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    Arthur Wanderhat, Wizard: 02905

    Arthur Wanderhat, Wizard: 02905 Paint by: Arc 724 Sculpted by: Geoff Valley Title: Usidore the Blue The second figure done in honor of Hello From The Magic Tavern. This is Usidore the Blue. I was very pleased how he turned out. I got the red face of a wizard that drinks a lot of mead. Ha! As well as his staff that I sculpted in the rock based on the lore of the type of stone he has in it. Finally the bird is paint to be a sparrow - his favorite type of bird. The base is also sculpted.
  2. Arc 724

    Reaper HD paint label fading

    I'm betting it's not cost effective so I completely understand but I wish they were printed on something that didn't fade like that. No worries.
  3. Arc 724

    Hero Forge mini

    Well done one that one. I really like the yellow/blue!
  4. So colorful! These are wonderful!
  5. Hmmm Here is what I found. Greatest to least. 60005: Arael, Half Elf Cleric ($5.99) - with 14262: Elven Weapons (15) ($7.99) Bits to add a bow and arrows 03763: Aravir, Elf Ranger ($8.99)
  6. Arc 724

    Dungeon Universalis

    Well I'm intrigued.
  7. Arc 724

    Painting 3D prints

    That is a good looking Dino. You are right about that. I always give a KS or a seller in general a look over.
  8. Arc 724

    Star Craft Board Game

    Well said! Ya i would imagine the eldar are the closes to the Protoss. It would be really nice to have 28mm scale protoss figures.
  9. Arc 724

    Star Craft Board Game

    Isn't there already a Star Craft table top game called Warhammer 40k? LOL.
  10. Arc 724

    Painting 3D prints

    I'm heard that sanding and general prep work, then put down a layer of semi-gloss sealant very much helps. I have not tired it but I will if/when I ever paint a 3D miniature again. I have not been impressed by 3d printing, yet.
  11. Arc 724

    Arthur Wanderhat, Wizard: 02905

    YES, I am proceeding as planned. THANKS Iridil! The pipe was a last minute addition. I saw it on a WarHammer 40k figure and thought that would put it over the top! :) Glad you like it. Thank you Cicciopiu. That is about 4 or five different shades of blue too. I really wanted to push the effect of his blue. Ty Warlady, It's really the deepest blues that sell the effect. Much appreciated TJ.
  12. Arc 724

    77079 Isabeau Laroche Female Paladin

    I really like what you did here. It adds so much character to the piece. For me when I look at it, all I think is Links mirror shield. And that brings back very fond memories. :) Thank you for sharing.
  13. Arc 724

    Half Orc Merchant: 03821

    Half Orc Merchant Painted by: Arc 724 Sculpted by: Bobby Jackson __________________________________________________ Title: The Merchant of Backwater This piece was one of particular interest for me. I remember the first time I saw it I just had to paint it. It seemed so odd but had so much personality. The very last picture: The last picture is of the bottom the base. I used this wood chip from a woodcrafters store. I'm fairly certain my grandfather - who lived in Tulsa OK until his death - went to this store all the time. He was Sales me by Trade and a craftsmen by... other trade. I thought it fitting to use this chip on the Half Orc Merchant. Thank you all for the support. I have procrastinated photographing this for various reasons but he is finally done. Hope you enjoy. Work-In-Progress
  14. Arc 724

    Half Orc Merchant: 03821

    Thanks! I really had to mull over it for a while until I decided on a color I liked.
  15. Arc 724

    Half Orc Merchant: 03821

    Thank you! I'm glad you like him. :) :) THANKS! I'm really trying to push NMM and get it down! Exactly what I was going for. I usually do some in the not so bright range but I'm trying to break out of those comfort zones. Thanks, honestly the hardest part to choose. I was originally going to go with green. Thank you very much and crisp is a great word choice, thank you again. Thanks Cyradis! Thank you so much Glitter. Appreciated. I used it on a piece I'm still working on and it worked well there so I tried it here. I use a neon orange and deep brown for the transitions. Although I feel it like the lightly patterns off a bit, but it doesnt look horrible. Progress not perfection, right? :) Thank you Iridil. The free hand took a few tries. I was going to go with scales but could not manage to freehand paint one that I liked so I did a diamond instead. He's a fancy fellow so diamond is more apt I think. :)
  16. Arc 724

    03821: Half Orc Merchant

    03821: Half Orc Merchant I saw this guy and all I could think of was a random merchant walking between towns trying to stop you before you go to town and buy his wares. He might even have a quest or two at some point. The first photo is the base work I did on him. These is a VERY heavy miniature. I decided to keep him attached and just sculpt a base around his to blend. There will be grass and what not at the end which will blend things even better. I primed this chap then started working on his back pack and decided I should stop and do the face since it is usually the hardest point for me. It came out well and I may tweak it a be by the end. I wanted him to look like a "Fancy man" trying to get your attention and putting his best face forward to sell his wares. HA! The back pack coloration is inspired by the Legend of Zelda Breath of the wild treasure chest I saw online; dark brown with gold trim. Also in this picture you can see the rest of the base. I wanted to portray him possibly breaking over a direction sign (to the town) so you will ask him then he would offer his wares.
  17. Arc 724

    03821: Half Orc Merchant

    FINISHED - The Merchant of Backwater
  18. Arc 724

    Happy Birthday dwarvenranger

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Ooooo, keep posting pictures of your work! These looks good.
  20. This is the piece I did for @Leopardpixie. This was a labor of love as I did the water effect in that magnitude for the first time. Hope you enjoy it. C&C welcome. HERE IS THE WORK IN PROGRESS FOR IT http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/81911-spring-exchange-2018-last-stand/
  21. Arc 724

    Last Stand - Spring Exchange 2018 (PICTURE HEAVY)

    Thank you Nerco! I was eyeballing the blank MDF base for like a week before I decided what to do. You can see some of the WIP on it on my IronBristleStudios webpage. HAHAH, yeah Sith happens and they tend to get all mad about it. LOL. Thanks.
  22. As much as I would love to I really can't afford it. :( And I don't have anyone to place with at the moment. My group will only play Battletech. I tried to get them to play CAV with the first KS. :(
  23. Ohhh I want to go in just for that shirt/patch/stick/dog tag combo! I didn't see a price on it but I was not reading alot... too many things to look at.
  24. I like your conversion better. It gave the model more life and depth. Well done.
  25. Arc 724

    New hobby room set-up advice

    PEGBOARD Items: Oh, here are some things to search for on Amazon for the peg board style. I designed and was a day away from executing the idea when Ub3r told me about Hobby Zone. So I collected a few items in my LIST on amazon for a peg board. Azar 225590 6-Cup Display Tray for Pegboard/Slatwall Azar 225503 3-Compartment Tray for Pegboard/Slatwall Heininger 5560 GarageMate VersaShelf 3 Pack Shelving System WallPeg Pegboard Accessories Plastic Part Bins - Yellow 1/4 Pegboard Bins 5 ea. Model: AM 505 Lehigh PBTH Spool Holder Utility Hook, Blue LeHigh Crawford 4 Bin Pegboard Tool and Parts Tray #PT16 LeHigh Crawford PB2 Multi Bin Portable Pegboard Parts Organizer Lehigh PBTMP Tape Measure and Pencil Holder, Blue