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  1. Congratulations OneBoot! He really, truly is gorgeous and amazing. I am kind of terrified of when I decide to do this crazy thing...
  2. Congratulations!
  3. The mermaid from the ReaperCon banner.
  4. Sweet. I have some stuff you might appreciate.
  5. Better go with Kevlar. Those little swords and spears are pointy and sharp.
  6. My favorite colors, other than skin tones, white and black (in no particular order): Weathered stone Shadowed stone Military grey - a lovely bluish grey Oiled leather - possibly my single most used paint, after white and black Palomino gold - magic in a bottle Frontier blue - or other dark or navy blue Ancient oak - a lovely dark bluish green Blackened brown - in running for competition with oiled leather Cinnamon red - nice bright red with good coverage Clear purple Fireball orange Creamy ivory Tropical blue Clear green Dragon gold Blade steel Dragon copper
  7. According to my understanding, the larger end of the column is the bottom and the little tab-things fit inside the column. This way you wind up with the logo on the bottom. I don't have any idea why there is a tab-thing on the plugs; it probably makes sense for some casting reason. Honestly, I will probably just forget to glue them in when I paint them if I don't lose them first.
  8. Following up on Bryan's request for specific clear spell effect suggestions: Fireball - small hand held size and a larger maybe sword length one with a tail Jagged lightening - small (dagger) and larger (staff) sizes Crystal ball - hand held and a larger one for sitting on the ground or table, and a large 2 part hollow one that could fit a small critter inside would be amazing Swirly air like shapes - hand held and a larger size Cut gemstone shapes - could be any of various shapes and sizes, both with a flat side for placing on armor or whatever and free standing shapes Liquid effects - a small hand sized water ball, various sized droplets with tails (think a viscous fluid dripping off of something), snow balls, icicles of various sizes Raw Crystal shapes - singles (wand) and clusters An arrow with any sort of textured tail (fire, liquid, ice, etc.) A trident A chain of elemental balls (fire, ice, water) like a whip Discs made of various elements (like chakrams)
  9. I'm in. Location: Kansas, US International: no Start: no
  10. Fulfilling

    You may have different experiences, but my Reaper packages are usually out of Denton, TX. My Bombshell Babes 3 order just shipped out of Rockwall, though.
  11. Thank you so much! I love her a lot. She is indeed very well painted.
  12. Seconded and I would like to add a wheel like a ship's wheel, that could also be mounted on walls as part of puzzles.
  13. I would also like to see some adventuring gear type bits. Things like rope, bags, backpacks, torch (lit or not), candles, scrolls, books, crystals, lanterns, bedroll, mugs, pans, cutlery and the like would be most welcome. Also, freestanding treasures and accessories such as: a crystal ball, cauldron, fire pit, big books or book piles, globe, an ornate crown or goblet, picture frames of various sizes and a large hollow pile of trash/debris with a removable lid to hide treasure in.
  14. Cool! On the mobile version, I just discovered that if you click the spot where it says Page x of y it brings up a box where you can jump to any page in the thread.
  15. Ok, took longer than I wanted it to to get mailed, but the box is on its way. Here is what I took: There is a lot of fun stuff in the box, thanks folks! The red guy is cool. Does anyone know where it came from?