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  1. Good point. I had not thought of that.
  2. Live

    Oh my! My eyes lit up when I started looking through these. Not sure I can afford it this go around but It's on my REMIND ME and I shared on my Wargaming portal on FB.
  3. I like the male cleric. I feel like i want to convert that book into something else though.
  4. My wargaming group is hoping for some price reduction from this new edition. We believe it's unlikely but we hope. One of our guys REALLY likes Games Workshop models but not the price. I say that cause he says it about every time we meet. LOL
  5. Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!
  6. YA MAN! Congrats! Hope you enjoy your new post!
  7. I hope things work out for you. I would be willing myself to share a room too.
  8. Hahah! CONTRACTS on the new job good sir!
  9. Double book... that sounds like trouble waiting to happen (?)
  10. I appreciate that. I think it's the lazy bit in me; All that planning! AHHHH! I have to psyche myself up and into it. Hotel & transportation is the key stumbling blocks for me at this juncture. I really wanted a spot at the HGI. Sounded really nice. LOL .
  11. To ReaperCon or not to ReaperCon. -
  12. Would not expect anything less from you Hhaha
  13. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I understand. Had to do a 40 a week for the first 3.5 years at the company i am at now, not enjoying it with no hope... Until one day I was promoted and now I rather enjoy it. So much so that weeks fly past. I pray you find that form of contentment in a working environment. I truly do.