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  1. miniaddict

    Basing your models in CAV

    I believe for the most part the Hex base is merely for designating a true "front" position to ease the "turning" position. For tournament play it states the following: All models used in a First Strike tournament must be Talon Games (plastic or metal) miniatures and must use the same base type (size and shape) for every model and are limited to a maximum size of 40mm (flat to flat for hex and square bases, diameter for circle bases) with the following exceptions: ▴ Quad CAV models may use a larger base with a maximum size of 50mm. ▴ Aircraft models may use the 72254 50mm Slotted Round Base, regardless of other basing sizes or shapes. ▴ All miniatures must be assembled and mounted in such a way that the model’s front facing is clearly understood. Players are encouraged to have a fully painted force group on the table, providing for a more interesting and exciting game experience for all. Unpainted miniatures are allowed but will receive an automatic score of zero for the tournament painting competition.
  2. miniaddict

    CAV MSP Paints

    Just announced on the CAV Kickstarter
  3. miniaddict

    08/07/18 Battle Report - TTS, Carrollton TX

    This was a lot of fun and like you said a lot of lessons learned. My advancement was slown because I couldn't get my electronic warfare out there. Tried a couple of times to counter but the dice where never in my favor. Took my Six guns (Duelist) and opened up on a couple of targets and managed to to do nothing more then annoy (missed on almost every shot 1 out of 6 maybe hit). I think I calculated I did a total of 54 damage to their entire force taking only 3 units down. The PBG and LBG's I feel would have had better performance if I had the electronic warfare going (APA). but I will say that the only time my dice ever worked in my favor was pilot checks. Lesson learned Get the electronic warfare going early and often. If possible get the big guns out there quick Have dice that work
  4. miniaddict

    Reaper classes?

    Is there someplace that holds the information on when it is time to buy tickets and other important scheduling information?
  5. miniaddict

    Reaper classes?

    So I registered for some classes and told that I still need to by the class tickets but there is no checkout for the tickets. What am I doing wrong?
  6. miniaddict

    Reaper classes?

    Did I miss it somewhere or are the classes posted yet?
  7. miniaddict

    Sound Off for CAV II KS!

    What link?
  8. miniaddict

    Sound Off for CAV II KS!

    Did I miss the announcement of the online store?
  9. miniaddict

    Reapercon classes

    CAV Tournement Tickets still says sold out
  10. miniaddict

    Reapercon Admission Tickets/Badges

    A question about tickets: I am buying 3 tickets for me and my family. We each are taking different classes. In the past they each had to have their own account to get a ticket and sign up for classes. Is that still the case?
  11. miniaddict

    ReaperCon 2017 (official dates announcement)

    I may have missed it somewhere, but has there been an announcement as to when tickets for Reapercon go on sale?
  12. In efforts to keep with the "Go Green" policies, the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off.

  13. miniaddict

    So, who is excited about ReaperCon 2017

    Did I miss the announcement?
  14. miniaddict

    So who is excited about ReaperCon 2016?

    Wow how long is the flight?
  15. miniaddict

    CAV: Strike Operations at ReaperCon 2016!

    Will there be a setup to where we can print out our armies or do we need to have that already set?