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  1. Not sure how your Post Office is set up but mine keeps the PO box area open longer than the retail/pay area and they have a package slot for sending packages during those hours. You would need to pay for the postage online and print out the shipping label but it is an option if they have that available. I really don't think anyone is going to be mad if you hold on to it a little longer until you can make it to the Post Office. I know I would hate for you to spend a lot extra to send it out FedEx.
  2. SGHawkins09

    Happy Birthday Heisler!

    Happy Birthday!!!
  3. SGHawkins09

    Light! 77290: Beekeeper Mousling

    Thank you!
  4. SGHawkins09

    DSM8024, Fox Knight

    Fantastic job! Love the shield.
  5. SGHawkins09

    Light! 77290: Beekeeper Mousling

    Thanks! Thanks! Yeah, OSL can be hard but I am sure you will be able to master it.
  6. SGHawkins09

    Light! 77290: Beekeeper Mousling

    Some of you may have seen this one on Facebook as it was my entry in the last Reaper Bones quarterly contest. I love painting Mouslings and really wanted to enter the contest this time but at first wasn't sure how I could make my version stand out especially as you only enter one photo. Eventually, I decided not worry about it and try something I have wanted to attempt for awhile, a night time scene with OSL. I wanted a really light colored glow and really wanted to go with white but could not figure out how to do it without leaving the bee painted only white. So I ended up doing some light glazes of yellow and loved how it turned out. Its not perfect but I think it is a good start for my first attempt for this type of OSL.
  7. SGHawkins09

    77290, Mousling Beekeeper

    Fantastic job! Love your use of color and what you do with the bee's wings and eyes.
  8. There has been no recent movement on the boxes, @Aryanun and @Paradoxical Mouse everything OK?
  9. SGHawkins09

    Happy Birthday Haldir!

    Happy Birthday!!!
  10. SGHawkins09

    Let's Present ... Soviet Russian Female Battalion for Bolt Action

    Fantastic job on all of them! I agree with Glitterwolf on the details, they make each stand out individually from the group.
  11. SGHawkins09

    Desert Ranger: Dark Sword Female Ranger

    Thanks! The cloak was really fun to do but a little nerve wreaking when it came time to do the little bit of freehand at the bottom. I was so afraid I was going to mess it up and have to redo all that texturing.
  12. SGHawkins09


    Happy Birthday!!!
  13. SGHawkins09

    Happy Birthday Dilvish the Deliverer !

    Happy Birthday!!!
  14. SGHawkins09

    DSM8014, Fox Male Rogue

    Great job! Everything is fantastic but the NMM on the blade and color transitions on his tail really standout to me.
  15. SGHawkins09

    Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    You’re welcome. Hopefully you can get in touch, good luck.