understand, the company in China decides how bones get pieced. The bones one fit together impressively well considering the awkward pieces.
  7. Car is all fixed and ready for the road trip to Texas! It will be nice to have a car that dies not sound like I am running over robot puppies every time I hit a bump.
  8. OK, so note to self, bring extra stuff to add to boxes at Reapercon. Yay!
  9. I think those would be the bits that fit in front of the wings, behind the head, kind of in the same slot as the wings, but the wings fit better with them in place. I can dig it out and take pictures if you still need help. That model has many strangely shaped pieces.
  10. I am so very happy for you.
  11. I started a vignette last night...
  12. Grrr. Tried to change hotel reservation yesterday and they had a lovely deal where the room was much cheaper if you paid in advance, but I had to wait till today cause payday. The deal is gone and rates went up considerably. So, if anyone is willing to share I need to room with someone or find a different hotel. The only problem with sharing is that I can't get there till Friday. tl:dr Is anyone willing to let me stay with them Friday and Saturday night? HGI preferred, but certainly not required at this point. I will have my vehicle and can offer rides.
  13. It's really coming now! Car maintenance has been scheduled, hotel nearly finalized and packing has begun. Now as long as work doesn't find another reason that I absolutely must stay in town another day, we are good to go. Contest entries are another story, but I have 1 totally done and ready. The other 6 I have planned can make it or not as time sees fit.
  14. There is a local(ish) group called the Jolly Rogers that I adore.
  15. But more trogs are the best excuse