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  1. Heck yeah, thanks for doing this! I missed the boat last year, so I'm in for this year if there's still enough room :) •Mocha •Current Avatar •Wed-Sun :)
  2. Holy guacamole! It feels real now: ReaperCon Excitement at 200% and rising... I'm signed up for two classes: Matt DiPietro's "Sketch Style Demo" & Derek Schubert's "Good, Fast Painting" (I have to sign up for at least one dks class, it's pretty much tradition at this point). And I'm surprised & delighted that the two classes I'm teaching are sold out– that means other people are excited about what I'm excited about sharing! So many great options and instructors as always, there's truly something for everyone Shout out to @Reaperbryan for making the process smooth and always staying in great communication.
  3. Yay, thank you all so much!! You make my face look just like my avatar– all smiles!
  4. Yeah!! I'm super-excited I've learned so much since my first ReaperCon and can't wait to share my knowledge and passion with others :) It may be ambitious, but I'm most passionate about blending skin & fabrics and painting eyes, so that's what I'm teaching-- I can't wait!
  5. Hiyo! I'm here to brag about my mystery Secret Sophie gifter I've been out of town after a death in the family and disappeared for a month– I apologize for the delay! My Secret Sophie sent me chocolates, bases, minis, and a beautifully painted dwarf (more on that below). I also received a very cool illustration of a Beholder. My gift-giver is quite the artist! And the chocolate is delicious– in fact, I took this picture after eating one of the other medallions (whoops!) Their painted mini, titled "Still Easier Than Herding Gamers", is especially awesome since it looks like she's giving orders to a cat. Being a cat lover myself, I know that definitely won't be easy! It's a great mini and I'm proud to have it on my "minis painted by friends" shelf. To show my thanks, I wanted to take some nice pictures of the mini, in case the painter didn't have them already. Since it's a mystery forum member, feel free to personal message me if you're interested in higher resolution photos. In the meantime, I wanted to brag about your mini: Again, thank you! With everything going on, I was so grateful to receive this– it truly lifted my spirits!!
  6. Hooray! I received my Secret Sophie– I want to get a good picture of the beautiful mini, Beholder illustration, and all the delicious goodies so I can properly brag about them Update coming soon!
  7. Hooray!!! I'm so happy you like him! Hopefully, he'll be someone you can use in an upcoming campaign. I'm glad he's gone to a new, loving home
  8. Alrighty! Added some subtle Linen White highlights on the tabard and he's now posted in the Show Off forum here. I'll be sending him off to my Secret Sophie recipient tomorrow!
  9. Hi Folks! I wanted to share some pics before I send off my painted mini for the Secret Sophie Holiday 2016 exchange. I used 100% Reaper paints and the colors I used are listed below. See my work in progress photos here. Reaper Paints Used: Corporeal Shadow Clouded Sea Brown Liner Dark Highlights Desert Stone Driftwood Brown Aged Bone Linen White Royal Purple* Blue Liner Pure White Golden Shadow Elf Flesh *edited to add gem color
  10. Thanks! And Fruggs, you're right, he could stand to have some more highlighting on the tabard. I'll probably highlight with Linen White at the chest and highest folds since I still want it to read as an eggshell color.
  11. Hi all! Looks like this will be my last WIP update of my Secret Sophie mini before the final pics are posted and I send him off to my mystery person! While I still haven't painted his [will be warm brown] hair, he's been attached to a painted base and I cleaned up a few of the details. Speaking of details, here's a zoomed-in picture of the sword hilt/gem. Gems are both challenging and fun to paint and I never seem to get the white dot just right– it's either too small or too big. Oh well! I'd rather it look super-shiny and stand out since it's the only bit of purple on him. I'm really happy with how the overall muted, darker color scheme turned out! It's nice to paint a miniature destined for tabletop without feeling pressured to execute extremely high levels of contrast. Also, it's hard to tell, but I did paint a bit of dusty brown where the back of his cloak meets the ground. I decided not to do more weathering– I'll save that for another mini :) Other than that, I'll be posting the final pics in the Show Off section of the forum before I seal & ship him off to his new keeper. I hope Arthrand Nightblade sees lots of time on the board in an upcoming campaign!
  12. Bahahaha Sorry TaleSpinner. I'll see if I can get Christine updated as well :) Does she have a forum name?
  13. Shhhhhh! I was waiting to see how long it would be until she noticed.... It's been a while :-( Aww but Mr Melons, I fixed it in the last version! Though we now have some more updates trickling in, I bet I can get a "final final" version out :)
  14. Thank you Kuro! My creative battery was recharged after ReaperCon and I have a new job where I have a better work/life balance– you'll be seeing more of me around these parts! Feels good to be back :)
  15. I'm going to try this tonight– I think you're right! Warmer brown is the way to go :)