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  1. Really nice! I love your color scheme. The pop of color with the blonde hair is great.
  2. That's a really cool looking mini. Your planned paint scheme also sounds great. Looking forward to this.
  3. Happy Birthday. Thank you for everything you've taught me about painting miniatures.
  4. That is really awesome! Ikea is the best place ever. I have one about an hour from me (with no traffic), and I'm super excited a new one is being built about 20 minutes away. It can't open soon enough.
  5. Funded

    That raven is fantastic. You continue to astound.
  6. Happy Birthday, Anne! I really appreciate all the help you've given me at ReaperCons past.
  7. I really like the eyes on Mr. Bones. Nice work on these two.
  8. Cancelled

    I'm sad the terrain is resin rather than Bones (though I understand why).
  9. Very cool. There is so much to love about this mini.
  10. She looks fantastic! Straight outta a B movie, or 80's metal music video.
  11. Wow, really well done job overall. You weren't kidding about her being a demon monkey.
  12. Really cool! I love the red fabric, and the griffon is outstanding.
  13. He looks great. Though, I should warn you that the Bones Deathsleets have a tendency to lean forward. Yours might end up looking like an offensive lineman with a hand on the ground. One fix is to put him on a larger base and anchor the tail; either by attaching the tail directly to the base for a more upright posture, or by anchoring it to a rock or tree to maintain the current hunch.
  14. Those make fantastic devils.
  15. Really great job. I love the bright colors.