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  1. Another one done. Priming the last one today.  Final update for the year, last base is done, last mini is basecoated, but I won't be finishing up until after the 1st.
  2. Auberon

    2018 Secret Sophie

    I am mostly done, but this morning I am heading out of town for the rest of the year. Sooo, finishing touches and mailing will be next year. Also I have one Reaper order in the mail that I added a gift item to, so I need it to arrive anyway.
  3. I acquired that too. In fact I should go to bed soon so I can get up at 5am. OTOH, it's the last day I work this year.
  4. 06/17/13, $30.99 Items: 10027: Dungeon Adventurers (29.99) x1
  5. Auberon

    Confrontation: Classic

    You may need more evocative tags such as "dumpster fire" or "train wreck" before it is done.
  6. Lately & last year is probably Granblue Fantasy, though Xenoblade Chronicles 2 may come close this year. Lifetime is certainly d20.
  7. I've done an hour, but that was for all-day gaming. If the sessions were shorter then maybe half an hour. Certainly I wouldn't want to spend more time driving than playing.
  8. I tried some scale 75 Mars Orange this weekend. It had sat in the box for some time because it looked like it was simply a matte version of a Vallejo paint I already had. Now that I've used it... yeah, maybe slightly more desaturated but basically the same. In a way that kind of sums up where I'm at with hobby paints. I have most of the hues covered so I have limited motivation to go out and purchase new paints. Maybe I'll fill some gaps in eventually.
  9. I placed a fundraiser order for the dwarf, added a couple of things and got the two free minis. The stocking didn't interest me so no need to further pad my order.
  10. It's safe to say it's d20, and that's without even having played for awhile.
  11. Another one done. Priming the last one today.
  12. Auberon

    Worldbuilding, real-world myths and player races?

    How in depth are you looking for? Something like the 3E Deities and Demigods that just hit the highlights on some historical pantheons, full-fledged books dedicated to a specific religion, or something in between?
  13. Auberon

    Weight Loss Support Thread

    I thought I'd seen this thread bouncing around since I joined the forum, though it looks like I've never visited it. But today I am off work and can't go bragging to any co-workers so my internet pals get to listen instead. Way back in January my slightly after New Years goal became to lose 50 lbs over the rest of the year. This was chosen because a) it's a nice number, b) it falls into the healthy 1-2lbs/week range for sustained weight loss, and c) it's not like I had 100 to lose. As you're probably guessing already having made it this far, I hit the 50lb mark today after losing about 1lb/week all year. So yay me. Anyway, hopefully those that have posted in the previous 140 pages have had success as well.
  14. Auberon

    What does C&C mean (to you)?

    C&C would mean that I've actually caught up on my reading instead of being a couple/few months behind. Anymore I mostly just "like" a bunch of pages rather than flooding the first page by bumping older posts. More to the topic though, I find good C&C nearly impossible to do without the requester actually framing what they want. Taking their tabletop to tabletop+ is a bit different than aiming for best in show, but unless they tell me I am unlikely to guess.
  15. 99% of the time... no. I have a thing against eating raw meat, eggs, flour, and other ingredients that can make you sick. After washing salad ingredients they just go in the salad to be eaten in the near future. For desserts it's still pretty much no, which is probably why I have a things like a half-used jar of maraschino cherries in my fridge.
  16. I was off work today and somewhat productive.
  17. I did at one time, but reading competes for time with all of my other hobbies and it has lost out lately. I need to retire so I have time for multiple hobbies.
  18. December is Secret Sophie month so my main goal is to work on that. As of today that includes: 1 mini prepped and primed 2 minis prepped 2 bases prepped 1 of the above minis attached to 1 of the above bases. This is a painting week so fingers crossed most of the work will get done this week. Beyond that I'll go back to work on a large scale mini but I doubt I finish anything in time to enter it into the forum contests.
  19. Last year was a small 3' artificial tree due to space issues. This year should have been the same, but I inherited my grandmothers all natural aluminum tree and decided I should set it up. I had to move two end tables and a couch, but eventually made room for it. Unfortunately, she lost/broke the color wheel projector at some point (or given I have no memory of it my aunts/uncles could have broken it when they were children) and most of the sellers seem to think highly of theirs. I may wait until after the season and see if the price drops.
  20. Had a package arrive that was packed by someone who believed to the true power of packaging tape. At least it cuts easily. All the layers. Within layers. Also, gift to myself arrived. I shall now spend many years viewing this forum while seated on my throne Noblechair.
  21. Auberon

    Black Friday Deals

    For anyone that didn't notice, Badger replaced their Black Friday sale with a coupon code for the web store. It is for 50% off. I put the starter kit with the tank in my cart, applied the code, and it took $212.5 off the price. It would appear that it applies to everything.
  22. Auberon

    Getting To Know Each Other, November 2018

    I like art but could care less about celebrity, so short of a crime that makes the front page and stays there I might never even know of said crime. As you might infer from that I tend to separate the two, so yes.
  23. Singles day purchases have started to trickle in. It looks like the 30-60 day delivery window on free shipping is allowing for a lot of potential delays considering it was just under 3 weeks ago. Oh, and @Cyradis should be happy to know that my KD Halloween order came in a while back. I don't recall mentioning that yet. XD
  24. Auberon

    Getting To Know Each Other, November 2018

    As far as I can tell, I reflexively slay all weasels that approach within 50 ft of me. It is done without conscious thought, but probably involves some form of psychokinesis, or maybe a ray of disintegration as I have never seen any remains. Were one to ever get closer I would likely have to rely on a rolled-up newspaper to bludgeon them into submission.