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  1. I actually used a styrofoam food container. If I used a cup I wouldn't be sure what gravity woul do to it.
  2. Got some new WIP pics to show... And I started to work with some Realistic Water Effects on the base to create a splash effect.... It still needs to cure before I start painting it, but I think it's a good start. I squeezed some in as a base layer, let that cure for a few days. Then I did some splash effects on a styrofoam container so it could cure for a few days. I placed that on the inside of the base and put another layer of effects to kind of bind it all together. I hope you all like it...
  3. Ha! Nice mod of a wolf school pendant @ub3r_n3rd
  4. That is my plan. The first time we did it, only a handful of people went. Last year, 20+ went so I wasn't really prepared. I will be calling ahead on Friday after I get an accurate head count. I'll also be letting people know that it is an expensive sit down place ahead of time (not sure I did last year or not) so ppl aren't surprised.
  5. It took us three years to finally take the tour. Every year we would want to but scheduling would always conflict with it. Last year we finally decided that we weren't going to miss out on it again. So, we made time for it and it was really cool.
  6. A good amount of ppl would probably go and fire some rounds but there is an amazing steakhouse just a few blocks from the hotel and many of us usually go and do that. It's a bit pricey, but it's some of the best steaks I've had in a long time.
  7. The wife and I will be going to the only Uno's in Texas we found that is 30 mins from the hotel. Due to the wife's lactose intolerance, she has to have her's without cheese, so why not get it from one of the best chicago-style chains out there.
  8. Factual. I had to step down as President of the "Husband's who have wives that paint" club (our motto is 'our wives paint em and we play with em') because I became a painter. So, cherish the moments you get to keep the SWAG....
  9. I was sitting here thinking this was gonna be an RCon entry lol. Whoops!
  10. I loved doing this miniature! I did one in conjunction with the wife for a secret Sophie for Uber. Yours came out really cool. The red makes a striking contrast to the blues and blacks.
  11. Links&utm_term=
  12. Dude.........Dune it!!!! Take the dune diorama you did and make it Goremaw-ey... And the wife beat me to it
  13. Ironically, both are my main competition Goremaw and an icy Nethyrmaul...
  14. The wife's:
  15. More work done toady: