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  1. Werebear

    This was such a fun mini to paint. The sculpt has so much character and the details are great. I may go back and add some gloss finish to the nose and eyes to give them more of a "wet" look. Now that I see the pictures, I'll probably also touch up the reflection on the red bead.
  2. A fun little project to keep me busy between Xmas and New Years
  3. 77279: Narthrax the White with hoard

    Simple amazing. I was following the WIP and I'm still astounded at how well it turned out. :)
  4. Grab Bag of Bones

    I had a week this summer with the family out of town so I did what any self respecting hobbyist does - broke out the paint! The goal was to try a number of new techniques and get a few minis up to tabletop quality. Overall, some successes and failures. I'm pleased with the way the clay golem and the beholder turned out.
  5. It's funny, I washed the tail twice to bring out the creases but with no luck. I may go back and try again. :)
  6. (03350) Young Forest Dragon

    The wings are outstanding. Nice job!
  7. It's been ages since I've painted or posted but, as the weather turns nasty, it's motivated me to get out the brushes. Here's a few quickly painted rats for tabletop. I was going for an infected / diseased look. As always, comments and critiques are welcome.
  8. 03500: Mason Thornwarden, Ranger

    What a great example of a subtle pallet. I really like how the colors work together and your leather is very nice.
  9. Bailey Silverbell (77072)

    Wow. Nice job. I fought with every stroke on that mini. It's nice to see someone make it shine,
  10. Iron Wind Metals Ivar Barbarian Adventurer

    This breaks all the rules for male armour! It's completely impractical! Who wears a speedo to battle! Put this on a female fig ASAP. Kidding aside, it's a great figure and I really like your colour choices and execution. The shield pulls it together for me. Well done.
  11. Really nice rust effects! It would have been interesting to keep the sword pristine - a magic item resisting the ravages of time.
  12. I like the earth tones and your blending is very nice - smooth.
  13. Converted Warhammer Ogre Hunter

    That is a really smooth paint job and a great color scheme. Your layering is amazing!
  14. 77061 -- Kord, the Destroyer

    Nicely done!