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  1. Thanks! They may have looked ok in the photos but in person they were really bothering me. I still agree on the Twi'lek but yeah that would have had to be done at the start. Thanks!
  2. Well that was fun but I think it will be worth it in the end. New hands have appeared! Not perfect but I think good for my first time sculpting hands.
  3. True, true. Unfortunately these look to large for the body. I am not really happy with them as is so I still may shave them down and resculpt the the fingers or something. I am just hesitant to make any changes this far along in painting.
  4. I would prefer bare hands but . . . LittleBluberry hit it right on the head. They are large looking and it does not look right as bare hands. I had started them in a skin tone but it was not working.
  5. Alright, I am going to go for it. I brightened the texture where the OSL will be so I should just need to glaze the blue over it. It already looks a little like OSL as is. Also did the face, eyebrows need correcting, and started on the hair and hands. What do you think of black gloves? They are just sketched in right now. Also any recommendations for doing rust streaks on the base?
  6. Very true, I will need to try it some time. Good idea, it kind of helps that I will be using fluorescent paint so a little should go a long way.
  7. Wall of text incoming . . . So I am going to start working on this one again tonight but I would like everyone's opinion on whether or not to do OSL. On one hand, the scene I am picturing is a slightly rundown but brightly lit space ship corridor. Now looking a stills from the movies, in brightly lit scenes the main light over powers that of the lightsaber and there is no OSL or very little. On the other hand, its a LIGHTSABER, OSL might be expected by most. Now why is this a dilemma for me? Personally I like the idea of OSL and I think it would add to the scene. The problem though is I have only done OSL once and that was for a quick tabletop mini. I am not at all comfortable with my ability to pull it off for competition and it would be extremely difficult to correct any mistake or redo it if it doesn't work due to the texturing. Now it may seem like I have set my mind on not doing it but I really haven't. It seems like I change my mind every time I think about it. Thoughts?
  8. The sculptor is Luca Pina and he doesn't have a webstore. He announces new releases on the Spira Mirabilis Facebook page and you email them if you want a copy. Unfortunately he does them as preorders and limited runs, this one sold out within a few hours. I would still recommend liking his page so you can see when he announces something new.
  9. Yeah, I am really looking forward to it. Fortunately I made it into the first batch of production. Unfortunately the estimated time for production to finish is end of October / beginning of November. So it will probably be December before I have it in hand. Thanks! It is more that I am a little scared of it as it would be near impossible to get a new copy if something happened. I will definitely be practicing grandmotherly skin tones before I attempt it. That is a great idea! I will have to remember that when I start.
  10. Even though I am trying to save up money for ReaperCon, sometimes a sculpt comes along that is irresistible and for me this one is perfect. I have been waiting to post this for the last few days but I received the invoice this morning so it is now safe to say that I now have a new "when I am good enough" mini. May I present MAMABÚHO by Spira Mirabilis:
  11. Thank you! No worries, I will. I submitted her to the Figure Mentors contest and have to receive confirmation back before I can enter her in another contest.
  12. Happy Birthday!!!
  13. Thanks! Guess I will have to start watching my back.
  14. There is less than a week left, everyone should be finishing up and shipping soon. If you will be delayed, please post here or let myself or Robinh know so we can make note.
  15. Thank you!