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  1. Auberon

    Getting to Know You: Sept 2018

    I once watched a pirate movie. The end.
  2. Auberon

    Village Attacks from Grimlord Games

    When you get to traps (or if you just feel like opening the box) let me know if you have any issues with the "hanging" traps fitting on their stands. Only one of mine fit while the other three needed their opening to be expanded a bit. I managed to finish off the intro campaign today (scenarios 1-5). It is moderately fun by myself, but like most games would be more fun with other people to play with. Playing the game makes me tempted to paint some of the minis...
  3. Auberon

    Getting to Know You: Sept 2018

    Enough random items for a few days. My possible disaster list is small. I usually have something that will suffice. A good chunk of 90s music has the potential, but I've heard the songs so many times that additional context would be needed for a bout of nostalgia to occur. With an infinite budget my fort would expand to take over the world, containing everything. Including an orbital elevator attached to a ring circling the earth, so I could gaze down at my wonder fort from space while still being in it. Thermonuclear weapons are a challenge to dodge.
  4. Auberon

    Village Attacks from Grimlord Games

    That was a decent size box. I'd somewhat forgotten what I'd backed for.
  5. Auberon

    Village Attacks from Grimlord Games

    I have tracking - target Friday.
  6. Auberon

    Reapercon Sophie

    I had planned to pick up a Sophie, but at $20 I took a pass. Companies are free to charge what they they think a product is worth, just as I the consumer can say no it's not.
  7. Auberon

    September Hobby GOOOOOOOOOOOALS!

    And done... ish. I tried out a bit of an experiment on the base. Once it is set and there is no more color shift I'll probably have to touch it up a bit, but the mini itself is done.
  8. Auberon

    So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?

    I keep telling myself I'll make it one of these years, but I already know it won't be 2019. My job's holiday work schedule is on a 7 year rotation and next year I'll be working Labor Day. If you like 54mm+ (I like 54mm+) you might check Andrea or Pegaso. You may have to beat your wallet into submission for some of the 90mm stuff though.
  9. Auberon

    Getting to Know You: Sept 2018

    A friend of mine in grad school, who was originally from Vietnam, had a perfectly normal English name. When I asked her how that came about she told me her given name was something to the effect of "little jade" in Vietnamese. When her parents came to the US and were being processed through the system the person doing their paperwork took one look at her name and informed them that "Bi'ch" (pronounced just how you think) was not going to work as a name for their daughter. Thus her new name was picked from a list and became her official name. Probably for the best. I can think of so many ways that would have been awkward for friends/coworkers, much less the easily offended stranger that feels the need to lecture about how you shouldn't call women a "Bi'ch."
  10. Auberon

    September Hobby GOOOOOOOOOOOALS!

    For the current month: Finish exchange mini - possible this weekend if I work on it. The obligatory clean paint area. This time around though its mostly put away paints I'm done with and get out what I need for the next project. Speaking of which, pull mini from shelf of shame and get back to work on it.
  11. Auberon

    Getting to Know You: Sept 2018

    I can't think of anything particularly weird, but I eat a variety of foods so maybe I'm losing track of what counts.
  12. Auberon

    Getting to Know You: Sept 2018

    Generally they are just proof that some people have been on drugs since the dawn of time. I was helping my parents figure out the camera feature on a smartphone and took a picture of one of their dogs. Given that I am capable of cooking more than one thing at once I'd have a variety of items.
  13. Auberon

    Getting To Know You August

    Old-fashioned depends on who you ask, but most of what I would have mentioned has already been covered. I like my electronic devices, but some of them were invented quite a while ago. I did some cub scouts when I was young and was decent at track before I got bored with running in a circle. I can't think of anything in particular. While I have had a couple of cars broken, they were deemed not my fault and covered by insurance. Nothing else I can think of had a value over $100. I guess this makes me not clumsy.
  14. Auberon

    Getting To Know You August

    I have no problems admitting what music I like and then subjecting other people to it.