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  1. DSM8012, Fox Female Rogue

    Really nice. I really like the highlights/shadows on the right side of the face. The left side, not as much. It could be the sculpt that forced your hand a bit, though. The straight-on shot shows some asymmetry.
  2. His Majesty the Dragon King (Kingdom Death)

    Wow, that's amazing. I thought that first pic was concept art until I noticed your little ninja painter in the corner. The lava base is superbly executed.
  3. Finished Nativity #1

    Looks really good! I'm a fan.
  4. Thank you for the leads and references. This is exactly what I was looking for.
  5. At Reapercon I purchased my first resin bust. I did this to try something new, and also on the recommendation from Michael Proctor in his Crazy Colors class. He advised his students to try painting a non-human bust, so I went with Scale75's Napoleork. The problem is I don't know anything about busts. Mostly, where do I acquire plinths, and how do I attach the bust to said plinth? Any and all assistance, guidance, and/or direction is appreciated.
  6. ReaperCon 2017 Sophie and Friend

    Wow! That is amazing. Such vibrant colors!
  7. Veritus the Sanctifier

    Really cool. I think the effect is more successful on the back, as opposed to the front. It may just be the sculpt lends itself to it more, though. I really like the flames on the shoulder pad and the battle scars.
  8. Sword&Sorcery, starterset Heroes

    Really well done. Love the look of these.
  9. Steampunk Flat Girl

    Your flats are always amazing. I hope you finish this in time to see in person at ReaperCon.
  10. Great looking ship. I'm sad to hear about Renaissance being no more. They made some fantastic looking stuff.
  11. Happy Birthday Clever Crow !!!!

    Happy Birthday! I really appreciate everything you've taught me at ReaperCon over the years.
  12. "Stop Thief!" Mousling Diorama

    This is fantastic! Wonderful storytelling and execution. The only element I could think to add would be a broken or open window. Right now, it basically just a square hole. This really is just a minor nitpick, though.
  13. Mina Splinterheart (ReaperCon Exclusive)

    Great job! There is a lot to like on this mini. My particular highlights are the blades and gold tones. I also love the roughed up black leather.
  14. Really cool effect in the well. I'm definitely copying that in the future. I also really like your stone color.