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  1. Very cool. There is so much to love about this mini.
  2. She looks fantastic! Straight outta a B movie, or 80's metal music video.
  3. Wow, really well done job overall. You weren't kidding about her being a demon monkey.
  4. Really cool! I love the red fabric, and the griffon is outstanding.
  5. He looks great. Though, I should warn you that the Bones Deathsleets have a tendency to lean forward. Yours might end up looking like an offensive lineman with a hand on the ground. One fix is to put him on a larger base and anchor the tail; either by attaching the tail directly to the base for a more upright posture, or by anchoring it to a rock or tree to maintain the current hunch.
  6. Those make fantastic devils.
  7. Really great job. I love the bright colors.
  8. Really like those candles and flame.
  9. Awesome job! I really love that armor.
  10. Very cool. I like the color choices, the base is really well done, and the blood splatter on the shirt is a nice touch.
  11. This one is definitely my favorite of your hatchlings.
  12. She looks great. I especially love the leather on the hat and boots. The barbed wire on the base is also a nice touch.
  13. The rusty armor is my stand-out favorite part of this mini. Great job.
  14. Really great job. I love the contrasts you've created.
  15. Live

    That cavalry is pretty awesome.