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  1. Have a good weekend everyone!
  2. Morning all, Good Friday already! I slept better last night and woke up to an email that my new mattress is shipping out! It was very nice of them too; I sent them a email asking if they could rush it and they did. Good coffee this morning and the decking manager brought in sausage/egg/cheese biscuits. Once I took off the sausage it was delightful. Have a good morning and an old friend coming to town tonight. And, i get to spend time with you fine folks. Win... Win... Win... Win.
  3. I would love to have one of these. Would it be ok if I get one even though I can't make it this year?
  4. That is a good high res picture. I really like the texture.
  5. Come join us in House Tabletop. Organization in the mist of chaos... but you have to roll for it.
  6. Bing's background today is pretty cool! INFO button in the bottom right.
  7. They had the single captains and what not there last night. I was about to. Took a really strong effort on my part not to. "Devin, try this one out first then go from there." Apparently someone came in the day before and purchased ALL of this stores smaller box sets. HA
  8. I have some how missed this entire WIP. Sorry my friend. But what I see now looks really well done! :)
  9. I don't know. I would say I'm on-the-fence about it but I'm not. The gate is opened and i walked through but I'm still holding on to the gate. HA! I think i'll watch a few game play videos of the new WH40k and see what I think about it. I got a chance to see the rest of the Primaris miniatures and some game play before I had to leave. To be honest I have always wanted to play the Tau. I bought the box set like ten years ago then couldn't play it so I sold it.
  10. Good morning all! Had a productive evening after work. I drove to the local Games Workshop store after chatting with the manager on FB about the "Getting started with WH40k" book. He held it for me, recognized me when I walked in and was one of the friendliest FLGS guys I have ever met! We have about 4 or 5 FLGS around the area and he has been the best one I have spoken to yet. Offered to show me how to play the new WH40k. Never really been into it but he said it's easier now so I might give it a shot. Felt like a win in my introvert play book. Went home with mild traffic and began the process for the miniature. Man-alive it's a good looking piece. Any-whoo thought I would share that with the group.
  11. I think I want to take some drawing classes. Nothing major. I would just like to doodle better. I'm looking at Jake Parker's drawing "classes" material. Overkill, i know, but I really like his work.
  12. Ahhh I haven't been able to sit down and paint in more than 2 weeks now. BLAH!
  13. HAHA! That's great.
  14. I am not. Have not been playing D&D that long.
  15. Beekeepers: I'm glad we have a spot on the forum for people that want to share that level of opinion on things. What is a Chill Script Trap?