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  1. Mmmmmm a new random thread! Tasty!
  2. Well done. I like the color choices you have here.
  3. Thanks! That picture does not do it justice, to be honest, the contrast looks better than the picture is showing. FYI I just updated the last post with the paints I used.
  4. 50147: General Drake Sculpted by Bobby Jackson I went with the non-broccoli base version. I got inspired to this one after a Battletech game that involved the rescue of a general. Now I do the Massive Voodoo 2-step priming method. It really helps me to wrap my mind around the shading. 2-Step priming then grey Scaled the photo. I did some white, diluted, and began bring up all the light spots for even more contrast. Diluted Ginger Bread Brown(2:1 -water): With a focus of lifting the brush off in the darker areas. The Real Magic is applying a Brown Wash (3:1 - using Flow Improver(FI)) to the entire jacket. Multi-stepped process: Taking a New color from the CAV:SO KS I use it to trim the appropriate areas. I then when over them with Leather White. Next I under Brown Wash again (2:1 - water). Re-highlighted with Leather white. Dry Brushed leather white along the bottom of the jack. The photo doesn't display the effect very well. Then Re-washed in a 4:1 Brown Wash, until it all blended. Finally I took a VJ Brown and use it in the mid section of the highlights to give the Leather a multi-toned effect. 1.} 2.} 3.} 4.} I'm still not done with it but I'm pleased with the effect. I used Massive Voodoo's Leather Tut. for inspiration and some photo's of Worn learn. My efforts lately have been to do it in a timely manner. I would say I did that in less that 20 mins. But I was watching Netflix and screwing around so it was about an hour. :P
  5. I completely agree. It would be nice to see a kickstarter dedicated to Elven kind!
  6. Stared work on this guy finally! I sculpted the base myself. I really like that he is slight bending at the knees which made him standing on the stairs i made look more authentic. On to the painting! Texture is the name of the game from this weekend. GW: Vomit Brown (which is like a yellow brown) on the tunic. Several coats until I could not see grey from the primer. GW: Vomit Brown & Leather White (my favorite paint bottle ) [4:1] - To do some upper highlights on the all the raised areas. Dotting or Stippling with a Mixture: GW Vomit Brown mixed with Walnut brown. So the color was a little darker than the tunic's primary color. Then stippled or dotted with Walnut brown over THE ENTIRE THING. After that I did some diluted brown washes pushing into the recesses and some re-highlighting, re-shadowing, etc etc. The pants: Painted in Leather White highlighted in PURE White washed in Muddy Brown (which is a green brown.) The bag: Painted Royal Purple, highlighted with Leather white then washed in Muddy Brown
  7. Alright, last photo. This piece is done but I wanted to put in the base. I added some texture to it. sprinkled on some flocking. This photo is not great as I want the final show-off ones to display it better.
  8. So it's been a very long time since I touched this piece... No idea why but I picked it back up and "went to town" on it! Worked on the jacket and duster. Unfortunately, my camera didn't capture the coloration i added to the duster as well as I would like. It pops a lot more than the camera lets on. Although you can see I have improved it. Funny thing about this, I think my skill at painting has increased since last I touched this piece. haha. I re-did the color on the jacket and did highlights and lows. One thing I attempted to do is make the brim of the hat reflect like it was a glossy military hat.. What do you think? I primed the buckle and hat piece yellow... still not sure what to do with it though. The duster got a brand new coat of browns and washes. I'll update this later with the exact paints and what not. I have forgotten what I used. (I think i'm just going to take pictures of the paints..hahah) Oiled Leather: diluted to about 2:1 or more.. hit on all the raised areas. Glazed in Charred Brown focusing on pushing for the recesses Wash in Reaper Brown Wash, also pushing for the recesses. The brown wash was the tone down the Charred brown in the "shadows" or worn down sections. Military green on the jacket. I lighten it up with a sample color I got it that was a super light shade of an OD green. You can see it on the highlights as well. The reflection on the hat brim is with Leather White. I typically never use Pure White for anything but extremes. I think I will try taking another picture and capture the actual color contrast. What you guys and gals think?
  9. I have some sad news... I had fully planned on going to ReaperCon and budgeted for it but I now have to get a new roof on my house.
  10. In the past year or so I have been wanting to get one of those full out door-over the fire kits. The rods, the pans, etc etc.
  11. I have a 5000 series dremel and set it on 1 or 2 when working with metal. It works fine. I also have an extension pen grip for my dremel as well so that helps. My pin vise works well enough. I have a standard one nothing fancy. The issue I have is dull bits. Even my dremel one is dull now. AHH! I need some made from wolverines bones.
  12. Ahh what a good morning! Got good sleep, I have my coffee and no one is bothering me at work this morning! REFRESHING.
  13. Fort Moultrie... IN SPACEEEEEE! Looks good.
  14. Ya I surely expected this to be ended by this morning. HAHA! Oh a brighter note! I got my Vinyl Stickers fro IRON BRISTLE STUDIOS and they look great.
  15. The previous lost undiscovered rediscovered random (brought to you by k-mart, the fresh maker)
  16. Randomness: The Last Random?
  17. Count me in! Birmingham, AL Yes No box start for me. Side note; THANK YOU Chaoswolf for posting it in your signature!
  18. I have not owned a cat(s) in a long long long time. And soon I will be adopting two sister cats.
  19. Funded

    They are in the 14,000 range right now so this is UNLOCEKD but here is the image. Really cool looking. So much personality.
  20. Funded

    I did. Full thrust. I really like those Kroglogg figures. The newest stretch goal put me over the top!
  21. Live

    Wow, this is the first I've seen of this and it looks GREAT! I watched the 20 minute video review and when he got to the end showing the ship AG-9 I immediately thought, "FTL table top" I think I'm going to go in for this one. ---------------- I just cant see those metal dice for 19$...
  22. Got in: Warsenal Shipment 25mm circle bases,MDF SUPPLY BOX 4 - sci-fi looking treasure boxes. Pack of 100 magnets Got my BONES 3: The giant worm - this thing is a BEAST. Black Sun Mercs, Sophie Reading and Mr. & Mrs. Bones, Proxxon 27082 Thermocut 12/E Hot Wire Cutter Proxxon 38706 Transformer NG 2/S Midwest Products Hobby & Craft Easy Cutter Ultimate PIXNOR Tweezers 7-piece Precision Anti-static ESD Stainless Steel Tweezers for Electronics, Jewelry-making, Laboratory Work, Hobbie
  23. Wow, this is really cool! Well done on the ships. I'm sure that took a lot of time and effort. You captured the feel of the high seas to me. Thank you for sharing. Where did you get the PDF for the ships? I might like to try it out myself.
  24. Ooooo, Excellent work! Very well done.