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  1. Thanks guys! I am finally getting my painting mojo back and I am really looking forward to getting started on these. Yeah, I love basing, prepping not so much. Usually I have the base planned before I even decide what to do with the mini but I did have difficultly with the Dark Sword Elf and the Crimson Herald this time. For the Elf, I did not want to do a typical foresty base for her mostly because I did not want to do a typical paint job on her. Once I figured out the paint scheme, the basing fell into place. For the Crimson Herald, I just had him and some skulls on the resin base which is a Town Square with steps base from Secret Weapon. While I liked the base, it seemed to be missing something but I was not sure what. I contemplated water effects but was not feeling it. One flash of inspiration later, I added the dirt and stumps and now it is perfect for me.
  2. I keep forgetting to post my selections but here they are. I choose a selection of Bones that I don't have already and have a use for. Also two Savage Worlds miniatures that I thought would be fun to paint up. I may do another look through before sending the box off hopefully next week, just waiting for an address.
  3. Thanks! I will have further details later regarding the color schemes but as a little teaser, a couple may not be what you expect.
  4. Well, I finally got to a point on these where it would be worth it to post. These are my major projects that I will be working on for the next few months and all four are planned ReaperCon entries. Right now there is not much to see as they are just at the primer stage but the bases are built and also ready for paint. So from left to right we have the Dark Elf Assassin from Scale 75, Tarko from Scale 75's Fallen Frontiers line, Dark Sword's Wood Elf Warrior, and Reaper's own Crimson Herald. Please excuse the blurry pics, I am cleaning my apartment and this was the best place to take pics.
  5. Oh, no! If you were doing a shallower pour, I would suggest the tape method. Although it requires a lot of sanding once cured, it has worked so far for me. For a deep pour like this have you seen the new tutorial on Massive Voodoo? He used a similar method to what you tried but used superglue to attach the plastic to the base and hot glue as a second layer of security.
  6. Fulfilling

    They sent an email out on June 11th containing an excel spreadsheet that you need to fill out. Hopefully you can find it.
  7. Fulfilling

    That was fast, I received the Gorgon today. Everything seemed to be in order and it is a beautiful sculpt.
  8. And it has arrived.
  9. Happy Birthday!
  10. I have sent them a PM.
  11. Nope, not this one. I have been bouncing between my entries and the bust though as while I need to focus and finish the bust, I also really need to start my entries. I am just scared of getting absorbed in one project and losing interest in the other.
  12. A little of both actually. It is a commission for a friend who intends it to be a gift for his wife, who is a really good friend of mine. I probably would not have accepted the commission if it had come from someone else.
  13. I am using the character and Ben Komets's version as a guideline. So while I am not going to try to match the colors exactly, the light leather and dark leather will be in the same areas and the shield will be teal but with a different design. I would have liked to expirement and do something different but my friend want this version.
  14. Thanks Ub3r. I might do some more glazes after I have had some time to get comfortable with what I have done already. I have done a bit of red in her and the eyelid have a bit of blue on them but it is hard to see in the photos.
  15. Ok, I think I have reached the point where I need to stop fiddling with her face. I am happy with it at this point and while I wish some things were different, I seem to be working backwards now. I try correct something and it just makes it worse or I need to then adjust something else. So here she is a little washed out in the pictures, lips and eyes are next.