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  1. Given that I am running the game for kids between 8 (Samantha) and 10 (Iain) being Bones is more important than the figure being an exact match. Accidents will happen. And Bones will survive being stepped on. (Or survive being knocked off the table, then batted around the room by a hyperactive kitten, for that matter.) Easy solved by installing 3" shag carpet. You might lose the mini, and the kitten, but they will survive the fall. There is also Rum & Bones plastic, though it is officially 32mm scale. The mercenaries are often on sale at close to Bones prices.
  2. At my previous job yes, but at the new one, no. Even when I had the option I didn't personalize, though there was never an issue of things walking off.
  3. When I awoke this morning I had been logged out of the only session I still had open. So while there was a delay, at some point the forum decided that there should not be four of me. It just decided to wait until there was only one of me and booted the last.
  4. I saw the Eberron campaign setting and player's guide up for a decent price and picked them up. I am only lacking the Neverwinter setting from the 4E lineup, but I'm not sure if I want it or not. I played the Neverwinter games, and they were fun at the time, but I don't have any kind of nostalgia that would push me towards a tabletop purchase. I have Nokjagerin in metal, but have yet to get around to her. Pegaso has a lot of nice models, though now that I think about it, very few in resin. Did that mini ship from China/HK? Not judging or anything, just curious.
  5. I eat similar items year round. The only real difference is that I can use fresh in-season ingredients instead of shipped/stored/frozen/dried. The only seasonal drink I can think of is not a summer drink so it does not apply here.
  6. I don't normally log in on my tablet, but I did so just to see if I have any issues. On the desktop I'm currently signed in with Firefox and on the tablet with Firefox (standard), Firefox Focus, and Chrome. So far so good
  7. I'm not sure that all of 10011 & 10024 have been converted over to Bones. If you do decide to include metal, the sets are reasonably priced and come in a case.
  8. Live

    RE several different comments above: I understand why a company would choose to sell in a pack. For me it still creates a barrier to entry. I personally have no interest in becoming an ebay merchant. If I see a pack from any company that has too many things in it that I don't want, I don't buy it. I skipped the most recent Dark Sword kickstarter for that very reason. Sure I could have sold off the minis I didn't want, but that's more trouble than its worth.
  9. It needs to be warm with a noticeable amount of humidity (i.e. keep that heat index above 100 even when the actual temperature isn't). Thunderstorms of early summer giving way to mostly dry days by late summer. Much cooking outdoors.
  10. "It is already afternoon. I agree with Fionn that we spend what remains of the day making our preparations and then head to the citadel in the morning."
  11. Live

    Ah, thanks. Based off of my experience gaming with walls (I have a number of TerraClips gathering dust) I find that I align with DM Scotty on the issue. Looking more closely I see some packs without walls, so I'm probably better off waiting for retail anyway.
  12. Live

    Like all DF I was briefly tempted by it before common sense (I don't currently have a use for it) kicked in. I was curious enough to check out their store to look at how their past kickstarters end up being sold. While I see everything is assigned its own individual SKU, it looks like it is mostly sold in packs with very few items for individual sale. Am I missing something or is that how they run their business? I.e. I couldn't purchase three stalagmites that I liked, I would have to get the whole set?
  13. Nope. They are so little known that I am not even aware of them. Less amusing once you've worked for a multinational that uses one convention sometimes and the other convention at others. At least its a 50/50 shot most days...
  14. I have that book on my shelf. It is a nice collection of his work.
  15. Spam is simply unwanted email; the volume isn't the issue. It was easily solved by unticking a box.