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About Me

Georgian by birth I now live in the Iron city next to Birmingham, AL. I positively love the imagination, creativity and the possibly that the miniature craft allows.
Typically I'm always looking for the most efficient route to do most anything I endeavor. That means having a clean and organized office to not owning a bazillion miniatures. I'm a minimalist and a planner by nature.
I'm always looking to do a project WITH someone as a shared joint art piece. Feel free to contact me if you are interested.
Below is a list of blogs I have for different aspects of this hobby. 
Iron Bristle Studios
- My complete works miniature or otherwise.
Arc of Fire
-A blog established to record my exploits in the war gaming arena.
The Jedi Inquisition
-An RPG campaign. It's still in the planning process right now.

I decided I wanted to keep a brief record of my progress as a painter. This is a rough outline. Anything Not in a bullet point is a predicted event.

  • Pre-era: Painting base colors only, as a child.
  • Era 1: Painting, washing, and dry brushing
  • Era 2: Ink blending, Glazing, and Color theory 101.
  • Era 3: Freehand, Blending with different shades of the same paint(color blending)
  • Era 4: Mastworks classes (q4-2016)

Era 4: Advanced Blending, Color theory 201, intermediate freehand.