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  1. Great job! There is a lot to like on this mini. My particular highlights are the blades and gold tones. I also love the roughed up black leather.
  2. Really cool effect in the well. I'm definitely copying that in the future. I also really like your stone color.
  3. Well worth the effort. Very impressive.
  4. Love the bright green, and the base is really nice. Lovely contrast.
  5. I really like what you did on the swords/daggers. Your placement of highlights/shadows reads really well. I believe I'll have to replicate that in my future endeavors. Top notch!
  6. Happy Birthday!
  7. Really awesome. I love the bright colors.
  8. Fantastic job. I love the bow shadow for the added depth. Amazing idea.
  9. They look great painted up. Nice job.
  10. I'm in! (Assuming I can find the time around Reapercon entries.) 77419: Balthon, Evil Cleric 77414: Halbarad, Cleric 77413: Margara, Dwarf Shaman
  11. I vote for Coraline if you only have time for one.
  12. Really nicely done. I love the scale highlights and the wings.
  13. Those are awesome. I love the submerged croc.
  14. Very cool! Love the weathering, paint chipping, verdigris. It's all awesome. My only gripe is the base seems too small for the mini. As you said, it is very top-heavy. I feel a slightly larger base would help balance it out (visually, if not physically).
  15. The face is looking awesome already. Are you planning on sculpting any hair around the horns? There are a couple horns that look glued onto the hair right now and could use a little blending in.