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  1. If you can't be safe, be a safety officer.
  2. While I would agree that you should not lick your brushes, I'll go ahead and reinforce Doug's point about poisons. Naturally occurring ammonia is an important part of the biosphere. The atmosphere is full of nitrogen, but very few things can metabolize nitrogen gas. Instead we use ammonia as a building block. Now if you are a fish and run into some dissolved ammonia you could be in a lot of trouble. You can't metabolize it so you normally excrete it, but you can't in concentrated ammonia water so it builds in your system and you die. For this reason ammonia gets its environmental toxin label and is why my employer needs to keep it out of their waste stream. If you are a mammal (and I assume most of you reading are) then your body contains an enzyme which takes ammonia and converts it so it enters the urea cycle. You can metabolize ammonia you drink, or lick, into an amino acid and go on about your day. If you are a plant person a spray of anhydrous on the soil can be a tasty treat. OTOH, if you were to walk into a cloud of ammonia vapors you could be in a lot of trouble. Fortunately your hobby supplies are unlikely to produce a large cloud of ammonia. So to summarize, if you ever need to kill a colony of deep ones ammonia will do it for you. If you ingest a small amount you'll be fine.
  3. My order was given a "free upgrade" (ha! free) on shipping and arrived today. Everything is of course awesome, but it turns out that I clicked on the Game Effects rather than the standard paint. Just one shake of the bottle and it's obvious that it is their airbrush consistency paint. I doubt I get time to play with it before I leave, but we shall see.
  4. There are a number of games that I've backed on kickstarter but have yet to play. No matter what I would list though, I'm going out of town this weekend. It would take something crazy impossible for me to actually play any of them.
  5. Ah, not quite what I was getting at, but, OK. Stealth: 11+11=22 Perception:16+6=22 When you're wearing leather, chain = heavy.
  6. Maybe? Even though I found some of my 2E Realms material I haven't read up on it. Oakhurst is an unknown.
  7. Those jobs seem entirely too practical. A proper odd job would be more along the lines of "ensure ReaperBryan's evil mastermind mustache is waxed and twirled properly." On a serious note, I will admit it is unlikely I will be there to volunteer.
  8. I prefer not to paint unless I can devote at least an hour to it. I have painted all day in the past, but it's been a while since that last happened.
  9. I say heavily armored dwarf first, barbarian guarding the rear, and the rest of us between. Aear can be behind the dwarf so he can see and shoot over the top. That leaves the wizard behind the cleric and beside Aear, unless someone has another preference for 10ft corridors. Sneakier option: Aear alone stealthing 50' in front of the party.
  10. My character's name is actually extremely easy once anglicized, but that would take the fun out of it. I have been around quite a few international people over the years and found that there are very few names that I have any difficulty with. It throws them off a bit when I use their actual name; got to keep 'em on their toes. I don't think I could call a person "L-13" though.
  11. Just checking to make sure the sheet will work properly prior to final editing. Rogue_Character_Record_Sheet.pdf Edit: That's a little larger than normal for this forum.
  12. This of course means you will need to post a review. The closest Hobby Lobby stocks the Vallejo military line (a subset of model color for those not familiar) as well as the Vallejo Air sets.
  13. Keeping it mini related, the most recent winter exchange featured a scene with single source lighting that I hadn't done before. It turned out rather well. Technically I have another new experience in progress, but I have spent more time gaming than painting so it does not progress. I recommend Bones superglue.
  14. I like DS but I'm passing once again. There's just not enough I want to paint to go all in.
  15. I once had a DM that was horrible at coming up with names on the spot. 99% of the random NPCs we met were named Bob. I gave him a list of names under the title "Thy Name Shall not be 'Bob.'" I wasn't actually planning on anything that complicated given I'll actually need to type it from time to time. Something simple. Like Eóin Cinnéididh. Is there an equivalent of Fitzgerald? It not I'll go with Fionnbharr. Eóin Fionnbharr Cinnéididh