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  1. Auberon

    Airbrush protection discussion

    Since you have a functional hood at work @Cyradis, there may be a cheap vaneometer lying around. Once you have your spray hood you could borrow the device and check your face velocity to make sure it pulls enough air. An under powered hood will just provide the illusion of safety, not the protection you're looking for.
  2. Auberon

    Bones mini turning sticky after a while

    My Bones that went tacky eventually cleared up after a couple of years, so I suppose it depends on how soon you need your mini. As to forming a protective barrier, that's not necessarily true. Materials can be impermeable to one solvent but permeable to another. For example, latex gloves are pretty good against aqueous solutions but some organic solvents will penetrate it. Your skin is a pretty good barrier against a lot of things, but hydrofloric acid or dimethyl mercury will go through it like it wasn't even there. So just because there is some type of resin film between the Bones and your spray, it doesn't necessarily mean it is keeping the spray solvent out.
  3. Auberon

    Getting to Know You for April 2019

    No, don't own one. I've never had much of an interest in taking pictures so if it wasn't for minis I'd almost never use my old digital.
  4. Auberon

    Legends of Signum

    Sigh, it looks like I really will be one of the last.
  5. And they have arrived. Unlike my previous Kimera model, this one shipped with proper packaging rather than green plastic grass. OTOH, the retail box is about four times larger than it needs to be. I guess if the mini immediately jumps to the front of your queue it's not an issue but if you lack storage space... Bad Blood was a more reasonable size. At first glance Life Miniatures casting looks near perfect, though they did leave some good size chucks of resin to trim off.
  6. Auberon

    Getting to Know You for April 2019

    Can't say as I've ever had the desire.
  7. Auberon

    Auberon Paints His Bones...

    I played around a bit more with the copper to get a better feel for it and mixed a bit of white into my highlight instead of using the straight yellow. Towards the end I reached the point of "I'm spending too much time on a test piece" and got a bit sloppy. Note to self, choose smaller test pieces. One other thing of note, I went to do some edge highlighting and discovered that Bones Black does not always give a nice crisp edge. OK, frequently in this case. With metal I could just file it down, but I'm not sure what my best option will end up being for this material.
  8. I had a bunch of Bones that I sprayed with Krylon UV-Resistant Clear and then followed with a coat of Krylon Matte Finish. After about three months they turned so tacky that you could stick the Bones to each other. YMMV of course.
  9. Auberon

    Getting to Know You for April 2019

    I don't really eat much dessert anymore, so when I do I try and make sure that it is something different than I had the last time.
  10. Auberon

    Terrain Essentials

    I decided to back. I don't do terrain often, but a good resource is welcome for when the time comes.
  11. Thanks, but I ended up changing my image search to make it more generic and her concept art popped up. After looking at it the issue in discussion does start with izzy, not the sculptor. First off Yephima is staring straight out, not down, so whomever she is leaning over for is about the same height she is, not an adventurer 1/3 her size. The head-up pose is kept in the sculpt so she appears to be looking ahead. Second the artwork pose is a bit awkward. It would have gotten my hand slapped by my art teacher back in the day, because it's the kind of pose you get when you have an idea and go with it rather than testing it out first. "Eh?" you say? Time for an exercise. As a giant find yourself something the proper height to lord over, like your coffee table. Now take a step towards it with your left leg, put your left hand on your knee, and lean forward so that you can feel the weight of your upper body transfer down from your left shoulder. If you've done this as feels natural you likely have your left heel flat on the ground. This is not how Yephima is standing though, so without altering your lean raise your left heel off of the ground, give it a slight twist, and have a conversation with your table. If you lasted very long congratulations, your legs are in fairly good shape. Most people however will transfer their weight to their back leg when they raise their front heel, which is a more passive stance and what I meant by a weight distribution problem. Unfortunately for Izzy, this is the same pose struck by women who are showing a little leg, from wild west saloon girls, to WWII pin-up art, to the Reaper strumpet, and yes, even strippers. So while I have no need to proclaim it in KS comments doesn't mean I can't see it. In conclusion, if Izzy wanted to convey the feel she stated, Yephima's head should be tilted forward so that she is actually looking down and her left heel should be flat on the ground. Her left leg and arm should also be in line rather than having the slight twist that makes it appear she is showing off her calf muscle. If you disagree feel free to include pics of yourself holding her pose, looking straight ahead while talking down to your coffee table.
  12. I almost never venture into KS comments so I missed all of that. IMO the KS1 giant suffers from a weight distribution problem. It takes what could have been an aggressive pose and makes it passive. Most people can read body language so even if they don't know why, the lack of aggression comes across. Stripper is a little excessive, and there's no need to get nasty about it. I've never seen the concept art so I can't say if the pose came directly from the art or was sculptor's interpretation. The new version is certainly aggressive, though something feels off about it. Maybe I'm just not used to "heroic scale" proportions in figures that large.
  13. Auberon

    Getting to Know You for April 2019

    At this point I don't really remember what I pledged for. See above, but I was mostly in it for the big minis and I think I got all of those that I wanted. Some of the sets only had a few things I was interested in, so in that sense I waited for retail in order to avoid buying a bunch of minis I didn't want. EDIT: I went and looked. For some reason I forgot to add Argent the dragon in the PM, so that's a retail purchase at some point.
  14. Auberon

    Getting to Know You for April 2019

    Once, but no longer.
  15. I got that exact same color. I've decided to name it "Bones Black Grey." Speaking of the latest mini, I was looking mine over and noticed the manufacturer snapped pieces off of the sprues on this one as well. In this case it's on the bottom of the left hand bag. It's much less noticeable than on the troll, but there if you look.