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  1. As some of you may have read elsewhere, I have been playing Village Attacks and painted the vampire. When I did I kept close to the concept art because I figured if I ever get someone else to play they'll be looking at the game cards, so the minis should look like what the player expects. When I looked closely at more of the cards though, it became apparent there was a bit of a problem. The monsters all have inhumanly pale skin and generally dark color schemes. The peasants look drab as well. While that is cool as concept art, having a couple 20 minis on the table that are all kind of muted colors is going to blend together more than I would like so a new plan is needed. That is to stick close to the concept art, but make everything a little more vibrant. I figure as slowly as I'll be painting these there will be plenty of time to stop for pics, so why not a thread. Next I'll be working on the banshee, but first a bit of background. You see there is another mini I would like to pull down off of the shelf of shame and work on but it has a problem. I want to paint part of it jade, but the jade paint I have kind of sucks. I like the color, but the paint itself is super shiny and too translucent. So I picked up Reaper's cool green triad to try out. The color swatch showed me Reaper's Jade wasn't quite what I wanted, but real jade comes in several variations of green. I'll find a use for it somewhere. Here's a sampling of some of the greens that I have. You can see the Reaper Jade 09015 is nothing like the VGC Jade 72026, but real Jade comes in both flavors so it's fine. I have a plan, but first I want to try the Triad out on its own just to see how it looks. Enter the banshee. Her concept art has her is a very desaturated garment with some green accents. The new cloth color will instead be the Reaper Triad and then put the green accents beside them. She will be very green. First 09013. I had originally painted the cloth but decided to texture the base before I went any further. It was messy and got some grit on her. I wasn't very thorough in removing it. Next is 09014. I just blocked it in to see what it looked like. It is noticeably warmer than the shadow color. At first it seems to stand out but... Once the jade is slapped on it really falls back into the shadows, as you can see below. My highlighting here isn't exactly accurate, but that's why we call it tabletop. There should be a step between 09014 & 09015 that I'll have to mix at some point. Under normal lighting the green just goes from dark to jade. Actually if you look at the colors there is another problem. This triad has no pop. Fortunately pop is easy. It's called VMC Ivory and solves (almost) all your contrast needs. Here it's actually mixed with the jade to create a highlight that will actually stand out. Just remember your painting lesson for today. VMC Ivory = POP and eliminates those pesky "more contrast" comments. Given that the real purpose here is to learn the triad, I'll be going back to refine things later and see how I can get it to look. Before that though I want to block in everything else so my green has something to work with. That though, is a project for tomorrow.
  2. Auberon

    Auberon Paints Village Attacks

    Ha! I've had two days off in the past three weeks, so I've done very little painting this month. Hopefully that'll change this weekend.
  3. Auberon

    Black Friday Deals

    Badger's site is showing a sotar 20/20-S as their current special at about 50% off MSRP. How does that compare to their anniversary sale?
  4. My Reaper order arrived [REDACTED] - I need to pick one to paint for the winter exchange and maybe throw in another as a gift. Or paint two. We'll see how it goes. Also, this month's bonus dwarf. Update on my Singles Day adventure - four of my orders went through no problem while two weren't able to connect to Paypal. There were warnings that this would happen due to the traffic, so I didn't worry about it. Ali gives you almost two weeks to complete payment. Now those two orders say my payment is being processed by my financial institution, but that's not really possible given I never managed to send payment in the first place. It's not a big deal if it doesn't work out since it's just a cheap beer holster and some decorated pillow covers that I can surely find elsewhere (though I'll have to pay the middleman that way), not even $10 in total, but it does detract from the experience somewhat.
  5. Sometime last year I showed off a garage kit that I picked up. It has been gathering dust since, but recently I did a little more prep work on it and primed the head. Now I know a lot of times you'll see these kits given a sold coat of paint and not much else, but I've decided to approach it much like a smaller scale figure. First, some skin. I just blocked things in and then did a little smoothing on the upper right. I"m not too worried about the sides of her face because once she has the rest of her hair it won't really be visible. Still, while it's off I'll go ahead and give myself some practice working at this scale. Then tonight I spent more time fighting my wet pallet than actually painting. The consistency got off and now I need to go back a fix some blends. In the meantime I used my well pallet and blocked in her eyes. Next paint session I'll clean them up and decide what direction she's looking.
  6. Auberon

    Black Friday Deals

    I got most of my CMON order, so my main complaint was simply the lack of effective communication during the process. That said, it was a liquidation sale as most of those products were never restocked. It appears the rumors that they wanted to focus more on games than individual minis was true.
  7. Auberon

    2018 Secret Sophie

    Oops, my cart was just sitting there full of minis. Order now finalized.
  8. @Unruly The mist isn't just water, it has some type of noxious (but mostly harmless) chemical in it that you can taste/smell within seconds of being sprayed if you don't have a good seal. The vapors that employees could have potentially been exposed to were potent enough that one breath at high enough concentrations were enough to knock a person out. So when I say impressive I'm not really referring to your beard getting soaking wet, but the way in which you could immediately tell the seal was bad. You could shave for your art?
  9. I went and looked at the specs for the Master's spray booth and it listed a 4m3/min extraction rate, which my handy google converter tells me is 141ft3/min. I have worked in labs with hoods since last decade and with a lab hood I would feel comfortable working without a respirator at a face velocity of 141ft3/min. A few ideas as to why it's not working here: It's best case, without the filter. The working extraction rate is lower. It's listed as "extraction rate" rather than face velocity so they may be measuring the smaller opening at the back rather than at the much larger face. This could lead to a significantly lower flow rate where it counts than the specs would lead you to believe. The booth is angled rather than a flat face. This could induce vortexing and cause a partial blowback of material in the booth back into the room. If I ever get a booth I can probably borrow the meter from work and see what the actual face velocity is. As to beards... guys with beards fail fit test so anyone wearing respirators/SCBAs are required to be clean shaven. I've done fit tests the old way (spray mist) and it is impressive how easily the mist gets through without a good seal. Now they just hook you up via tube to a meter and let a computer check everything. What's the fun in that?
  10. I have been tempted by that as well, but I really want a tank and hate to buy something twice. The PlanTM, is to make a short list of wants and see what's happening on Black Friday. On a completely unrelated note, Singles Day sales have started. Most everything I'm seeing for our hobby is recasts (though I know of one legit sale) so let your conscience be your guide. The airbrush stuff I've seen so far has been Chinese brands and I don't know enough about them to make an informed decision. Mr. Badger said in one of his videos that nobody makes their own compressors, so some of this stuff could come from the same factory as what they use. It could also be completely worthless.
  11. Auberon

    Reaper HD paint label fading

    I once worked with lab equipment that would output a hardcopy of its results via thermal printer. I found the quality to be... variable. You could dig through files that were 5 years old and the printouts would be perfectly legible but you could also accidentally rub the numbers off something printed three days ago.
  12. Auberon

    2018 Secret Sophie

    In the tradition, a bit of a vague request. I'll have to look through the catalogue this weekend and see what there is to see.
  13. Minis arrived today, but I haven't had a chance to inventory. First impression of the minis themselves is good. EDIT: Looks like it's all there. Time to mark it as successfully completed.
  14. I was starting to wonder if this one was going to fund, but it looks like the final 48 hour push got it over the line. I decided I did not need one though, so I am not the lone unpainted backer.
  15. Auberon

    Getting To Know Each Other, November 2018

    I will make a sandwich tomorrow and it will be good. There will be no pics though.
  16. I got hit up for shipping, so hopefully that means minis in the near future.
  17. Given I only backed one of the kickstarters, I took advantage of today's Bombshell Babes sale to acquire a few more. I paid full price for: 1 x 10025 - Tepeyollotla 1 x 60001 - Monkey First Mate 1 x 10043 - Eloise Covington 1 x 10046 - Gwynneth 1 x 10052 - Glacia the Winter Witch To get: 1 x 60017 - Pumpkin Pal $0.00 1 x 10033 - Autumn the Scarecrone $0.00 1 x 10014 - Victoriana $0.00 1 x 10050 - Celeste the Sorceress $0.00 A good balance of paid vs. FREE.
  18. Auberon

    Getting to Know Each Other, October 2018

    I generally play in your fairly standard RPG realm, which is to say a western set in a Renaissance culture which has been technologically impaired to medieval levels and magic/monsters thrown in without a bare minimum of thought as to this might alter the society and/or ecology. I also like JRPGs, which are as grounded in reality as many of the western ones. (That is to say, no culture rooted in reality takes all) City-wide trick-or-treat was last night, so my plans are to stay inside and do very little. That title never did quite make sense to me, but I figured it's not the worst one someone's come up with and just went with it. A few years later I was reading a translator note that said, "uhm I think this really should have been translated as 'The Attack Titan'" which to me aligns better with the story. Anyway, random item for the day.
  19. Auberon

    Grimlord Games - the Everrain

    I grabbed an early bird because it was there, but I need to check the game out a bit before I decide if I want to keep it.
  20. I got in on this one with a small(ish) pledge. PDFs are nice, but I still like physical copies of my books.
  21. Auberon

    Getting to Know Each Other, October 2018

    While my Not Interested list is pretty long, Never is pretty definite. I mean, I have no interest in jumping from a speeding car but some day I might have a good reason to do so.
  22. Auberon

    Vallejo Matte Sealer - shiny problem

    Thanks for the advice. I hadn't really considered spraying sealer but if I do I'll keep that in mind.
  23. Auberon

    Getting to Know Each Other, October 2018

    I have a schedule for work in the sense that they use SAP and SAP has a time set in stone that I must arrive by or there will be CONSEQUENCES. Not working in production though, I think the consequences are having to talk to someone important if I make a habit of it. Like a few dozen times habit of it. Beyond that I show up, see what I need to do, and get to work. At home, 1/10. I would have said 0/10 but I do make plans like "I should buy groceries tomorrow" so it must be non-zero. Other than that, I do what I want when I feel like doing it.
  24. 12" of unpainted resin is tempting...
  25. Auberon

    Getting to Know Each Other, October 2018

    I just got done riding my bike for an hour, so I can describe myself as hot and no one can say otherwise.