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  1. [SPLIT] CMoN orders

    One of my orders has shipped. It is my second order, but progress. I don't remember exactly how it works, but it's something like that. A friend's parents run a small garage/auto-parts store and they close for three days every year to do a full inventory of every item they have in stock.
  2. This time around I drew Generic Fighter as my exchange partner. The paint request was for cool PC/NPC figures, which is a fairly easy target to hit. The first mini is a cleric of Mammon, which doesn't really mean anything to me but might to the PF crowd. It was as well cast a mini as you could ask for and fun to paint. That one took no time at all to paint so I went ahead and painted up a second mini. This one is the Winter Witch, which at least sound cool or even cold. After I started working on it I discovered a number of casting defects which I tried to fix, but it would have probably been faster to just request a replacement. Anyway, I decided to make a color that I almost never use my primary dress color and then kind of let the rest fall in where it would. I was going to go with a winter base, but I found the white snow was too white and messed with the highlights on the mini. Thus it was painted over to gaming grass. The staff is not attached so he has the option of what angle to place it at. Also, it's more likely to survive shipping.
  3. Exchange Minis for Generic Fighter

    Considering that they are both still in production it is quite the simple matter to make your sadness go away. Maybe not cheap to hit free shipping, but simple.
  4. Exchange Minis for Generic Fighter

    Guessing SKUs is going to be kinda rough as I don't use very many Reaper paints. The dress consists of three paints, all from the Scalecolor line: SC01 White SC49 Caribbean Blue SC55 Deep Blue
  5. I just checked tracking on my package. It is in the proper state and slated for delivery tomorrow. Someone should get their post-holiday presents in the near future.
  6. [Pathfinder] The Dragon's Demand

  7. [Pathfinder] The Dragon's Demand

    That description seems to have stumped everyone, so in the interest of moving everything along I will ignore the first rule of Gygax... and just open the next door! Or maybe not if it is locked.
  8. I have completed the most important goal for the month, my winter exchange minis. I sealed them tonight so they can be shipped out by the end of the week. While a general goal should once again be cleaning and organizing, for painting I think I'll try my hand at a flat. I started prepping one tonight, but I have no clear ideas for a color scheme.
  9. Trudvang Chronicles

    This one is almost over so I figured it had already been posted here, but if it has my search-fu has failed me. Trudvang Chronicles It is well past its funding goal at this point, and I'll probably never play it, but it is still tempting just to help with a translation project and for the art.
  10. Keeping track of minis...

    My sorting system is pretty basic. Each manufacturer has its own tab, sorted in alphabetical order. Everything is then sorted by SKU, followed by its name, whether its painted, unpainted, or in-progress (no time frame on that one though) and that's pretty much it. I suppose I could add a wish list tab so I can cry at the total.
  11. Trudvang Chronicles

    My books showed up today (last week really). Not sure when I'll get a chance to read them, but they look nice.
  12. I had to continue going through mail... two Ranger flats are still flat. No easily damaged items were discovered.
  13. Since I'm back in town I checked my mail for the first time since Christmas to find all sorts of goodies, one of which was a mini. Thanks partner! Now I just need to finish mine up...
  14. Pathfinder: The Dragon's Demand

    It appears I forgot to mention here that I was headed out before I left. I have returned, but it will likely be tomorrow before I can catch up on the forum.
  15. Getting to Know You ... December Edition

    Nearly, but with working today and tomorrow its put a damper on the holiday.
  16. I got in a couple of good painting sessions and the mini is done... except for the hand & weapon I left off cause I thought it would be in the way. Oopsie. Well it's at least primed now and should be quick to paint.
  17. Getting to Know You ... December Edition

    Eh, they're ok. I'll ride one if there's no line but I don't find them interesting enough to stand around waiting to get on.
  18. Getting to Know You ... December Edition

    Eh, I don't know about adore but I am a bit more hesitant to paint minis which are no longer available for purchase. OTOH I've painted a number of such minis already so it doesn't appear to be that much of a hold up.
  19. Getting to Know You ... December Edition

    Its been a pretty uneventful year for me with no big highs or lows. Some people I know have had exciting years, a few probably more so than they would have liked, but I am good.
  20. I contacted CMON today. We'll see if I get a response. I've had no issues with my previous orders so the current situation is rather disappointing.
  21. Best Version of DnD?

    The manga is always better. I haven't watched anime in years (uhm, Record of Lodoss War came from RPGs so that keeps us on topic...), but even 15 years ago I remember complaints about the amount of fan service in some series. We joking referred to Divergence Eve as "Boobs in Space" when it first aired. I rather like the main AoT manga but I haven't tried any of the related series.
  22. I have a few days off this week so The PlanTM is to get all the painting done by the weekend. Also I'll be out of town after Christmas, so if everything isn't done by the weekend it won't be done until next year.
  23. Getting to Know You ... December Edition

    They are what they are.
  24. Getting to Know You ... December Edition

    I don't hate them, but they're not the type of thing I would have a favorite of. The first time can be amusing, but repeated use leads to diminishing returns.
  25. My Black Friday Mierce order arrived today. Still nothing from CMON for me as well.