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    06023 Anhurian Swordsman

    That is a nice blue.
  2. I spoke too soon. While gluing him down to the base I pressed down on the arms instead of the head and sheared both of them off. The pins stayed in the torso and the arms are now back in place so tomorrow I can make my first attempt at repairing a paint job. Do you old pros re-prime the exposed metal or does the surrounding paint and glaze keep the repairs in place?
  3. I rather forgot about the whole WIP thing while working on this guy. The unpainted base in the background is almost all that's left, so if not tonight, by tomorrow he should be done and in show off. No, you may not see my face! And the back.
  4. Auberon

    Auberon's Learning to Paint w/ Bones

    Thanks Pingo and malefactus. Tonight's piece is pretty low effort, just some dungeon decor that I didn't even do a good job of cleaning the mold lines off of. The metallics got hit with some simple washes to dull down the shine in places, so the photo is actually fairly accurate on where it is reflective and where it is not.
  5. It's been a slow morning, but I did manage to fit in a little more painting. I decided to go for a red clay look for the soil and yellowish rock rather than boring old grey. Only the parts in direct sunlight have the highest highlights because... Here's what it looks like with the deck sitting in place. It's more color accurate than the image yesterday. The wood still needs more highlights, but I am setting the base aside for the moment while I decide on my mini colors.
  6. Auberon

    Lem, Iconic Halfling Bard

    I like the look and the freehand. Lem has been sitting on my table for awhile now, taunting me to paint him. So far I have succeeded in ignoring him.
  7. Auberon

    02986: Eldessa, Necromancer conversion

    I like the conversion as well but... is she standing there with her eye's closed contemplating future mayhem?
  8. Auberon

    Ral Partha Clerics

    They came out quite nice, and I would agree with the others that the grass is fine.
  9. Auberon

    Stonehaven Gnome Hoplite or "Pocket Achilles"

    If that is a 1" checker piece that you have him on he is indeed small. I like the color choices and that blue water works well.
  10. Auberon

    The one, the only....

    She is quite nice as is, but if you have a steady hand and want an even more stylish Sophie, you might consider some blood red fingernails and toenails. I'm sure she has regular manicures and pedicures.
  11. Auberon

    Aku-chan paints all kinds of things

    Since you ask, I for one prefer consolidated threads. The best are those that go on for years where you can see someone improve mini by mini.
  12. I decided not to go with the kitty litter, having already used that on another base, and instead tried something new (for me); coffee grounds. It's actually two layers of grounds as the first layer didn't cover well enough for my tastes. While the glue was drying on the base, I went ahead and painted up the wood. It ended up darker than I had intended, but I'm leery of attempting to lighten it in its entirety. I will try to add in some highlights before I call it done.
  13. For the last update of the night, the start of the base. We've got a few rocks that were just far enough out of the way that no one bothered to move them and some pine needle clumps attached with greenstuff. They are too fragile to use on a gaming piece, but should be ok here. I'm not sure what they're supposed to be, but I'm sure there's some plant-thing in the desert southwest that's close enough for the mind to accept them. Next up, covering the base in grit.
  14. I was trying to decide what to paint next when I noticed the new Beauty Contest that was up. I haven't tried building a scenic base yet or entered a contest, so its like two for one. First up, finding things: Not that I'm going to use it all, but I found it. The bag has kitty litter in it. Sorry kitty. Putting things together. At first the boards were going together a little too well. I wanted it to look like it was sturdy, but also built quickly enough that not everything was cut to a perfect fit. So I slid them around a little bit before the glue dried. I had also cut everything so I could put it together in a perfect rectangle, but decided it would look more interesting if the planks were staggered a bit on the edges. Next up, stairs. I cut some tabs for stability (dado maybe? I'm not a woodworker) since they would be floating. Just eyeball it. Measuring is too much work. And finally everything so far stacked together to see how it all looks. Next up, some railings or something.
  15. Auberon

    Valeros, Iconic Fighter

    It appears to me that the sculpt is based off of the cover to the Pathfinder core rulebook. He has a very angry red dragon to swing at.
  16. Auberon

    Dungeons and Dragons (fifth edition) release

    Once all the core books are released I'll consider taking a look at 5E. Until then I'll keep happily playing what I'm playing.
  17. Auberon

    Auberon's Learning to Paint w/ Bones

    Quick post before work: my version of the Well of Chaos.
  18. Old World of Darkness (Vampire/Werewolf) - Most games were more like extended one shots. Shadowrun (2nd edition maybe?) - When we were looking for something after Pathfinder I suggested the new Shadowrun, but was immediately shot down. Someone had a bad experience back in the day. Rifts - My first attempt at a play by post. It managed to last a few months before fizzling out. Currently I'm collecting Shadows of Esteren even though I don't see us playing it any time soon. Book 0 is still free if you missed it.
  19. Currently playing in a weekly 13th Age game, though May has turned into conflict month. Fingers crossed for the summer. Now if we could only pick up another player...
  20. Auberon

    Alastriel, Elf sorceress

    Most of Scribor's minis are 28mm, though I seem to recall having seen some 54mm by them as well.
  21. I purchased a Woodland Scenics kit. Patience won't be an issue for me since I'm working the weekend and won't be doing any painting. If it looks like it needs some more water in the morning I can add it and then see how it looks once I get back. Repeat as necessary. Thanks for the advice.
  22. Thanks. I had briefly considered silver, but thought that gold would work better. Next up, I purchased some water effects to try out. The little basin on the well will be my first attempt. I'll have to check the instructions, but I imagine it will need some time to set, making this my last update of the day.
  23. Auberon

    Reapercon Artist Banquet 2014 Vampire Lord

    While I'm sure it's just the fuzzy picture making the fangs blend in with his pale skin, it kinda looks like he's puckering up for a kiss. On the constructive side, I agree with ub3r about the highlighting, and might also consider deepening the shadows on the sword hilt and the upper portion of the gems.
  24. Tried a little reverse highlighting on the jade: Then added some gold leaf: Now to decide on the eye/gem...
  25. Next up light drybrushing with a light grey, and then finally pure white at a few select points. I still want the stone to be fairly dark in the end. At this point I realized that I had started painting with no color scheme in mind. So... pinkish purple it is. After a little more contemplating I decided to go with jade for the fountain carving thing. I'm sure it has a proper name. Bas-relief?