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  1. Terrain specific to race. Example: a Dwarven Temple, Elven ruins, Dragon ruins, drow buildings Temple Castle gate and walls Siege towers Huge Demogorgon (3 inches base) Jubilex (Demon Lord of Oozes) Yeenoghu (Demon Lord of Gnolls) Asmodeus Nothics Mindflayers Dragonborns
  2. It looks great!

    Love the Dragon Turtle! It would be too bad if it is not gargantuan though.
  4. funded

    The good thing about exclusives is that if you have cash to spare, you can treat it like an investment if you end up not liking the content. Even in Brazil, where I spend $80 shipping + 60% taxes on top of pledge+shipping, I can still resell it and get my money back.
  5. Complete all zones,

    Just finished inventorying everything and I`m really impressed with the overall quality of the miniatures. Love the "not so bendy" material Reaper used for Bones III and also the cemetery pieces made of hard plastic. That being said, my female frost giant is missing the arm with the staff, which is not really a problem as I don`t intend to paint her anytime soon. But I actually have an issue with 3 cemetery fences (2 large and 1 small) that have bendy grids. Will the boiling and ice water strategy work on this material? Can this procedure be harmful in any way? I can see it is a bit white on the damaged part, it doesn`t stay on the correct position when I try to fix it with a gentle push and I`m hesitant to force and eventually break it.
  6. This is indeed a beautiful Demogorgon! But I think I`ll to wait for the one that will come in Bones IV
  7. funded

    Much love for Demogorgon and Stranger Things reference
  8. Pre-launch

    I didn`t receive my Bones III yet and I`m eagerly anticipating Bones IV! I just wish Reaper remembers to include the knight for scale with every big monster. I didn`t order T`raukzul because I thought it was expensive for it`s size and now I`m pure regret.
  9. funded

    I think with 30 days they can build more hype and gather more funding. Also, they have time to listen to feedback and adjust minor parts of the campaign accordingly.
  10. funded

    I dropped Black Plague at the end of the campaign, but I don't think this will be the case with Green Horde. I like the female characters and the stretch goals are much bettet balanced between heroes and abominations this time around. Black Plague was just a bunch of generic heroes with swords. I also prefer the abominations arms from Green Horde
  11. Fulfilling

    The Bones detail is much better, but I wish they were bigger
  12. funded

    Will the Trebuchet be in scale with the miniatures? If this is the case, It will be an instant buy
  13. An early bird will be available tomorrow morning if anyone is interested. The all-in price tag is too much for me at the moment. I will save this money for Green Horde (depending on the stretch goals), Bones IV and A Song of Ice and Fire. Both druids and the female cleric will be at my long Darksword wishlist for now.
  14. Hi there, I`m going to travel to Europe next month and I would like to buy some stuff without the outrageous Brazilian taxes. So, where can I find game stores that sell miniatures and board games in London and Paris? Even better if they sell Reaper miniatures or CMON board games. Is the list in Reaper`s site up to date?
  15. Live

    Troll achieved at the last minute! Will 1$ backers be able to select a reward and upgrade their pledge in the PM?