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  1. Ya I surely expected this to be ended by this morning. HAHA! Oh a brighter note! I got my Vinyl Stickers fro IRON BRISTLE STUDIOS and they look great.
  2. The previous lost undiscovered rediscovered random (brought to you by k-mart, the fresh maker)
  3. Randomness: The Last Random?
  4. Count me in! Birmingham, AL Yes No box start for me. Side note; THANK YOU Chaoswolf for posting it in your signature!
  5. I have not owned a cat(s) in a long long long time. And soon I will be adopting two sister cats.
  6. Funded

    They are in the 14,000 range right now so this is UNLOCEKD but here is the image. Really cool looking. So much personality.
  7. Funded

    I did. Full thrust. I really like those Kroglogg figures. The newest stretch goal put me over the top!
  8. Live

    Wow, this is the first I've seen of this and it looks GREAT! I watched the 20 minute video review and when he got to the end showing the ship AG-9 I immediately thought, "FTL table top" I think I'm going to go in for this one. ---------------- I just cant see those metal dice for 19$...
  9. Got in: Warsenal Shipment 25mm circle bases,MDF SUPPLY BOX 4 - sci-fi looking treasure boxes. Pack of 100 magnets Got my BONES 3: The giant worm - this thing is a BEAST. Black Sun Mercs, Sophie Reading and Mr. & Mrs. Bones, Proxxon 27082 Thermocut 12/E Hot Wire Cutter Proxxon 38706 Transformer NG 2/S Midwest Products Hobby & Craft Easy Cutter Ultimate PIXNOR Tweezers 7-piece Precision Anti-static ESD Stainless Steel Tweezers for Electronics, Jewelry-making, Laboratory Work, Hobbie
  10. Wow, this is really cool! Well done on the ships. I'm sure that took a lot of time and effort. You captured the feel of the high seas to me. Thank you for sharing. Where did you get the PDF for the ships? I might like to try it out myself.
  11. Ooooo, Excellent work! Very well done.
  12. I hope you have a grand time! I've enjoyed the pictures you post n FB about it too! it looks really nice.
  13. Thanks, I'll have to look into it. I've never had allergies - that I'm aware of - so this is slightly annoying. Blah!
  14. fulfilling

    Mine is slated to be tomorrow. I'm eager to get that giant worm-thing in!