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  1. A beagle on a saddle on a German shepard! Tally-hoooo! ONWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. What are we not asking you?
  3. I can't tell you how jealous I am of that Dragon Bust! Please please please please if there is any extra can someone get one for me?!?!?!
  4. Thanks everyone! The OSL is a new passion of mine! I honestly look for ways to add it to pieces. It's not a hard concept to step into as I previously thought. Free hand is my second love. It really is the depth-of-flavor in this miniature art sandwich!
  5. Frodwine the Young by Red Box Games Sculpted by Tre Manor I painted this one in an effort to cross two or three lines together; 1800 trapper, Final Fantasy wizard and Nordic(in terms of the way Tre Manor sculpted it). I wanted to try some OSL on this one so I went with making his eyes glow. I was "o.k" with the way it turned out. The base is a metal base from a set I got in the Box-of-goodwill a few boxes ago. I'm on a NMM kick right now so no TMM on this one. Over all I am luke-warm with out this turned out. The matte varnish (Vallejo) kind of glossed up for some reason when I sealed it... You live and learn. Hope you like it.
  6. I wish I could watch it but I just can justify purchasing to watch one show.
  7. Nice! That is a great tip to wet the surface. I will have to try that. When you quoted Roman Lappat -- one of my personal favorite artists -- could you give me a example of what that means? I feel like I understand it but I want to make sure I grasp the statement. Thanks Willen.
  8. This is amazing! So cute! Thank you for sharing!
  9. Thanks a million Chaoswolf!
  10. Hvitrafn the Strange by Red Box Games Sculptor: Tre Manor Resin with a hand sculpted base. With this one I had to shave down an standard MDF circle base (from warsenal wargaming terrain). I didn't want the base to be too high off the standard but look more natural. I think it came out very well. Hope you guys and gals like it. Thanks for looking. C&C welcome. You can see the WIP here.
  11. A star system stuck in a nebula. Combination of the nebula and other factors actually allows people on the planet to manipulate plasma to their will (magic). Due to traveling through the nebula after the crew beamed down the ship malfunctioned. Or better yet, once beamed through the atmosphere of the planet the ship can not beam them back. The crew sets out to find a way to break through allowing a transporter beam to get through. Missions and sub-missions ensue... Pretty typical story really. My only twist is the actual use of "magic" being explained away through Star Trek tech-talk. SO I have been looking for this great video I watch a while back where they explained how the magic in harry potter reflected the use of plasma. IF you could actually some how control it. Obviously the video explained it better than I but I can't seem to find it. For a D&D game mixed with Star Trek the concept seems to mix. IMHO.
  12. Thank you. That is what I was kind of going for. Very glad you like it. "lurv" THANKS Glitter!
  13. Thanks Necro!
  14. Thank you sir!
  16. Stared work on this guy finally! I sculpted the base myself. I really like that he is slight bending at the knees which made him standing on the stairs i made look more authentic. On to the painting! Texture is the name of the game from this weekend. GW: Vomit Brown (which is like a yellow brown) on the tunic. Several coats until I could not see grey from the primer. GW: Vomit Brown & Leather White (my favorite paint bottle ) [4:1] - To do some upper highlights on the all the raised areas. Dotting or Stippling with a Mixture: GW Vomit Brown mixed with Walnut brown. So the color was a little darker than the tunic's primary color. Then stippled or dotted with Walnut brown over THE ENTIRE THING. After that I did some diluted brown washes pushing into the recesses and some re-highlighting, re-shadowing, etc etc. The pants: Painted in Leather White highlighted in PURE White washed in Muddy Brown (which is a green brown.) The bag: Painted Royal Purple, highlighted with Leather white then washed in Muddy Brown
  17. If an admin could delete this double one. I dont know how it got created...
  18. I received my card from OneBoot yesterday! AMAZING!
  19. Live

    It takes every ounce of strength not to go ALL-IN on this one! AHHHHHH!!!!!
  20. This is great! The D6 SW RPG was the first one I ever played as a child!
  21. Well done. I always enjoy pieces I have to look at a longer. So much detail to catch. Thank you for sharing.
  22. ONWARD!!!!!! Looking good!
  23. SUPER EXCITED!!!!!!!
  24. Hello all, I keep looking for pictures of dungeon crawling where they are carrying a sword and and torch. I can't seem to find one... I have a miniature I am very close to finishing but the OSL reflecting on the sword is eluding me. So rather than stew in my own misery I would reach out to everyone hear. It's maddening cause I got the OSL on his clothing looking good but I have not been able to wrap my mind around how it would look on a reflective surface. THANK YOU, `Arc