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  1. That makes me think of the Gandalf quote, "A wizard arrives precisely when he means to."
  2. Speaking of saying "Computer" that Star Trek Discovery trailer looked really good!
  3. I like to spell it with two xx at the end sphinxx. Codexx. It looks cooler. But not 3... that's over the top. MADNESS I TELL YOU!
  4. Question for y'all. In general, no specific game. How often do you guys have "house rules"?
  5. I'm about to order some dropper bottles from Reaper. I need to transfer all my remaining GW paints to droppers. I dislike wells with a passion.
  6. Wet morning today in Birmingham, Alabama. Makes everything thick... blah!
  7. My thought is just enough primer to allow paint to stick. When I brush prime I water it down. Let it dry and just to layers until I get it where I want... which is usually pretty thin. I'm going to paint over it anyway. Other factors are what people wipe their brushes on. I use a coffee filters. Paper towel tends to leave particulates, sometimes, and so I have a paper towel and a coffee filter for wiping. Not to mention I put water in my well from my water filter instead of tap. But the water in my area has a lot of fluoride in it.
  8. When I prime and usually do a two step process of grey then white. I use a 2xCoat Kylon spray. I type all that to say this: The cleaning and polishing of the miniature makes the spray coating look clean. I trim, file, sand then polish with my dremel (on metal of course). I have found it works great for having a nice clean piece of metal for priming.
  9. Very good point! I like the idea of them being more True Scale.
  10. Maybe I'm just looking at it oddly but do you think the shape of the space marines is slightly "trimmed" compared to the previous models?
  11. Busy Busy Busy! And a family vaca this weekend... THEN drip drip drip in my house last night... My roof is leaking. Thank goodness I work at a Exterior home improvement company. The manager over siding and roof scheduled with me to come out on Thursday and take a look. I am going to solve this issue and not have to spend a fortune... I hope.
  12. THIS IS GREAT!!!!! Thank you for sharing.
  13. Thanks! I got the idea after watching Ronja: The robbers Daughter on Amazon Prime.
  14. Wanted to share this with you guys and gals. This fella rides with one of our window installers here at work. He is about 4 years old and sweet as he can be!!Ahegz_GGjRV6ho5HPsqn6MES3UTJsA
  15. Thank you my friend!