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  1. Pre-launch

    Will the Trebuchet be in scale with the miniatures? If this is the case, It will be an instant buy
  2. An early bird will be available tomorrow morning if anyone is interested. The all-in price tag is too much for me at the moment. I will save this money for Green Horde (depending on the stretch goals), Bones IV and A Song of Ice and Fire. Both druids and the female cleric will be at my long Darksword wishlist for now.
  3. Hi there, I`m going to travel to Europe next month and I would like to buy some stuff without the outrageous Brazilian taxes. So, where can I find game stores that sell miniatures and board games in London and Paris? Even better if they sell Reaper miniatures or CMON board games. Is the list in Reaper`s site up to date?
  4. Live

    Troll achieved at the last minute! Will 1$ backers be able to select a reward and upgrade their pledge in the PM?
  5. Live

    CMON also stated that Rising Sun miniatures would be slightly better than those from Blood Rage, less bendy weapons I believe.
  6. Having limit founds because of Rising Sun, Bones IV soon to launch and A song of Ice and Fire on the 3rd quarter, I don`t think if I will be able to back this one if they maintain the all or nothing strategy. The miniatures look gorgeous though, love the female sculpts. So hard to find this kind of design on medieval fantasy.
  7. Fulfilling

    I`m really looking forward to my Bones 3 stuff. Just hope Bones 4 isn`t launched at the same time as A Song of Ice and Fire (by CMON and Darksword)...
  8. It is common. Many retailers sell at a discounted price.
  9. Funded

    I'm in and will maintain my pledge if they reveal more cool miniatures by the end of the campaign. The game itself looks really nice. Hoping for 3d scenery!
  10. This! A Merchant house and a big Tower, playable with removable levels and "roof" would be great! A nice grid that actually looks part of the building would be awesome.
  11. Pre-launch

    I'd also like everything you mentioned, but I suggest you to post it here:
  12. I`d like to see Baba Yaga`s hut without the chicken legs as an add-on option (like the tower pieces from DDS 2) I also would love to see a large humber hulk and some creatures from Volo`s guide to monsters (and old D&D editions) like a devourer and an elder brain.
  13. Funded

    Less than 24 hours to go! Love this phoenix! 85 free miniatures is a great deal.
  14. Funded

    The titans look awesome! Love Kronos and Typhons sculpts. I also can't see the appeal on Kingdom Death.
  15. Funded

    These miniatures look really great. Let's see: $99 + $60 shipping + $95 taxes + Trump election making exchange worse. I'm almost there, it doesn't worth it YET. I doubt I'll be able to resist another will save by the end of the campaign. I don't know how people from US could resist all these kickstarters...