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  1. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    Yes. Young enough that I can't remember. None come to mind.
  2. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    Yes. Young enough that I can't remember. None come to mind.
  3. A little more painting, this time smoothing out some of the transitions. Not done yet, but better. Stopping to take pictures let you find all of the mistakes. My light source is not at high-noon zenith, but actually over her left shoulder. This lets my paint one side of the face in heavier shadows than the other. Will it work well at this scale? One way to find out. Also, that hair is definitely in the way. Getting at the neck or jawline is a PITA. All for tonight.
  4. Yes. The white area is larger because the blue circle is smaller, making it appear as if the eyes are different. I made the smaller iris larger and decreased the white space, thus making it look less rotated. I didn't touch the other eye and no matter how unforgiving the camera is, any difference is now nearly impossible to see in hand. At any rate, I have some cleaning up to do around the eyes.
  5. I spent a very short session today to work on the eyes. Before I worry about details like white dots though, I want to make sure I haven't made her cross-eyed or something. The eyes appear to be looking is slightly different directions, but I believe that is due to one iris being slightly smaller than the other. Anime says make the slightly smaller iris larger. I'm getting hungry though, so any more painting will have to wait until after food.
  6. Hasslefree Miniatures kickstarter

    I have nothing, but in fairness I waited to see all the finished sculpts before I filled out my survey.
  7. The manufacturer is actually kind of tricky. I picked this up during one of e2046's sales as "Evil Fox", but this kit is pretty obviously a recast. Some searching led me to a site Resin-kit dot com where they had a "Dark Fox" for sale. The good news is that the kit is appropriately priced and the cast appears to be correct. The bad news is that I've dropped by a few times and it is always listed as out of stock, inquire about pre-order. Which is to say, the time between order and arrival could be long. I also have no idea about the actual quality of their cast, just that the pictures look right. [Note, this is not a thread for discussing recasting. Such threads already exist elsewhere.]
  8. Sometime last year I showed off a garage kit that I picked up. It has been gathering dust since, but recently I did a little more prep work on it and primed the head. Now I know a lot of times you'll see these kits given a sold coat of paint and not much else, but I've decided to approach it much like a smaller scale figure. First, some skin. I just blocked things in and then did a little smoothing on the upper right. I"m not too worried about the sides of her face because once she has the rest of her hair it won't really be visible. Still, while it's off I'll go ahead and give myself some practice working at this scale. Then tonight I spent more time fighting my wet pallet than actually painting. The consistency got off and now I need to go back a fix some blends. In the meantime I used my well pallet and blocked in her eyes. Next paint session I'll clean them up and decide what direction she's looking.
  9. Aradia Miniatures Dante's inferno

    My minis arrived today.
  10. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    Not really in my queue, but I still have half a box of Grenadier figures to paint. They are about my age.
  11. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    Its been years since I last had one of those. I was snowed in and I couldn't go anywhere, so I probably played video games or something.
  12. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    Yes for both current and former. Annual training consists of at least a dozen different topics, mostly safety related but also corporate espionage and security. The first time through I usually learn something, but the following year everything just repeats itself. They've also gotten wise to people skipping through the presentations and not only force you to go through all of the material every time, but have also built in stops so you need to be present to click through.
  13. How to get this shade of pink

    If your FLGS carries Vallejo instead, Squid Pink with Warlord Purple to make the shadows should work well enough.
  14. Painting Blacks and Whites

    For white there are three basic ways that you can go. The first is a neutral white that is shaded with neutral greys. Pingo's suggestion is a good one, but if you already own Reaper paints then you can just use the ones D. Powell mentions in his tutorial. The second is a warm white that is often shaded with khakis/browns. You'll often see this used on animals or fabric that is being worn outdoors (i.e. can get dirty). Once again Powell has several examples of this using Reaper paint. The third way you often seen minis painted is with a cool white which is usually used for pure cloth, snow, or other cold things. A google image search for snow will show you just how blue snow can get under the right lighting conditions. I dug up the old Dr. Faust vid which will give you an idea of how cool white works. He always paints dark to light, so you can save a whole bunch of layering by priming white.
  15. Pathfinder Version 2

    I don't really have a horse in the race considering that I haven't played tabletop in quite some time. I'll probably end up taking a look out of curiosity, just to see what direction they decided to take the system.