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  1. @Clearman Hope you like painting Deh'ley. I just could not see myself painting it anytime soon.
  2. Package shipped to @Clearman
  3. I got a chance a few weeks back to play x-wing(second edition) for the first time. I was thoroughly surprised how well made that game is. I haven't played it since and the only reason is I think I'm unconsciously trying to avoid spending money on another game. :P Not much of a battle report on it as I was so flippen excited playing the game. Truly was amazed at the built in operations to account for drift and random chance. It really felt like space dog-fighting. Arc of Fire Blog Post
  4. Arc 724

    Reaper HD paint label fading

    I'm betting it's not cost effective so I completely understand but I wish they were printed on something that didn't fade like that. No worries.
  5. Arc 724

    Hero Forge mini

    Well done one that one. I really like the yellow/blue!
  6. So colorful! These are wonderful!
  7. Hmmm Here is what I found. Greatest to least. 60005: Arael, Half Elf Cleric ($5.99) - with 14262: Elven Weapons (15) ($7.99) Bits to add a bow and arrows 03763: Aravir, Elf Ranger ($8.99)
  8. Arc 724

    Dungeon Universalis

    Well I'm intrigued.
  9. Arc 724

    Painting 3D prints

    That is a good looking Dino. You are right about that. I always give a KS or a seller in general a look over.
  10. Arc 724

    Star Craft Board Game

    Well said! Ya i would imagine the eldar are the closes to the Protoss. It would be really nice to have 28mm scale protoss figures.
  11. Arc 724

    Star Craft Board Game

    Isn't there already a Star Craft table top game called Warhammer 40k? LOL.
  12. Arc 724

    Painting 3D prints

    I'm heard that sanding and general prep work, then put down a layer of semi-gloss sealant very much helps. I have not tired it but I will if/when I ever paint a 3D miniature again. I have not been impressed by 3d printing, yet.
  13. Arc 724

    Arthur Wanderhat, Wizard: 02905

    YES, I am proceeding as planned. THANKS Iridil! The pipe was a last minute addition. I saw it on a WarHammer 40k figure and thought that would put it over the top! :) Glad you like it. Thank you Cicciopiu. That is about 4 or five different shades of blue too. I really wanted to push the effect of his blue. Ty Warlady, It's really the deepest blues that sell the effect. Much appreciated TJ.
  14. Arc 724

    Arthur Wanderhat, Wizard: 02905

    Arthur Wanderhat, Wizard: 02905 Paint by: Arc 724 Sculpted by: Geoff Valley Title: Usidore the Blue The second figure done in honor of Hello From The Magic Tavern. This is Usidore the Blue. I was very pleased how he turned out. I got the red face of a wizard that drinks a lot of mead. Ha! As well as his staff that I sculpted in the rock based on the lore of the type of stone he has in it. Finally the bird is paint to be a sparrow - his favorite type of bird. The base is also sculpted.