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  1. I read a fun little article years ago about how as technology advances our information storage becomes less and less permanent. We've gone from stone/clay tablets that could last millennia, to paper that could last centuries, to magnetic media that slowly degrades over decades to digital media that could become unreadable with the next format change. Imaging the poor history major 300 years from now trying to work with modern media for their grad thesis.
  2. Auberon

    Legends of Signum

    At 50/week some of us won't be getting their shipping notice for a while (probably me), but if the product is good I can happily wait.
  3. Auberon

    Getting to Know You, Feb 2019

    I can't claim to have a favorite. There's just too much good artwork out there, though I honestly haven't paid much attention to it for a few years. For the sake of argument however, I've recently been playing FFIII (aka 6) on my SNES classic so I'll go with Yobroccoliaka Amano. And that one's totally NSFW. More image searching... OK, here are some random ones for those of you that may not have heard of him. Edit: Seriously forum, the guy's name is Japanese. Yoshi taka (oneword).
  4. Auberon

    The World of the Lost Lands

    The most expensive box I've ever tried to ship overseas was via UPS and initially quoted at $1300. We decided the customer didn't need their sample that quickly and used overseas freight to get the price down in the $800 range. - The product sample was a super fluffy material so it was a big box that had such little weight anyone could pick it up.
  5. Auberon

    Getting to Know You, Feb 2019

    Probably a week or so around an extended holiday. Yeah, my posting has definitely dropped since that happened. I just don't have an interest in one-off threads and spend little time in the WIP subforum now.
  6. Turns out everything I ordered was out of stock. So much for the " Please note all items are available and in stock unless indicated as coming soon. " (bold theirs) line on their homepage. At least I was in no rush for any of it.
  7. I have her in a box somewhere... I may even paint her someday. Sadly I liked the other version of her better but it was all sold out by the time I got around to ordering from him. I placed an order from them earlier this month and noticed it is still sitting there unfulfilled. Do you know what their normal turn-around time is? Either way it's about time to contact them and find out what happened to my order.
  8. Auberon

    Getting to Know You, Feb 2019

    Depends on the weather. Nope.
  9. Like a number of you I picked up one of the new owlbears to see what the Bones Black material was all about. Given the local weather I decided to paint it up as one of those mythic polar owlbears you occasionally see wandering around.
  10. This lizardman was once a test subject for a number of different paints. With no real way of knowing what was what I just visually picked out some paints and inks that looked like proper shadows and highlights and finished it off.
  11. I have had some VMA Signal Red (metallic) gathering dust for quite a while, so this morning I decided to try it out. Three hours later (including finding and shaking the paint) I have a complete test subject. I think that given the time to really work with it a person could do a decent TMM red with it. As is, I have a tabletop ready dwarf.
  12. Some time ago I picked up some Vallejo Verdigris, but I'm not sure I ever used it. This skeleton was a test case to see how the wash handled. Like most Vallejo, it was a little thick out of the bottle, but the color is right. With a some practice it'll make for easy aging of metal.
  13. Auberon

    Getting to Know You, Feb 2019

    My day job is in a lab so I do a pretty good job of using PPE.
  14. Auberon

    Raise your hand if it's snowing

    32F and raining for the last 9 hours. Currently a light drizzle, but the temp is to drop well below freezing before it quits. Could be interesting when I get up in the morning.
  15. My RT came in today as well. The "gouge" is essentially the same as it was on my owlbear base - the sprue was clipped against the mini resulting in damage to the part it was removed from. I would guess they've chosen to do it this way so the mini is "table ready" right out of the package. It does violate plastic model prep 101 that I learned when I was 12 and is not how I personally would prefer to see it done. Too bad it wasn't hidden somewhere, like the bottom of his foot. OTOH his legs are off by only a millimeter or two, but I'll still try the hot water method to see how the material responds.
  16. My February Reaper order has arrived. As a change of pace it shipped without them sending me a notice, but it still arrived in the usual timely manner so I can let it slide this time. 14002: Grundor Hoardtaker, Mercenaries Sergeant x1 14003: Ashkrypt, Overlords Warlord x1 14004: Ymrilix, Overlords Hero x1 14005: Lord Ironraven, Crusaders Captain x1 14006: Syphrilia, Necropolis Hero x1 14007: Minotaur, Mercenaries Monster x1 44002: Reaper Bones Black Rock Troll x1 I now own a complete run of Warlord from 14001-14007. Yay! Given I currently have no specific needs I may just keep up the numerical purchasing next month.
  17. Auberon

    Getting to Know You, Feb 2019

    I was going to say nothing, but upon further consideration I have enough video games gathering dust (real & virtual for my Steam account) that I may well qualify as a collector.
  18. Auberon

    Yes, I did.

    Congrats! I only have something like 9000 days to go myself.
  19. Auberon

    Getting to Know You, Feb 2019

    Last decade I was on quite a few forums, but as they've declined and been replaced by the facebooks of the world so has my usage. Really this one is the only one I'm very active on. What she said.
  20. Auberon

    Item stock #'s for Reaper Minis

    Yes, you can look here and click on the product line: http://www.reapermini.com/RetailSupport/Overview
  21. Auberon

    Raise your hand if it's snowing

    Survived the ice over the past few days, though I saw a number of accidents. Current forecast has a chance of snow six out of the next ten days.
  22. Auberon

    Getting to Know You, Feb 2019

    Yes, though I rarely use my French Press. K-cups are just convenient at 5am.
  23. Auberon

    77042: Orc Marauder (Sword and Shield)

    Probably. Past me decided to standardize on round bases though when I originally glued him to the base. He had been waiting for paint for at least six months.  I painted these guys years ago and put them on square bases. The sculpts which have fur under their chainmail have a slightly wider stance and actually extend past the 1" diagonal (1.4"/35mm) so they would likely reach the edge of a 40mm base. See below how they fit on the square bases.
  24. Auberon

    Scalecolor Artist Scale75

    Nothing in there convinces me that their primary yellow is any better than the primary yellow I already have. Looks like I'm still shopping at Blicks when I want artists colors.
  25. Auberon

    Getting to Know You, Feb 2019

    I use W&N7 and WAMP/R&Co brushes for almost everything. The largest is a size 4 that I use for basecoating, though it is wearing out. Mostly I use size 1 and 0, though I will go smaller for tiny details that don't need much paint. I purchased one of the cheap brush packs in case I ever wanted to do a goblin challenge (haven't) but I don't find them very useful for much of anything. I have other synthetics of various shapes and sizes that get used for terrain or priming.