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  1. Thanks a million Chaoswolf!
  2. A star system stuck in a nebula. Combination of the nebula and other factors actually allows people on the planet to manipulate plasma to their will (magic). Due to traveling through the nebula after the crew beamed down the ship malfunctioned. Or better yet, once beamed through the atmosphere of the planet the ship can not beam them back. The crew sets out to find a way to break through allowing a transporter beam to get through. Missions and sub-missions ensue... Pretty typical story really. My only twist is the actual use of "magic" being explained away through Star Trek tech-talk. SO I have been looking for this great video I watch a while back where they explained how the magic in harry potter reflected the use of plasma. IF you could actually some how control it. Obviously the video explained it better than I but I can't seem to find it. For a D&D game mixed with Star Trek the concept seems to mix. IMHO.
  3. Thank you. That is what I was kind of going for. Very glad you like it. "lurv" THANKS Glitter!
  4. Thanks Necro!
  5. Thank you sir!
  6. Hvitrafn the Strange by Red Box Games Sculptor: Tre Manor Resin with a hand sculpted base. With this one I had to shave down an standard MDF circle base (from warsenal wargaming terrain). I didn't want the base to be too high off the standard but look more natural. I think it came out very well. Hope you guys and gals like it. Thanks for looking. C&C welcome. You can see the WIP here.
  7. If an admin could delete this double one. I dont know how it got created...
  8. I received my card from OneBoot yesterday! AMAZING!
  9. Live

    It takes every ounce of strength not to go ALL-IN on this one! AHHHHHH!!!!!
  10. This is great! The D6 SW RPG was the first one I ever played as a child!
  11. Well done. I always enjoy pieces I have to look at a longer. So much detail to catch. Thank you for sharing.
  12. ONWARD!!!!!! Looking good!
  13. SUPER EXCITED!!!!!!!
  14. Thank you, most helpful. Indeed, that was my plan. I have done TMM exclusively for years now. I have been NMM for a few miniature lately and enjoying it. I'll look them up thank you. It is helpful. Every little bit helps.