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  1. Awww I missed the WIP?!!! NM you did do the spiderwebs. And I'm in love with the hair btw.
  2. As an example.
  3. I'm curious. Does the class have to be painting oriented? Could there be a "How not to suck at Dungeon/Game Mastering" course? Or say "Intro to World Building" class?
  4. Google 'Klukva Miniatures' are welcome
  5. Getting feedback on a piece is really important. Posting "finals" or any progress pics only helps you because you may get feedback about something you missed or give you an idea you didn't think about before.
  6. The gaming usually isn't as "if u don't grab it the first 15 secs it's up you won't get it". You also don't get reaperbucks credit if you don't register.
  7. Also being active in the forums helps. Story time!!!! I joined the forums about two or three months before my first reapercon. Started chatting in the Randomness thread in off topic and got to know a lot of people that were friends with my wife. She had been on here several months before me and I wanted to be included. Once the con started I got to put faces and names to forum handles. It's been a great time ever since. We even made "local" painting friends that we meet up with three to four times a year.
  8. It's honestly a must. It took us three years to be able to go and regretted missing it our first two years.
  9. So....the manufacturer entries still fall under the four main categories (painter, open, diorama, and ordinance) so you would have them assigned to those categories with a special note saying it's a ds or bs entry. I'd also recommend asking for feedback on which category an entry would score best in before entering it. Losing points for putting something in the wrong category is really disheartening.
  10. Bring what you think is most indicative of your work. I would suggest bringing at least one per category, but bringing multiples gives the judges more freedom to pick what they think is most indicative of your best. You will almost always be surprised with what they choose vs what you thought they would choose.
  11. It looks a bit like smoke.....if it were me though, I'd just take the mini off the base and start over. Or, if you can trim down a bunch of it to look like grass and still have some of it look like smoke that's ok too.
  12. Very solid foundation! Welcome to the world of painting.
  13. Nah, the will is there...the free time....not so much.
  14. here's hoping lol. I have two more busts to work on and I wanna do a mech too so we'll see. Also white chocolate and anise.
  15. more work on the base......only 9 and a half hours in and almost done with one aspect of the base lol.