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  1. Live

    There was an article just published in Nature where some aboriginal artifacts, including ochre crayons, were dated to 65,000 years ago using OSL. Plenty of time there for a few humans to have headed north into Europe. The art no longer exists, but the scientist are pretty sure that was why the aborigines were grinding ochre.
  2. Fulfilling

    Ah thanks, I remember what happened now. I was waiting for them to actually sculpt some of the figures so I could see if I wanted them or not. Locking in my pledge based off of concept art is not my preferred method.
  3. Fulfilling

    I have no memory of filling out a survey for this one. I suppose I should look into that.
  4. I would say fluff is the reason you play a named rpg. If not for the fluff, why dragonlance? It doesn't really matter much to me for most of the skirmish games I've played though. If it's well written then I'll read it, but if not I'll pass.
  5. Thanks all! I did not. He was sad.
  6. Fulfilling

    1980s Dee Snider?
  7. Halfway through update: Done In progress One is already completed, more will be primed tomorrow. For the bonus goal, I didn't just squeeze in one, I squeezed in two. That makes a total of four things painted this month.
  8. Fulfilling

    @Bathory, did you see METAL SETH!?
  9. She looks really nice. Are you taking comments?
  10. My first "mini" (more of an item but don't sweat the details) is painted, so even if I break my arm tomorrow, my partner still gets something. Mini #2 is in progress.

    False dichotomy - split the party and go both ways.
  12. Great job! I could go for some MFC right now...
  13. I think it's mentioned in the first class of "DMing with funny voices 101."