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  1. One last very small thing to do and mine is done! FYI - I enjoyed this FAR MORE than I thought I would. I can say this is the first "drawing" I've done on a flat surface using my miniature painting skills. I think it turned out great. I'll post pictures once my person gets it in the mail.
  2. YA! Nice. I'm really liking what I'm seeing.
  3. Good Mo-ing all! Been a minute since I was able to get back in here.
  4. I sent out my box on Friday Sept. 8th. - Should arrive today (Monday)
  5. Good morning peeps and welcome back to another work week! I hope you are starting out refreshed as I am and with your art projects further along! Grab your coffee and sip away any negative thoughts. Now's the time to save some money! Personally I got yet another project done and another one started.
  6. MELON-tastic birthday-magic! Hope you have a great day and an even greater weekend!
  7. That is an admirable reason. ! Just went in for that new dragon unlock! SWEET-action-jackson!
  8. Oh ya! Going to play some Xbox One (Titanfall 2) with a buddy tonight then craft like a mad-man this weekend!
  9. TGIF!!!!!
  10. What a fantastic piece you did really great on this one my friend! The title for it wonderful too! Thank you for sharing.
  11. CUTE! In a fire destruction kind of way.
  12. Morning meeting, Did you miss me! HAHA! Rounding the base of yet ANOTHER miniature last night. HA! Realized that if you start 4 miniatures at the same time and work on all of them together - little by little - you might get all of them done around the same time. Imagine that... Coffee is flowing, it's raining here and I'm praying for the people in Texas... Like Mori!
  13. Anyone have any recommendations for good website to build a gaming PC?
  14. /italian accent mehhhh I know a good pig farmer if you need one boys!
  15. AHHH I just finished two more miniatures last night... Now I'm 3 photo sessions behind! That's going to be a long weekend of photo and edit!