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  1. 77292: Giant Wererat

    @Bustedknee, thanks! I don't know where the idea came from but I was pleased with how the hands turned out.
  2. 77292: Giant Wererat

    I painted the giant wererat fo fun the other day. I still need to do some basing (I'm thinking a sewer theme) but he's good enough to put on the table to scare the snot out of my D&D group. (This is definitely a he, if you take a close look under the fithly loincloth) I experimented a bit with using pastels on this mini for the shading at the claws on the hand with mixed success, so a shoutout to @Shoshie for the awesome tutorial - which can be found here: Link
  3. Big Green Lizard Guy

    Ah, good old Ral Partha. Thanks for solving the mystery @vulture. And nice to know that we can get more @alchemist. It was a really great sculpt to paint.
  4. Big Green Lizard Guy

    So I painted this big guy up. I don't know who manufactured him or what he's made of because he was given to me by a friend. It's a heavy fig and it might be lead. If anyone has any idea what this is or who manufactured it, please let me know! I went with a classic green lizard man colour scheme. I added a pic with a regular sized min for scale. I believe he's a bones mercenary?
  5. Wow. Amazing.
  6. 77123: Dark Elf Assassin

    I tackled this bones version of the dark elf assassin to sub in for a pathfinder psychopomp eidolon, bipedal. Not suprisingly, that's not a figure that I had at hand. It was a quick paintjob done to tabletop quality to get something on the table in time for this weeks game. A deadline is wonderful to focus your "good enough" reflex. :)
  7. Adventurers - Barbarian and Wizard

    That's a good tip @robinh , I might go back and give it another hit of yellow.
  8. A couple of adventurers I quickly painted for a pathfinder game I'm in. One player requested a barbarian figure with a big sword... and evey other one I had in the house uses an axe! So this guy made the cut by default. (I did remove a very bent axe from his other hand and that seemed to work out.) The other figure is more rogue-ike but matched the description of a young wizard another played was looking for. The OSL is...ok but it's a technique I need to practice more. As always, comments and feedback are appreciated. :)
  9. Sphinx - 77576

    Fantastic work.
  10. Werebear

    This was such a fun mini to paint. The sculpt has so much character and the details are great. I may go back and add some gloss finish to the nose and eyes to give them more of a "wet" look. Now that I see the pictures, I'll probably also touch up the reflection on the red bead.
  11. A fun little project to keep me busy between Xmas and New Years
  12. 77279: Narthrax the White with hoard

    Simple amazing. I was following the WIP and I'm still astounded at how well it turned out. :)
  13. Grab Bag of Bones

    I had a week this summer with the family out of town so I did what any self respecting hobbyist does - broke out the paint! The goal was to try a number of new techniques and get a few minis up to tabletop quality. Overall, some successes and failures. I'm pleased with the way the clay golem and the beholder turned out.
  14. It's funny, I washed the tail twice to bring out the creases but with no luck. I may go back and try again. :)
  15. (03350) Young Forest Dragon

    The wings are outstanding. Nice job!