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  1. Weeeel. All of March and most of April was nothing but cold nasty rain and sadness. But I feel better now. Should be back at it soon. Just really need to finish my spring exchange first. Idk I think a wolf in a cheerleaders outfit would be pretty cute. You're awesome. You are all very awesome.
  2. It's not been shelved. I've been shelved. Between work and being sick from horrible allergies I get this time of year, I haven't been able to work on it. Rest assured, I am still super stoked to be building it. Although I have been known to abandon my fair share of projects... this won't be one of them. It makes my my heart happy to know people are excited about this project. Thank you.
  3. I am so sorry for your loss.
  4. Lol. Soon, prolly tonight. I don't want the kiitens to suffer!
  5. Ranger- Oh look at that beautiful creature, we should get a closer look. I think I could tame him and I will name him $kittles. What are you doing $kittles, be a sweet boy. $kittles? No $kittles, NO! AHHHHHH! $kittles- *munch munch munch Well done! I love him
  6. She turned out fantastic. I love how colorful she is and her feathers look amazing
  7. He looks great. Is that one of the bases you rolled out? It's cool.
  8. He's awesomely disturbing. Bra o!
  9. Ahhh! thank you! That is helpful. I will give it a go.
  10. Yes! He looks fantastic!
  11. Oh yeah, I have Christmas lights. Good idea. No the the problem was I forgot the resistor so when I ltested it with the 9 volt battery, it overloaded and burned out.
  12. Well, I made a light. I forgot the resistor before I tested the light. Good thing they gave me extra lights. I made another light, I add resistor to light. Light works. Yay! Okay, so there are no instructions or at least no instructions I understand on how to use the 12 port driver board they gave me. I get that this is what will power all lights at once and allow me to attach the switch and power supply. I don't get how I'm supposed to attach the LED to it. Or the power supply or the switch. The diagram shows the resistors on the board. I followed the instructions for creating the LED. Sort of. It doesn't say anything about attaching the resistor so I followed another tutorial that said to solder the resistor to the LED then the wire to the resistor. Then I was all, well now what? Lol. If I messed up another light by attaching the resistor in that way, I'm not super upset about it. They did give me extra I can try again. Basically, I'm super confuzzled. This is so not in my wheelhouse. http://www.paragrafix.biz/instructions/NLK2-1.pdf But look at the glowy light though. I did a thing!
  13. Nope. Got solder yesterday. Got the time to give it a go today.
  14. She looks awesome!
  15. Always a pleasure to see your work. Absolutely gorgeous.