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  1. Prex

    Nothic (Bones ghast conversion)

    Nice conversion!
  2. Prex

    Blessed of December - Malifaux

    D'oh... this should have gone in "show off" not "works in progress". :(
  3. This is a interesting figure. A fun fast paint but I think that the model would have been more engaging had the creature been looking up. I added some skulls to the base to give her something to be looking at.
  4. Prex

    My 02939: Viking Girl

    Thanks @GlitterwolfI can't take too much credit for the shield though, it was modeled on. My freehand is nowhere near that good! :)
  5. Prex

    My 02939: Viking Girl

    This is my take on "Viking Girl". It was a pleasure to paint, it's a really nice sculpt. I was experimenting with orange, a colour I don't use often.
  6. Prex

    Male Ranger with Longbow from Dark Sword Miniatures

    You don't often see figures painted in the more subdued style youve chosen. It really works well with this model. Great job.
  7. Prex

    77156: Owlbear and Genadier Owlbear

    @Boaz , good question. I not 100% certain what the inspiration was for the origional owlbear was. I would have guessed inspired by an early version of the iconic D&D monster.
  8. I finally got around to painting my bones owlbear. It's such a great sculpt that I was waiting to be inspired to tackle it and, well, the muse spoke. Just for fun I've also included some shots of a much older (1992?) Genedier owlbear that I painted up a while back. The older one has seem some table time and needs a touch up or two. :) The new owlbear is a bit tricky to get a good photo of.
  9. Prex

    77292: Giant Wererat

    @Bustedknee, thanks! I don't know where the idea came from but I was pleased with how the hands turned out.
  10. Prex

    77292: Giant Wererat

    I painted the giant wererat fo fun the other day. I still need to do some basing (I'm thinking a sewer theme) but he's good enough to put on the table to scare the snot out of my D&D group. (This is definitely a he, if you take a close look under the fithly loincloth) I experimented a bit with using pastels on this mini for the shading at the claws on the hand with mixed success, so a shoutout to @Shoshie for the awesome tutorial - which can be found here: Link
  11. Prex

    Big Green Lizard Guy

    Ah, good old Ral Partha. Thanks for solving the mystery @vulture. And nice to know that we can get more @alchemist. It was a really great sculpt to paint.
  12. Prex

    Big Green Lizard Guy

    So I painted this big guy up. I don't know who manufactured him or what he's made of because he was given to me by a friend. It's a heavy fig and it might be lead. If anyone has any idea what this is or who manufactured it, please let me know! I went with a classic green lizard man colour scheme. I added a pic with a regular sized min for scale. I believe he's a bones mercenary?
  13. Wow. Amazing.
  14. Prex

    77123: Dark Elf Assassin

    I tackled this bones version of the dark elf assassin to sub in for a pathfinder psychopomp eidolon, bipedal. Not suprisingly, that's not a figure that I had at hand. It was a quick paintjob done to tabletop quality to get something on the table in time for this weeks game. A deadline is wonderful to focus your "good enough" reflex. :)