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    Gauntlet Legends figures?

    Time to breath some more life into this thread! Since 2014, all I've dug up is the Wizard keyring. I'm looking to offload some of my duplicates now. I think I've got at least one duplicate of every figurine (including plague grunt and jester). So if anyone is interested, let me know. Also, I'm stilling hanging out for the pendants/keyring/necklaces. So if someone looks in the back of their cupboard and finds a box full of them, hit me up!
  2. Capnkeelhauler

    Gauntlet Legends figures?

    I am trying to collect the set and I believe that I have them all. Can anyone confirm? From the list above, I believe I have all, including an extra Skorne or True Skorne. If anyone has any others, or any of the pendants/necklaces, please let me know! Photos here: https://picasaweb.google.com/CapnKeelhauler/GauntletLegendsMiniatures