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  1. I appreciate that. I think it's the lazy bit in me; All that planning! AHHHH! I have to psyche myself up and into it. Hotel & transportation is the key stumbling blocks for me at this juncture. I really wanted a spot at the HGI. Sounded really nice. LOL .
  2. To ReaperCon or not to ReaperCon. -
  3. Would not expect anything less from you Hhaha
  4. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I understand. Had to do a 40 a week for the first 3.5 years at the company i am at now, not enjoying it with no hope... Until one day I was promoted and now I rather enjoy it. So much so that weeks fly past. I pray you find that form of contentment in a working environment. I truly do.
  6. Started watching Ronja: The Robbers Daughter on Amazon Prime. Pretty darn good! ( Miyazaki )
  7. Morning all, Finally got some painting done this weekend. I'm working on about 4 or 5 RBG figures. Two of which are resin's - super nice. Spend my weekend closed up in my house. It was rather nice. Started watching Ronja on Amazon Prime. Pretty darn good show.
  8. Good fortune to you friend! You got this!
  9. Yes it should be fun but I think the owner may have not thought this through as most of the player are not very fit for the task if you know what I mean. Should still be fun no matter what. I'm gunning for my old manager... the Sale manager whom I have discussed in the past as a snake in the grass sales person. Hahaha. I'm hoping for some good photo's too. They say they are going to photograph the whole thing. Buddy of mine here at work is really hoping I take a shine to the game. He wants to get back into it and wants me to join me. Hahah. Paintball or paint brushes. HAHAH
  10. Back from lunch. Good times!
  11. If you kick a spork long enough it becomes a fork.. or worst a butter knife.
  12. Give me Black coffee or give me Death Black coffee nation without representation One Mug, filled with Coffee, with sugar and creamer for all.
  13. OK so I have to share!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My company is closing on Weds the 29 to take the ENTIRE COMPANY to Mt. DOOM Paintball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And on top of that my boss has purchased for himself and his son full auto paintball guns. Lucky me, I'm on the production team. EVEN MORE SO, a buddy of mine just gave me his old caving need pads that actually fits. Side note: I have a really hard time finding good protection for my legs and find shoes. Good friday!
  14. Happy birthday my friend. I truly hope you have a victorious day!