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  1. This is going to be Furtastic!
  2. Sketching out a few Dioramas and new Framed diorama! Oh what Lives we artist live! ::):

  3. Wow, I really like what you have done here! Thank you for sharing. Your rushed armour looks great!
  4. Over all, I'm pretty pleased with how this is turning out. SURPRISINGLY, this is my first Sci-fi piece.
  5. THANKS! Then you're going to like this new update! BASE: Used a Vallejo Brown on the base then washed it with Brown Wash BASE: Vallejo German Grey on the "rock" pieces then washed in Black Wash. After that I dry brushed all the "rocks" with Misty Grey BASE: Next, I used Terran Khaki to dry brush the base and then used it to stipple on the legs and base. In combination with the darker Greys and browns it turned out rather well. FIGURE: Right leg, Left shoulder thruster: I tried something new by using white to armor-line then stipple random "dotting" for armour wear and tear. You can see it on the second photo. Please let me know if it looks alright. I experimented with new filters on my camera, white balance filters. One is for florescence and one is for bulbs. I'll get this lighting and photography thing right eventually. Next to be done is touch ups and adding glow tot he eyes. I'm thinking about adding a heat glow to the gun barrel as well. I saw a picture on FB yesterday of it and thought it looked amazing. Like the gun was just fired off repeatedly. I need to working on the shading on the backpack as well. And finally, I'm thinking about keeping the base color that brown shade instead of my usual black.
  6. Ok screen shots this time. Trying out some white balance filters on my camera. Things to notice: As stated above I added a bit more purple/red to his face. I liked how it turned out. I messed up the buckle when attempting to put a design in so I redid it... I'm not happy with this one either. I'll figure it out eventually.
  7. Using Doug's wonderful description above here are mine in order from greatest to least: Resin: I enjoy the high level of detail, the almost feather weight and the ease of conversions. Metal: Detail is nice, durability is outstanding and sometimes I just enjoy my 25-28mm piece being super heavy. Especially with metal bases... that reaper doesn't carry anymore Polystyrene (Plastic Model): I feel less pressure about messing these up, throwing them away and starting over. This is mostly due to the cost being cheaper than resin and the miniatures come in batches. Unless it's Game Workshop and there stuff is super expensive. PVC (Bones): The detail is not great to what I like. The miniature is way to flexible and feels cheap. In my mind Bones are meant for mass troops; rats, thugs, etc. Although, I vaguely remember something about Bones getting a new formula so they are a bit stiffer(?)
  8. So I re-tired the belt buckle and was not happy with it... again. I can't seem to find a design I like. So I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it. I think I will practice a few designs on the side to see if I can come up with one I like. Very disappointing. Additionally I added some more red/purple to his face in the shadows. It turned out better and gives him a rougher look... Although I took pictures on the fly and they are so dark you can see anything... HA! Picture updates later.
  9. Got some more work done over the weekend and Monday: Silver shading on the shoulders Gun highlights More work on the reds... Grey shading although I'm not happy with the transition so I'll be working on that too. Next I need to finish the metallic shading, then jewel the rifle scope and work on the pouches on his back. Need to work on the parchment as well as the base and dirty up the first a bit. I'm also thinking of trying out scuffed up armor... AHHH!
  10. Hahaha, my apologies.
  11. There are RiffTracks on AMAZON PRIME!!!!!! OMG!
  12. YO!!! Hey everyone! missed randomizing with everyone. Been busy lately. I hope all is well with everyone!
  13. I think I'm about to step into learning how to draw. I've always want to be better at it and I think the Jake Parker stuff is the right direction.

  14. MMmmm tasty. Strangely enough I've never been that good at card games but I do like the art work. Since I was kid I've always wanted to collect a whole set of something... I've only done it once with some of those old x-men cards back in the day. I wanted to do it with the Battletech Card game but i missed that boat. Thanks for the link! Looking it up right now. Found it on Fantasy Flight games... 39.99... but does not appear to be available... Amazon... One review says it's not in production anymore... Mmm
  15. Cool!!!!!!!!! I wonder if they will ever do an modern one. I imagine it would only use the cool art work they already have.