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  1. SGHawkins09

    30014: The Grudge

  2. Just ordered some interesting dwarves from a new company, Durgin Paint Forge. Iron Crow Raider Female Blacksmith Hunter of Erdraz and Hunting Bulldog Priestess of the Golden Boar
  3. SGHawkins09

    Black Friday Deals

    Durgin Paint Forge is doing a Black Friday sale today. They are a fairly new company that did a Kickstarter a while back for some really interesting dwarves.
  4. SGHawkins09

    Happy Birthday MissMelons

    Happy Birthday!!!
  5. SGHawkins09

    Happy Birthday Buglips*the*Goblin

    Happy Birthday!!!
  6. Box is on its way, should be there Tuesday.
  7. Box is here with me at work, should be able to get it sent off today.
  8. SGHawkins09

    Happy Birthday chaosscorpion

    Happy Birthday!!!
  9. Alright, finally remembered to take a photo of what I choose. Will get the package sent off in the next few days.
  10. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I don’t think there is another. I finally was able to go through it and I don’t remember seeing one. I have made my choices and will post the picture later tonight or tomorrow. I have to head out now to pick up my sister at the airport.
  11. I think that maybe my PO’s stuff is sorted at the Industry hub, my Reaper package just did the same thing. It just makes me laugh as I work just down the road from the Industry hub and pass the trucks all the time. Anyway, the box is here but I won’t be able to get into it until tomorrow or Sunday. I have to frantically clean in preparation of my sister arriving from out of state tomorrow.
  12. No worries. It definitely should be in my hands today as it is showing as being at my post office. It did have to double back after taking a side trip to City of Industry.
  13. Awesome! It will be fun to see if it takes any interesting detours on its short trip.
  14. SGHawkins09


    Received a surprise package when I went to pick up another. Thanks @robinh! They will definetly get used in a game and the syrup was a nice surprise.
  15. If the added stuff doesn’t fit, don’t worry about it. Unlike the regular BoGW, you don’t need to put in an equal amount to what you are taking.