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  1. My First Miniature!

    Yeah! I could see him on a table top! Well done.
  2. Bloodhoof, Minotaur Barbarian

    Beastly! To say the least. Well done. The tone of this miniature is spot on. I can feel the fear creeping up the fog of the beast breath lurks around the room.
  3. 77092: Elquin

    Good looking miniature right there. Well done. I always enjoy seeing leather work! The only suggestion I would give for next time is focus on removing the flashing/mold lines a little bit more.
  4. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Hello my reaper family! Updates from the southern front (meaning, my neck of the woods). We rolled out a re-structuring of the service department where I will be doing the tracking and upkeep so the service guy doesn't leave services open for stupid amounts of times. Which has officially - according to my boss(the owner) - made me into a manager. !!!!! It was a step I honestly didnt care to make but the service department guy was so lazy they had to. And I know what you're thinking, "why didnt they just let him go." Well... my thoughts exactly but I'm not the owner so I just go with it. Been busy everyday this week and it's been nice. I think I'm finally doing work that fits right into my skill set.
  5. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    I'm looking forward to a good weekend this starting @5! Getting stuff done and continued work on my Exchange piece. I have to say this one will bit hard to let go when I'm done. HA!
  6. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Almost time to go. WOW another week down... The weeks have been moving faster lately. I think I need to find more things to do to fill in time.. LOL
  7. Anybody Going to Cold Wars This Weekend?

    Wish I was. But no. I hope you all have a good time though. Can't wait to see the pictures from the event.
  8. Siri Sculpts an Orca

    Wow, I'm just catching up to all this. Well done so far! This looks great!
  9. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Good afternoon all, What a weekend and what day. I'll start with today: My new truck show up today from Carvana! I was not excited about getting a new vehicle until I got behind the wheel. 2015 Toyota Tacoma. Very nice. It's nice to have a modern vehicle for once in my life. LOL. The weekend was full of side project and starting on my miniature exchange piece. That session went VERY well. I was constructing the base of it and planning it out. Can't wait to share it with you guys one day. FYI, Krake spiced rum and cola... lethal combo. I was feeling the effects QUICK! Anyhoo. that is all. Good to be here.
  10. Yes that would be great! I prefer metal.
  11. Camo colored glitter!?
  12. Oz The Moon Face & Company

    Twill and wonder, the Moon shall shine tonight! My friends gather and the time comes up! What shall we ponder? Oh the night falls. Ahahhaahahhahah Well done on this good sir!
  13. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Well, I didn't really want to have to buy one but since my car is dead... Good thing I got a good rate on it.
  14. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Well, I just bought a truck. It's coming in Monday.
  15. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Morning everyone, My weekend was good except for not being able to get my car started. I called it dead and began the process for purchasing a new(Used) vehicle. I'm looking forward to getting it but not looking forward to the payment. Other than that I played Subnautica all weekend. Almost finished the game. I'm looking forward to finishing it. I think I will try 7 Days to die next.